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    I appreciate it's not to everyone's tastes but I've done a bit of titivation to the Evora during the lockdown period, carbon bits and wheels/tyres (410 Sport GP edition)... About 5.5kgs total weight saving over the standard Cast 18"/19" wheels and tyre combo, which is less than I was expecting but can't complain as there's a lot more rubber. Can't praise the PS4S tyres enough, really impressed so far. Hoping to get some miles under the belt later in the year. Have had to cancel 3 big road trips so far which is gutting but expected under the current circumstances.
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    Got the #6 RHD manual recently. Not an ex lotus owner. Only rented an Elise at Nurburgring and SPA before. Superb car. Though the gear change seems a bit sloppy
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    First run out yesterday, a total of 39 miles. Indicated oil pressure 3 bar @ 2,750 rpm hot. Coolant temperature steady @ 82C, no oil or coolant leaks, and I haven’t heard anything fall off yet. Engine is noticeably smoother than before, I suspect that’s partially down to the dynamic balancing, and it’s also quieter, with less rattling going on than it’s previous incarnation. Gearbox shifts perfectly, although I’ve not tried the ATB function yet, that will come later when there’s a few more miles on it. The CC circuit is still not fully air-free, nothing new there then, but it’s getting there.
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    I'm taking a poker to my eyes and the real Spock needs to do a meld on me and tell me "FORGET"
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    That covers in excess of 50% of the U.K. population theses days
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    No, because I already know everything.
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    Ah, at 104/104 you have to reduce your mileage by dividing 1.025 into it. So 2.4 miles to go. Do I have to explain everything?
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    Yes, #8 is a stunning car and I am the current owner.
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    Paging @alias23, your input is required...
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    Just fit a TVS1900 for some black painted loveliness
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    @C8RKH French indeed! Lovely place in Le Puy de Grazay in the Pays de la Loire, not mine sadly! Bizarrely, the first morning I was there I'd nipped out for supplies at a nearby town and as I walked away from where I'd parked, another white Evora drove by!
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    We always bring our own cars and hire the race tracks through our car clubs exclusively for us for the whole day. The same we did with Spa-Francorchamps this week again.
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    Re-homed a late Excel. Just needs a bit of TLC - hopefully. ( Not her best angle, but next doors weeds and a serious attack of lacquer peal make this the best shot for now )
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    Great pics above. The last one (of the front end sitting in your garage) is awesome!
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    Great experience on the race track Anneau du Rhin where Mario Ketterer a former race driver teached me on an Evora GT430 how to treat this beast properly - still a lot to learn for me. Huge thanks to Mario for this incredible tutorial and fun!
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    Time for a new project now the mini is complete and building a few miles, with the Evora now gone I had some space so started looking for my next acquisition. I wanted a S1 or S2 but ideally a JPS, whatever choice I really hoped to find a running project car with sound chassis. I had a plentiful choice of restored S1’s and plenty of very good JPS offered to me but big thanks to Roo (V8vantage) settled on something I didn’t really anticipate buying but now can’t wait for her to grace our shores as it ticks all the boxes with lots to do keeping me busy. Meet JPS 008 It’s done little over 12000 miles and been stored for very many years, the seller has sent me a video of it running with a separate fuel supply and it sounds good. Hopefully in the next 6 weeks it should be in my garage having a good survey done to see what’s needed. Big bonus which to me makes it really special is it’s got Air Con which wasn’t available here and from my previous JPS experience in the summer being black it’s going to be a welcome addition, SJ sell all the parts to maintain or repair the system as I’m pretty sure the gas will be long gone to depleting the ozone.. Other excellent things are original door speakers and stereo along with tonneau covers, spare wheel and even the NCT’s (Will need changing although I know where a spare wheel set is). Not decided if I’m going to convert to RHD as fancy doing it but kind of like to keep it as built and quite happy driving LHD cars doing it on all holidays and with work trips, guess if the body needs removing which is unlikely coming from a dry state then I will make the choice then. I am expecting to paint it and replace the decals at some point and will definitely be fitting UK bumpers, losing the marker lights and carrying out the fibreglass work to fit a U.K. rear plate plinth. Dave
