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    I’m sick to death of Autocar and their made up “Autocar Image” nonsense every bloody week - I wish someone would put a stop to it.......they know nowt! What about the Elan they told us is coming - more lies......just to sell magazines or clickbait for their web-page links. Makes my blood boil!!
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    The Evija is at least real - everything else so far is guess work and we will all know in the fulness of time..... I’d put money on neither name being reused though - going back recreating old names is never a good idea......fearlessly forward with new ones is best It’s total nonsense that’s what it is.....clearly a quiet news week I just don’t see the point in all their speculation because more often than not it’s total garbage. Ref magazines - have you come across Readly yet? If not, look it up - 5000 mags available to view off-line electronically every month for £7.99. It’s incredible and all above board. I now get Auto Express, Autocar, Motorsport, Evo, Car, Classic Car Weekly, Classic Cars, Practical Classics etc etc for only £7.99 a month for the lot
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    Would do anyway. Our DNA is taken on joining to mitigate Idiot coppers touching things at crime scenes. Point in case, me at my first Burglary Knock on door, owner shouts "It's open". I open door and go in. During speaking to victim I am putting gloves on and ask, "So, where did they gain entry?"..... "The front door via the handle" Face/palm.
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    A 2008 Esprit would be worth a small fortune. The last ones were delivered in 2004.
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    I agree Andy but the days of the wedge seem long gone these days, mind the new Elan if released will be getting my hard earned folding stuff! Saying that a lotto win may persuade me otherwise as the Evija is something else. Looks like 2021 will be interesting for us all. Dave You’re not an Autocar fan then Stephen, must admit I stopped buying it years ago and prefer practical classics these days for subscription choice. Dave
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    Wash your mouth out @Buddsy bring on a new esprit
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    @Laika popped over today to test my seats. Well Lordy Lordy, turns out our GT3s are very closely related! OK, I threw on my old plate for the photo. Anyhow, James and I had a nice chat over a cup of coffee while the girls frolicked up and down the street.
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    Just bought this 1 sheet, 2 sided A4 sales leaflet from 1999 or early 2000 for the 340R, produced by Bell and Colvill. I had not seen it before. B&C probably have a box load stashed somewhere...…….but I am happy to add it to my small pile of 340R memorabilia.
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    Hi all, Writing this because I am a bit bored and a few of you might be interested. I left a good job at JLR last year and began a job at a Chinese company in Chongqing last August. Chongqing is normally a fantastic place, very vibrant, great people, a great metro system and very picturesque. I get a long winter break, I left China just before Christmas and returned to China to start work after Spring Festival. I actually flew to China on the day BA said they were stopping flights to mainland China. I flew Heathrow to Beijing, then Beijing to Chongqing on Air China, I have never seen Beijing airport so deserted, 500 domestic flights were cancelled that day, new flights were scheduled using the big planes that had arrived on long haul flights to do a few domestic flights, I actually flew to Chongqing on the same plane that brought me from Heathrow. I have now been in my apartment for 15 days, up until Tuesday this week I could come and go as I pleased, I went out every couple of days for groceries etc. everything is shut except pharmacies, where you are not allowed in, you stand behind a table at the door and ask for what you want, and a few supermarkets, you cannot enter a supermarket unless you pass the temperature test (temperature gun on forehead. On entry back into my community (walled area containing 13 high rise blocks of apartments, surrounded by a high wall with 4 entry exit points through security) temperature is checked again. Supermarkets are quiet but have plenty of stock. Work was supposed to have started on the 3rd of February, then it got delayed to the 10th, now its the 24th. Things have changed now, on Tuesday this week I went to go out and found only one exit/entry point open. They would not let me out because I did not have a pass. I phoned a Chinese friend who spoke to security who then let me out. What my company didn't tell me was that I or they should have registered me with the community management when I arrived, although they did arrange for the Police to visit me on my first day here who gave me information about the virus. This means my first day here is officially Tuesday, so now I am not allowed out of the community for 14 days from Tuesday. My company are talking to the management company to see if the Police visit can be enough to prove I have been here for two weeks already to allow me a pass, which will let me go out every other day, if not no going out for 11 days. People who have not left Chongqing are allowed one person from each apartment to leave every other day. The government delivered me a parcel of vegetables and my friend just arranged a delivery of beer, other friends can help me get food, all the online shopping apps are in Chinese so I cant do it myself. I won't starve. To kill the time I have been learning Chinese, doing lots of free online OU courses, (now doing Learning to Code for Data Analysis) exercising and watching lots of TV, although my VPN has stopped working today. This site is one of a few that I can use with no VPN, obviously the CCP are not threatened by Lotus enthusiasts. People are starting to slowly return to work, but its more office people working from home rather factories re-opening. The virus is being taken very seriously here. Some of my Chinses colleagues are still in their hometowns because they have not been able to return to Chongqing after spring festival. Everybody is very bored staying indoors. The Esprit is safely tucked away in my garage in Norfolk, it passed the MOT in January but I returned from a 200 mile round trip a few days later and the exhaust is blowing a little from somewhere around the wastegate, something to look at next January. Sorry for the long post, I will answer any questions if I can find the time! Steve
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    That's a vote for punchy 2.0 then, lol
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    Jonny, thanks for the info - not aware of that Esprit thread. However the Autocar info covers more than the Esprit and is truly well referenced on the Future of Lotus thread - IMO. Certainly more in the article than that Autocar "Esprit" image. (Your previous post re delay etc refers.) No typos or concerns! I was really surprised to see nothing on this thread and tried to be a little entertaining about it, that's all!
