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    Dan E Minogue, I suppose.
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    Yes, all registered and original number back on the car. Struggling with instrumentation, which is hindering progress with the binnacle and remaining glass. But virtually there. Apart from a retrim, which will have to wait until funds allow.
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    So, back in April when I came up to the UK for the MOT, I took the car to Hofmanns ( Excellent service, nice people ) and had them fit the TVS1900 supercharger kit to the car. I collected the car from them on the first of May and had a trouble free, and rapid drive, back to Italy. Interestingly, the car uses less fuel than before, unless you are really pushing on, presumably as it runs a bit cooler and doesn’t need to overfuel to keep the temperatures down. I’m very happy with the conversion, the increase in performance is very noticeable as is the increase in drivability. The engine cover still fits, so visually there’s no change. So, S1 Sports Racer people, If you want to keep your Sports Racer but have 410 + performance, this is the way to go . Simply Sportscars in Australia, who make the kit, dyno printout reads about 415 /420 Bhp and 420 Ft/Lbs torque ( Which is about 90 /100Ft/Lbs more than the 430.). It also doesn’t seem to suffer from heat sink as much as the OEM setup as the charge is quite a lot cooler ( This after high speed Autobahn running for several hours). So it’s a bit like driving an Alpina B5 rather than an M5. I’m really happy with it.
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    Thanks for your advice, people! I have taken it to Sportomotive in Bournemouth who had the correct piece of kit. He looked at the machine and found that the MAP sensor was giving incorrect readings at idle. Cos had had a similar fault with another Elise recently and the problem with that was an issue with the wiring loom. He has just phoned me and let me know that it was the same intermittent fault with mine that meant that my VVC valves were in the wrong position for idle, so when I was giving it some "beans" it was acting fine, but when I slowed down it was running really rich and lumpy. Apparently: fix the loom problem - fix the running problem! Brilliant! Hopefully, I can pick it up tomorrow and see if that has fixed it all! On the bright side I should not need any sensors changing for a long time now!
  6. 2 points i do every year?!?! No, sorry matey I'll be on my way home soon after 5.
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    Lot of great cars (and drivers) on the Gentlemen Drivers Rally last weekend. We had an absolute blast on the winding roads. I spent a good part of the weekend in the company of a C63 that was not hanging about, and with another silver turbo from the 80s.
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    First time I've ever had a car professionally photographed... i'm looking forward to receiving the hi-rez images over the next week (I'll post them in due course...).
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    Thanks. That’s the general area I expected. Unfortunately, I need new disks and pads at the front, so it’s definitely going to add up to a big one.
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    My 2010 had a replacement clutch at 35,000 miles at JCT lotus, before I purchased it, the receipt says it came to £3,000 if that’s any help to you.
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    Slow progress given other priorities. Removed hub/spindle adaptors in readiness for drive shaft removal and extraction of the engine and gearbox. The poor chassis will have to roll around on space-savers.
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    Don't. To get the seals in you really need to remove the cam shafts, to do that you need to remove the cam carrier. You can get the seals out (screw into the seal etc) but to put them in you really need to drift them in perfectly perpendicular to the cam shaft.
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    There's a few over on our side of the pond that have used 4xx clutch parts in the S1s. I've seen nothing but positive posts on LT about using those bits, so that'll likely be the route I take when it's time for a clutch job.
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    I was thinking i had never put a picture of the car up, since owning it. It's not long back from paint, and while there is still a bit of fettling to do. I'm so pleased with the way she looks just now. I know not everyone is a fan of the rear light conversion. And i had the kit for 4 years, before deciding to go ahead. I love this look, but understand some people prefer originality. One thing the paint guys did say, was that with the spoiler off for painting, they thought it looked much sleeker without it. I agreed when i saw it, and may take it off at a later date.
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    Maybe just wait until @Hangar 111 is slightly less busy at work. I'm sure that he will be happy to confirm. (But the answer is 'yes').
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    There are a few posts on here about using a 4XX series clutch on a S1 but has anyone actually done it? Or it is just theory? My S1 clutch started slipping at around 55K last year. I enquired at Hoffmans Lotus about getting a 4XX clutch and lighter flywheel as the replacement. They said they'd never tried it or heard any one that's fitted a 4XX clutch in a S1 and wasn't sure if it was possible and suggested I just use the standard clutch. They also recommended for a road car the standard (heavier) flywheel would be better (assuming it was possible to fit a lighter one) as it feels smoother as a lighter one would spin up and slow down quicker. At the time I was happy with the standard flywheel and it was the right decession but after some tuition and time learning the car I'm driving it more aggressively and enjoy trying to heal and tow on downshifts and now think a lighter flywheel and a more responsive, quicker revving engine might have suited me better?
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    Yes, it does look a bit weird TBH. An the factory finish is a bit make do also. As described above. Perimeter? I assume you mean for the S2 black band? I do think you'd be better off painting the underside and wheel arches in black 'Raptor' for practical and consistency reasons. It looks GREAT!
