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    I ordered a new Lotus, having cancelled the Porsche. That makes me happy
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    After poor Nick took a 5 hour drive back from Southampton to Plymouth my JPS is finally home and from the look of the dust as seen water for the first time in years with the rain today! I don’t think I can be any happier with it! All tucked away in its new home before surgery begins First impressions are great with no rust on the underside and everything is present including all the covers, Jack but no tool kit which will be on the list to obtain. I like the dust as gives it a lovely barn find feel although tomorrow will be bath time Dave
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    This is a picture of my car on Skyline at Mount Panorama during a LOTUS only day which they hold every year in Feb. I did this event in 2019. the circuit for those who don’t know has a elevation change of 175 meters,+Flying+start.+Finish+line+to+Finish+line.
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    I had a special visit and drive out this evening. You don't see many of these anymore and what a stunning example. Sport 300 #18, fresh back in the UK from a spell in Germany. Stunning!
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    When your dog and your car just happen to match. #BorderCollieGT410Sport
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    Met up with another car-guy today - all too briefly before the best day of the week became a shower became rain became a thunderstorm. Damn. I was never a huge fan of the CX when they were current - mainly cos the SD1 Vitesse existed. Just look at the difference in those cornering shots.... HERE Over the years they - and some other quirky French shizzle - have grown on me. And this one has been very well looked after. It’s not often the Evora looks too tall... looking forward to going for a wee spin in this next time when the weather doesn’t ruin things.
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    Every time I drive my 400 find myself saying "F" this is good thing. The way it feels to drive and way it makes me feel when driving it and now matter where or at what speed(legally). As it did today doing a 220K round trip for a Car club AGM some freeway some back roads and a small pass over a weir. I dismissed the EVORA when they first came out, as a lotus enthusiast from the late 70s I thought an NA EVORA was to heavy under powered and the styling didn't appeal as the only ones I saw were white. Jump forward 10 years and some very high praise by R&T and then spotting a red 400 on display at Sydney airport on my way to the UK. It sparked my interest. It was fortuitous as I was researching cars in the second hand exotic market and they all had issues a price of my budget. Sadly the EVORA new was out of reach. That changed when a manual demo 400 appeared on the market bang on my budget. Test drive and I only had to drive the car out of the dealers and up the street and I was sold. Inner Sydney isn't the best place to test drive anything, but the way the car feels in a very short distance, Sold. Ive only done 10,000Ks since I bought the car in 2017, including multiple country NSW trips and Club runs. Ive owned 33 special cars some now worth double the price of a new 410, and only two that made me feel special. Yes the 400 is a much newer design but none have left me feeling the way the 400 does.
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    Hi everybody, I live in Le Mans (France) and I am the happy owner of three Lotus. 340 R Elise Cup 250 Exige Sport 350 70th anniversary
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    The Amethyst Grey paint is interesting - it can be gunmetal grey with no hint of purple in bright sunlight, but can look very purple on a dull day or at twilight.. and it tends to look different in photos vs. the real world. It was very nice of the chaps at Car magazine to 'spend' £1500 on that paint as part of more than £11k in options when they ran it on a long term test! The car did indeed feel very stable and predictable on track. But I didn't manage to recreate this shot from the magazine:
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    Couple of shots from Brands Hatch track evening earlier in the week:
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    First car meet of the year, we took a Range Rover on a testdrive after an engine refresh (literally got it running a few hours before the meet) and I followed with the Esprit 'just in case'. The photographer on duty took a few nice shoots of my Esprit. I usually prefer 'pure' images, but these have been nicely done I think. 2 other Lotus present as well, and 2 former Esprit owners. Felt good to be among fellow petrolheads again, even if we had to keep our distance and there was a not as much chatting as usual. Filip
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    Out for a cars and coffee event sporting my new post-lockdown hairstylee. More photos at: Full photo set
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    ....and now reunited with its body. Happy days!
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    Three years ago I bought a 1984 Esprit Turbo. Mechanically it was a mess but I was naive enough to buy it anyway as the bodywork and interior were in great shape and how bad could it be?!!! Well, Barry Ely has had it for a couple of years. Complete mechanical rebuild required to get it back to a good standard after it had been very badly bodged by previous owners. Rebuilt and blueprinted engine with new forged pistons, new exhaust system & turbo. Every piece of pipework replaced throughout. New suspension all round, set up 20mm lower to match the Essex ride height. The list goes on and on...but now she's home again and running beautifully. Thank you Barry. My contribution to a bit of Lotus heritage. Definitely not going to be sold at a profit
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    Wow, thank you all so much for your touching tributes to my beloved dad. I welcome any stories, anecdotes and memories either here or I'm on 07966 887431 and [email protected] Jonwat's photo of the sprint - one I don't think I've ever seen - has reminded me of going to see him compete there when I was tiny. He crashed that Europa in 1984 when I was only 5 and had been rebuilding it ever since. I remember feeling so excited to see him when it was his turn (especially when he won) and my mum having to stop me waving so I didn't distract him. It was also the first car I ever went in; I was brought home from hospital as a newborn on Mum's lap. They'd have been arrested these days. How I shall miss him.
