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    The cam timing is as good as I can get it after several restless nights waking up at some ungodly hour wondering whether I’ve got it right. I ended up going through the whole process maybe 6 times to be absolutely sure I got as as close as I could. If anyone is considering changing to Vernier sprockets and adjusting the cam timing, I recommend you do yourself a favour and have a good read of Dave Lisle’s posts on the subject, because it’s not a particularly easy job to do. I would eventually have got there (probably in about another week or so!) however his assistance was invaluable in me staying sane. The cam timing is now locked off at 104/104.. I’ve marked up the sprockets to make it easier when the next cam belt change comes up. This means I can start the easier bit of bolting on what I took off, and watching the pile of bits in the garage get smaller. I used the Clavis meter to check the belt tension, a very nice piece of kit that is, and deadly accurate, too. I’ll recheck the tension again before the engine is replaced in the car.
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    Busy with other stuff, but added some further supports for the radiator stack. The main coolant rad is mounted with anti-vibration rubber buffers 2x each side. The are additional rubber supports between it and the chargecooler rad to fix the width between them. The chargecooler rad is on anti-vibration bobbins and there is a further rubber bobbin at the top fixing the width between the rads.
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    What I was trying to bring attention to, is that the focus should be on ALL points, nothing should be overlooked as they are interlinked.. With the component changes made and the work that was done on the head , there was high possibility static C/R would increase significantly .. I am not sure how much Fabian was aware this tied into the boosted final C/R and the influences it could have .. You are quite correct in saying fuel delivery and ignition timing need close attention . However by maintaining the final boosted C/R, the fuel delivery and ignition should be able to remain within the factory settings .. It is far easier to gather this sort of data during the build , even if it takes time . By doing so it make you aware of any compensatory adjustments that will be needed , as in this case boost level.. I must be honest when i say, the SCR Fabian has is a lot lower than i expected with the work done.. Not sure how an 8.0:1 piston set up with a well skimmed head can end up a 7.76 :1 .. I did notice the piston bowl volume was measured in the bore , this is quite normal and easier to do with the forged piston crown shape. However this measurement will include the deck height volume as part of.. Fabian listed this separately in his data at 3.45 mm . This is 0.136'' which also seem a bit high , i normally expect forged piston deck height at between .0.010'' and 0.040'' depending on build spec. However there are several spec changes in this build , with machining and a cross over of parts ie early block late pistons etc which will mix up the norm .. If all the data is correct then this has all worked out for the good .. I would just ask Fabian to re check data content and reaffirm . As i say , the SCR is not an issue , these all vary when machined , its just the adjustment to the boost level that is needed to keep things within the ignition and fueling window..
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    Latest version of the register. Dry Sump Register 2020.pdf
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    Congratulations mate!
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    hello all,,newbie here......finally took delivery of my 410 after nearly 6 month wait...i love this machine! The colour is liquid yellow pearl I did a few exterior mods myself to give it that cup 430 look with the stripes, the matt black between roof and tailgate and the black shark fins beneath intakes. hello all,,newbie here......finally took delivery of my 410 after nearly 6 month wait...i love this machine!
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    Back seats/luggage area is crucial to Evora and totally justifies Mike Kimberley insistence that Evora be +2. And unlike Excel, where the backbone chassis makes using the rear seats for luggage slightly awkward, the bench in Evora is perfect. Plus no-one can see any items stored. The +2 set-up justified my Evora purchase. Having owned the car for 2 years, I would still want it even as a 2 seater, as it is that good in a multitude of situations. +2 just means I can use it even more. 15,000 miles and counting. The Evora is quite simply a stunning achievement. Beautiful, practical, reliable, usable, low-cost maintenance, lightweight, dynamic and rare (sadly). Justin
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    The owner needs to pursue the "urban explorer" and people who published the article for trespass, breaking in and violation of privacy. Terms like Urban Explorer are made up by fuckwit middle class dweebs to justify their snooping and acts of invasion. Better still, publish the address of the Urban Explorer and let's all go around to his house, trespass all over it and take pictures of his belongings then post it all on the web. Brainless Fcukwits. The lot of them.
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    @mayevora you've had non-stop shorts on since you were an embryo.
