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    I ordered a new Lotus, having cancelled the Porsche. That makes me happy
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    I have your car’s twin...
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    Alright I give up...are you Batman?
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    Hello all, some may have met me with my Evora GT430 Sport at 70 years Hethel (I have fond memories of the time when it was okay to travel...especially for joy!). While I have not been very active on TLF, I did not stop thinking about the cars. Today I signed a deal to buy a restored 1977 S1 Esprit (sorry - LHD, I am still in Germany ). My goal is to make it a drivers car and not garage / showroom / collectors queen. As you will notice, the wheels are not "correct" (as well as a couple of other parts) but the overall condition is excellent (from what I know so far). Frame has been fully restored, car has been repainted (was red originally) and a lot of the important mechanical components have been swapped. Interior re-bolstered (the green-ish/yellow-brown combo had to go for black /black). Engine runs well, the pace was a surprise for a 160bhp car. But the biggest grin was caused by the sound of it! Such a naughty growl from the open K&Ns right behind your head! My GT430 sounds amazing, but I am tempted to prefer the voice of this little 2.0! The car is still with the old owner but will be picked up next week and brought back to its new home. One photo as a teaser, I hope that I wont have to ask for too much help (and therapy?) around here
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    Over Harlow last night.
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    If anything happens, and you don’t make it, can I have the Evora?
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    Looks a lovely car and registered in Oct 2010 like mine and 2 letters away from mine which was also a Lotus management car initially when I bought it nearly 9 years ago with just 3k miles on. If mine is anything to go by, and it would have been on the production line at the same time, then it will be a "goodun" Mine has been super reliable for the 30k miles I have done in it with no issues at all.
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    1995 Esprit I own, is the last S4s ever imported to USA.
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    Well done on the sale @MadMick that was a cracking car. As for the English teachers, well, they're probably bored as they've been doing sod all for the past 4 months apart from whinging about having to go back to work at some point! Hope to see you around here still @MadMick, actual ownership of a Lotus is not a pre-requisite to being a part of this excellent community.
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    Going through DeRoure to make a list of what items I need to replace plus those I'd change if they were cheap enough. I don't think I'll replace the plate that holds the brake pipe unions as it goes through the body with an original Lotus item, they're sold out anyway, which I'm somewhat surprised at after seeing the price. This is the plate... And here's the price... If anyone wants to buy an original one, I have a second hand one for sale at half the price of an original. cheers -Chris
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    That's a really good article, and I love that the author wasn't scared to use emotion in his writing, I hate reading non descript spec sheets, his ability for description I think is brilliant, and captures what appears to be a fever.
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    Well after a little brave pill I lifted the body until the front wheels were just off the ground. I put some pressure on the drivers side front wheel and wobbled it a bit which wobbled the chassis and the body a little. I kept up the pressure and could hear some very gentle creaking (not cracking) and waited, I few moments later the chassis dropped to the floor and was essentially free. I was then able to lift little by little and check carefully as the body came away, keeping a close eye on the area Mike ringed in red above. This is very tight, the chassis bumping into the fan shroud and the bolt not fully clear, so a little flexing of the shroud was necessary but nothing excessive. Beyond that point it was plain sailing, I have no idea what was holding it up, nothing obvious. Many thanks to all for the hand holding and advice.
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    Brief update, work and waiting for parts deliveries have slowed things a little again recently. Over the past week I've been putting my fibre glassing skills into practise again, this time repairing the damage to the boot floor infill panel. I'll re-drill the missing hole in the repaired area when I have the boot floor back in place to line it up with. I've also removed the front bumper to inspect the damage to it and make fitting the thermal foil eaiser. The bumper and valance are competely trashed and haven't been repaired very well. Long term I'm going to replace them both, if I can find a RRIM type bumper. In the meantime I'm going to try and improve upon the previous repairs so they can be reused in the short term. This moring fitted the charge cooler rad and A/C condensor to the rad pack. I solved the earlier issue with the gap between two rads caused by the bolts Serck used to rebuild the rad frame. I replaced the bolts with some that had lower profile head which closed the gap from around 6mm to around 3mm. With the thinner gap I could use some foam tape between the rads and then some slightly wider jaw panel edge clips that was original used to hold it all together. Then I spent pretty much all of this afternoon removing the tattered remains of the foil under the frunk so I could fit some fresh stuff. Removing the remains of the adhesive and various fixings (tow hook and spare wheel bolt etc) took what seemed like and eternity, but it was worth it to ensure the new foil had a sound surface to adhere to. Fitting the foil took quite a while too, particularly in the concave sections betlow the head lamps. I made several paper templates to ensure it would all fit nicely before I wasted any of the Thermal Velocity stuff because it isn't cheap.
