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    Great run out this morning in the Peak District, thanks to MLOC.
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    I took the car on its longest run yet. 280 miles covered so far.I tuned it a second time but already it has started to drift off. I am slowly working through a snag list. Speedo is now working again after using a cable tie to hold the Angle drive down. I discovered after feeling quite hot on my long drive the vacuum powered Mode and fresh air flaps weren’t working. The demist was stuck on fulI hot which was a bit uncomfortable, so I spent today fixing it! Gear surround out and drivers seat. The main vacuum line had disconnected. I glued it back in with superglue. There then appeared to be a vacuum leak from the upper flap valve. I was going to replace it, but thankfully Andy on here told me they have to be connected only one way. I swapped the leads over and job done, all fixed. I noted a slight squeak when selecting first gear. This was being caused by my upgraded bearing in the middle of the selector rods. I adjusted it and the rod is no longer rubbing where it exits the chassis. Whilst I was adjusting this I noticed some gear oil coming from the selector on both sides.I have an early gearbox. I upgraded the selector to C35 spec and the selector cover. The selector has too much play because I hadn’t noticed the C35 top cover has also been modified, That is what was causing the seepage. Easy fix just swap the cover or change the spec back until I have more time. Theres the odd rattle which I will have to identify and fix. I took the isolators out from the front springs to lower It slightly. This was a bad move. Any dip or road hump and the car contacts at the front. You really have to go very slowly over bumps. This isn’t practical so I am replacing the isolators. I still need to align the wheels. The tracking is off at the front and the wheels need balancing. I will spend a lot of time getting the geometry correct, like I did with my S1. You have to expect some jobs when you have completely rebuilt a car that hasn’t been on the road for many many years. I didn’t have hardly any issues with the S1, but thats probably because the Turbo is so much more complicated and has many many more parts. Its taking a while, but soon I hope to have no snags! Its all starting to bed in as I rack up the miles. I was very pleased with the engine temperature it stayed at 75 degrees during the cruise. When I stopped in heavy traffic it got up to 85 degrees, but then we started to moved before the fans kicked in. Temperature control is perfect now. Should hit 500 miles soon and then I will have a thorough check over.
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    Soon vacation and time to enjoy this Esprit
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    Just had contact and It’s hitting our shores on the 20/07 Hopefully home for beginning of August so happy days! Dave
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    I’m actually bored of this whole subject now. Personally I don’t care if you’re black. I also don’t care if you’re white. I don’t care if you are straight. I don’t care if you are gay. I don’t care if you are religious. I don’t care if you are an atheist. If you are a law abiding nice person, then that’s enough for me to make my assumption on.
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    Thought you would like to see the finished article installed in the car.........
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    It was mentioned at the start of the thread but with no picture so here's one of my Essex Esprit.
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    I guess I’m allowed to join this group now...?
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    So Charlie has picked this up twice,I think, he knows what he is doing and a thoroughly nice chap. So now to Sparkles and his surcharges, I will leave him to explain them but they’re mounting up. I never realised that brake fluid was a prerequisite of the delivery so I sent it with none, anywhere, well certainly not any in the brake system. them cam covers are a disgrace, but then I was surprised to find the engine was in the boot. Lotus should have known they’re meant to be in the front surely. Luckily we (well “I”) have the technical support of @JNW3 who pointed out this could all to be to do with the glovebox not closing. looks good though doesn’t it, just needs some skis
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    Hello all, some may have met me with my Evora GT430 Sport at 70 years Hethel (I have fond memories of the time when it was okay to travel...especially for joy!). While I have not been very active on TLF, I did not stop thinking about the cars. Today I signed a deal to buy a restored 1977 S1 Esprit (sorry - LHD, I am still in Germany ). My goal is to make it a drivers car and not garage / showroom / collectors queen. As you will notice, the wheels are not "correct" (as well as a couple of other parts) but the overall condition is excellent (from what I know so far). Frame has been fully restored, car has been repainted (was red originally) and a lot of the important mechanical components have been swapped. Interior re-bolstered (the green-ish/yellow-brown combo had to go for black /black). Engine runs well, the pace was a surprise for a 160bhp car. But the biggest grin was caused by the sound of it! Such a naughty growl from the open K&Ns right behind your head! My GT430 sounds amazing, but I am tempted to prefer the voice of this little 2.0! The car is still with the old owner but will be picked up next week and brought back to its new home. One photo as a teaser, I hope that I wont have to ask for too much help (and therapy?) around here
