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    For any of you that like 430s.
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    Next time you buy some parts, here are the posh new boxes they'll come in! You can't see them here but they'll also have nice new 'genuine parts' holograms on them too.
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    Just recieved back my modified Binnacle from Carbonwurks in Bournemouth as I was very disappointed with the quality of the binnacle that was shipped from Aim. I understand I was buying a dashboard really and not a quality binnacle but I was keen to replicate the standard of finish Lotus have achieved in the cabin. I had Carbonwurks remove the four Aim switches from the binnacle and make good. (I replaced the four Aim switches in the binnacle with two rocker switches either side of forward part of the rear steering column shroud which gives me the same functionality but are effectively out of sight). Daniel and his team at Carbonwurks carbon skinned the top of the binnacle matching the OEM carbon pattern I have on the rest of the car, whilst leaving the dash surround as is. A finish that wasn't possible if I had it dipped. Finally they covered the 'wings' in black perforated synthetic leather.... be honest i am absolutely delighted with the result...not the cheapest option, I must admit ,but it has delivered a quality look whichI am more than happy with.
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    Thanks. All taken on board and I'm finding lots of good stuff on the forum. Interesting point about the leather and the storage. Leather is fine, no mould. Storage was dry and really drafty - "well ventilated" which I hope helps. I popped the front pads out at some point so I think the front disks are ok. When I started the recommission I added a wine glass of diesel to each cylinder and turned over carefully by hand via a rear wheel. The engine/ valves are I think fine. When doing the cam belt I spun the auxiliary shaft/ oil pump with a drill and a soft wire brush on the pulley and the oil pressure came up. I think this got some oil on the bucket tappets as well. After getting the new cam belt on it sounds ok on the starter motor but I havent fired it up yet. I like the "keep a close eye on it" mantra. I have had the engine out before and I remember running it in without the tailgate so I could check for any leaks, fire extinguisher in hand. I think I'll do that again. Chris - what a coincidence and love the photo -story. I'm a bit light on digital pics. I bought mine at the end of April 1987 from a garage in Enfield and I recall looking at others so its possible we looked at the same cars. I also had a piston with a broken land prior to rebuild, later my wastegate stuck (Suspect they all do) and previously I owned a white 2.2 Eclat (which I wish I still had) so even more coincidences. Herewith a recent photo. Probably most notable for all the **** in the shed beside the car. The red ring main cable in the aerial hole I remember I put in when I bought the car and havent changed since..... it works well and has now become part of the car. You can just see the shiny new brake hose. The car looks great on the hoist without wheels, part F16 part Bond undersea Esprit. On a lighter note... the petrol in the Esprit is destined for my TR4A which has a suitably agricultural engine. I contemplated driving the TR under the esprit and using a funnel to put the fuel directly in the TR when I drained it. On reflection I'll use a 5 gallon drum but would have made a good picture
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    After 6 months of on and off digging out the multiple layers of a ~200 year old 140m2 driveway (no mini-digger, just pick, shovel and breaker - fitness motivated!), barrowing and shoveling 42 tonnes of scalpings and 14 tonnes of gravel, today I finished the driveway! Made for a great Esprit photo op. Very happy with how it turned out (never done a drive before).
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    Yikes that is absolutely stunning @Suddabym Mines not the biggest space but I’ve utilised the back of the garage to install “the lotus lounge!” ive got to come clean and say that corona definitely didn’t stop me going to the pub! Just done a video this minute as it’s clearer than pics. if your quick you’ll catch the end of the Austrian Grand Prix in sky sports !right now! link below.
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    This resurrection does allow me to address one point that I've noted come up a few times on different threads... What's wrong with the gearbox noises? I really like them, all the mechanical noises makes it sound more like a proper car.
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    I think it should be more widely known how awful the Evora 400 is. They especially have major issues with big bills once 4 to 5 years old. Justin PS. please see my WANTED advert for a 400 IPS (2015 or 2016 ideally).
