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    Huge thanks to Bibs who spent the day in dreadful traffic and weather to pick up and deliver this stunning Sport Racer to Devon. I am so happy to be have found the perfect Evora and the perfect car I’ve desired for the last couple of years. It is a mint 4 years old normally aspirated car with 7800 Miles. I know I’m going to enjoy this car immensely. Big thanks also to the seller who is on this forum - it’s been a long fortnight for me since you agreed the sale 😁👍 Just the dry roads and good weather required now. Happy Happy Happy 😃 2.5 hour sleep now and alarm call at 4.15am to get Bibs to the airport. 😴
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    Arrived today, Number 094. Full mechanical restoration, interior needs a bit of attention but not in to bad a condition. Been off the road since 96 I believe.
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    Happy Christmas to all our Lotus friends - hope you enjoy watching the video!
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    @JG220 @andydclements @scotty435 and other remainers Chaps I really enjoy our discussions here and want to thank you for your input. I think healthy debate is really good and helps us all. I do try to look at the remain arguments and that helps me form my own ideas. Above all I just wanted to make sure you know although we have different opinions I respect your thoughts on the subject and would happily buy each and any of you a beer. Im sure each and everyone of us only wants what's best for our country, our jobs and our family. No ill feelings or bad will whether youre a leaver or remainer. I just wanted to wish you all a happy Xmas and great new year whatever the new year brings. We are all the good people who care. Its those Elites & politicians who are the buggers trying to drive us all apart. buddsy
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    Look what arrived at Hoffman's this morning 😀
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    First run of 2019. 22 years of continuous service....
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    New pictures I took yesterday at the track in Bahrain
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    Just out pretending to be a rally driver...
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    I went to an open-to-all breakfast meet last Sunday - you know the sort, anything from an Austin 7 to an Aventador is welcome. Just as I parked, a Panamera pulled in opposite and the driver virtually leapt from his car and sprinted over to me. Fearing the worst, I tentatively got out to confront this potential assailant. I can't remember his exact words but it was something along the lines of: "I had to catch you before you disappeared in the crowd. That car is I-N-S-A-N-E" pointing at the Evora. "You passed me on the motorway and it was like being overtaken by a jet fighter at take-off. I saw you coming in the mirror but as you went past, the wall of sound was unbelievable. What a beast - absolutely amazing!" There then followed a conversation lasting several minutes, during which time he examined my P&J from every angle and took a load of pics. When we eventually went our separate ways to look at what else was 'on show', his parting words were, "I never realised Lotus produced things like THAT!" Hopefully another future convert from 'the dark side', .
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    Little parcel from JAE today. They have been really good to deal with and hopefully next week I can pick up the liners from Westwood and the engine build can commence. have just dropped the turbos in at AET turbos for a stripdown and quote on rebuild.
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    Newbie here, delighted with the comments and compliments I get on the car. Similar response of fascination and respect that I had for years with my replica AC Cobra - no negative "rich bastard" style comments from either vehicle. My current favourites - "that ass looks like a flying thong!" 🤤 (comment from a "tradie"), and a "is it a McLaren" from a cycling buddy. (current favourite) photo from a nice drive in the Adelaide Hills with lunch at a picturesque Adelaide winery...
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    This is why you don't book your flight to Stansted when you get home from the pub
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    A couple more. Again, thanks to GFWilliams. The last one is an iPhone special taken by me this morning.
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    We must not be too fast to draw any conclusions.......or eyebrows.......
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    For anyone considering Burnt Orange, here is how it looks as the sun starts to drop. You can tell these weren't taken by me! Credit goes to GFWilliams. Thanks George!!
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    Still deep into the complete rebuild of my Elite, everything takes longer than you hope and real life has a habit of getting in the way. But I managed to contact some of the previous owners and get some snaps of past glories. And these are my new inspiration. One day...
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    The Lotus Festival 2018 was the best event I attended in 2018! 😍 Hope to see you guys in 2019!
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    Funniest bit was when he said the Evora 400 looks just like the original 2009 one, haven't Porsche been building a car which looks more or less the same for over 50 years!
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    Ho Ho Ho! Never thought I would be your Santa Ian! So pleased that you love the car... very sad to see it go, only after a brief 9 months of ownership, but loved every minute of that! For those on here... the decision to sell was that my missus has never been into any of my Lotus's of the last 18 years... and I was feeling the pinch from her to get away from the money in the Evora... and to put into that well known high performance, sublime handling British sports car... ... a Morgan! 🤣 LOL! So that is what is now ahead for me! I will of course post the obligatory picture when that day happens, but the car below gives the general idea! In the meantime, great to meet our esteemed leader Bibs... and I will of course continue to 'lurk' here on this great forum. Looking forward to hearing your adventures with the car Ian... hope your missus likes it! Cheers all, Pete.
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    Took delivery today and promptly added 100 miles to the odometer. Should be a fun 2019
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    Love is... Love is running 2 flights downstairs at 3:36am when you hear your wife call help via the baby monitor. Love is clearing your wife of sick, putting her nightie and sheets into the washing machine at 3:45 when you’ve cleaned her up. Love is returning to bed at 3:57 knowing you’ve made her comfortable. Love is knowing your mum is now sleeping on the sofa next to your wife’s hospital bed whilst you return to your warm cosy bed. Never let it be said that we are not doing everything In our power to make Alex feel loved, supported and cared for in her last days. 😞
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    Came across my old SLR camera during Christmas and took a few shots of the esprit with the new tire decals. Captures the stance of the Esprit nicely. Can’t wait to get rid of the black ducts when the car goes for a respray in 2019. White body and black satin bumpers, period correct. Happy Holiday and a great start into the New Year to you all!
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    Thanks all for your kind words. we made the decision back in October half term to go to Disneyland Paris (couldn’t get insurance for US). Best thing we could have done, there is no way she’d make it now. Not a hope in hell. So at least we have those memories.