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    Mine lives with us. Anyone has a foolproof method, I'm all ears. Seriously, though, I'm loving every minute of it (except having to avoid the kids/grandkids) The world is a nicer place, nature is regaining ground, the sky isn't full of vapour trails, the air smells nicer etc. etc. etc. Easy for me to say as we're in an advantageous position, financially, as are all our kids. But I appreciate it cannot continue. I just hope it will all just slow down a little for the next few years, and people will learn to value what matters.
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    Anyone else think lockdown actually has some things going for it? I haven’t seen the Mother-in-Law for 2 months for example.
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    Some really good photos of IDGG01, no suspension but still a super thing to own.
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    Back in the garage, and now tackling one of my all-time favourite procedures, shimming the valve clearances. Getting this one right is the ticket to a smooth running engine. Get it wrong, and and it’ll be a rough runner. Get it badly wrong, and it’s game over. I have a few spare shims from the previous C-service I carried out, but with the work that’s been carried out on the cylinder head, I suspected they were never going to be sufficient for the task. Thankfully, those nice people at Connaught Competition Engines have boxes and boxes of all different sized shims, and offered to lend me the one in the ranges I wanted, so I don’t have to order any up. The downside to this was not all shims were in the right place in the box, so I did have to spend time measuring them up with a micrometer before I started. Last time around, the inlet valves were all within specification, the exhausts weren’t, but as I said, the head work meant those went out of the window. As I had to start from first principles, I first used identical shims for all the valves to get a baseline, and checked the clearances to determine the required shim thickness. The inlets worked out fine, however the exhausts proved a bit more difficult to get right. This wasn’t helped by me putting an incorrectly sized shim in when the magic marker I’d used wiped off it, which prompted some choice language! I’ve now got to a point where I’m happy with the clearances, though. I prefer to take them to the lower end of the specification, which has proved to be the best solution for my needs. I should finish the cam housings off tomorrow, so can continue with the sprocket change.
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    A few folks have been following my build thread for a while now, and in particular my efforts to design an air intake for the Exige V6. Given the amount of time, energy, trial, error, and results from today – I felt it deserved a decent write up and its own thread. So where do I start, we’ll back in January I realised my CupR intake system was pretty poor at filtration, I also noticed the internal surface of the carbon piping was also starting to look a little worse for wear. The filtration in particular worried me as I remember reading back in the day how bad those iconic mushrooms actually where at filtration. I returned back to OEM as a starting position in order to get a benchmark of what my standard power output actually was before starting with my own design. Lets just say it was somewhat frustrating returning the car back to standard and re-installing all this stuff! On returning back to OEM the car did feel a little sedate, throttle response a bit dull and for sure a massive reduction in noise and supercharger howl! I decided to go to Litchfield Motors for the dyno run, they have in my opinion one of the best dyno machines in the UK, their reputation is first class, they have no bias as they were not selling something to me, nor competing with any other tuner as they don’t specialise in Lotus. In essence good guys, knowledgeable, do things right, and an honest run. Standard power from factory is claimed to be 345bhp and 295lb ft of torque. Let’s just say on first look the 326bhp recording was somewhat disappointing! However, after speaking to a number of other owners it became apparent this result was quite common for a standard Exige V6. With a standard benchmark now recorded, I started to think about the new intake design, the primary objective being to develop something which was a simple ‘bolt on’ solution, improved throttle response, didn’t need an ECU re-map, and brought back that wonderful howl of the supercharger. In a perfect world a slight improvement in power to get anywhere closer to the claimed 345bhp would be a blessing. To say designing the intake has been easy would be a lie, I’ve machined two different MAF flanges, tested three different pipes, and tried three different air filters. In the region of eighteen possible variations! The first design I found the pipe too small, then too big, then just right! The MAF flange needed a tweak to ensure the right protrusion as close to standard OEM as possible to ensure the MAF could work without hinderance. MAF flange and pipe size (material thickness changes) actually made a frustrating difference to protrusion but eventually got there! In terms of the actual air intake I decided to go with ITG. I first tried an enclosed unit but even though their big in total unit size the actual internal filter was often quite small. A few tests and I just didn’t feel happy, the throttle response wasn’t great and no real improvement to sound. I then went for a larger enclosed unit to get a bigger internal filter, but this meant pushing the unit back into the engine bay and closer to the heat of the engine. To try and get the most out of the design I also added a ‘ram air’ input but all in all no noticeable difference in testing. I decided to go back to basics with an open air filter, the position would be right on top of the side intake duct and being soo far out of reach from the