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    Jeez - if the next Lotus could possibly look anything like this......I’m in!....I’d take it in Fire Red please....although plain red would sit nice alongside the Turbo - one can but dream!
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    This site is brilliant for anyone who wants to learn about various paving methods: Managed to do this based on their advice. I have pretty much zero building experience and just tip tap away on my PC for my job. Was a very happy day when this was completed.
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    I think this is a blow-by-Blofeld account of the progress. That gag works, but any Bond fan worth his Harry Saltzman knows the baddie in FYEO was Kristatos. I must try harder.
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    Size isn't everything... I'm told. Admission is free, as long as you quite like talking about my car.
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    @stephenwhyte, the crunch of tyre on limestone is a wonderful sound
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    A drive into the peaks today, putting some miles on the car before a peaks run on Sunday with MLOC.
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    @Lex Templar yes I am, I cover all the wedge Lotus' now. Have got 172 Elite, 245 Eclat, 1553 Excel and 4005 Esprit with varying amounts of data from just reg and chassis number up to full build record. I haven't been on here in a while as I also have a Jaguar/Daimler XJC register and with a bit of spare time during lockdown have been learning to build a website for all the data. I aim to do something similar to this for the wedge Lotus' eventually. Take a look at work in progress here and what data a Lotus site might have: Here is what I have in terms of Esprit, split by vin sequence formats S1 - 173 S2 - 227 S2.2/S3/Turbo - 1619 X180/SE - 1034 S4/SE/S300/S4s/V8/GT3 - 509 V8 SE/V8 GT/GT3/S350 - 443
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    Hi William. 1987 was a great year for buying Turbo Esprits, I bought my 1982 car in June 87, and like you mine was parked up (500 miles driven from 1994 to 2005) from the mid 1990s to 2012 as I was overseas for 10+ years then family got in the way when we all returned to the UK, and I finally got round to recommissioning the car in 2012. Mine needed everything you mention, plus a top end rebuild. When I left it at my parents I would drive it when I returned for holidays. Unfortunately, the wastegate stuck closed, but I was OK with then when I drove it on holidays back in the UK as I knew it was stuck and didn't let it go above vertical. However, I had a gasket leak and asked my dad to take it to Strattons to get it fixed, but he took it to the local garage as they said that they could do it. They presented him with a £2000 bill, which he was a bit surprised about, and in 2012 we discovered that they hadn't bothered buying the proper gasket set, but had cut one out of paper. They had also overboosted the car and blown a couple of rings - hence the top end rebuild. I took my Esprit to GST in Newmarket to have it refurbished as I've got no clue about mechanics, and Gerald has been looking after it ever since. You'll also need some new tyres. Goodyears aren't available and if you don't fancy the Pirelli P600 price most people have moved to 225/60 15s. Up until the end of last year, Vredestein Sportrac 5s were the favoured brand - as the were designed by Giugiaro and had his name on the sidewall, but they are no longer made. There is a recent thread about tyres you should have a look at. I wrote a thread about my 30 year ownership, am trying to find the link - here we are: As Barry says, you need to post some pictures, as we lover them on here.
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    So for years the missus has insisted we need a better outdoor space. This weekend Ive finally relented and agreed to get it redone and a mates doing us a grand design. We removed a big tree a few weeks ago in preparation for a hot tub relocation - but now it’s the whole bloody lot that needs to be done so this came out and left us with this today I managed to find some pallets and the old patio block paving has come up - even got the girls gently slaving then had a tidy up in preparation for the site to be marked up on Wednesday for the digger man to come and level and clear the site in anticipation of starting let’s see what the next few weeks brings - well other than bills...
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    Its now 2020 year 4 for the 400, and the world is in a mess, but my EVORA ventures haven't , I did a 900 k country NSW trip out west for a wedding and visit friends, and family. B/C roads for the majority. I have only had one other car than my 400 that have had lasting strong positive memories about fantastic road trips but that was over 30 years ago. I could have bought a range of exotica for the money the 400 cost, however the ownership bills would have equaled the depreciation of the 400 and spent much more time off the road and not any where as good on it.
