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    Great run out this morning in the Peak District, thanks to MLOC.
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    I’m actually bored of this whole subject now. Personally I don’t care if you’re black. I also don’t care if you’re white. I don’t care if you are straight. I don’t care if you are gay. I don’t care if you are religious. I don’t care if you are an atheist. If you are a law abiding nice person, then that’s enough for me to make my assumption on.
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    I took my Evora 410 out for a quick blast last night. It's such a shit car, it really is, and I'm such a thick [email protected] for not buying a German car. The list of faults are endless: 1. It hadn't been moved for three months and started on the button, and the feckin' brake pads weren't even seized to the discs! 2. Despite the fact it is now 2 years old with 7.5k (I drive it a bit more than @tim_marra does his, but not much lol) fast miles under it's belt on crazy pot holed Scottish roads it doesn't have a single squeak, rattle or anything from anywhere! FFS, really! 3. The paint is unblemished and perfect and oh my god, that carbon is such a work of art it doesn't belong on such a bad car. I need to get it painted matt black so it looks like cheap Porsche Plastic like the exhaust surrounds on the new 911 Turbo. Then people will realise it is quality plastic, not crap carbon fibre created by one of the worlds leading motorsport components suppliers... 4. It has NEVER let me down. Now this is really taking the piss as I was told buying one of these cars would mean lots of trouble and usually it would be serious. Christ on a bike, what am I supposed to do with the £2k contingency fund in the bank that the wife knows noting about. I might have to spend it on sensible stuff like drugs, whores or gimp masks! 5. The interior stinks. Like a new car still. I mean, it's 2 years old for crying out loud and I was definitely told it would smell like the inside of a tube of UHU by now and I used to love sniffing glue as a kid. This is a major disappointment 6. Did I mention it has never let me down? No engine fires like a real sports car from Ferrari or Lamborghini. The engine has not even tried to eat itself nor have the front suspension turrets broken through the bonnet like a meerkat popping it's head up through it's hole - so un-Porsche like. I so lust after those experiences they make owning a super car complete 7. The carpets are dry - arghhhhhhh - for fcuks sake really? Now Lotus really are taking the piss 8. During the drive mentioned at the start of this whinging post, 1 person held their ears as I went past at full acceleration (the exhaust flap must have broken and swung open, honest), 2 kids squealed, pointed and jumped up and down at me, 3 drivers gave me the thumbs up and a transit van let me out of a junction just after two girls took a photo at the traffic lights. Oh how I lust for the anonymity of a Ford Ka and a Porsche 911 (they both look very similar to me) Complete and utter shite car. Why did I bother buying it. After owning a really old 2010 S1 NA (that wasn't even well built and was shite apparently as it was before the MY12 glory days) I should have known it would be a total disaster. I mean that car never let me down either. Never had any rattles or squeaks. Never had wet carpets, etc. I'm off to whip myself with a Cat O Nine Tails as my penance for being so stupid and dumb. I mean, the only thing the car excels at is providing pure driving pleasure and putting a smile on my face for each and every mile I drive it. And it does it every time with annoying reliability too. I mean, it's so shite it even makes me happy when I'm cleaning and polishing it (the car!). Yup, Evora 410. It's like the Evora 400. Simply Dreadful. But I love it.
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    It’s a pretty amazing spot! Near Shaftesbury in Dorset just before zig zag hill I have to say it was really interesting to see a bit of how the world of YouTube works. From what I can tell it’s all about getting content out there as quick as possible - this was filmed in less than an hour and edited and released the next day. The guy has dabbled with higher quality stuff but the extra time and expense doesn’t result in extra views for whatever reason. The lad Sid is not everyone’s cup of tea but I really like him.. he’s had some cool cars and has some driving ability. I don’t think we’re his target market though it’s fair to say Something interesting that I picked up - the younger generation (he’s 23) have no idea about the history and prestige of lotus - I can just about understand people thinking Porsche is a more aspirational or whatever but BMW and Merc?! To me getting a lotus was hugely exciting and evoked memories of bond Esprits and Amiga games. I think that brand value has been lost over the years for some reason
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    So I finally purchased a car yesterday. I was originally going to buy a 350 sport and fit a few mods, but when I saw what the 380 sport came with I couldn't see the point in the 350 as this has everything and more that I would have done to the 350. Its olive green which i understand is a bit of a marmite colour. When I first saw it I was a little surprised as it wasn't what I was expecting, yet I still thought it looked nice and different, as I wanted something that would stand out. I'm picking it up in 2 weeks, and can't wait. I've got a few mods for it lined up already. I'm getting the dealer to paint the whole wing mirror assembly and spoiler end winglets in matt Black as it would be with the black pack, and I've ordered the carbon side scoops and air intake kit from alias23. Just need to order harness bar and harness, and id like to fit the rear arch black stone chip guards like on the 430 cup, then it will have everything I want
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    That's a bit like, what starts with a w and ends with a t.
