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    I find the two tone combos a bit loud so I went with a classic, time tested setup
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    The hopes and dreams of porsche drivers.
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    For proper downforce you'll need to install a rubber skirt as the cup and 430. BTW the Autobahn is a great place to verify the effectiveness, the Exige becomes invcredibly planted at speed (but, top speed is reduced slightly).
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    Our Cairn has got a new position as junkyard dog.
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    To be honest @Andrew C whenever I drop a car off for a service the courtesy car they provide you is usually an inferior one. So yes, probably will be a McLaren.
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    Using real car designs in video games requires licencing deals, and car manufacturers have a history of reluctance. It's a shame - for me the polished Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge and Jaguar XJ220 games of the early nineties really captured my imagination at a young age. Apparently the onset of simulated damage (and with Grand Theft Auto, crime) in games really upset a lot of manufacturers. Grand Theft Auto continues to use only made-up, fantasy car designs even today. They often combine elements from real designs to look realistic, but are never real-world models or brands, so it seems unlikely players would come away with much interest. Racing simulations tend to attract an exciting range of licensed real-world cars nowadays, but tend to a more grown-up audience. It seems the Nissan Skyline and Toyota Supra experienced a resurgence after a strong presence in the hit Playstation series of Gran Turismo games in the noughties, but with a wide modern selection to choose from, classic cars aren't strongly featured in many titles.
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    I also had that dilemma (250 CUP Vs V6 that was) but driving them back to back cleared up the picture. The Elise is hands down an awesome car but 3 were the main issues for me. It didn't seem particularly quick, the new engine lacked drama and the price...oh the price. You see, when S2 Elises/Exiges were on the mid 30s carrying a supercharged high rev engine then it was no brainer, 250 cups are now flirting with £50k spec dependent. This is a different territory altogether and a beefed up similar platform to the S2s with fancy aero would not justify the extra outlay for me. I had driven many examples in the past but I had to drive both back to back to be able to tell and so I did at B&C. Elise was quiet and you had to be at the right gear, I also hit the limiter a few times not used to the revised rev range. Coming from a car that you really need to squeeze the power to get the thrills (Renault Clio R27) I wasn't really looking for something similar - when it comes to a power related comparison anyway. When I went into the Exige I felt at home. Presence of the car, the startup engine note, throttle response, sound, brakes, torque the lot. Yes it is not as compliant or agile as the Elise but not far behind I have to say. Running costs don't bother me because I only do a few track days per year and a big trip to the Alps so no drama there. Lotus purists would argue that the Exige platform is not ideal for the engine but I personally don't see any wrongdoing at all - the car is absolutely awesome and behave like a Lotus all day long. I ended up buying a V6 CUP without having any doubts at all. Again, if we were talking (in 2nd hand money) £30k for a high end Elise or £45k for a 350 then the argument would be totally different. The above is just a personal take of course, others might approach it differently so it's all down to what people want from a car really.
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    Hi Paul, I have an insertion tool that I've lent out before. I'd be going out on a limb having not met you but if you would like to borrow it and promise, promise, promise to return it then I can post it to you. I know what it is like to need an expensive special tool just once in a while that you know are out there sitting idle most of the time. cheers -Chris
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    I just think the whole hysterical global reaction thing is completely out of proportion with what took place. One man was pinned down by a policeman and tragically died as a result. Take it to Court and get justice. That’s what the judicial system is for. Are we going to have mass demonstrations every time someone around the world is killed? What about the 388,616 people who have died globally so far from CV-19, thanks to whatever was allowed to happen in Wuhan? Why no demonstrations about that?
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    Having come from the world of Alfa and having had a GTV, there is no way that the V6 in the Evora can live up to the Busso, it's very much compensated for by the rest of the car being better though! Although there's just something about Alfas... Anyway, anyone seen the new cheapest Evora on Autotrader? Even cheaper than the orange and black number at £23,990 - airbag is done for so needs that and probably needs a new clutch so maybe @28k once sorted I guess... It's definitely not for me, but just noting the 'new lowest'. Looks like the orange o2+0 on PH has finally 'gone' as well. Quite a lot of quick movement in the market at the moment New&onesearchad=Used&postcode=sl67bj&model=EVORA&make=LOTUS&sort=price-asc&advertising-location=at_cars&page=1
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    Did any of you watch the Channel 4 Despatches documentary last night? It was called “Coronavirus. Did the Government get it wrong?” and looks back on the 8 weeks prior to lockdown. I know the horse has bolted, but it makes some interesting observations, as to why our infection rate and death toll is ending up so high in comparison to other countries, despite the advantage of having been a few weeks behind them time-wise. It’s available on the All 4 player for a month, if you’ve got 50 minutes to spare.
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    The video shows the issue I discovered
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    Good to hear you have found something , thanks for posting the info on the Orange Exige too. (PM some details please if you feel comfortable doing it. otherwise no worries).
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    That proves just how light and nimble the evora is
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    So if you stick your Lotus in for a service will you get a McLaren as a curtesy car
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    DB5 no competition Some interesting views and agree totally, I was born in 75 so like most my childhood car fantasies were all movie based, I loved the Lotus Esprit S1 but never really remembered the FYEO turbo probably as not a corgi or matchbox toy as I remember. The A team was big and for me faces corvette was just gorgeous. knight rider was a tea time favourite and the thought of a talking car.... Later night viewing was Miami vice, such style Weekend afternoons were the cannonball run with that awesome countach or my favourite film Always had Mini’s in my life and absolutely love these little fun machines My two wheel fix was street hawk My son is 17 and I’ve owned many cars from 911’s, 944 Turbos, Esprit’s, Astons and a couple Ferrari’s along with fast fords and naturally the mini. The only car he ever really liked was the JPS Esprit as we went everywhere in it and the DB7. When I asked him if I was to have any car what would you suggest and he said a BMW....never going to happen or a new Range Rover which is ok I guess. I think that’s why I prefer working on classics than actually driving them as the sparks just not there like I had when young. I still remember that first drive in a black S2 Esprit knowing one day I would have one (Addiction for life). Dave
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    Ensure you use the sport button. And if you ain’t seeing the sonic rings you simply ain’t doing it right.
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    Hi Willi, I have the same head unit and never had that issue (not even when the car was put in pieces to repair the gearbox). The paper manual and quick start guide that I have don’t say anything either. I found the following on the extended English manual pdf file that I have (see attached pictures). I hope this helps. I can send you the pdf file if you send me your e-mail address through pm. Or maybe try 11111?
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    Well he's got a point then..
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    New money, made his money selling biros in Germany. A lot of biros.
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    Found a car and likely signing tomorrow. Elise Sport 220.
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    If an issue is found why can't it be shared? Why the secrecy? Surely the whole point of a forum is to share info to help each other.
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    Congratulations on the new car mate, you're going to love it!
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    If I could afford a set of Leitspeed wheels these colours appeal to me
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    Looks like things are getting back to 'normal'...
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    Was he another one parking in a farmers field?
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    After an eight week COVID-19 shut down, imagine my surprise when it started first time. What was supposed to be a quick round the block ended up a two hour drive in the countryside Photo to mark the occasion. Good car!
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    My recording was just a technical test prior to filming with Kawasaki Europe in Spain. I found that the microphone picked up a little too much transmission noise in the rear luggage area (it's an S1 with a flat area, unlike the S3 and ET). So that's what I'd be looking to erradicate next time.

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