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    Wasn't too difficult really
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    Which is why I am only going out for food shopping or to isolate in one of my Hethel beauties. I really do not have a clue why the tens of thousands of fcukjockeys are out and about, queuing outside of Primark and Next and generally just being a dick on packed beaches etc. Maybe I'm the weirdo, but I have no wish to get Covid and so for me, I'm happy in my bubble and everyone else can fcuk off and stay away lol......
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    Just in case this is of interest to anyone out there - although I use a Burroughs gauge to set the belt tension I’ve been keen to move to sonic measurement as per the Clavis gauge that Lotus recommend. I’ve previously had no luck with using a microphone and an app on my iPhone. Almost random results with little repeatability. but recently saw this advertised at affordable money, around £85. Its turned out to be reliable and repeatable with consistent results. Kind Regards Paul G
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    I think Ferrari would do better with this racecar for F1. With eyes that big it should at least mean they can see their other car!
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    Agree with you all about the insanity of the final rankings, but the way I read the article is they were saying the 992 isn't as good as it should be and has fallen off the pedestal as being the one to have? Horses for courses. If you check out the M3 forums (which I recommend you don't!), you'll find a lot of love for the M3 over the Evora. I'm sure you can find people who love a Range Rover over an Evora... they just don't see driving the way we do!
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    Mercedes allows competitors to copy their F1 cars
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    Over Harlow last night.
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    I ordered a new Lotus, having cancelled the Porsche. That makes me happy
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    Reminds me of my driving style, just needed a black flag after the first lap and the talking from an angry marshal...
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    I think a good couple of posts above. As r3nault says, different people like different things, someone who likes the handling balance of an FR or wants ultimate straight line pace etc. will prefer another car, that car (whatever it may be!) is the best car in the world for them because it's the one that they want I think we can all agree with that. The issue as EGTE says is that the article is terribly written and I wouldn't mind if they had summed it up with 'for drivers x is the best car but as an all round daily package it's y' but they just deployed a very confused illogical ending that didn't connect to the body of the text.
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    Must have been a different but identical one they had for sale last year . Both adverts were also identical with those sales words that would put me off straight away “AT THIS PRICE WONT BE HERE FOR LONG, CATCH THE EARLY BIRD PRICE ”
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    There was one in Scotland for £78K recently, but yes this seems to be where they're at. Not that I'm keeping my eye on them or anything
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    Absolutely and perfectly natural. But the narrative was completely at odds with the conclusion and the Evora was just dismissed, despite being "a great sports car"! Given EVO purports (and used to be) about "The thrill of driving", it shows how blinded by (mainly German) tech and plushness they have become.
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    I don't care how good the new 911 GT is as that's what seems to come from my scanned read Darn you beat me to it, that's exactly what I what came into my head when reading it.
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    My pax airbag cover was up slightly on the bottom left hand corner when I bought it - its still like it now, and whilst I would prefer it didnt stick up a little I have kind of got used to it. `its never had any probs with the MOT. I will get round to a fix at some point, but I dont lose any sleep over it :).
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    Alright I give up...are you Batman?
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    Yeah, I had read your warning about the glue stength in your project thread @Chillidoggy, but I wasn't prepared for quite how tenacious the adhesive backing was until I'd actually used the material. I went out for a second stab at doing a DIY job on straightening the chassis this evening with a lot more success that I had the first time. Before - Its certainly taken a good wallop at some point in time. After - I've still got a little finessing to do on it, but its a damn sight better than it was before I started. As for how I did it, well ghetto it may be, but it did the job Though I have to declare I was on tenterhooks throughout the process. If you're health and safety concious you might want to look away now
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    Hi, indeed!! Many sold. All good feedback, ask here. cheers,
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    If anything happens, and you don’t make it, can I have the Evora?
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    Really sad day Just sold the Evora ... I know that I will regret it but had my head hat on today instead of the heart one. Someone just got an absolute bargain but hope that they really enjoy it as it is meant to be. Will still be around from time to time but sadly unlikely to be in a Lotus for a while. Best wishes to you all and thanks for the help along the way. M.
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    When Felix Dennis published EVO (IE. when he was alive and Dennis Publishing was his baby), I am not sure making dosh was the primary concern. I think EVO was set up to very much fill a gap that the commercial sector had always struggled to fill. Supercar Classics in the 80s was an example of a good mag but too specialist. Harry M was the perfect editor for EVO, the Dennis/Metcalfe combination was made in heaven. I think those days are long-gone at EVO, much like they have gone at Pistonheads since Ted sold out to Haymarket. Justin
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    Yes, utter drivel as usual. The 992 is "aloof", "a Panamera Coupe" (I thought exactly this at the launch; hate it), "feels like a solid slab of a car with overly heavy steering " yet still wins? The Evora "...has the polish of the Porsche but with an abundance of character and a deep sense of connection. In many ways it shames the others," and ".. its grip, damping, braking and agility unfailingly highlighted how simplicity and low mass are at the heart of a great sports car." but comes last? Those guys have been schmoozed by the mainstream brands and gone old and soft and love comfort, tech and huge numbers too much. I used to love EVO in the Harry Metcalf days, but unsubscribed from their BS years ago.
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    That was a very confused piece. It goes on for the whole article about how the 911 is too big, not exciting enough, too much like a normal car. It doesn't top any list and yet, somehow it wins and is a landmark moment with the Evora which was widely praised except for it not having a fancy dashboard coming last... Eh? The end is also terribly written.
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    I bought my Evora GT for it's purity and connection, which was what I wanted. I considered all these and more. The Boxster Spyder was probably my #2, but the 2016 version lacked the purity and connection I found in Lotus. Have not driven a 718 Spyder, but suspect the same, especially with the added weight. Factor in cost, and the Lotus was an easy pick over these options for anyone seeking purity and connection like me.
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    Hello Stephen, Just had a look over the fairly recent postings of your thread and with fresh eyes offer the following. Clearly something quite grave is amiss with the engine and one would be unwise to run it at all as is. As to your own perspective, I'd sympathetically suggest postings indicate the stormy personal events history is weighing in heavily on your considerations, perhaps contrarily to rational outcomes. Seems some of the lads are reacting from subliminal distaste at being drawn into the quagmire, if you'll forgive the term. Yes, it's a fabulous car and somewhat expensive to repair. Engaging a pro for resolving its issues demands a clear and thoughtful mindset, anything less careful likely yields grief the sort of which you are now suffering. So two separate yet inextricably linked tasks before you as I see it. Best of luck

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