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    I had a 997.2 Turbo which had benefitted from Sharkwerks performance and sound enhancements. It was very very fast and sounded amazing - for a turbo. It was comfortable too on long 400-500 mile drives. I owned it for 3.5 years and never once woke early to go and smash some local B-Roads. I don't recall taking it out for a 30-minute blast to blow some cobwebs away. It just didn't light me up in that way. But it was epic on a 1300-mile tour of Scotland. Composed, fast, comfy, warm (it was early May and snow did fall) and it was roomy. It was my 6th Porsche. My 4th 911. My third water-cooled 911. I am a Porsche fan. I now have an Exige 410. It is so different. Still gathers pace rapidly. Sounds other worldly. Feels so much more special to drive. The handling is epic. The steering telepathic. I often wake early to drive deserted roads. I'll frequently go out for 30-minutes just to perfect my lines and to enjoy the thrill of the Exige sound and handling. in the summer when the evenings are long I again take off after dinner just to get anothe fix. It is addictive. If you like driving you can't go wrong. Public reaction is great too. My exige is loved by all who see it and attracts thumbs-up and nods of approval from strangers everywhere. There is zero animosity or jealousy. Lots of folks video it on the road. In France and Spain last autumn people would stop to pose by the car for photos acting as though they owned it. The love for it was huge. That isn't true for a Porsche 911 Turbo. Aside from the Porsche's I've owned, i have also driven a 991.1 GT3 RS and still I can say that my Exige 410 is the best car I have ever driven. Sure it is not practical. It is hard to get in and out of which means that some family and friends will never get to ride in it. And the build quality does not rival that of a Porsche. But i care not. For me it is all about the drive and the Exige is epic. I dare say you might consider a few other cars though. The Evora is remarkable to drive. More practical than the Exige and better-handling than my old 911 Turbo. If Porsche is your preference, then consider a 991.1 GT3 - they are now available from £85K having dropped like a stone in recent months. The GT4 is a far better driver's car than a 911 Turbo and the Boxster Spyder is similar. You can bag a new 718 Spyder or 718 GT4 in the £90-95K range. Good luck choosing.
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    Covers and a few pipes complete, together with a modicum of engine cleaning. It's not often I do cosmetic stuff; I hate it and I'm crap at it. But Dan's an OK guy really (if you ignore the cross-dressing and badger-baiting) so what the hell. It's not up to Margate Exotics standards, so sue me. Before and after...
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    Having owned a Exige Sport 350 for almost three years I decided to go all in for a Cup 430 now too. Still in the running-in period and no regrets so far Truly Amazing car!
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    Hmmmm... 1 out of 5 in the time we have had them since being built and not properly advertised doesn't seem that good. LOL. Lets be realistic! The issue we have had with these is that they were never really advertised properly from start which was a fault of ours to start with from day 1. Its such a shame really as these are pretty damn awesome and blisteringly quick. Lets not beat around the bush either, they are really more aimed at the European Market and to someone that wants something that is as close to a track car as possible whilst still having the opportunity to utilize these beasts on the road if needs be. We can convert them to right hand drive but the costs involved are ridiculous. I think that if they were right hand drive we may well have sold more but who knows. So to summarize if someone wants something unique, looks amazing, is fast, trackable, road usable, sounds amazing and wants something hardly anyone else is ever going to have the chance of owning then these are the perfect cars. Its for someone that wants to keep for a long time in their collection and bring out on special occasions. Trust me these Stratton GT's are pretty special.
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    All loaded at Southampton and on route home...... Dave
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    Great run in the Peak District this Sunday with MLOC.
