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    Chuffed to see the Sport 300 getting some love on Carfection!
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    Difficult to say from a pic, but that one looks fine. However its not just how it looks, make sure its not one of the cheap 2 ply ally backed ones that are out there, You are much better off with the proper 3 ply steel backed version.. The rest is down to measurements.
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    High speed through the forest....:-) (Photo by Peter Gunnars)
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    Hi all, I've just joined the forum & picked up on this thread. I come bearing good news regarding TAC 101R. This Series1 Esprit has been part of my life on & off for several decades since March 1983 & after a long period of inactivity due to restoration work including a nine year spell in the republic of Ireland it is about to be put back on the road in the UK again. I'll follow this up with more details & photos soon.
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    Unless I've been looking in the wrong place, i couldn't find any mention of this event on the forum.... .... anyone who is also a member of Club lotus should already know about it, as it is their anual Track Day event on the Saturday of the Bank Holiday weekend. There is no entrance fee to the event (as a spectator), and it is just under £100 to get on track (2 specified sessions, then 'open pit lane' later on). As I say, no requirement to get on the track (but you can do a free parade lap or 2 at lunch time) as it is a good social gathering. LEC are trying to get 50 M100 elans together at the event (unashamed plug here!) as it marks 30 years since the car was unveiled, and 20 years of LEC... and Clemo's simple maths means 30+20=50. We have been offered the 'preferential parking' along the paddock edge grass area as the 'featured model'...... ....... but obviously, it is a Lotus event and any model is welcome (or even anything else).... but they only allow Lotus cars on the track, so no XR3s or Ferarris to worry about.. We'll be making a weekend of it and eating/drinking too much - all welcome.
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    Hi all, I know a lot of you will be interested in my new restoration. I recently bought an Esprit Sport 300, the original Lotus press car no less! It's been laid up for a few years and needs a full engine service and suspension rebuild but is in fantastic original condition. I'm living in America nowadays and will be away for a few years so it'll be stored away until I return. It was always my dream to own one of these so whilst the timing wasn't ideal I couldn't pass on this opportunity. I'm especially keen to restore the split rim OZ's after all the Compomotive rebuilds I've done. I'll keep you posted on my progress, I think I'm in Lotus heaven! It was originally on this plate, I'm currently enquiring with DVLA to get it registered back to its first number. Looks like it's on the original paint so I'll try to compound the shine back into it. Window frames have faded so they'll need a re-paint. Interior has stood up well. The drivers seat needs new side bolster alcantara but the original paisley sections are in perfect condition. Engine will have it's belts replaced before I attempt a fire up. I'll compression test it before deciding whether to do a full tear down. Tyres are cracked and require replacing, looks like Toyo offer the only matching set for these cars nowadays. The rims have never touched a kerb, a testament to it's previous owners and only require a good polish to remove the corrosion. Some old Sport 300 brochures and magazine articles I've been collecting.
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    It’s the lotus owners club based in the south east you know the one ? I’m not sure if you’re allowed to mention the name on here!
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    New ductile liners from Westwood liners 😎
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    Now get it painted and a set applied @johnpwalsh
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    Does anyone know if the Red and Silver Essex decals are available for the side of the car. If so, where from. TIA.
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    Yes, thats right. All the matt black bits have been colour coded. I think the matt black works, i actually quite like it, but i prefer the colour coding. I was a bit extreme on this one as it has the carbon aero kit, and the carbon spoiler has been painted to match the colour coordinating.
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    @MrP_ I don't disagree with anything you've said in your last post except the message of the Ad. In fact I agree with pretty much all of it, I completely support equal opportunity and anti discrimination, treating people with respect, not making them feel uncomfortable and having a diverse team to elicit different views and opinions. Unfortunately I experience a huge amount of "Anti discrimination" or "Diversity and Inclusion" being interpreted to mean "Actively and openly discriminate against men and make them feel like second class citizens". This ad plays right into that space and doesn't hit the measure of "treating everyone with respect" and is absolutely not what we need. Balance does not equal swinging the dial from one end to the other, or opening up a demographic to being an acceptable target for pot shots, because they are collectively portrayed as being guilty of past sins.
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    * update * ... I gave my MAF sensor a spray with cleaner today and now the car is running nice and smooth! I even have more power and better economy! There was a dead spot in the torque low down that's been filled in nicely and feels more powerful all round. Win, Win situation and it only took a couple minutes to sort out! 😁 Thank you all for the help and advise, it was very appreciated!
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    Turbos refurbished and ready to go. Actuators were kept as they were as they were working fine.
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    The only way the EU will genuinely negotiate is if they really believe there is a genuine risk that the UK will leave with no deal. Take that off the table and there's no Brexit. At the moment the EU has zero reason to negotiate. They already have everything they want.