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    You re such a grumpy old man
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    That explains why you always park on the grass outside my house then!!
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    According to this week's Autocar.
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    For what it’s worth (when you read it there’s absolutely no new news and pure guess work) here is the article
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    Strangely, those pictures of the yellow Elan, do give me a slight Esprit tingle. Andy.
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    The Autocar cover merely looks like a re-hashed Evija. When the New Esprit does come I really hope we can see a return to the Wedge
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    This is total b.....t!!! Somebody needs to stop this kind of garbage speculation just to sell magazines!!
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    I always worry about the pipe coming off on the standard gauge and filling the binnacle with hot oil! The Ferrari V8s (308, 328, Mondial etc) were originally fitted with sodium valves, they had a habit of the heads snapping off and its recommended all engines which still have then get them replaced with solid. But this was very likely poor manufacturing process from the one supplier they happened to use.
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    Yup, same as mine and my button also opens below 4,500 revs in Sport and Race as well.
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    That is also why it's so important to note what oil pressure you have when the engine is cold. Knowing what the cold and hot pressure is, and noting any major changes is important. Unfortunately, the "breaking" pressure of the PRV isn't specified, but it would be useful to know. If anyone here has that number, would appreciate it. The one reason why I ditched the mechanical oil pressure gauge for a Smiths Classic electrical OP gauge. Same looks, but inherently more accurate and reliable (I hope!).
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    Fooking ridiculous situation. Yes, not Lotus issue but having a whole region like Scotland without approved service cover and not willing to "cooperate" sensibly over warranty work is just shite. I really am falling out of love here. They know Craig and for warranty work they could make an interim arrangement surely. As a. Customer, I feel about as valued as a Ryanair passenger who arrives at the gate naked, pissed and an hour late! Why did I buy a new Lotus?
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    Tommy and I are both in!
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    Next meet Chandlers Ford Raceway. 24 March 18:30 to 19:00. Several of us booked already
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    I'm seeing frustration, not animosity. An enormous amount of help has been offered, and advice given, as is always the case on this forum.
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    30miles to the gallon, yeah right! Good thing, it wont be hard to get the tanks out, just crumble it together and pull it out through the bulkhead.
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    Just ridiculous. The closest dealer is now Leeds I have read elsewhere?! Let’s hope for positive news soon. I do have some insight in to the grange discussion, which has made me question Lotus’s strategy and what they intend to do. It’s all hearsay and I will await any announcement next week. Really hoping it’s positive news for Lotus in Scotland. If this isn’t resolved soon I can honestly see me and others turning their back on the brand. Some of the dealers In the current network leave a lot to be desired. Cheeky chappies operating out of industrial units does not help brand image and future growth for Lotus and any new premium products. Some of the established dealers however are excellent. If only CMC was an approved service centre, it would help and provide a viable alternative for people and warranty work.
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    Sorry @Team Lotus I don't have any pics but it is possible.
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    Coming up on a year in my Evora so thought I'd update y'all on my ownership experiences to date. Issues I've encountered - now sorted Poor radio reception - turns out it hadn't been installed properly - sorted by dealer at no cost The starter motor gave up, which left me stranded - it was replaced under warranty and has been fine since TPMS monitor sheared and needed to be replaced. This resulted in a flat tyre - dealer sorted no cost Boot lid wasn't opening and needed alignment - sorted by dealer at no cost Rear tyre de-pressurising due to a TPMS nut not being seated properly - sorted by dealer at no cost Open issues I've still got the issue where the CEL & traction control light keeps coming on, forcing the car into limp mode. Craig Moncrieff has checked the car and think it's a correlation issue with the throttle position. He's ordered me a new pedal. I'm hoping this will finally resolve the problem. This has been a royal PITA. The driver window stopped working last night. Thankfully it's in the up position!! Taking it in on Friday for Craig to sort My warranty runs out on the 28/02 so hoping both issues will be covered and I've finally debugged this car!! Running Costs Two new rear tyres a few months ago due to a puncture Two new front tyres -- got 14000 miles out of the old P-zeros which is pretty good I think. Running 2.5Bar on the rears and 2.3B on the front. Really impressed with the wet weather performance of these MPS4S tyres. Given the storms recently the Evora has been brilliant. Will be budgeting £600 a year for tyres based on 12000 mileage. MPG is averaging around 27 for me with mixed driving. If i do a long motorway stint I can get 33-34MPG no problem. Other than that no other costs Overall impression of the car After a year of ownership I've got really mixed emotions with the car. it is the best car and the worst car I've ever owned. The worst because it left me stranded and has given me no end of issues, however I feel like I'm getting there and the car will be sorted soon. I'm thankful I had a warranty to cover this, so other than time and stress hasn't cost me anything. It re-reinforces to me how vital it is to have warranty and a decent dealer/specialist close by (Lotus get this sorted ASAP!). If I had to drive to Carlisle to sort these issues out the car would have been punted months ago. it is also the best car I've ever owned. Despite the issues I still love the car. here. It is absolutely sublime to drive. Totally relaxing on a commute and a hoot on the back roads.