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    The 'surprise factor' of the Evora is probably what hooked me. I was looking for a late 997 Porsche Turbo and also had my eye on the C7 (C8 wasn't out yet obviously) and stumbled across the 400 by chance while checking out a used 991.1 C2S at a our local dealership. I had no thought to buy a new Lotus, furthest thing from my mind, really. As we walked past the chrome orange '17 400 that was the dealer's demo, I chanced a closer look and found myself interested to learn more. I thought it was more excitiong to look at than a 911 (or the last GT4) or the C7 (a car which I like) and being a Lotus, I reckoned it was good to drive. But to buy and own? In America? Too silly thinks I but might as well explore it. On a whim I asked the sales guy if I might have a test drive in the thing. I expected it to steer and handle well but be rough and rattly. Well, he produced the keys and I had the universally ubiquitous experience of trying to start the car with the immobilizer on. We got the car started with the needed instruction and everybody knows how that ended. What got me was how smooth, fantastic and unique the drive was. It was everything I thought it wouldn't be. Tight, composed, complete, as a package, good aircon, comfy seats, fun to shift, light clutch, great feel. In short, many things I thought a Lotus wasn't. I liked driving it better than any comparably priced car and I thought it was better looking too. It was a big surprise to me just how together the Evora is. The lack of "features" that I thought were essential in an upmarket sport car, (heads up display, power seats, rockin' stereo, and all the rest gave a moment's pause, as did the lack of a fleshed out national support network but damn, that drive! It took me a few months and two more test drives to talk myself into the car but when I thought about what I REALLY wanted, the Lotus hit every mark. No regrets and sure enough, the surprise factor is overwhelming. You just need to love driving and somehow find yourself in the seat with the wheel. It is unique in the market.
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    Road trip going well so far
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    Here is my newly-acquired 1979 Lotus Eclat, 79/110391E. It starts, runs, and stops (sort of), but has been off the road for quite some time. Looking forward to getting it sorted so I can drive it daily, with the help of the forum.
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    With the dream of racing an Esprit someday in the future and doing research once in a while, i could not resist the "buy in now" button when the former Sportscarworld S1 racecar came up for sale at After some arrangements the Esprit S1 arrived from the USA here in the Netherlands. Which process was less difficult than i expected it to be. Idea is to give it a good check, some adjustments to bring it to modern safety standards, and if all goes well do some races in historic championships. As the history of the car is a bit unclear, other than that it has raced SCCA championships in the early 80s, I'd love any info that people might have about it.
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    At this morning's emotional handover ceremony, @Dan Ereceived not only a perfectly repaired (but possibly a bit dirty) Dry Sump, but also his special commemorative Watford Exotics gin mug (free with every C service, max 1 per customer, offer expires 23/7/2020). To my surprise he made it home, meaning the warranty has now expired. Tracy is currently washing all the fivers.
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    Finally, it's over. Tyres fitted yesterday, MoT passed this morning. Dan picking up tomorrow! I'll shed a tear when the old girl departs. @Dan E what time are Group 4 arriving with the cash?
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    After a break from M100 ownership the calling was just nagging me every time I saw one drive by in the summer sun with the hood down. Today I collected this beautiful Medina green S2 with 52k in fantastic condition, it drives superb and certainly brings smiles. If you’ve never owned one then I recommend you have a try, these cars are full of surprises and hold the road well as expected by a Lotus. Prices are still good although the days of picking them up for a couple grand several years back have past, still £5k gets a good one which is still a bargain for such a well engineered drop top! I’m going to use it as my daily driver to work so a good test of reliability (I will be fitting a shower cap when parked due to the well known dripping hood ). Dave
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    My father was hired by Colin Chapman at the British Motor Show following a chance conversation with my mother. He was working at Holset turbochargers and previous to that was working at Ford in Dagenham in their engine development role. The original Turbo Esprit engine contains a lot of his blood, sweat and tears. He's been spending lockdown writing the family history and that included a list of cars he's owned over the years - I googled the registrations to see if they were still about and that let me to this thread.
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    A few months ago my twat of a neighbour decided to blockade the entrances to a public footpath that goes through his 93 acre estate, welded shut a couple of gates along the footpath, removed all stiles and removed a footbridge that goes over a brook. After a concerted campaign by local residents, a peaceful protest and lots of pressure on the County Council, the owner has now reinstated the footpath and put the bridge back. Ironically, due to the publicity this has generated, loads more people now walk the footpath than ever before. Power to the people, happy days
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    It's not very often I promote something other than my wife's artwork but having used this both professionally and after coming across a serious accident in the middle of nowhere, I can't stress enough how this free App can save your life. It's not a scam or a way of getting advertising to you. Its designed for one thing and one thing only. To get someone to you in your time of need and getting them EXACTLY t the right place. The number of times Police and ambulance take ages to find an RTC victim because they are off the road or struggle to find someone who was out walking when injured is rediculous. So please do use this. I really can't recommend it enough!
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    Finally the Beast is arrived!!!
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    I'm sure many of you will remember Laura who now works at Parks!
