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    People are usually guarded with advice when it comes to these issues since there are many variables (type of belt, ambient temp, condition of tensioner etc). For me, If it flutters, I’d tighten it. I think every belt stretches to some degree after initial install. I’d go a little at the time (1/4 - 1/2 turn for example) measure the frequency and document it. You’ll probably notice that the flutter will move up the rpm range with each tightening itineration until it disappears. If it whines when the engine is at operating temp, you’re too far and you can roll it back. If you do this systematically and in small steps, you’ll be safe.
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    There will be a little stretch on initial use, but should not be an issue with needing to recheck belt tension. I have always used a Facom belt tool and never had an issue.
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    As you’re local to me, you are very welcome to pop over and have a gander at my car and see the damage it’s had in 2 years and ~15k miles and make a judgement. Also out of interest what would be a ball park figure to get ppf on the front bumper?
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    Yep that’s what i meant but the front bumper only. My S1 I sold with 24k miles and the front bumper had been resprayed twice. I got it ppf’d after the second respray. My 400 had ppf from new and is unblemished at 21k miles, although there are a couple of marks in the ppf. I did the headlights on both too. im a fussy bugger though.
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    Yep the front will get chips without the PPF. When I first got my car (2010 S1) it had the original PPF and the edges had started to dirt in and were very obvious and looked crap so I asked for it to be taken off. The car looked much better with out the obvious lines but yes as mentioned it picked up chips and I really regret taking the old film off and leaving it unprotected. After about 15K road miles and 5 track days ... I have one large chip just under the badge, which started to flake off and become worse, so I really need to stabilise it at least if not fix it properly. But otherwise there are a few smaller chips on the front bumper and the car looks used but not terrible and desperately in need of a respray. I guess it comes down to personal preference and how close to concourse finish you like to keep your car. I think next not the list of things to fix on the car is the front bumper paint and get a PPF. I have barge boards on my car so the side and wheel arches are protected. I did have my car ceramic coated and I find it really helps to keep the contaminants from damaging the clear coat and dirt just wipes away very easily with a damp cloth and the glossy shine is easily restored with out too much elbow grease. edit - I think Colin was implying 10K miles before you get enough paint damage that you need to respray the car. Not £10K for the cost of a respray.
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    £10k would be a full strip down respray. Front clam and sides would be nearer £2k max.

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