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    Just do it Danny! It'll look great next to your esprit....
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    I met my granddaughter (born on Friday) today.
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    SJ Sportcars where pretty quick to deliver the "new" rear calipers and the parts needed, so it only took a couple of hours to replace and bleed the brakes.
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    Don't think I said I was putting the blame on Lotus for Leven's downfall? It's more the lack of clarity and communication over the last 6 months, and now the rumours that they're going to put the new dealership in Ayr. For somebody living North of Aberdeen - that would be a death sentence for Lotus ownership longer term.
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    This reminded me of an Exige I saw at a track day, T1 VVA... made no sense until I saw him rapidly approaching in my rearview mirror...
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    I think Hamilton has read this situation all wrong. I'm a fan of him as a racer but he needs to understand and respect other peoples point of views too otherwise he really is missing the point. I personally would not take the knee. Why? Nothing to do with racism, more to do that I don't like being "told" what to do and I don't need to make a futile gesture to prove to anyone I am no racist, I will just point to them to everyone I have met, worked with, or socialised with who will attest to the fact that race is never on my mind when I am dealing with them and given the industry I work in I meet, interact, work and socialise with people from all backgrounds, race and religions. If Hamilton and others want to take a knee then do it. All respect. But that does not mean that others who do not take the knee are automatically wrong or a racist. Symbolism is dangerous, especially when people feel they HAVE to display or face the consequences and that then leads to some serious trouble occurring. Shit, do these guys really learn nothing from history?
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    owwww, come on now - it would not be Formula 1 without a bit of controversy over kit and tech regs. Even our own best pal Mr. Chapman used to be at it every season! I men, if Ferrari did nothing wrong last year why are they blocking the FIA from releasing their report into fuel and fuelling? Red Bull? Come on Mr Horner is a wily old bugger too and they've made some juicy borderline tech over the years. It's mind games and keeps things spiced up for the press, that's all. It's as old as the sport itself is it not? Not saying it is right. Or fair. But F1 like warfare has always been as much about who has the best tech as it is about having the best leaders/drivers.
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    You were right: learning a new CAD package is v. hard work! However, I'm pleased with the result. Just need to talk to a 3D printing house in the morning... Have now found a print bureau in Portsmouth who have an on-line quoting system that suggests £10 or so (presumably plus VAT) per unit, plus a small set up fee.
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    @rjwooll I take your point regarding windscreen line to the drop for the door. It looks better now! Though the chrome then starts rising up and somehow the flow is not quite to my liking. Eclat is a stunning design, if it had a Maserati or Lambo badge, everyone would be swooning around them and coffee table books at £zillions per copy would have been written. Justin
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    A drive into the peaks today, putting some miles on the car before a peaks run on Sunday with MLOC.
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    Garage. But it is tight. About 1.5cm either side of each wing mirror as I drive in. Annoying supporting wall between both garages and carpet on the wall is a must.
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    I think it will get lost in transportation..
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    You mentioned the "brand" which is Lotus, whereas the dealership is separate, hence my comments. I agree with you re the location as I live in Perthshire and a new dealer in Ayr is about as welcome as an STD to me to be honest.
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    And the extra 20% stem cell differential.