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    Charlie, my trusty, reliable and knowledgeable vehicle transporter, delivered @Dan E's Dry Sump today for a C service and investigation into a number of issues including slipping clutch, brake hydraulic leak, cooling fan issues, some electrical gremlins and, time permitiing, ski racks. I'm sure he'll add anything he or I might have forgotten. He told me money is no object, as he wants only the best. Naturally this job will be prohibitively expensive. The slipping clutch was niggling me as I knew it wasn't very old, so I first checked the slave pushrod. It was in compression, yaaay. Then checked the pedal which had no free play at all. The adjuster was seized, so I had to take the clutch master out to free it off, then reinstalled with the requisite amount of free play. No more clutch slip! Naturally I shall be charging Dan for a full clutch kit fitted, as he will believe anything I tell him and I really need more Lego. And a decent osteopath; I shouldn't be doing the Lotus position at my age. Next, I looked at the hydraulic leak, and found something I've rarely seen. Both seals between the master and the reservoir are leaking profusely. I'll dismantle it tomorrow, but I suspect it's the reservoir as the master is fairly new. A quick visual check turned up nothing out of the ordinary other than a couple of minor oil leaks and the shameful state of the cam covers/plenum etc. If my covers looked like this, I'd be embarrassed to show my face in public. Looking forward to getting it up, so to speak, tomorrow...
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    Here's the final result of the door alignment using SJ's remanufactured door seals. I can't fault them personally.
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    Bgger Covid. Took it out , so happy. Outside the CT (MOT) station. Bonus was that it passed.
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    I took my Evora 410 out for a quick blast last night. It's such a shit car, it really is, and I'm such a thick [email protected] for not buying a German car. The list of faults are endless: 1. It hadn't been moved for three months and started on the button, and the feckin' brake pads weren't even seized to the discs! 2. Despite the fact it is now 2 years old with 7.5k (I drive it a bit more than @tim_marra does his, but not much lol) fast miles under it's belt on crazy pot holed Scottish roads it doesn't have a single squeak, rattle or anything from anywhere! FFS, really! 3. The paint is unblemished and perfect and oh my god, that carbon is such a work of art it doesn't belong on such a bad car. I need to get it painted matt black so it looks like cheap Porsche Plastic like the exhaust surrounds on the new 911 Turbo. Then people will realise it is quality plastic, not crap carbon fibre created by one of the worlds leading motorsport components suppliers... 4. It has NEVER let me down. Now this is really taking the piss as I was told buying one of these cars would mean lots of trouble and usually it would be serious. Christ on a bike, what am I supposed to do with the £2k contingency fund in the bank that the wife knows noting about. I might have to spend it on sensible stuff like drugs, whores or gimp masks! 5. The interior stinks. Like a new car still. I mean, it's 2 years old for crying out loud and I was definitely told it would smell like the inside of a tube of UHU by now and I used to love sniffing glue as a kid. This is a major disappointment 6. Did I mention it has never let me down? No engine fires like a real sports car from Ferrari or Lamborghini. The engine has not even tried to eat itself nor have the front suspension turrets broken through the bonnet like a meerkat popping it's head up through it's hole - so un-Porsche like. I so lust after those experiences they make owning a super car complete 7. The carpets are dry - arghhhhhhh - for fcuks sake really? Now Lotus really are taking the piss 8. During the drive mentioned at the start of this whinging post, 1 person held their ears as I went past at full acceleration (the exhaust flap must have broken and swung open, honest), 2 kids squealed, pointed and jumped up and down at me, 3 drivers gave me the thumbs up and a transit van let me out of a junction just after two girls took a photo at the traffic lights. Oh how I lust for the anonymity of a Ford Ka and a Porsche 911 (they both look very similar to me) Complete and utter shite car. Why did I bother buying it. After owning a really old 2010 S1 NA (that wasn't even well built and was shite apparently as it was before the MY12 glory days) I should have known it would be a total disaster. I mean that car never let me down either. Never had any rattles or squeaks. Never had wet carpets, etc. I'm off to whip myself with a Cat O Nine Tails as my penance for being so stupid and dumb. I mean, the only thing the car excels at is providing pure driving pleasure and putting a smile on my face for each and every mile I drive it. And it does it every time with annoying reliability too. I mean, it's so shite it even makes me happy when I'm cleaning and polishing it (the car!). Yup, Evora 410. It's like the Evora 400. Simply Dreadful. But I love it.