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    New inlet trialled today. As I’m still being a little cautious on the new engine (800 miles now), I cannot comment on any performance difference, nor would I without dyno testing. What I can say is the turbo induction sound is now much more pronounced with the driver’s window open. It sounds like something’s being sucked down a drain, which I suppose is not far from the truth. With the window shut however and cruising at the legal speed limit or below it, there was no discernible noise increase. Moving on, and having carried out hours of internet research, I finally discovered that the rise and fall in turbo noise is known as ‘Turbo Whistle Aural Transience’, or TWAT. I’d recommend anyone keen on inlet modification carry out an extensive Internet search for TWAT. Obviously, there will be those who wear baseball caps back to front who find this kind of Increase in inlet noise addictive, impossible to live without, and yearn to bask in the admiration from their peers that a large diameter red hose brings. In this case the search should be modified to ‘Huge TWAT’. Conversely, those who aren’t really interested in any large increase in turbo noise or hose diameter or more importantly are too old to care, would be well advised to search for ‘Old TWAT‘, or ‘Little TWAT’. I sincerely hope this information will be useful for those Esprit owners looking to make improvements to their TWATs, or, failing that, as a plausible explanation when the wife stumbles across the internet history files.
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    Hi everyone I'm new to the forum having bought my first Esprit - an '87 HCITurbo - right at the start of the pandemic. It's a low mileage car, that spent much of its life sitting still in collections - not what Chapman intended IMHO. I've replaced all the obvious belts and hoses and she's running well enough to daily drive in rotation with my Plus 2. Reading the forum, I see the Citroen box is a significant weak point, and as I intend to use the car as much as possible, I wondered if there is any advice on preventing wear and damage to the box? A specific oil or additive? Also are there any warning signs of failure like diff or bearing noises - or do they just explode without warning? Lastly if the worst happens, can anyone recommend a gearbox rebuilder? I'm in Los Angeles, but would be willing to ship it if the best experience is in Europe? Many thanks and I'm looking forward to learning more from all the experts here. Meantime here's a picture... Best wishes Simon
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    If only money was no object, totally stunning in the flesh.
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    Delighted to say the car passed its MOT today. Pictures to come. Even more pleased that the engine sounds good and although I haven't tried hard seems to pull as well as ever. Lots still to do but all made so much easier by driving it. So much good stuff on the forum, which has been a huge help. In 2003 I'd never have dreamed I'd be checking my cam belt tension with my phone!
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    s/n 1000 is now back to its factory white after being black for most of its life. Owner details updated on database. Same ownership since 1988. Standard radio, no air-con, Compomotive wheels. Picture taken from facebook now in white and a period photo of it next to Domestic Essex 005 from a few pages back on this thread.
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    Well, to add some balance to this overwhelmingly positive thread, I have had a number of issues with my Evora over the past couple of years. Early on in my ownership the aircon compressor seized and needed to be replaced. 6 months later the new unit also failed. Fortunately this was covered under warranty, however I had a LOT of hassle getting it sorted by the Lotus dealer, partly due to low stock, partly due to poor communication; an issue that lasted over 4 months, and a very hot summer. Eventually it was replaced, though I have just had to have the gas topped up by Lotus Siverlstone (highly recommended over the other dealer) because apparently one of the valves was loose, so they suspect it was leaking through that. More recently my passenger door latch has started to fail, so the window keeps dropping, also draining the battery due to interior lights. Once again there are stock issues (apparently there are 19 on back order) so I've not been able to get the issue resolved yet. I also had some issues with the car leaking - mostly into the boot. This was resolved by adding a few more drainage holes as stated by a Lotus service pack/manual/thing. Finally, like a few others have said, I have a crack in my ventilation panel, but the cost of the new item and the fact that it doesn't bother me much means I've left that unchanged. I've had a few other more minor issues and some cosmetic blemishes (just due to age) which I'm gradually working through, and of course the usual wear and tear (brake discs will need replacing soon etc, the usual). My car is 11 years old, and approaching 40k, so I'd expect there to be a few issues. I definitely have some days where I crave a more 'worry free' car - with the Evora it's a car that every time I get into I wonder whether it's going to work okay, whilst with my wife's Mazda you just assume it's going to work (I'm not comparing Lotus to Mazda, don't get upset, I'm just using the analogy for my mindset). Usually I get these feelings when I haven't driven the car for a while. However, as soon as I drive it, I instantly change my mind again, the feeling you get throwing it down a back road can't be matched by many, if any, other road cars. On top of that, my two year old absolutely loves it - he calls it 'daddy's racing car' and whenever I pick him up from somewhere in the Lotus he instantly gets excited and can't wait to go for a drive. He also goes out to play in it (stand on the seat playing with the wheel, pressing the buttons, pulling the levers) on an almost daily basis. Finally, I've taken it to a number of local car shows, and there's something very satisfying about just rocking up and getting waved into the show ground, and having chats with lots of car fans about your car. It always gets a very positive reception, both from people who have never heard of it, and people who know what it is. One of the previous comments said something along the lines of "maybe an Evora was't for you" to one of the other users, and I think that sums the ownership up to an extent. I personally wouldn't recommend the Evora to someone, unless they were really set on the car, it's definitely not a car for a 'normal' person. You have to be the kind of person who really appreciates the handling and feedback of the car, over anything else, and be prepared to forgive its problems because you love how it drives, and how it makes you feel. If you're just after a fast car (like a C63 or a 640i), then the Evora isn't what you want, there are plenty of faster cars that are more comfortable, or practical, and even plenty that are more efficient, however once you get them down a nice back road, I guarantee you'd be having more fun if you were in the Evora.
