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  1. Looks like a great resto project! Not too much damage. I love the SA version - I'm even converting my Elite to use the same gearbox! Definitely too good to break. Pete
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  3. Look what our local Bobby’s have as a toy…. Can’t wait to see this cruising the local roads, sounds awesome! Dave
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  4. Petrol tanks drained, well actually nothing came out of either until I poked a screwdriver through the hole after removing the banjo bolt as completely blocked with rust, what came out absolutely stank and was brown liquid. One thing for certain is the fuel pump will need replacing if that’s been going through it! As can be seen they were well past their life cycle so tip here we come! One had been repaired before, god knows what this is and I have no intention of excavation work 😁 At least I know what lagoon blue looks like now 👍🏻 I have started the mass degreasing work of the chassis and components which will take some time before it’s prepped well enough to paint…TBC Dave
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  5. I have nearly finished the rotisserie and I tried it out this afternoon. Unlike my e-type which didn't need a full length frame this has all the weight at the bottom of the car so it's quite difficult to rotate it with one person. It is also too big to rotate inside my garage as it hits the garage door openers - first world problems. I have quite a nice tan from all the welding I've been doing and I'm told it should sound like bacon and eggs frying when you're welding but if you'd ever tasted my cooking you'd understand why my welding is so bad! So here it is upside down... I plan on fitting a length of box section between the two trolleys to stabilise it but this was just a trial rotation. The problem with this car is that it's so wide, so even though it appears to be very high (and it is) when it's on its side the side almost touches the horizontal legs of the trolley. If I want to work on the underside then I'm going to have to pull it out of the garage, turn it and then put it back in again. I won't be able to work in the garage with it on its side as I could when I had my e-type but the e-type was only 1.2m wide whereas the Esprit is nearly 2m... I've mounted the frame at 8 points where the body mounts to the chassis and it seems fine, there were no horrible creaking and cracking noises when I rotated it. I think that the only time I will want it on its side will be when I'm stripping the paint and that will be best done outside, so I don't see the height being a major problem. Most of the work I need to do will require the shell inverted so it will at least be at a reasonable height for my poor old back... I've drilled a hole in the outer tube and welded a nut on it and I was planning on using a bolt to lock it at any angle but it isn't going to work I don't think, so I will drill a number of holes in the inner tube and then just stick a bar in it to hold it at the desired position. There's a fair bit of bodywork to do on this car so this will make my life a lot easier as I'm getting a bit long in the tooth to be crawling around on the floor
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  6. I think it’s colour dependant to an extent. in my chrome orange S2 Exige the attention was constant. In my black S3 350 the attention is much less.... which I prefer. When I park or fill up with petrol I tend to be left alone. I do notice younger women who are impressed with expensive cars always double take and smile.... until they see a 40 something average guy driving and then look a tad disappointed 😂😂
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