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    A bit of an update... Lots of odd jobs done. The vacuum pipe to the break servo has finally been sorted, I now have a shiny filter for the crank case breather, I finally sourced an under bonnet light and that's on and wired up, I ran my last wire to the pinhole dash illumination so the interior is going in after ordering some new bulbs for the pinhole! The radio is now In the glove box and it's a surprisingly good fit I've also been investigating my lack of brake pressure. The fluid has been coming down I the reservoir and there are a few drip on the garage floor on the deadhead side. Getting underneath I found the bleed nipple was leaking so tightened this up but there is still another leak which will require the brake drum to come off. If I can rely on the brakes than it can go for a pre-mot check, tune, wheel alignment before I pull the engine out. I have made up another switch panel which means I can store my OEM clock in preference to my Jaeger round clock and I now have a selection of parts for my heater controls but more on that in another thread. I've also been looking at new heater but more on that later!
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    I'll give travellers / gypsies some leeway when they start to pay some taxes and stop just turning up and leaving a mess. Sorry if that makes me a bad person but it is NOT about their race for me, it is about the choices they have decided to make and how so often they seem to not care about anyone else.
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    Crickey if ever there was a chap who has been through enough already.
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    Thanks to @woodyrvf750, who is a top gent, I am now the very proud owner of a 2013 white Sports Racer. I've literally just arrived home and took a picture on the way at the services so apologies for the poor quality! It's a wonderful thing and I'm so happy. Off out to explore some familiar roads!
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    @Screem Congratulation for the purchase and the specs you choose. It's really amazing and out of the ordinary in this colors and specs. APPROVED!!!!
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    I would be more concerned with the dealers 'story' than the ECU dump. Lotus DO NOT fit used parts to production /sales cars, period They MAY re-use some parts during developement etc etc but a NEW car would not leave the factory with use parts fitted. Even if they did reuse an ECU they will have the ability to wipe it clean anyway. What is the 13th digit of the chassis number, Number 2 by chance????
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    Personally I think England in 2020 is a very tolerant place. Ive never seen or heard any racism against black or Asian men & women. The only racism I see is towards travelers/ gypsies. They are the ones I see being persecuted for what they "might" do. I saw a really good program showing how much prejudiced they suffer. Changing their names to a persecuted minority group helps them. They are being mistreated now and were treated as badly as other groups during the second world war but as they dont constantly advertise the fact its often overlooked. ...Trouble is I had a traveler guy come into my factory wanting drills and cutters to sharpen. He said hed take some and do them for free to prove how good he was...last time I saw him or my cutters. So am I a racist or someone who has learnt from my mistakes? buddsy
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    Looks more French than Spanish to me. However nice to see wherever it is has been conquered by an English Chariot. Cars look great, white suits the Evora.
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    Star Trek, sexes reversed....!
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    congrats - absolutely stunning
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    So sad......hopefully he’ll pull through. Surgery (neurosurgery) has been completed apparently - a waiting game now! I listened to his recent Beyond the Grid podcast with Tom Clarkson on Wednesday. The mans a true inspiration and will hopefully beat this latest challenge and come back fighting yet again
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    Really enjoyed that. That is a wonderful looking machine, love the interior and that rear end has replaced Minogue's in my fav rear end file
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    Edit. Just noticed you got an Elise.
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    I'm coming to the end of a full mechanical resto and the current running total is a shade over 9K with probably another 1K to go. I've done all of the work aside from the engine rebuild. If there's bodywork and interior work to do, it'll be comfortably 15-20K.