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    In your situation, I'd definately get the later E400 clutch pack for your early S1, E400 lighter flywheel too.... all these parts combined are peanuts compare to the whole cost, which is mainly labour. If your gearbox is OK, I'd leave that alone. The E400 clutch pack was designed for more power, so in your NA S1 it will last even longer. Probably easier to buy too, as its a current item The E400 clutch is also has a lighter pedal operation compared to the S1 cars... nice when you get stuck in traffic. Good luck whatever your choice. If its true Lotus Cars don't have clutch packs in stock thats crazy!
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    This is a really interesting thread. It certainly would appear that Lotus cars has a problem with Lotus USA, sounds like they have a bunch of Bullsh1t artists running the show who need to be replaced. I can only honestly say that I have always had a very positive experience when dealing directly with Lotus Cars in the UK, and with the dealerships I have had dealings with in the UK, a shame that you can’t enjoy the same experience in the USA. Hopefully the Guys at Hethel will read this thread with interest and start asking questions and kicking arses. Regarding the change in spec of the Evora GT for the US market, I sort of get it. There is no way that a carbon fibre front splitter, or indeed any carbon in an impact zone would pass impact tests. You only have to see how the stuff shatters in a GT race to see that. I’m not so sure what the problem with the new look front bumper made of polycarbonate would be though. As for someone mentioning that the car would now ‘only’ do 0 - 60 in 3.8 instead of 3.6 secs…… I really don’t know anyone would notice the difference in 0.2 secs or many would have the skill to extract that performance in any event. Hopping the situation with Lotus USA gets resolved for you guys, and that you start to get a better dealership network before too long. As has been said before, Lotus really do need to start upping their public awareness and doing some proper PR if they want to sell any cars.
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    Ordered I've now got my indicator on order with B&C too! Thanks everybody!
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    It might be worth having a look through this too...
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    My old pump died on my car. AA man confirmed we had fuel and the pump was trying but did not have enough umph to raise the fuel to the correct pressure. I had a bit of trouble when I tried to buy a replacement. There seems to be many repro ones but I bought a really good one but many do not deliver the fuel at a high enough pressure. I had to send one back and buy a correct one which was quite a bit more than others which look the same. I think I bought mine from SJ. Been no probs with that since then. Hope you can figure out your issue. buddsy
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    A comment on the latest Jay Leno video on the 400. Page linked below. Is the Evora available in America....... says a bit
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    @MARTIN_S I bought two of these: then you need to find a tig welder as it’s stainless steel, if you are near surrey/West Sussex I have a guy I’d highly recommend. you need someone who can purge the system to ensure the weld on the inside is perfect and won’t restrict flow. between 1-2 hours labour at £50/hour. mine is being done next Tuesday and I will be putting up photos of the process.
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    Yes, I agree with @peteyg. Self tappers are the way to go. If you go with bolts, as you say, you have to do everything before fitting the bumper, and if there's a problem down the line you have to dismantle the bumper just to get at the indicator housing.
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    Self tapers into the body unless someone has cut away the bodywork where the holes should be. Pete
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    This might take a while. How I wish Lotus had added some weight in the form of longer wires..
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    Finally located the flasher unit and the hazard flasher unit. Both near each other behind the radio! So had to take out the centre console, disconnect the choke and the cables from the electric windows just to get at them. All working ok now. Rear end is now back together and have just fitted my nice new tyres on my nice shiny Wolffies. Last job (before I can drive it and get an MOT) is the brakes inc the handbrake. Recon servo doesn't seem to be doing much. Need to compare the results against my Eclat. (whose brakes are OK).
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    I wouldn't bother, it'll cost way too much...I'd also be prepared to offer my garage clearance service for free...
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    And these are the stickers that Dan at Divine has made for me: I don't have mine yet but his stuff is normally decent. Obviously this sticks on TOP not fitted inside as per the original but in my view is much better than (a) a broken side repeater (b) the Union Jack sticker that Lotus appear to be offering to cover up the lack of EVORA text. I am away playing in Germany on the autobahns this week, so will not be able to report on the sticker quality until next week. The size should be spot on as I sent Dan a Union Jack one as a sample. Justin
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    Standard for you mate but what about the thread?
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    Well this post went to shit really quickly!
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    You wouldn't want to go racing with that Delco Moraine braking system.
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    We had this yet? Leno and Carr trundle around in a 400.
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    The previous owner of my car had a small engine fire which very luckily went out before it caused any damage. It was caused by the hose from the right-hand end of the crossover pipe to the pressure regulator coming off the pipe. I now have a long piece of hose which fits 100mm over the pipe and two hose clips!
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    I've logged in to TLF on the desktop and it all works fine, but can't load any pages on my mobile galaxy 7s (android 8.0.0) thru firefox I get the page loading til the page displays, but the blue "loading" bar never gets all the way across, and I can't navigate. I can pull up the login page (if I type the name in), but if I click on login, nothing. All other sites work fine. My old phone found it all very slow too, but at least it worked. I've deleted browsing history. Help appreciated! Tom
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    It's that time of year again folks ! Oakmere would like to invite you all to a winter Breakfast Meet on Sunday 22nd October. Usual informal format starting from 10:30am with refreshments and our world renowned bacon butties !! It would be great to see as many of you as can make it ! Best WIshes The Oakmere Team
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    I have had to restart my Samsung fairly often to get things like voice recognition working again amongst other things.

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