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    Thanks mate, yeah I guess £299 would cover the first nights bar bill
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    All looks very familiar! Keep up the good work
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    Tease. Looks like its short of a few pipes, make sure you're wearing wellies when you fill the header tank Trevor.
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    Yesterday I finally got time to look under the Eleven's bonnet for the first time, happy to see it actually has an engine I understand it was rebuilt before being put in, unfortunately it looks like it will be later in the year before I finally get her on the road, to be honest though I reckon I'll get just as much enjoyment looking at her
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    Thanks Stuart, just need a nice JPS Europa and Elan +2 and my Lotus collection will be complete
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    Beautiful car, total respect @Vipers. That is one hell of a gorgeous car. I hope to join you in getting one some day. Might even get the wife out in it. once!
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    18.5 million yen Thai is a lot of pennies, however an extremely beautiful car with lots of history
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    They alwAys look better without a Q plate and that is really, really lovely
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    It was the one at Paul Matty that got me looking around and I stumbled on this on on Car and Classic, almost seems to be good to be true as the guys hobby is building kit cars and he has got it to the point where it needs putting through the SVA and he doesn't want to ruin the look by adding the bits needed to get it through the SVA so he just charged me for the parts and no labour so fingers crossed it doesn't turn out to be a lemon I'm pretty sure it is a A-Series, to be honest I was so taken by how stunning it looked I didn't really get too involved in the mechanicals, but this guy has been building kit cars to a very high standard for years so I'm sure it will be fine. The next job is to get it to Westfield, they are going to charge me around £2500 to get it through the SVA which seems very fair. Yes I must admit as the engine isn't running yet, just a matter of swapping the oil over, I can't wait to hear how it sounds.
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    Stunning One of the best looking race cars imo, Enjoy, would love to see a write up/ road cam on one of these cars as would love to know how they drive,sound etc
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    The guys at evo mag loved the one they built/ran a few years back. Nice one.
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    lovely . was that at paul matty
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    Love it, and I bet it’s really fun to drive!
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    Yes they are ace. Maybe not quite a genuine Lotus but the simplicity of parts means its almost a Lotus...only really lacking age. What engine you got in there? I think they made them with the climax, A-series or a Ford engine? The Climax is a screamer but the A series is a nice little roarer. buddsy
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    Ha, I've been keeping my eye out for a reasonably priced one of these for some time. Yours looks lovely. Trevor.
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    Gorgeous. Will be a complete hoot to drive too I'm sure. Good luck with SVA. Congrats!
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    Thanks Jonny, yes just a standard R300, as the day dried out toward the end I already started to think that I needed more power :-)
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    Thanks Bibs, I am hoping it will earn me enough to order a Cup 250 in Orange that I can't stop thinking about :-)
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    thee whole right hasnd side of my under the oil tank was beautifully preserved under a thick layer of oil. Most likely from years of fill ups without being very careful. Still it helped unbolting the rear suspension bits Keep up the good work
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    Maybe we went off topic somewhere, I'll stick it in the Motoring section later :-)
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    no, your lucks not come to an end, because you have stumbled across a super rare car with wonderful handling...   I'd presume that Atlanta isn't all that wet? (I know nothing about the US climate) so hopefully the chassis is probably ok.   Do a quick search on eclat sprint through the forum archive, there is some good info in there.   lastly - please sent an email to [email protected] and I will send you a sheet for you to return if you want your cars details to go on the list of survivors and to be added to our mailings.
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    Excellent work! When you have finished can you do mine please!
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