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    Miles. Bar the first 8k, all mine. 7 years.
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    More crazy cars from today in Monterey.
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    004 was suppose to be at the Silverstone Classic the other Sunday but decided to stay at home with the weather forecast not looking good, been sat in the garage ever since waiting for somewhere to go so this morning put in an appearance at a local classic event at Ilkeston Town Centre Market Place - 20 mins away.
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    I tip my hat to Russell Carr and the design team at Lotus...has there been some kind of divine intervention from the tips of those Hethel pencils? With the Evija we have witnessed a huge leap forward in hypercar and automotive design, I haven't been this exited (and shocked) about a car since they unveiled the Lamborghini Countach 48 years ago. Well done Lotus/Geely you are now the benchmark.
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    Ah yes, perfection.
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    A couple of pics from a dawn run last weekend to liven up an old thread. Not been driving much this year as I have a project on at home. Hopefully I can get a trip to Spa before the year is out.
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    I don’t like it. And as for “Simplifying and taking the weight out of the lettering”, what a load of cobblers, do they really think we’re that stupid? Why not take out Colin Chapman’s initials altogether in that case?
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    Talk about plagiarism! That second link is word for word the same text as the one the OP linked to!
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    Courtesy of classicrevivalphot
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    On the advice of other members. I'm starting a Evora GT thread. Feel free to post your Pictures, Mods and questions. Here is the my Evora GT. Luckily, it was the first one sold in the America. Lotus officially says "First in the World"!
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    Hi Neil, yep Ive been looking at that. I have refurbed the old caliper just need the tiny ratchet bit and it will work. I should be able to get one somewhere I hope. As I last resort I'll switch them both. Drive shafts I rebuilt both if them some time ago. I greased them and put them away for storage. When I went to fit the second one it had frozen on both ends, I ended up taking it apart again. I have put it back together and installed it. What a faf! So what's left? the rear brake calliper and fluid. The top fuel lines, engine surround filter and plenum. The Turbo, boost pipe and Exhaust. Ignition coil and ignition harness. Tailgate Mot plate change Ski racks. Must keep going!
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    Hi Guys and Gals, I'm now on my 3rd Esprit but new to this forum. I had a lovely Silver S2 back in 97, unfortunately it caught fire in 1998. I then purchased a Red S1 but sold it due to moving to the States in late 99. I have now just bought 505H and its about to leave California. It's a 77 Monaco white S1 that's been stored for the last 27 years. The car looks pretty solid, no rust that I can see but it needs a fair amount of work. The Plan is to keep it LHD but get rid of the Federal bits and bobs plus delete the sunroof and get the interior back to factory look. I have restored quite a few cars and I'm lucky enough to have my own workshop with a 2 post lift. I guess it would be better to drop a UK 2.2 engine in the car and keep the existing matching numbers engine to one side. It looks like it would take a lot of money to bring the engine up to Euro spec. If anyone has a factory steering wheel, engine cover and airbox for sale please PM me. Right, off to read some S1 restoration blogs.
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    In the booth with Upol reface. 6 hours of continuous laying up. I mixed and a mate shot. Ran the booth at 27 degrees so it was hot work. Could not recommend this product more highly enough. Went on smoothly, super strong, and only a handful of pinholes.
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    Enjoy, very nice car with a great colour combo, also you can always get Barry to teach you some spannering in the future when she will need a service etc, a nice car to jump into esprit ownership with having had plenty of work done on it, Happy motoring
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    And there was me thinking we agreed about everything. I didn't realise you were a softy Liberal after all!
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    Can not disagree with what you saying, just trying to point out that it’s good to see Lotus trying to reach out to a bigger audience, will she help sales with this car who knows , but like I said if this video helps sales with the next generation of cars it’s win win for Lotus. All top performance brands use these people to promote there products in this day and age, so no harm done by Lotus jumping on board I am sure
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    Yeah, it got a bit wet - I had to juggle brolly and camera to get this nice photo of Alex's car as he headed off :) Evora 410 GT by Matt, on Flickr
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    I've got nothing against her personally but she looks like she's talking to young children. Maybe she is? Let the dumbing down commence! Wouldn't you all prefer to see what former Lotus F1 drivers think of it?
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    I thought I liked the last badge until I saw the old and the new side by side. The last badge does look a bit dated I feel with the chrome out line. I actually think I like the new badge. Simple & bold buddsy
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    You'll find the ones on the left fall of first on right hand circuits, it's down to the heat and not uncommon. A lot of people used to just remove them before trackdays but Lotus have upgraded them to include a spring clip which holds them in place but better than the previous versions.