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    @Dan E you have to buy one. When I'm not driving mine I want to drive it and when I come back from a long drive, I want to drive it more. It's brilliant and highly tormenting.
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    Not driven the car much recently and haven't done any upgrades, but here's a quick snap from last weekend...
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    I’m just putting this out as a feeler for interest. Planning on a production run of billet aluminium rear hub carriers based around the C082D4141/2K castings. The design work is now complete and production of the first prototypes is underway. These will be made from 6061-T6 aluminium and calculations indicate they will be approx. 4x stronger than the OEM/aftermarket castings. The billet alone is in the region of £300 per hub, so the pair post-machining and finishing are going to be significantly more expensive than the cast equivalents. The billet version will also be a little heavier due to the material density and are designed for superior strengthening required for competition/track/fast road use. With modern tyre technology, poly bushes, upgraded suspension and modified engines additional strength in the rear upright gives greater safety margin. These should be lifetime items. Final pricing will be based on the production run numbers, but you can assume they will be at least 3x the cost of the cast units. The hubs would be supplied with Oilite bushes and stainless lower pin. Anyone seriously interesting in a pair please PM me.
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    125 new jobs at Lotus in Norwich
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    Great picture posted on the Lotus Cars Facebook page
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    Is it art? I thiink so. And @Kimbers' missus says it'd be worth about £350 at a show, so I'm having some prints made. Dan will get #1, signed by me, and I'll throw it in for only £200 on top of the C service price. I'm calling it 'Transmission Twilight'. In reality, it's the oil I dropped out of his gearbox. Hmmmmm. I also found a couple of bits slightly larger than I'd normally like. No noticeable performance issues with the gearbox. Another issue found today is the windscreen washer reservoir. Thought I was suffering a stem cell moment when I found it half full after believing I'd filled it. Turns out it's split where it mounts to the body. @Trevskedvaliantly gave it CPR for several minutes, but sadly couldn't save it. Everything else was routine C service stuff, and removal of covers for painting. A couple of 'before' reference pics: Now awaiting the PNM gift box. So exciting! In other news, Trev turned up 2 weeks ago in his GT40; last week in his Grinnall Scorpion, and today on his bicycle. Assuming linear progression, his next visit should be most entertaining.
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    Picked up the GT3 yesterday having not even seen it since November. Everything seems to be working :-)
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    Well I’ve been a very happy owner since October 2014 #27, oh and the other one is #66 (61 years apart)
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    An Essex Blue one from Stratton Motor Company - 9 hour round trip then face the wife and give her the good news
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    Honest I would genuinely like that on canvas, very cool. Why the f&#k does it look like that then? Assume that must mean money off now? From the pictures I can see Trevor obviously broke my washer fluid bottle, if he is that lonely maybe try internet dating I look forward to picking it up tomorrow
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    After a long time, I'm pleased to be able to give a positive update on Oliver's progress. He is still in hospital, most recently having had to overcome some infections acquired post-operatively, and it looks like they will keep him in for another week or so to make sure he is 100% clear. The poor chap went into hospital at the start of lockdown (yes - that long ago!) and of course hasn't been able to have visitors! He can talk to his daughters and sister by phone, but apart from that I think he must be climbing the walls. So if anybody would like to send a card or drop him a line, he'd be delighted to hear from you. He sends his thanks to everyone who has already been in touch, and I think is quite touched! His hospital address is: Kilverston Ward Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital Colney Lane Norwich NR4 7UY Cheers Richard
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    Thanks chaps. There was nothing wrong with my V6 so I doubted the sense in upgrading. Turns out the 430 is awesome.
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    Keep both my Hethel made babies in the garage. Just need to paint the walls and insulate the roof, the heating is already installed. Computer and 60mbps internet and coffee maker already in place. Then just a tidy up, a toilet and a bed I'd not need to bother the wife in the house at all! Reckon I have space to put in two four post lifts, so need to buy another two cars!
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    Pictures of the OEM version. Thanks to Robert at Silverstone for sending these over so quickly ....