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    It's 36 splines. They do measure 17.5mm o/d, but it is probably imperial - the steering column itself is 3/4". Pete
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    Yet again Mercedes strategists make themselves look inept. First safety car: both cars miles ahead, get them in, or at least Hamilton who’s going to finish no worse than second with fresh tyres. Hamilton’s 5 second penalty: even my 14 year old son and I immediately screamed at the TV to let him pass Bottas, who could then hold up the other cars to maintain the 1-2, with Bottas taking the win. It’s schoolboy stuff.
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    These "long-standing window problems" you mention seem to be very selective. I know quite a few S1 owners, both original and restored, who don't have issues. My mechanism just needs tweaking and they'll run fine. There was a marked and measurable difference in powering them directly, so perhaps you've been unlucky Fabian, with cars having had a lot of hard use? Mine, though tatty, had been quite well looked after in the main.
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    This is a good one to follow. Just remember, before you start the float level is critical to prevent over fuellng and possible fire. The float levels are dictated by the weight of the float in your carbs. Most are 10G but there are variations, so check both the fuel level in the fuel chamber before you start and the float gap with the needle open.
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    That's going to need a lot of trust for the cat to let you near that one
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    I thought my other entry was better. My daughter keeps asking me to stop singing Oasis songs :- I said Maybe
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    I'll have you know I did 9k in the first year . Love your post though, they are indeed shit cars I'm so glad I have mine.
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    Maybe he should refuse to race, if the others won’t do what he wants. At least that would give someone else a chance of winning.
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    I take it only three Dad's entered the competition!
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    Quick internet search and we have: What do Henry the Eighth and Winnie the Pooh have in common? A in white font to not spoil the punchline:They both share the same middle name!
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    I feel your pain, it’s a gender thing! We had our garden redesigned by landscape specialists around 12-15 years ago and a great job they made of it too. However, I’ve now lost count the number of times my wife has changed her mind about the layout and altered it since, with endless replantings, reshapes and rejigs. The original landscape design cost a fortune and the endless redesigns are still costing me a fortune. Latest thing is a green oak pergola/pavilion/summer house construction going up shortly. It’ll be a lovely thing, for sure, but will only keep her happy for a short while. Trouble is, every time I bravely broach the subject of why can’t you be satisfied with the garden as it is, I get the question about my car buying addiction! I don’t have a leg to stand on really!
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    That is part of the vacuum-modulating system which controls the "dole valve" - the hot water valve in the engine bay. I works in conjunction with the device on the very top of the housing. I'm removing all that stuff and replacing it with a bowden cable to control the hot water valve. I'll be posting more pictures in my Delanair restoration/modification thread soon. Pete
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    If the widow is having trouble moving ( usually drivers side) I spent months working on this problem. I adjusted the frame extensively without the motor mechanism so minimal force was needed to raise and lower. I restored the motor and it still would not work sticking or going very slow. In the end I bought a new AC Delco corvette motor installed it and it worked perfectly. Why? I concluded the permanent magnets in the old motor had demagnetised which reduced the torque. I had the same issue on the Turbo drivers side. They all work perfectly now with new motors!
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    As I've said before Fabian, I used thin and shaped rubber as friction pads, rather the abrasive original mesh. So I don't see them moving, and if they do, which I've had to do during adjustment, the rubber doesn't scratch the paintwork. Something I've learnt in over 34 years of old car ownership. I'm just glad the doors are set. I just need to move the window winder mechanisms back a few millimetres along with the check straps, which will provide central and therefore greater leverage of the drop glass.