engine bay shouldn’t be too much affected by heat soak. Again back to testing filters and the first filter even though rated to 400bhp had the noise but not a noticeable difference in throttle response. Unfortunately just going one size up didn’t really work with overall dimensions of intake pipe and room to play with so bite the bullet and commissioned a custom design which met my dimension needs and rated to up to 470bhp. Out for testing… The car felt great, for the first time in all the variations of testing, an immediate feeling of improvement to throttle response, power came on faster, the howl was loud and the car just felt alive! I came back home very very ‘chuffed’ but knowing that sometimes these things are just in ones head I decided to call Litchfields again and get booked in for a dyno run Fast forward to today… The car ran perfectly, same dyno, same fuel (99 Tesco Octane), standard ECU, standard exhaust, but with the new intake design. Now before we get to the run results I have to say, the results are going to cause a number of questions, but the runs where done on the same machine, same operator, and if anything at slightly higher air temperatures. YES those figures are REAL – 391bhp and 327lb ft Compared to my first standard run the difference in numbers is somewhat questionable, so we ran three further runs getting to an average power reading of 386bhp and 323lb ft. We had three of the Litchfield senior techs review the data, the car setup, which gear used, anything which could distort the figures and we came back to the same answer … the numbers are real and correct. AFRs also reviewed and everything showing nice and safe even at the top end of revs. Now when you remove the thought of my original standard run, and instead see the improvement being from 345bhp to 386bhp, everything feels more sensible. Regardless I’m a very happy boy today, all the hard work, effort, and cost (£600 in dyno runs alone!) has been worth it for today’s run! A BIG THANKS to everyone whose been involved in this project and supported me, especially when I went through that 'sod it I can't be arsed phase' To conclude, I wont be packaging this upgrade as ‘the’ 380bhp kit, but for sure it ticks all the boxes in which I sought out this project – Simple, No ECU Re-Map needed, Improvement to throttle response, Improvement to sound… oh and I guess the big surprise a nice Improvement to power and delivery
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    I like the Tony Martin model of resolving this problem frankly.
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    Where have you been for the past few recessions??!?
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    Could be the twin of mine. Mine is the evil twin.
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    Thanks Paul, thats excellent and didn’t know he went to Cortina as well! He’s wrong though you can’t have a white one with skis! Incidentally there is a one owner S3 in Copper fire and Lotus Gold leather. Its all original and is being restored by Lotusbits Stunning one owner car! More importantly the trim and colour is identical to my car. Would be interesting to park them next to each other!
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    Happy birthday Bibs from Copenhargen
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    You’re wondering on which side he dresses?
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    Lotus run the car rich for a reason. It doesn't run too rich. It is to add cooling at the flame front. Whether its the best way to cool is a moot point, but that is what it does. Overheating of the head will result from running too lean. How long the head lasts while running hot has not been tested by anyone. It may last 100k miles, it may last 10k miles. Who knows, your risk. You can tune these engines to run at 500 plus hp. It may last for one race, and then you rebuild. If you want something safe and with a warranty for the road, you leave it as Lotus installed it.
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    It will soon be a over and then you can have a party
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    Had this problem yesterday and found this write up. I too had had the front panel off so it seemed a good place to start. I checked everything and all seemed ok and then thought, that to make sure the pressure sensor is fully pushed down, maybe I'd glue a slim rubber grommet or something under the bonnet to push it further down. Guess what, that's what Lotus had done, but mine had unglued and moved a couple of cm away from its correct place. So, get better glue (it gets hot under there) and glued it back in its proper position. All works fine now. Simples. Martin S
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    Fear not - back up at the ready!
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    Sooo many ways to answer that...
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    All Provisional License holders are now given some Motorway Tuition where a Motorway is accessible. Not too many in Norfolk or Cornwall - Motorway is not part of the Driving Test for that reason but Driving Instructors (not school of Mum and Dad) are allowed. Amazing the amount of people who didn’t see this legislation change two years ago and even more amazing school of Mum and Dad who think they are allowed to supervise whilst using a mobile phone.
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    I assumed that too until I looked into it when building my own car, I ended up speaking directly with Thermal Protection Inc. in the states who manufacture it. The won't supply to anyone other than Raceparts and one other in the UK whose name I forget, but the product is the same they supply to the F1 teams, as in literally the same product. So when you see them lift an engine cover off an F1 car this is what you see. Its all i've ever used since, its bloody expensive but hopefully if the worst ever happened its not just for show.