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    My Evora GTE inherited the cair-o-port air-chamber, that I bought for my Lotus Omega. So it’s a fibreglass & carbon fibre & aluminium car, parked inside a multiple fan ventilated chamber, which in-turn is inside a double garage. Pampered or what? Before parking, I also have to get out and double-check that the car is bang in the middle of the garage doorway, by lining it up with the rope pull that hangs down. Those extra 4 inches sure make things tight, as my wife says to the postman. In comparison I just drive the old Ferrari straight into its side of the garage without any issue. It’s much narrower. It doesn’t get the special air-chamber treatment though, even though it’s made of Italian steel. That’s because the GTE will always be my favourite.
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    Just do it Danny! It'll look great next to your esprit....
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    I met my granddaughter (born on Friday) today.
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    So I finally purchased a car yesterday. I was originally going to buy a 350 sport and fit a few mods, but when I saw what the 380 sport came with I couldn't see the point in the 350 as this has everything and more that I would have done to the 350. Its olive green which i understand is a bit of a marmite colour. When I first saw it I was a little surprised as it wasn't what I was expecting, yet I still thought it looked nice and different, as I wanted something that would stand out. I'm picking it up in 2 weeks, and can't wait. I've got a few mods for it lined up already. I'm getting the dealer to paint the whole wing mirror assembly and spoiler end winglets in matt Black as it would be with the black pack, and I've ordered the carbon side scoops and air intake kit from alias23. Just need to order harness bar and harness, and id like to fit the rear arch black stone chip guards like on the 430 cup, then it will have everything I want
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    It’s a pretty amazing spot! Near Shaftesbury in Dorset just before zig zag hill I have to say it was really interesting to see a bit of how the world of YouTube works. From what I can tell it’s all about getting content out there as quick as possible - this was filmed in less than an hour and edited and released the next day. The guy has dabbled with higher quality stuff but the extra time and expense doesn’t result in extra views for whatever reason. The lad Sid is not everyone’s cup of tea but I really like him.. he’s had some cool cars and has some driving ability. I don’t think we’re his target market though it’s fair to say Something interesting that I picked up - the younger generation (he’s 23) have no idea about the history and prestige of lotus - I can just about understand people thinking Porsche is a more aspirational or whatever but BMW and Merc?! To me getting a lotus was hugely exciting and evoked memories of bond Esprits and Amiga games. I think that brand value has been lost over the years for some reason
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    I was round there earlier and as usual Sparky has listened to your thoughts and thinking outside the box as always has made a start. Rather than place the engine in the front he’s made an inspired decision to turn the interior around. Will be mega with its now suicide doors. Trevor
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    So is this how they're presenting an order of Provenance from the Factory? If it is, what a great way to feel part of the lineage! What an amazing touch that would be if so (I'm becoming a bit of a fanboy, please excuse me being giddy).
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    Saenz rods on order - these have design changes developed by Greg Dollimore for his build and are rated by Saenz for 750bhp. Parts getting vapour blasted in readiness for the engine build. Saenz rods on order - these have design changes developed by Greg Dollimore for his build and are rated by Saenz for 750bhp. Cleaning work done by the ever helpful folks at Vapour Blasting Service Kent
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    A drive into the peaks today, putting some miles on the car before a peaks run on Sunday with MLOC.