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    (found on Internet but I can't remember where, sorry)
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    Another area lotus do well at present is cost of ownership. This was a major consideration for me when I bought my 400 as against a host of Italian secondhand cars. For the non lease market, this I believe is rather important. The use of generic type engines helps a lot the only real drawback is they are designed for life not so much tweekability. What lotus need is a reverse engineered power plants in the way McLaren did, cleaver, not so the gearbox, Queue Quafe. Volvo have the experience to make some great engines, look what was achieved with the original Koenigsegg. My wish is Engine designed with the collaboration with Volvo and Cosworth or even Koenigsegg, An engine that has the production flex ability to be in a Hi Torque engine for say a Lotusified XC40 (I for one, want one to replace my XC60 in 5 years) and High output for the next Elise.
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    I am very close to pushing the button on this. I would do it with my 18 yr old son before he goes to university (pending grades!!!) as its a week before freshers. Good to bond without pressure of time, as happened with my dad and I. If 2 or 3 from here went, pooling of resources would make a big difference for the luggage-poor of us!! Thoughts chaps?
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    Maybe, time will tell. I am starting to think that I am out of kilter with the majority (nothing new there I suppose) but all this talk of electric, luxury, etc and I can't help but feel we are going to get more of the same - i.e. 500bhp plus barges (you need at least 500bhp to move the bloody things as they are that heavy) with leather everywhere and cupholders and heads-up displays and every gizmo under the sun. Do we really need all this in a Lotus? I do hope I am wrong. I use a Renault Clio for daily driver. It has keyless entry (which is a right fcuking pain in the arse at times as sometimes it decides to lock the doors when you don't want it to etc). It has friggin' stop start technology that means if you park up to make a call or listen to the radio then at some point the car decides to turn itself off - argh - halfway through a bloody bluetooth conversation. But then it could be worse i suppose. The wife has a Qashqai and that has a sodding "automatic handbrake". I mean, really, wtf is all that about? Is it really so hard to just pull a freakin' lever that you need a computer to do it all for you? Hill starts - well, maybe it will release, maybe it won't. Stop start technology that decides to switch of the engine just as you want to pull away from the lights - at best, a delay to progress, at worse the friggin' car stalls. It also has keyless entry, but woe betide you if you pull up and let the engine switch itself off (that lovely stop:start tech again) and then open the drivers door - argh - bing bing bing, bong bong bong, friggin' thing. You need to close the bloody door, hit the bloody engine start button, let the engine start, then hit the button to switch it off, then open the drivers door a second time. Argh!!! It used to take me less time to reboot a mainframe in the 80's!!! FFS, really, is it that hard to just insert a key and turn? And then to top it all, the bloody keyless systems are so easy to scam and copy cars are flying off drive ways stolen to order! Wonderful, talk about moving with the times. 80% of this so called luxury tech is just absolutely useless. When it works its OK, possibly a minor irritation, when it doesn't the cars shagged! And expensive to fix. And off the road whilst they order in the special parts for the tech as they are never in stock. I had a hire car with the radar cruise control - argh, hated every minute of using it. Just did not see the point and it would over zealously slow you down on the motorway - driving on the inside lane (as one should when not overtaking) and you come upon someone in the middle lane usually in a day dream, so just as you continue to pull out to "fast lane" -whooo, steady on there - the friggin' radar detects the middle lane hogger, gently applies the brakes and cuts the throttle - argh - really - FFS - Nooooooooooooooo! If you want toys, go to Smyths or Argos, now that Toys R Us, Woolworths and Beatties are long gone (ooooo, Beatties, the hours I used to spend in their on a Saturday morning as a kid drooling at the scalextric, Hornby trains, Airfix and Tamiya models - swooooooooon). If you want a car to drive, and feel part of, then go to Lotus. I do hope it stays that way. My god I haven't had such a good rant since before Christmas. That's better......
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    I got all excited until I saw the tents.
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    Have been camping in the Esprit before. It’s tight but can work!
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    Thanks for the thoughts. To be fair, my Evo in Japan was upgraded and tuned up to a shade under 600bhp and was held together with rust, zipties and Duck Tape (note, not duct tape. See below!). The waterless coolant is an interesting idea (think I first saw it on Wheeler Dealers back in the day), although I've not spoken to many people who've done it themselves. Sounds like you're enjoying it though, @rjwooll. Looks to be around £120+ for 8l of coolant and prep fluid.
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    The carpet at the end of the passenger footwell IS the fuse cover. Held in place by 3 (or 4) quarter turn screws. Fuse MC7 on the bottom right is the one you need to pull.