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    It’s not even ran in yet but on Saturday I’m swapping this: For this: The sleepless nights are beginning to kick in and the weekend can’t come quick enough.
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    In celebration of my upcoming 10th anniversary on the forum, and no posts to my name, I'd like to announce the purchase of my new Elise. Its a Cup 250 thats being put together as I type by the good people at Hethel. Hoping for a March delivery. I've lurked for long enough
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    @GTK mine has just rolled over 1,000 'shakedown' miles after a full nut and bolt restoration over the past 3+ years, without issues. So far....
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    Yep, me too. Hopefully should arrive in April. Very excited
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    Some impressive lists here! And a few cars that do make me wonder why anyone would drive, let alone buy them . My own modest list, in order of being bought, in bold if still owned: 1994 Mercedes C180 'Kitty', not bad as a first car for an 18-year old, lots of good miles, 2 accidents, then got bored of her being just a saloon 2006 Defender TD5 90 'Nessie', bought new, heavily modded and offroaded, went to a Russian swamp for Ladoga Trophy before the warranty even ran out. Sold on when I got an even more capable offroader, but still missed. 1996 Range Rover DT 'Paige', a workhorse, stripped for parts when the (terrible) BMW-engine packed up. 1996 Range Rover 4.6HSE 'Prue', my first V8, despite some problems I still have her. I'm fitting a 5.0 V8 and converting to manual, along with modifications for offroad and travel. She will be reborn as 'Phoenix', just don't ask me when... A favorite of a previous girlfriend, who used her for some years. 1997 Range Rover 4.0SE 'Piper', same as above, but a manual. Converted to a 4.6, modded for offroad and lost when the Workshop burned down . 1998 Range Rover 4.0SE 'Priscilla', bought for spares, but put into use after the fire. Now needs some engine work. 1990 Lotus Esprit Turbo SE 'Eleanor', despite some flaws that took some time to work through, I loved her and it's the car that got me hooked on Lotus. Also lost in the fire. 1975 Stag manual 'Bambi', great car! Lots of happy motoring with hardly any problems, but another sorely missed victim of the fire. From time to time I still go through the classifieds looking for a Stag... 1989 Lotus Esprit Turbo SE 'Emma', my current daily, bought after the fire and probably a better car then her predecessor. High mileage means some TLC needed, but I couldn't be without her and wouldn't now what to replace her with. 1973 Stag automatic 'Blanche', never got to terms with the autobox which meant I also didn't spent the time needed to sort everything. Not helped by the fact I didn't have the workshop at the time. She let us down a couple of times and was traded in for the next on the list: 1983 Lotus Eclat Excel 'Eileen', a nice car, good to drive, but never could get out of the shadow of the Esprit. Plan is to get her into shape and let someone else enjoy her. Also due to buying the next one: 1973 Lotus Elan +2 JPS 'Emily', fell in love with the color scheme and always feel special driving her. Mainly used for classic car runs, unfortunately broke down on my way to Brooklands on newyears day and haven't been able to fix the problem yet. 1999 Range Rover 4.6HSE 'Pauline', bought as a parts car for the build of 'Phoenix'. Because she really is a nice car, and the build isn't progressing, she's now used whenever I need to transport or tow something. Several more Range Rover P38s, bought to strip for parts or sell and not really driven. Looking at the list, there is a clear pattern there. And I seem to have a habit of hoarding instead of selling on... Filip
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    Yes, and soon it'll look like the new Scalectrix version of a certain car. In my country, this should be legal, despite it's protrusion, as no part is pointy or having a sharp edge (to injure a bewildered pedestrian, which in turn could upset a variety of violent action-lusting vegans, who might be upset by the squished plants rights, used as a means for propulsion in said vechicle). So by all means, go ahead! How about symmetry? One for the other side? More cool air to the turbo? There's more evidence than one may see in the spot, as there are already a series of heavy cales being installed in the rear of the car. Soon, it'll be so fast, that it can drive back to the future, and this way Lotus might be saved preemptively and remain on british hands and loose that silly all too late suv. That must count for something. Kind regards, Jacques
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    Yeah, but 4,000 of them were mine.