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    As the title suggests I have been a member of this forum before. Nearly 11 years ago my husband bought me an S3 Turbo Esprit and I loved it (when it was working). Needless to say for a 30+ year old car this was not always the case. So after 4 years and a brief ownership of a Lotus Excel I wanted a more reliable car. So to cut a long story short after 7 years of owning a BMW 840 and 4 years of owning a Porsche 944s I am returning to my first super car love. So at the end of the month (lots going on) I will hopefully be in possession of another S3 Turbo Esprit, and because I’m married to a lovely man and we never do things by halves, I will also have a Lotus Excel. Its good to be back Sue
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    The hoses arrived this morning, so I got straight on to the job. I drilled out the rivets holding the intake duct, and trimmed the new stainless mesh which has a much larger open area than the original. I ended up using some very fine wire from the wife’s beading stock to hold it in place, before applying the Sikaflex, offering it up, and re- riveting it. Then to the hoses. I had to trim more off them than I expected to get them to sit where I wanted, and it was a bit fiddly to get the assembly in place, however overall I’m pleased with the way it looks and I imagine it will be less restrictive than before.
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    Second Trackday this year under strict Corona-restrictions with Pistenclub at the wonderful racetrack Spa Francorchamps. Weather condtions were perfect, Lotus in prefect working order, given the power of the EX460 Kit fortunately I accomplished a new personal minium time (02:48:42 - to date 02:49:93) ) and apart from that had a lot of fun keeping up with a 500 PS Exige with sequential gear box
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    Washer bottle and PNM cooling fan assembly arrived Thursday, I believe. It was apparent from first glance that this was unlikely to be an insitu job, so I decided to remove the radiator. Just as well, as attempting an insitu fit would have led to depression and alcoholism, and I don't do depression. Nice piece of kit (Dan will buy anything if it's shiny) and no doubt highly effective, but a fair amount of fettling was required to get it in there. Retention of the old assembly was preferred in the event of a later desire to retrofit to original, and fortunately it all came off intact. The new assembly didn't quite fit the radiator outlets, and stood proud of its frame mounting points. I think this is due to a previous radiator replacement. The frame was stamped 'County Radiators' (I've used them myself in the dim distant past). Anyhow, with a bunch of fixings and spacers and my trusty aviation tin snips I managed a solid fit. During this I gave the rad a good clean; it was pretty clogged behind the oil cooler. Two sheared fame bolts - one removed with heat and expletives, the other drilled with yet more expletives. @Dan EI'm sure we discussed the expletive surcharge. The finished product stood significantly proud of the old cowl, but I had some leeway and a few mm relief at the fixing holes remedied this. After the photo below, I did tidy up the snipped areas and fit rubber edging over any sharp bits. Honest! And back in it went today. All old cabling has beeen retained for possible retrofit. Refilled coolant, ran engine up to warm and the fans cut in exactly as expected; very nice. And that was my cue for a beer in the garden. I'll soak test it tomorrow for oil/coolant leaks, then button it all up. Let's not talk about the air horns though. Not much left to do now!
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    Thanks Bibs, had @au-yt not given me a heads up (which I'm super grateful for) I would have never have done this, but with your blessing here it is, we did a short 4 part series, because they gave it to us for a week, and I still feel like even though I got a many eyes on it as I could we could have captured it better, because it was phenomenal in my opinion. Thusly why I'm running around here like a gradeschool boy sucking up information! I intended to do a write up, but I have a tendency to write in prose, so I didn't think it would be appreciated. I literally just try and cover the driving experience without bias, and the GT has set a standard I'm not sure can be met. Part 1, Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

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