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    Hey, looks like Cilla is still working her magic. Perhaps we could swap some pics. I'll contact you directly. Thanks guys. This was a quick meetup prior to going on to caffeine and machines 8am this morning. It's a group around the Swindon area
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    Thanks Bibs, had @au-yt not given me a heads up (which I'm super grateful for) I would have never have done this, but with your blessing here it is, we did a short 4 part series, because they gave it to us for a week, and I still feel like even though I got a many eyes on it as I could we could have captured it better, because it was phenomenal in my opinion. Thusly why I'm running around here like a gradeschool boy sucking up information! I intended to do a write up, but I have a tendency to write in prose, so I didn't think it would be appreciated. I literally just try and cover the driving experience without bias, and the GT has set a standard I'm not sure can be met. Part 1, Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
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    Apologies for the long silence. The car has been away for a complete mechanical restoration and only got back yesterday. The sums we did on the springs worked. Neil Satur from Coil Springs in Sheffield did all the work. I used Gaz shocks, front springs were 140 lb/in and 318mm, the rears were 180 lb/in and 328mm. The ride height is exactly what I wanted - Essex height which is about 20mm lower than standard Esprit Turbo. It might be too low for some but I think it looks great. In terms of ride quality I don't think it's too firm at all, pretty much spot on, and some of the roll has been taken out, probably a combination of the lower ride height and the higher spring rate. I'm very pleased with it. Thanks to Neil for his help and his patience.
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    Great news. Well done. I remember suffering a water leak on an autobahn in my S1 in 1994. A German stopped and gave me a lift to the services...he just adored Lotus and had to help. Evora is always much admired when I am in Germany. Delighted to hear you will drive it, so sad to see under-used sports cars. Justin
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    TLF headed up to Caffeine & Machine to the 'Lotus Unlocked' event to see and drive the current range of Lotus cars. We had the chance to spend some time with the Evora GT410, Evora GT410 Sport, Elise Cup 250 and Exige Cup 430 and there were some significant historic Lotus cars to enjoy too. Great event, awesome venue with fantastic roads on their doorstep!
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    Edited - You've been a member here long enough to know that ads go in our free classifieds
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    Agree with you all about the insanity of the final rankings, but the way I read the article is they were saying the 992 isn't as good as it should be and has fallen off the pedestal as being the one to have? Horses for courses. If you check out the M3 forums (which I recommend you don't!), you'll find a lot of love for the M3 over the Evora. I'm sure you can find people who love a Range Rover over an Evora... they just don't see driving the way we do!
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    Neil, I'm just south of Bedford if that is near enough. I've had my S2 since 1980 and have done a full body off restoration on it twice (the second time not by choice!) so I should be able to help on most things. Happy to help.
  24. 1 point Good interview with Matt Windle
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    It's a join, that's what the metal clip is there for
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    see you are still on form then! M.
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    beautiful car Heiner looks really great with the speedlines even though they are not correct.... Enjoy
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    Good luck with the car @hml_xy The Wolfrace wheels are about if you look.
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    Cheers Fab. I tested the fuel pressure a few days ago and was actually slightly low at 3.5psi so I upped to 4psi just to make it on spec. Agreed re prefer fuel contamination to coolant!
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    Which is why I am only going out for food shopping or to isolate in one of my Hethel beauties. I really do not have a clue why the tens of thousands of fcukjockeys are out and about, queuing outside of Primark and Next and generally just being a dick on packed beaches etc. Maybe I'm the weirdo, but I have no wish to get Covid and so for me, I'm happy in my bubble and everyone else can fcuk off and stay away lol......
