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    Lovely cars in attendance
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    @C8RKH they don’t even need a tv license either !! If I ever end up old and skint - you’ll be reading about an event and a politician or two - I’ll be living the rest of my days in a decent high quality care home (prison)
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    Well we must be the best society in the world then. Nice cells. Sky TV. Three good meals a day. Snacks and tea/coffee. Great medical care. etc. No wonder so many scumbags want to go there as they get all that and don't even need to work or anything
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    Hi @Mattmahope thank you! Yes it is the std diffuser for the revised 2019 model. The one with the revised front clam and (modest) additional aero (downforce). It uses the same front and rear as the 410 and 430 I believe.

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