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    Hate to say it - but the ips ones are far more expensive since they don’t have the problematic clutch
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    @tim_marra lovely Lotus history. Exige S1 is so fab, if it were not for 340R I think I would have had one of those. Perfect styling and racy engine. I cannot argue with your Evora comment. Justin
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    People pay entry fees for escape rooms and for various activities that pose risk of injury just by being there, so perhaps I could justify an entry fee (refunded if they navigate the garage without injury).
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    I'll not mention company car stuff, so... Mk111 Ford Cortina 1.6 XL in red. Nice car, one previous owner (an Uncle) Triumph Spitfire Mk V 1500. Tried to kill me at least twice. I managed to blow up the first replacement engine doing an indicated 100mph 500 mile short of the warranty expiry. Golf GTI Mk1 1.6. Great car Lotus Europa TC 1972. Restored it 1990 -93 at great expense. Sold to fund a new Elise Elise S1 modified to 150bhp. Owned from new. Exige S1 owned from new 111R owned from new S2 Exige 240PP with 260 upgrade owned from new S1 Evora S with TVS1900. Owned from new Sept 2012. Best car ever.
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    News reporter quoting some dignitary on the radio this afternoon as saying, “People in Leicester need to stick together”
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    Hence my earlier thoughts on a Ferrari 360
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    Here is an interesting read: And here: I now use Castrol Edge Supercar Engine 10W-60 as the current equivalent(and quoted in Jaques post as such from Castrol), available easily, and reasonably, if you search a bit, and I noticed better warm idle pressure compared to the Classic mineral 20W50 used before.
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    Some good news - I connected up a battery and nothing went blew up, no smoke, nothing! Some things actually work - even the headlights....the passenger side one didn't move the first time I switched the lights on, but seemed fine after that, just a touch noisy. Will clean and grease all moving bits before reinstalling them. I'm not sure you'd be able to see very far at night with them on so some work still to do, but small victories will be taken! The red arrow marks the scene of the next crime against fiberglass....and paint.
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    410 with Sparco's? @bosshog's car and it's a stunning example
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    Did the 400/410 you tested have the leather or alcantara interiors? Just my opinion but I really think the alcantara in the 400/410 really lifts the interior. Your SR interior is great though I have to say.. I still miss it!
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    I'd only only ever buy Jeffrey Archer at half price too Binnacle looks magnificent, very nice!
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    One bit of news you won’t see anywhere. A certain North London Council has excused all BAME staff from going to work, they will remain on full pay along with all the usual benefits. Everyone else is expected to be there. Apparently this didn't sit well with one employee of Indian descent, and he is determined to carry on attending his work place. He also noted that although there were considerably less people there the work output hadn’t declined. What strange times we live in.
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    Strange way to resurrect a 3 year old thread about an Evora 400 !!
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    Just double check its specifically a Turbo kit as the gasket material etc differs from an NA. Assuming your clutch and brakes are free, are the brake disks still OK? Fronts can be suseptible to judder if they are unevenly corroded where the pads have been left in contact Dont be suprised that even if the hydraulics brakes/water pump dont initially leak, they may start to after you start to use them. For that reason keep them under close observation - If you are going to 'use' the car, I'd consider changing all the hydraulic seals & brake hoses as a matter of course - Not as difficult as it sounds. Drop all existing fuel - Be good if you could look inside the tanks with a boroscope, as flaking crap will either leak or cause running issues with debris. If the rad is original, I'd be suprised if its not getting a little crusty & brittle in the fins. This tends to run the car a little hot. Dont be suprised if you spring a number of leaks in the alloy coolant pipes, as they tend to pinhole corrode 'upstream' of the clip where the rubber overlaps the metal. However, the rubber pipes seem to survive age very well. Is there any mould on the leather? If not, storage conditions have probably been OK. If any interior switches have become intermittent, ping them apart with your fingers and give them a spray with a professional contact cleaner, which will bring them back to life.