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    Another negative.... Late Turbo Esprit Jan 96 reg, Mid Dec 95 build. Obviously no trouble to pop out to the barn, get the ladders out, cover off, organise lighting, empty the glovebox, take pics, reverse previous actions. The things we do for love eh?
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    Coronovirus. It’s the flu isn’t it? while watching BBC Breakfast (I was waiting for the weather forecast) I got the distinct impression that it was about to wipe out most of the planet’s population. Although that would at least solve the ‘climate change’ problem
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    Quick update, I have an Employment Certificate now from my company so I can leave the community to work whenever I need to. I went to work today, reduced hours 8.30 until 3.30. 10 of our team of 12 were in, 2 are still in quarantine. We are the Manufacturing Engineering team, we specify, buy and install machining equipment to machine cylinder heads, blocks and crankshafts and support Production. There are not enough production operators to start the lines this week so we made a schedule where each of us will work 2 days this week, I will work again Thursday. Work was OK, temperature check on entering plant, one after lunch, one on leaving the plant. Some odd behaviour, one being keyboards covered in cling film. No change outside, no small shops open, no schools open etc. Several videos going round of people jumping from high buildings and of apartments of families doing quarantine literally being nailed shut for 14 days, they get 14 days food, the door is covered over with steel which is opened 14 days later. Just seen a message on the work WeChat group as I write this, they are suggesting we work from home this week due to a suspected local outbreak, not sure how local at the moment. To put things into perspective, Chongqing Province has about 32 million inhabitants, five hundred and something people have been confirmed with the virus and 6 have died, many more than 6 people have not died in car accidents in the Province because there are fewer cars on the road. Steve
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    Thought I'd add these. Did quite a few miles on freezing damp roads, 410 bhp and CUP2s is fun!..
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    I'm curious as to whether the new factory - atelier really - is a refurbished part of factory 2 or is housed in the " DB skeleton" that Lotus has been working for a little while now.
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    China is easy for me, I first came here in 2006 when I worked for Lotus, I have been coming back for work ever since, I spent halve of my 4.5 years at JLR in China, on 3 or 4 week business trips. The new job is a bit different as I live here, so no more business class flights, 5 star hotels and meals on expenses. During my traveling years I usually travelled alone, I soon realised that you just have to make things work, I've had a few issues, like checking out of a hotel, getting a taxi to the airport and finding all flights cancelled because of fog, returning to the hotel and finding it full and having to find another hotel. Language at work is not an issue, most of my team speak reasonable English, the last hour every Friday is English lesson time, I will having them speaking with a Norfolk accent by the end of the year. The things on social media, some are true, I have heard real horror stories, I have heard if you get admitted to a hospital your phone is taken away and there is no contact with relatives, the next thing they know is when either the patient leaves hospital cured or they receive a message to say the patient has died and the body cremated. Many Chinese don't believe the numbers, thinking its an order of magnitude worse than being reported. Westerner's in China, whether tourists, business visitors or expats only see the best 5% of China, there are terrible things here which would not happen in the UK. Looks like work will start next Monday, looking forward to it but a bit nervous! I've now done 18 days in my apartment, I have to look at a calendar to find out what day it is.
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    Good advice. I am sat in front of my computer with a Haz suit and full plumbed in air recirculation unit. You just can't take any chances. Ordered my wife a chicken chow mien last night. It's almost been 24 hours and she has no symptoms so was going to order one for myself tonight as it seems safe!
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    I’m gonna get fried knackers. The smell was dreadful and I managed to get red paint on the oven racks. She had to clean the oven out afterwards.
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    I ordered a 2Bular Valved Road exhaust on the 27th Jan. So far, 2 promised delivery dates have been missed and we're on course for a 3rd missed date. I've already had to cancel 1 appointment for fitting. I've been nothing but polite and patient in all my correspondence, but the wait time is really tainting the general excitement for it to actually arrive.

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