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    I took a car full of garden rubbish to the local tip yesterday. I waited 50 minutes in a cue to be told, sorry we are now shut, come back tomorrow. Got to the tip again this morning at 8.20am thinking arrive early and front of the cue when it opens at 9am. Arrived and I was first car in the cue. Didn’t open until 10am. Doh!!!
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    I’ve had non stop shorts on since 23rd March and no alarm clock needed. Life is good
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    The relentless ad nauseam saturation coverage on Cummings is another press witch hunt. Plenty of other people have done the same, they are just not as famous or as apparently disliked. Perhaps the press can’t find other more newsworthy items ...
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    The only thing electrical about your brake pedal is the brake lights.
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    Cynical but nice link
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    WhatsApp Video 2020-05-23 at 11.47.12 AM (1).mp4
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    It's called quantitative easing - at least it was last time, only last time we gave it to the bankers and they used it to pay themselves some handsome bonuses. This time at least people might a) need the money and b) actually spend it rather than put it into an offshore trust for their kids
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    Wonder why they don't publish it like this.
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    The 1970s just called. They want their amp switch back.
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    Hi guys, been very quiet of late, but still here. So, after the long ongoing saga of the Esprit I was restoring has at last gone, I can now concentrate on my own cars which presently is. Lotus Excel x 4. Esprit x 1. Lotus Elite 504 x 2. and of course the Ekup. The donor is already home so I can now start the strip down and prepare the Ekup for a nice paint job and a rebuild. The plan was to start it at the beginning of the year but something called a virus kind of put paid to that by having me stuck overseas for 12 bloody weeks. So, job one is clean up the engine bay and have it painted in the chosen colour prior to fitting out. Strip all the suspension and brakes so they can be rebuilt. Have a fuel tank designed and built to sit in the back.. Once that lots done she will go back to the paint shop for the shell to be painted prior to fitting out the interior. I recon a years worth of work (virus dependant) and she should be ready. The finished item is going to be a bit strange for a Lotus and will certainly be a Marmite car, but hey ho, it's saving two from certain death at a breakers, so I think it's justifiable. I am sure a few people will be a bit surprised when they see the final finish as it will not only be a one off Lotus, if it will all works out properly, it will have something on it that would be least expected for sure. Time allowing I will see if I can do a video update of works as it commences. That is with the exemption of the last bit as that's being kept out of site until her public unveiling. :). An of course we are still working away on the LotusRescue concept in helping out with other projects etc. Prior to this bloody virus, we managed to have a car sold to Australia, One to Germany and one off the Durham. So 6 happy people. And of course, always more projects on the go in the background.
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    Ace reporting there! "Shocking footage posted anonymously online shows the driver clock over three times the 70mph limit while appearing to drive with one hand." 3 times the 70mph is over 210mph - the clip shows only 201mph.
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    Static Compression ratio I used perspex and a syringe. Heres my calcs. I couldn’t find the manufacturers gasket spec, so I used figures I have seen else where. When I went through it with the expert we calculated 7.7 CR. Heres what I got after measuring.
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    feel a bit of a theme here. I've gone for the cheap option.
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    EV60RA S on my Evora S is pretty cool!
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    I fitted the innovative engine mounts on my 380 cup and when they arrived the Lotus dealer noticed that as suggested that only the front and rear would fit but not the left and right as the OEM parts are different than on the older exige v6 I think you can order them individually from innovative and I bought them in 75A stiffness With the front and rear innovative 75A and of course left and right std ones I could feel slightly more vibration at idle when just fitted and a slight better throttle response and shifting but after a few days I would not notice anymore the slight idle vibration so maybe they just settle and also you get used to it Depending of what you do with the car I think maybe even a little stiffer as 85A can be ok or better Komotec suggested that they had some problems with them but don t know if marketing or quality and I think someone posted about one of them getting damaged in not so long time I did not look at them in my 380 cup but I had the engine out at a Lotus well known tuner and he did not notice any damage with them Front and rear should be the same parts for the 410 430 Of course Lotus oem left and right ones ugraded desing is probably better and stiffer than the older design so not a problem to keep them standard I think that it s for sure not an easy work to fit them and oem ones of 380 430 etc are already ok but stiffer might be of some improvement on track so It s a non essential but good mod But on an older exige s2 ( and maybe older v6 ) they really improve a lot
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    Can I help too Corkers?!

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