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    This thread is starting to read like the Aussie Section of I personally think sour grapes over one car and one experience doesn't justify the title of the thread. For that I believe it should be changed to "Evora 400 simply dreadfully brilliant to drive"
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    I was round there earlier and as usual Sparky has listened to your thoughts and thinking outside the box as always has made a start. Rather than place the engine in the front he’s made an inspired decision to turn the interior around. Will be mega with its now suicide doors. Trevor
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    That’s the point @C8RKH, if they can go to the pub, go on hols,, go & crowd out beaches on warm sunny days then they should also be going to work and the kids to school. Just taking the piss out of the furlough scheme now & the teachers with their extended holidays on full pay. Really pisses me off that all this can now be done but I can’t see the physio I need to see because they are not allowed one to one contact yet. Totally absurd
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    Really? I think the race tomorrow could be a real hoot. In positions 3 - 7 on the grid you've got 4 different manufacturers in 5 places. You've got Verscrasheshappen in 3rd on the mediums to the Mercedes soft tyres so there is a real chance the undercut will make things very exciting. Also, if I recall, pole is not necessarily the best starting position as you got a good tow do you not to the first corner so we could see a three way into that corner with Bottas, Hamilton and Vercrasheshappen all arriving together. Positions 3 - 8 are all separated in qualifying by only 0.5 seconds. I'm actually looking forward to watching it and think it could be a cracker. Yes, Mercedes might go up the road to get 1 and 2, but the rest could be well exciting and it's nice to see a welcome return to speed for McLaren. I suppose on the other hand I could just assume it is going to be boring and go and play in the rain instead
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    It wasn't a serious "dig" hence the emoji's. As long as you enjoy it then fairy buff.
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    I’ve had a bit of a setback. After spending three days changing the design and remaking the upper rack I decided to scrap it and start again. These racks have to be really good and work perfectly to the same standard as the rest of the car. The first design was over complicated and had flaws, which I didnt really appreciated until I constructed it I now have a new plan and hopefully this time I will make progress, I have done a lot of research and have found a Pin lock that is ideally suited to this application. Its taking longer than I might have hoped, but I will get there. I have decided thanks to all the input on here I must finish this car to full James Bond spec with identical locking ski racks. You may wonder why I haven’t been clocking up the miles. Well I am being extremely pedantic with this car because of my previous mishap. I noticed when driving I was getting about 85 degrees temperature. When stationary it was going to 110 degrees. I thought it might have air in as 110 is far too high! but couldn't understand how 'it had not cleared. The switch for the fans is 90 degrees, so it needed investigation. I had changed the temperature switch to a modern one and thought this was the issue. So I swapped all the front pipework and returned it to Lotus spec.I still had the fans coming on at 110 degrees! The temperature gauge was bench calibrated with the sender. I decided to test the system again as I could not fault anything else. I took the sender out and placed in in hot water with a laboratory thermometer. I found at 90 degrees the temperature gauge was indicating 110 Degrees! Also as the water cooled there was a consistent over read. The temperature gauge has two calibration holes covered in small cork inserts. I made a tool out of a 5 mm rod. When inserted in the holes it is possible to change the calibration. I heated the water to 90 degrees and calibrated the guage to read exactly 90 degrees. I then cooled the water to 50 degrees and checked the reading. I found correcting the upper reading fixed the entire scale. I have successfully calibrated the gauge to within 3 degrees across the 50-90 degree range. The fans com on at exactly 90 degrees! They switch of after about 30 seconds and the reading drops to about 85 degrees. Sometimes the gauge sticks probably because the car is stationary and the temperature change is small. The upshot is Its all working perfectly like a Swiss watch! I posted this so that anyone who thinks they may have a temperature issue tests the calibration of the sender and gauge first and in situ. Its easy to test and quite simple to adjust the gauge if you make the tool. The tool can be made quite easily with a bit of filing from a 5 mm stud. Right back to version three of my ski rack mechanism!
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    Just like @BatMobile but on my V6S and slightly lower offsets - BC Forged RZ05. I have black/silver LOTUS emblems on them now but yet to take a good picture.
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    There's only one thing for it Fab, and that's to also buy a Monaco White Turbo Esprit. Then you can have a summer and winter Turbo and keep everyone happy. You'll then join a very select bunch of 3 who own all three Lotus Bond cars. One of them being the Deezer geezer. Only Little Nellie and the Aston's to collect then.
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    I fitted Reliant Scimitar wolf race wheels to mine for a while but they had a bit more offset and would rub on full lock. I suppose with lower profile tyres they would have worked fine.
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    Bell and Colvill new facility. 340R dropped off for MOT, flanked by further British automotive excellence.
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    I put the Radium one on my NA about 7 years ago and its been great but not made anymore. I think Hangar 111 do a CAI which may be worth looking at and will be cheaper than the BOE one. I also fitted a 2Bular rear box and 3rd cat delete and the car sounds great and performs well plus passes track noise levels.

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