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    My search is over, ended up getting an Elise, thanks to those who responded. cheers
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    Most recent video piece I could find on Evija
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    Dominic Raab has angered things a little - but I think he speaks for a massive amount of people whom are frankly fed up of this now.
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    Last Friday I took the ferry from Helsingor (Where Hamlet used to rule) to Sweden, a 20 min. boat trip, and there I met the Lotus and it´s former owner for the first time. I must say, the seller had not tried to over-sell it, it was allmost like new, what a treat... We took it for a drive around Helsingborg City, and the seller told me all about the car and how he got it and his ownership for the last nine years. We said goodbye, and I drove the car on board the ferry back to Denmark only a short drive from the harbor to my garage, but what a first or second impression. This monday I took for car for the MOT and Import registration, where it passed with flying colors, only one thing was mentioned, the rear discs where uneven due to heat, that had to be sorted out. The seller had mentioned that they where shaking during braking... I took the rear brake system appart, and quickly found out that the rear calipers wasn´t retracting proberbly, causing the disc to overheat... My first order at SJ Sportcars where made, and the old calipers where send of for core replacement so I just have to wait for the parts to arrive. The roadtax has been applied for, hopefully the Danish Tax Agency will be quick?
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    Sorry Andy, but you will have to tell your missus to join the queue. Sunlight shines out of Craigs nether regions as far as mine is concerned. She has found him a real valuable source of Lotus information since we first met him back about 12 years ago. At least that is what I keep telling myself every time she has to speak to him and hang on his every word...... The good news about this arrangement however was when Craig said I should buy an Elsie that I had been looking for last summer (that he found me) and we were half pissed by a swimming pool in Portugal, having a BBQ with friends there was no argument. Craig said it was good, therefore it must be, buy it, unseen! I bought it then and I literally still haven't driven it due to holidays, job and now COVID and not a chirp from her. Win:Win!
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    Dads been helping Alistair Florence out with this Blog, thought you might like a read!
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    Hi Stephen Yes I’m really looking forward to it especially having air con in a S2 when done which will be a nice addition making a very usable car. Not sure with duration as it missed the original deadline for the planned ship hence the move to Savannah now from Charleston. Good news it’s still going from East coast which is 2-3 weeks quicker than West coast due to stops. I am hoping to have it the first week of August so taking the time to tidy the garage laying a better floor. The time is allowing me to fully complete the mini so I have no distractions when the new addition arrives which is good. Dave
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    Just noticed some Elan+2 interior and other parts listed on ebay from this seller: Anyone restoring one of these needs some bits?
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    @Simon Bateman actually I do know the place . Best friend's marriage took place there
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    So, VX was in for a service, new full exhaust system and a few bits and bobs last week. Today I finally got round to fitting my 8" Garw screen and it worked! It's not often I get the spanners and screwdrivers out and even less often when it actually goes OK lol! The job was made slightly harder by some numb fook previous owner thinking it would be a good idea to use loads a glue to permanently fix on the instrument binnacle cover! Took a bloody hour to finally get it off in one piece!