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    If you had painted Michelin logos you'd brake even harder!
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    1) I use Motul 300V 5W40, would not bother with extra draining - it will all go over a few oil changes 2) I use Motul Gear300 75W90 and change it roughly annually or every 10k miles 3) Dunno, I just use OEM 4) Changed to Ferodo DS Uno and DS1.11 and they work very well so far with virtually no noise. This is race compound brake pads, so keep in mind disks wear will be faster (but not overly fast) and they may be a bit lazy when fully cold (not a big deal)
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    Thread bump, more stuff from Dan.... quality!
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    Shouldn't that be Jocksit?
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    Funny tax that one. Was put in place to protect the Australian Car Manufacturing Industry. What car manufacturing industry?
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    Roger that. There is no Moore to say. Justin
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    Yes Evija has been designed so that the battery pack can be removed, replaced and upgraded as battery tech improves.
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    Which Scottish part are you going to attach it to?
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    Wouldn’t different alignment specs, springs/shocks and tires result in a big difference in feel between the 400 and GT? i would think just a newer set of the same tires can make a big change in steering feel as well as handling on any car To me the only advantage the c8 has over the GT/400 is that it can hold two sets of golf clubs vs one in the lotus. Then again since I haven’t played golf in years it isn’t really a advantage for me! Then there is the looks of the back of the c8...... Ken2020 - wow... stunning car!
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    Azure blue & magnolia are the best colour combination ever. Well done, hope all goes well for you.
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    Finally decided to tackle the headlining on 713D After reading up all I could find about replacing the headlining, I decided it was time to take the plunge an go forwards.I had ordered material from Woolies some 15 years ago, although dry stored, is was no better than the original headlining that was dangling from the car roof.Lotusbits supplied the one in the photographs. Close enough to the original, and will make the car look tidy again.Before starting, all seats were removed, just so I could get confortable. Once the old lining removed and the area cleaned up, i measured not only the roof of the car, but also the dimensions of the material removed.On the roof, where the back section fits, I can clearly read: “713D” chassis number “VR” Vinyl roof, and “GOLD” the car colour. The photos have been touched up to show this. Handwriting has been added for visibility Handwriting has been added for visibility The dimension are as follows: Rear section: 1180mm x 490mm Glue zone 1130mm x 480mm The back foam strip is not included ( 25mm wide x 1000mm long) must have been an inch originally. Front section: 1180mm x 600mm Glue Zone 1160mm x 560mm Roll bar section: 220mm x 1270mm The parts were cut and make fro glue to be applied. I used a Würth Spray (power spray glue plus) max resistance 110C. The nozzle is adjustable, to set the spray width. Application to the roof was simple and I would even say can be done without masking of the windows. Application to the material on the bench is also easy, I used a cardboard guide to avoid over spray. To transport the material to the car interior, I used an old cardboard poster roll. I pre-marked both the material and car centres (back and forwards). roll to carry matrial, coated in glue Bonded the centre line, then used a foam roller to put everything onto place.Much simpler, than at first anticipated. The roll bar cover was also a lot more straight forward than expected. I supported the PVC moulding on my vise, applied glue on both sides and fitted the material. The grills were refined using hot glue…not a preferred engineering solution, but suitable for this application. Need to finish off the front piece and rear side pieces, and we should be good for another 40 years ! All for the moment. N.
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    I thought I saw you as I was leaving @The Pits. I was trying to be responsible in the New Forest! We had a good day on Saturday. As you say, all Lotus cars parked together. I was next to a beautiful grey GT430. Hope you all got to meet Nigel (the owner) on Sunday too.
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    Can you not just wire a switch in parallel across the thermostatic radiator switch? That would leave you with just 2 wires to run into the cabin to your manual override switch.
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    Thanks, I was quite pleased with the result
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    Nautilus Blue can look similar, for sure. It’s a nice colour, too. I think the only time the racing green really comes to life is when the sun is out.
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    Penetrating oil every day for a week would be my first choice.
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    @drdoom read my comment. I'm not talking about when cold. The 907 seems to operate on quite low pressure readings. Then again, the Veglia gauge is arbitrary at best. It being just a graphic. I've not had the road tests to check a rising oil pressure indication when hot, due in part to the town environment, and lack of balls on my part! I think I'll rig a proper gauge in the car as a test.
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    Received my matt black ones last week

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