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    I see what you are referring too now. That appeal is still ongoing. What I'm not sure is the point you are trying to make. 'Divergence' from EU standards covers a myriad of things most of which there would be no point diverging from for the sake of it. In fact we are currently fully aligned and trade works quite nicely. The problem comes with divergence as no one thing sits in isolation and there are knock on effects. The fisheries question is a good starting point which is a minute drop in the ocean when it comes to EU/UK trade but is a political hot potato with UK fishermen complaining about French boats stealing our fish. Stand up for the British fishermen go the headlines. What nobody mentions is that those British fishermen sell 80% of their catch to the EU, so pissing them off is only going to backfire. You can have lovely exclusive fishing rights, but nobody to sell your fish too - great. It goes back to my original post - it is very complicated and intertwined and the headlines do not do justice to the small details that will actually deeply influence some people's lives
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    thanks - nothing broken, just muscular tears and bruising I think. I had crash bungs and sliders fitted, so bike not as bad as it could have been. Brake pedal badly bent, abrasion on exhaust, rad shroud broken, mirrors damaged, and sacarficial sliders destroyed, but other than that, not too bad. I have plastic motocross style hand guards fitted, and they seem to have acted as bar sliders, so will replace them also. If nothing else it is an excuse to buy more carbon fibre bits as it is cheaper than buying plastic rad shrouds from Kawasaki.
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    Bootlid first appears on the Cup 380. Standard spoiler should fit - @GFWilliams car has that combo
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    Go for it Barry, no major hardship but you know it will turn into a full restoration if you go for it! Ideal time to give it a good going over though even if costly, mind a yellow S4S is definitely worth it! Dave
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    Its the same or even worse with McLaren, Ferrari & Lamborghini. If anything Lotus are better than the bigger boys who really devastate the values of almost new cars by bringing out something better and cheaper 3 months after their latest offering! Bought a Performate for £250k? Congratulations the Evo has the same power in a more usable package so you have just lost £100k! Bought a McLaren 600LT, well they just released the 600R making that obsolete and worth £80k less. How about a Cayman GT4? Well the GTS with same engine & gearbox is now available for £20k less!
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    This is natural when you have scored the surfaces from lack of oil , when the oil does flow it will transfer the particles to other journals within the system before washing into the sump and then getting caught in the filter. As i say these are all to be expected in this type of failure, they are not unique to this particular engine fail .. The oil filter will gather them before they recirculate However the damage is done the bearing surface conformity will have been compromised, the clearances will have increased, the oil will not act as a floating cushion for the journals because it will be spewing out of the larger clearance, along with the now rough surface the inevitability of total failure as seen was just amatter of time ..
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    Just as an aside, I improved my existing back lights by replacing the two single filament brake light bulbs and the two single filament back light bulbs with four dual filament bulbs and holders. I used bulb holders from a Rover 25 I think it was. Really easy upgrade of the back lights with twice the lighting power as they are in different parts of the light lens. Suitable for Esprit's as well.
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    Fantastic news for the staff and us!. Leven Lotus Edinburgh liked a few of my instagram pictures todays so it appears they are back on Grid!
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    So.... I was just finishing up fitting the (expensive) new wheel bearings in my Elite rear hub carriers and I'm thinking - for the umpteenth time - what a crap design, when I had an embarrassing epiphany . Having had an Excel for a few years I'd got a picture in my mind of the Elite hub carrier pivoting on the lower bolt - and I'd been thinking why on earth didn't they put some sort of bush/bearing in there! However - (and I cant believe it's taken this long to click) the motion of the Elite hub carrier is not even similar to the Excel - the Elite hub carrier has no relative motion to the radius arm to which it is fixed whatsoever! It is bolted firmly in place in two axes - there is no pivoting action going on at all, so it doesn't matter that the hub carrier just has a hole with a bolt through it! . Sorry Colin/Ollie Yours embarrassingly! Pete
  17. 1 point the buttons still work?
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    24,000 views in just 4 hours - that’s just incredible. I think the value of mine has just jumped as a result of this video. Cheers Harry - good work!
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    Did I just misunderstand him or does Harry thinks the two tanks are not connected? (at 7:32 he just filled it up on the right side with 64 litres and unless I misunderstand him he mentions he will need to fill up the other tank later? And while I was unsure about the tanks connection on the G cars, the fact he managed to fill 64L tells me the two tanks are indeed connected exactly as on the later cars!) PS: in case some of you don't know, Metz is pronounced "mess", the T is silent (but no worries, most French people will make the mistake too!)
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    I'm not scheduled to be working that day either, and the weather appears to be scheduled for rain, so Sharron and I will come along.
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    Congratulations. That’s stunning
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    I did think that it would be the Leven car - too similar not to be. I’d forgotten it had the Alcantara steering wheel too as part of the original spec. Looks lovely with the new rear panel and the 380 Cup wing will finish off the rear nicely
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    @Cos is in Cyprus and looking at Google Analytics we do have other visitors from Greece.
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    Fabian - Gerald recommended that I run in both the engines he has rebuilt for my cars (one 910 one 912) for 10k miles on semi-synthetic (Castrol Magnatec) to avoid ending up with a "slow" engine.