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    To anyone who finds themselves reading this little thread of mine, I wanted to introduce myself and start a new thread on my purchase and ownership of my new to me 2019 Exige V6 350 Sport in Solid Red. I have been a Lotus enthusiast since I was a child due to my dad having many lotus’ since he bought his Elise S1 111S in yellow, which was a brooklands edition. I was lucky enough to finally buy my first Lotus, a 2004 Elise S2 111R in yellow with black alloys from Stratton Motor Company. I had this about 18 months before divorce meant I had to sell it. It was then a long 4 years before I finally was able to purchase my second Lotus, a 2009 Lotus SC using the same high revving 2ZZ engine from the 111R with a Larini full exhaust system. This was purchased from Williams Automobiles near Bristol, they were brilliant and really looked after me. I had been on the look out for a series 2 exige but prices were too high for me to part with that amount of money. The SC was a great car and I really enjoyed the look of the optional sports bucket seats as well as the forged wheels, but I knew I really wanted to get into a V6 exige. I sold the Elise SC last October and started to look through all the car sites (as we all do) on a daily basis if not a hourly rate. It’s taken a while as I really wanted to try and push my budget to get a 380, but I just can’t afford that as well as being a single parent...using man maths and speaking with Tom from TGE TV who put me in touch with Mike from Charles Dean finance company who did me an amazing deal on the car in question. I noticed a really nice 2019 solid red exige V6 350 Sport with 2,994 miles on the clock. What attracted me to it was that it came with the optional 2 piece floating discs all round and the newer style open gate gearbox and most importantly the tweaks under the body to go with it. Unfortunately it was still too expensive but fate was on hand with the coronavirus giving me the opportunity to agree a deal with Jonathan at Howards Lotus a few weeks later. With the country still in lockdown it meant on the plus side I’ve been able to research the previous owner another lotus enthusiast who bought the car from Lotus Silverstone, he decided to sell it 6 months later as an opportunity arose for him to buy a 410, in red again. I was also able to find pictures of him collecting the car too, I shall attach below. It’s nice to be able to see the short history of this car already. As well as This I spent a lot of time reading readIng your threads on current projects Like MAG and Mr P as well as GF Williams to get some ideas of what I wanted to upgrade on mine. I was also able to speak with Alias23 and purchased some items from him before I had even collected the car 1. Extended side sills 2. Alias23 air intake 3. Front splitter rubber lip 4. Black vinyl headlight surround (380,410,430 style) This all happened back in May and since then I have enjoyed being in Lotus ownership again already having some great drives around the Peak District as well as meeting up with some fellow Lotus owners and friends. I’ve already undertaken quite a few upgrades I shall share with you and post over the coming days. Hope this little thread is of interest to you and you enjoy some of the upgrades etc I have planned on this journey. Kind regards Duncan
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    So rather longer than I had thought (of course!), Im finally back on the road. I took the Esprit off the road in October to "just tart the interior up"! So dismantled the dash, got rid of the horrible aftermarket heater blower, renovated the original heater motors. (all working), Renovated the instrument binnacle with new 'signs' - FUEL, INT, REAR DEFROST etc and some pinstriping, filled the aftermarket holes that had been drilled in it to accommodate switches and an S2 warning light, Got my partner to reupholster the dash, and repaired the bonnet release cross shaft which had broken. Whilst it was off the road, I also installed an oil catch can, because the oil vapour from the breather on the engine had been left to vent to atmosphere so was coating everything underneath at the back with oil. Still plenty to do ( engine carpets, map pocket etc) but can do that at my leisure over the summer. Let the fun begin!! So rather longer than I had thought (of course!), Im finally back on the road. I took the Esprit off the road in October to "just tart the interior up"! So dismantled the dash, got rid of the horrible aftermarket heater blower, renovated the original heater motors. (all working), Renovated the instrument binnacle with new 'signs' - FUEL, INT, REAR DEFROST etc and some pinstriping, filled the aftermarket holes that had been drilled in it to accommodate switches and an S2 warning light, Got my partner to reupholster the dash, and repaired the bonnet release cross shaft which had broken. Whilst it was off the road, I also installed an oil catch can, because the oil vapour from the breather on the engine had been left to vent to atmosphere so was coating everything underneath at the back with oil. Still plenty to do ( engine carpets, map pocket etc) but can do that at my leisure over the summer. Let the fun begin!!
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    Thanks Barry, getting there with the car, very slowly. Ski racks are progressing at a snails pace despite hours and hours of work. The lower ones are done and just need smoothing, primer and paint. The upper ones are causing big problems.I had to abandon my design and start again from scratch. Thankfully James on here is an engineer and came over to have a look. My design wasn’t strong enough. Thanks to his idea of using mild steel U channel I now have a new design. It will fit into the original fibreglass shape with some modification, but be far stronger than the film prop design.It should allow me to reach reasonable speeds with no issues. I just have to make them, but I have been enjoying driving the car and perfecting it - so I took a short break from the racks.
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    That's a bit like, what starts with a w and ends with a t.
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    Finally adjusted the doors. Wasn't too difficult in the end, but has taken about half a dozen attempts. I can report that the new rubber seals that were fitted don't seem to be an issue. The doors were left closed over the last two years that the doors have been fitted. It probably just takes time for them to take their final shape.
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    It's a picture of a box. There's stuff inside it. I think you'll like it

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