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    A valid point, and I did worry a bit myself yeah. But the rake of the windscreen means the reflection is really high up towards the sun visor so it doesn’t obscure your vision at all. I tried it yesterday as it was sunny! also I wear polarised sunglasses so whenever there is sun and therefore more reflection, I’ll be wearing sunglasses which reduces the reflection by probably about 80% or so. But like I say it’s not in my field of vision anyway. That said, I’m 6’4” so my seating position may help as well! May not be the same for everyone.
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    So much for me ‘taking a knee’ then. That obviously doesn’t work.
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    We have a match!
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    @dcmp I'm looking to go the other way around. The Sparco to the CF
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    Yes, utter drivel as usual. The 992 is "aloof", "a Panamera Coupe" (I thought exactly this at the launch; hate it), "feels like a solid slab of a car with overly heavy steering " yet still wins? The Evora "...has the polish of the Porsche but with an abundance of character and a deep sense of connection. In many ways it shames the others," and ".. its grip, damping, braking and agility unfailingly highlighted how simplicity and low mass are at the heart of a great sports car." but comes last? Those guys have been schmoozed by the mainstream brands and gone old and soft and love comfort, tech and huge numbers too much. I used to love EVO in the Harry Metcalf days, but unsubscribed from their BS years ago.
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    Their words not mine "If superlative ride and handling is number one priority, then we commend you, because that's laudable - and an Evora is still - still - the class of the field." bulletin&utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_term=Newsletter Send Smart List
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    Worth noting trackday organisers now insist on us carrying an extinguisher in the small print... A friend last season in his McLaren 540 ended up with an engine fire... he pulled over, put the the fire out trackside! Cheeky little extinguisher bought duty free in Folkestone before a eurotunnel to Spa came into use It can happen!
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    Turned out it was an 11 hour round trip. Really impressed so far .....especially above 4500 rpm
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    Me too - enquired about RX12 FHH when it was advertised by Will last year - appeared to be a nice car, but gone before I could see it. Looks like there was a sizeable list of potential buyers. Pretty pleased with what I did buy though.
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    I think this is a bit of a tactic with Will. Seems to advertise cars he has already sold. I got in touch with him last year. Literally minutes after he advertised the car and it was already sold. (Might have even been this car) Think he does it to build up a customer pool.
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    Thanks, now in the relevant parts section.
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    Updated version with partially threaded mounting studs and fillets around internal right angle corners:
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    Hi Fabian. DRILL THE HOLES. FIX THE RACKS. DRIVE TO THE ALPS. You'll always regret saying, "Ah, I'm glad I made 95% of the car and then pushed it into a garage under a cloth to occasionally look at" It's your car. you know every inch. It is beautiful and I've seen it close up. It tells a story - but it's not complete. The skis make that car look utterly awesome and even better to drive around in the summer through Britain's leafy south east villages to turn a few heads. Consider how people would admire a fully polished replica batmobile or delorean time machine parked up outside a pub. It's all context. no-one is going to mutter "is it snowing", and if they did... er... this is an issue how? Having drilled holes in my car, I can't wait to get going to the Alps and something I was ready to do in March and then the world stopped... so I'm' itching to get going. So are you. If in the future, you decide to do something else with the car then it comes with or without the racks and it becomes someone else's problem. Carpe Diem! Andy (owner of a S3 that sits in the rain, driven often. I thoroughly enjoy looking at its dents and scratches and took pleasure in drilling 16 holes in the tailgate)
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    Great thread drift, I cannot resist continuing: the plural of Lotus is Lotus. Always has been, always will be. Justin
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    @Barrykearley No worries Barry, just a little wind up by a mad Mick . Looks like I am working towards listening to my heart and several others and it will become a keeper. M.
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    Either way - a standard LE low mileage car will be a whole lot easier to sell than a higher mileage modified one. That’s a sure fact. itll sell - just wait it out
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    Speed being defined as not stationary. That's like saying they all involved a car. 100% of them involved a driver and as you said, the majority involve bad judgement from the driver. Maybe RoSPA would be better serving us by insisting on improved driver education and standards rather than just telling us to slow down? Doesn't the driving test still use braking distances from the seventies when some cars had drum brakes still! Have they updated that yet? @mayevora?

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