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    Yes. Everything ready for the lift out. As predicted, as soon as the angle of the car changed with the hoist just taking the load, the garage floor is awash with coolant. I’d forgotten how much pipework and electrical string there is to remove.
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    Its Micky (mikki) a real fighter. no other cat dare to come near into the garden. Perhaps family from Galore.
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    Evora is an event car, every journey. It does make owning some of the older stuff, with on-going maintenance, less appealing. I was always attracted to classics over moderns but Evora has now skewed this. Justin
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    If you remove the body you could remove the gas tanks...even if to see how much easier (?) it is then! <DUCKS>
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    Let me out of a car park in my Sports Racer.
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    I have to admit in the flesh the evora silver and carbon bits set this car off better than a black car probably does.
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    Welcome to the forum Wow you had some nice ones there for sure. Your 410 does look amazing! buddsy
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    @Lotusfab just remember it could be worse - it could be a V8 .....
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    Agreed, that is why McLaren steering feels so good, still hydraulic. Most drivers do not want 'information over-load' from the steering. Steering appears to be way down the list for most drivers. For me, it is near the top. That is why I love the Renault Twingo 133; sublime 5th wheel. Justin
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    Congratulations Terry. Guess you’ll not need that passenger ride now I’ll maybe get a spot next to you at a Scottish meet.
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    You will be popular in Europe with an Evora. Very few are seen out in the wild, so it gets lots of turning-heads and photo-snaps. The rear seats are fab for luggage and you cannot see it in the back from outside the car, so it is quite safe to leave parked with the luggage in. Don't forget spare bulb kit (just take some generic bulbs, as you cannot change them in the Evora), Hi-Viz jackets for each person, GB Euro sticker for the number plates, warning triangle. First Aid kit and breathalyser are advisory not compulsory. And copy of your insurance, V5 and MOT. You will need international driving licence and green card for insurance after 31 Jan 2020. I sadly only made 149mph on the 'Bahns. I hope you do better, if that is your thang. Justin
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    I would have done but Ive already cleaned it! It just looked like a darl grey sludge. Maybe graphongen mixed in from the rebuild. And this was after the rebuild. My gut tell me blasting media and metal in there. Heres the Oil analysis as promised.They told me the Boron is probably due to oil additives. So no concerns from this report. Have to remember though where the sample came from and it only detects small particles.
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    I’m intending to set off early and get there first thing as it’s around 4 hours each way. Feel free to work through the night on Friday to get her up to scratch
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    Hi Mark Good luck with the search. I was searching for about 1 year before I found and bought mine, I hope it doesn't take you as long as it did me. I was quite picky, for me it is a lot of money to spend, so I wanted the right one. I actually viewed 8 cars and test drove most of them before finding and buying mine. It's a 2010 Evora NA manual, similar to what you are looking for. Mine is in Aspen white which wasn't my favourite colour but it has grown on me and with a couple of cosmetic tweaks that the previous owner did, it looks charismatic. Evoras are not common cars so if you can't find your favourite colour don't let it put you off an otherwise excellent car. If you are viewing several cars then it will pay to make notes as it will make comparisons easier to recall, especially if there are time gaps between viewings. Things to consider are obviously the condition of the bodywork and paint, the wheels and the interior. On some cars the leather on the dash had been allowed to shrink and split where it is stitched together. Mudflaps fitted with original fixings are probably going to flap about. If it has got PPF, is there an area where the PPF is missing and why? Are there damp areas inside? It will need fettling to prevent water getting in. The mechanicals - The engine is good and it should sound good with no untoward noises. Is the clutch in good condition? Some say it will need replacing after 40,000 miles while others make it last a lot longer. Is the gear change precise or sloppy? Have the gear change linkage cables been replaced? I believe all Evoras (and other sports cars) have a transmission whine from the gearbox at low engine speeds but it should not be excessive. Check all other mechanicals like steering, brakes and suspension are OK, as you would on any other car. Gearbox - Plenty has been said about the long box or close ratio box and its issues, you should search for these discussions and chose why you might want one over the other, or you may not be that fussy. Mines the long box and I'm happy with it. The test drive - You probably won't get to test the Evora's limits on public roads but you should get a flavour. If it doesn't leave you impressed then it's probably not the right car. A couple of the cars I tested felt slightly jittery. Power delivery should be good. Listen for sounds from the mechanicals. Its a 10 year old car that is hand built and made of fibre glass so there may be some creaks and rattles. The packs - Sport pack, Tech pack, Premium pack, you pay your money and you make your choice. Mine has Sport and Tech. Check all the tech stuff is working OK. My stereo unit had been replaced by the previous owner. The original stereo unit is not flavour of the month but it can be replaced, it's not a deal breaker. Provenance - Is the service history good and genuine? Is the documentation good and genuine? Is the MOT history good? (check online). Is the previous owner history good? The deal - That is down to you. When you get the right Evora you will definitely be impressed with it. Good luck. Oh.. by the way, do you have a grandma that doesn't know how to suck eggs?