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    I replaced my accumulator back in 2017 (I've replaced it twice - 2003 & 2017). Thought it was the switch this time, but was the accumulator again. No issues getting mine off. In fact I remember it being really easy to unscrew, compared to other parts on the car.
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    Here are some photos of mine: The pull handle is at the back of the driver’s side door (left hand drive and the photo appears to have rotated). I had to order a pull with longer threads on the handle - I think from Demon Tweaks The bottle is on the left hand side of the engine (opposite the battery in my S1). The plumbed bottle is the one close to the bulkhead over the gas tank. The back bottle is just a spare handheld. The 4 sprayers are 1) Left rear pointed towards exhaust header (hard to see). 2) Right rear pointed towards the distributor and carbs. 3) Center rear close to the carbs pointed over the distributor. 4) Right side pointed up under air filter towards carbs. Obviously (?), I’ve never used it. I hope I never do. I now how a stock air filter on the car. Jim
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    How long do you think it took him to come up with 'I am he and it's so good to see me and here's why!'? That's the kind of line that gets you a top job in Trump's speech writing team
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    Welcome to the club. First thing I did when I bought my Cup was cover all the black bits in matt PPF. The rubberised paint that Lotus use is absolutely rubbish. It’s an interior paint not meant to be used on the outside. I also used some rubber U channel around the edge of the rear pods. Just makes them bulletproof.
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    I agree, Saj's old car with it's Komotec 430 is a super buy. Both Saj and the current owner have really looked after that car. It is well sorted and bloody quick.
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    And a brief follow-up question to the solar experts here: If Covid-19 makes you puke, does that count as a Coronal Mass Ejection?
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    Suddabym, that's beautiful! Dream garage material.
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    Well , i just order my 350 on saturday using 50/50. Stock car not an anniversary edition. I was soooo close to going with a 410 on 50/50 but the wife talked me down saturday morning by opening the curtains and showing how hard it was [email protected] down and saying are you really going to use all that on the road in our weather! 50/50 would mean a 410 would be roughly 41k ish now and nothing for 2 years. A 350 would be roughly 32k now and nothing for 2 years.
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    Sold my 1969 Mustang Mach 1 Sad to see it go but thought I'd sell while prices are still high. Made £10,000 profit on it in 4 years of ownership, better than money in the bank. Now to find something else . . .
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    This lovely cup on Collecting Cars at the moment.
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    Daniel showed me all around the car while I was in Mendig. It’s a hell of a machine!
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    The other update about this project is that the car is for sale in germany, an healthy 170k euros ...
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    @mayevora that looks far to well organised to be from the government! M.
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    I've been looking to make a version two of the intake to integrate an air straightener, I want to do this properly with a physical hold in place in addition to just the simple approach of epoxy. Some folks will remember that the pipe work I use is not a size which is 'off the shelf' and therefore the straighteners available online are too small (I tested them from three different suppliers!). So I've taken the step to make my own and today I got a few samples laser cut from scratch to ensure a tight and correct fitment. I'll be looking to have a few prototypes finished to test in the coming two weeks
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    Before i bite the bullet and ask the dealership to install this on my soon to arrive Heritage edition, can anyone update on their current status on dash ownership: I have read but not found out if the HVAC back light was due to this being fitted, if there was a confirmed issue relating to the fitting and if there was a fix. I noticed that the dash was initially for S3 Elise and Exige, however, am I correct in thinking not all functions would work ie lights left on buzzer? Do all things work as expected with the latest release? Have issues with corrupted displays been rectified software and hardware wise? It's not something I would like to fit to a brand new car and have hassles with. We don't have a dealership as yet in Scotland and I'll be mighty frustrated if I have a round trip of 200 miles to keep getting things done at Carlisle. One final thing I read was the quality of the binnacle. Am guessing some work is required still to make it look a bit nicer with dipping or wrapping? Cheers - look forward to reading updates.

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