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    Tom - The wrinkle finish goes on well as long as you’re spraying it in a hot oven. If not, a hot-air gun is your best friend, you have to make sure the component is hot when the paint goes on, spray it, then play the hot air gun over it. The wiring loom is what it is. Short of constructing a new loom, my suggestion would be to lay it in, see where the wiring ‘wants’ to go, then connect it. Hoses also have an impact on where it goes. Make sure nothing chafes, or hangs unsupported. You might have to do that a few times before you’re happy with the cable run. Progress - I got the engine started after finding out the inertia switch was the reason the fuel pump wasn’t filling the fuel lines. Then the usual fill-up with coolant, and the long-winded ballache known as ‘bleeding the f*&#ing air out of the charge-cooler system’, which usually turns out to be a 3-day job on my car. Shame Pro-Alloy didn’t put a bleed nipple on top of the CC rad, but there you go. The engine runs fine, no banging, clanking or knocking, so I must have done something right. It’s reasonably quiet, or as quiet as a 910 could ever be, and definitely quieter than before. Oil pressure was 4 bar on start, which settled back to 1 bar at idle, but the oil wasn’t up to temperature so I’ll check that later. I haven’t balanced the throttles either, I need to get a meter for that, and the TPS will need setting, too. No CEL light illuminated, and everything seems to function as it should electrically. Thus far there’s no oil leaks from the engine or gearbox, whoopee! I might even push the boat out and put the undertray/oil catchment device back on at some point. The exhaust emission is clean, the previous incarnation would cough black soot out on start-up like some old smoker in the morning before lighting up his first fag, however this new version is clean as a whistle. I’ve still got work to do, the tailgate has to go back on before I put the boot floor in, then vacuum pump and connections, and do an idiot-check of absolutely everything I’ve done, making sure all pipework and electrics are properly secured, and protected against chafing. It’s taken a long time to do, but I haven’t been in any hurry, and I was held up some by parts supply and waiting for cylinder head work to be done. Time will tell, but hopefully this will have been a good job. There can’t be much else left to do on the car now, probably easier to list what hasn’t been done, but I’m sure I’ll find something else to tinker with.
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    Aka the holy grail/unicorn spec Evora really nice car @Gavin Hamson
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    I do prefer silver wheels on the darker coloured bodywork cars. Lighter colours, I think the Anthracite or stealth (as McLaren call it) work best. Is it true that carbon discs don't produce dust (or much less)? Or is it pad related? I borrowed an F word with carbon discs and the wheels looked very fresh even after a stint. Whoops, very off-topic. Justin
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    All this talk of black wheels brings to mind a recent thread on PistonHeads: and from someone else's ... Mine (wearing its stickers for Le Mans the other year):
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    ...after eight years still like her lines.......
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    My new acquisition. Can't believe I've finally got one!
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    Started putting back the snake’s wedding that is an S4s engine loom. I can’t help but think there’s a simpler solution, not that I’m about to rip it all out and start again. Trying to run the wiring where it wants to go with the least strain, I made some good progress, and there’s light at the end of the tunnel. I thought I’d better see whether it could make oil pressure before I got too much further, so out came the spark plugs, fuel relay, and crank sensor. Thought I’d cheat and use jump leads on the battery, but I couldn’t get a decent enough connection to turn the starter, so the battery went in the car. Spinning it up, no untoward noises or knocking, so that was a bonus. I gave it about 10 seconds to be kind to the starter, then checked the oil level, which had gone down, so good news. Another 10 seconds, and the pressure gauge was just over the red. The sump level had dropped again about a litre or so, so I figure I now have oil pressure and can continue onwards. I’ve ditched the FPR nylon return line in favour of some rubber fuel hose, and I’m waiting for some clips to arrive so that’ll be next week. Also, I’m waiting for a new inlet manifold vacuum connection to arrive. I’ve got two of them, but can I find them? Can I hell, I’ve searched everywhere, even emptied the bin, but no sign of them. No doubt I’ll find them as soon as the new one arrives.
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    Loads of updates now mean there are people again in Apalachia. Now its more like the old Fallouts and is a huge improvement. You can even get "Allies" old NPC's. Well worth a revisit if you have left @mpjg
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    Hoisted the engine up, flywheel and clutch bolted on. The usual problems with lining up, but I finally got the gearbox mated to the engine, and lowered into position. The wife directed the pre and post-install garage clean up, supervised the engine lifting arrangements, and handed me the correct tools when required. By way of a thank you, I’ve put a bottle of cheap Asda Prosecco in the fridge. I know how to treat a girl.
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    There was wear on my cat from where the engine has been moving back and forth so much, considering I've been running with a very loud exhaust for quite a while, I'm not afraid of the car being extreme. I'm thinking for later this year as if I bring my car back from Spain it will become more of a track cay car I think...

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