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    Hi Dunc. Don't the shims between the diff and drive shaft adjust the camber? With the drive shaft acting as the upper suspension arm and the radius arm effectively being able to move in any plane due to the rubber mount the hub/wheel still moves in the same way as if it was pivoting on the lower bolt, doesn't it? The effect of the drive shaft as the suspension goes into bump (or droop) causes the whole radius arm (along with the hub carrier, of course) to twist on it's mount (along an axis in line with the length of the car). I don't believe it acts like a "swing axle". The motion is just the same as the Excel, but achieved differently. You still have unequal length suspension arms. You could easily adjust the camber with adjustable rear lower links if zero shims in place didn't give the desired setting. That's the problem with fitting a different diff - unless the drive shafts are the same length as the originals the suspension geometry is upset in bump/droop. Pete
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    The answer I gave was the company's stance in terms of their engine development programme but things like removing the possible claims under warranty etc will have been additional benefits.
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    It seems that the consensus is that tobacco is brown and brown is brown then. There is a lot of myth and mystique around these early cars, if this conversation has dispelled one of those myths then I think that is a good thing! Thanks all.
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    There’s plenty of images and pics about just like that. It’s either oil starvation or contamination. There’s really not a lot else it can be other than excessive play. This weblink shows some images and gives some explanation
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    My wild uninformed guess: it's pooling on the topside of the aero-undertray that seals the underside of the car from air (except for the forward facing gap in the rear that I understand is there to force more cooling air into the engine bay). The water is probably entering through the front grills. If that's true, nothing to be done about it really.
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    I was pointed to this topic by SilversterZ and had a discussion with AIM about this. As we are a main dealer for AIM I had a discussion with them to find out what's going on and set things straight (if needed) AIM UK (who have been the initiators and coordinators of this product) states there is NO hardware issue. Out of the first batch of units supplied only 1 unit has been faulty. This was swapped FOC to enable to customer to run the car. As they ran out of stock at that point in time, the replacement unit which was sent to this customer was a pre-production unit. As you may image, they don't want any pre-production units in the field, so they told the customer this unit will be swapped for a new one as soon as the new production batch arrives. I've got a personal background in electronic engineering. I do understand some things when I see them happening. The issue raised by SilversterZ seems a screen refresh fault to me. Certainly not hardware as the icons are drawn and controlled by software. In fact, the faults you're seeing are not what you'd normally see when these icons are triggered. They are display faults. I will contact SilvesterZ to get this resolved. The clock issue is something I've not seen before and something which I can't reproduce. Once I've set the clock, it keeps ticking. Also when the power has been removed for a longer period of time. It might be good to talk to AIM and ask them if / what is going wrong. This might be some sort of setup issue. As for the production being stopped, this is not true. When you produce your first batch of products you always have to gamble a little as you never know up front how successful a product will be. In this case, the product is very successful. AIM sold the first batch much faster than they expected which leaves a gap in their planning. Production of these units takes time and unfortunately, they introduced the product just before Christmas last year which meant just before closure of their production facility and closure of their suppliers. Apart from that.. any electronic device which is not a commodity has a leadtime. This can range from six to twelve weeks. Before you're even able to ramp up production you'll have to wait for the components to arrive. This dash isn't a handful of components job... it's a rather complex unit for which a lot of parts need to be sourced, both electronic and mechanic parts. It's not a surprise to have a gap in the deliveries when you sell more and much faster than expected Apart from all that... AIM has a good reputation. They're not walking away from any issues, so if there's anything you experience which you think doesn't work as expected, please feel free to contact them (or your dealer) and ask. They listen and act, which is something I can confirm from personal experience.
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    This is Lotuses 72nd year so I suspect the awaiting masses will need to brace themselves for some 72nd anniversary special models dressed in the F1 Lotus 72 colours of red and gold? You would also hope there would be something at Goodwood ‘for the drivers’ , or at least maybe ‘for the dealers’ to help move the current stock and maintain sales through to the ‘new’ product, because without an energised and robust dealer network you’re fubarred, Or maybe we just settle for a new font ?
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    The tax on it ran out 2 months ago. Here are a few photos of it from 6 years ago.
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    Be careful with theories - many folks have had those. In practice and the cold hard reality of the real world - they are often using a dust pan and brush to collect rods and pistons off the road
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    Now stripping carbs and find crystallised particles in the bottom. More to follow

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