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    The old man came round and demanded a picture while I was cleaning the car. He was chatting about it all and how he signed off every stage personally and how he cocked up because he doesn't have a single picture of him with the design team and engineers who did the car from start to finish. he considers it a total Team effort but secretly I think he considers it his swansong from the Motor Industry he loved so much and all the designs he has either personally been involved in or that he instigated/oversaw. And didn't he do well. It's a stunning car with amazing engineering from top to bottom. Very proud to own something so personal to him. Also interesting to note that he considers both McLaren and Ferrari to have used the design for the basis of their cars. true when you look at them!
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    Summer is almost here! Which means we are looking forward to welcoming the Lotus community to our annual open event on Saturday 11th May here at Stratton Lotus in Norfolk. The event will run from 10am – 3pm and we have lots planned to keep you entertained with various demonstrations and special offers but more importantly some really nice cake and butchers quality burgers from the Butchers House in Long Stratton! We have the following partners, suppliers and activities confirmed for the event: Paint Protection Film Application Demonstration from our friends at Ultimate Auto Augmented reality experience (by Immersive VR) Virtual Reality Gran Tourismo Challenge: can you set the fastest lap? We will be demonstrating Supagard's polysilazane ceramic protection package. Stratton Motor Company are proud to be one of only 10 UK wide Centres of Excellence trained in the application of this new product CAKE AND COFFEE STAND! All proceeds go to Norfolk Ambulance Rescue Service BIG 1/2 pound Butcher's Burger served with freshly baked burger baps from our local bakery Live Music duo confirmed Stratton Motorsport: "Our racing division" located in Tharston 1.5 miles away will be open to the public (THIS IS WHERE CAR PARKING WILL BE FOR THE EVENT WE WILL BE RUNNING REGULAR SHUTTLE BUSES TO SMC) Some Heritage Lotus will be displayed including a Sunbeam Lotus and two Classic Lotus Race Cars NARS will be displaying one of their quick response vehicles and be offering basic first aid training classes throughout the day Various Stratton Motorsport cars will be on display including our new F3 Cars, GT4 Cars, track hire cars and our large Racing hospitality unit for all to see inside We will be launching our Stratton GT project with 5 cars on show ready to purchase, including the one off original Swizz Beats full carbon collaboration vehicle Credo Finance will be present on the day to discuss flexible finance options on any of our cars Lotus 70th Merchandise We will be joined at the event by His Royal Highness Andy Betts of the Lotus Forums, JayEMM, David Tillyer from Chicane Magazine and Adam Wilkins from Absolute Lotus Magazine. The Lotus Driving Academy will also be bringing two cars along to discuss their exciting driving experiences available at the factory located just 8 miles down the road from us at Lotus HQ. As you can see, lots to see and lots to do, so if you would like to come along to this event please register your interest by commenting on this thread. We hope to see you there! The SMC Team
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    Hi Chris, this is B20 Azure blue, my painters were unhappy with their first attempt to match front end paint, so resprayed twice until happy with their work, that's the type of service you should expect.
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    Yes but get them to repaint and tint it closer than that first, To be fair what they have done match wise is a disgrace ... If they are not up to the job take it elsewhere rather than risking it.. You can only blend so much and the worse the match the further the blend has to go.. And that what you have is bad, trust me if you can see it in a photo then its bad . !!! Also get away from the Masserati 496 , The metamerics won't be right.. Tint from Lotus code using various paint manufacturers ... The body shop should know all this , If not move elsewhere , all paint jobs start with prep , without that they all fail... and getting a close match is prep.. I still can not understand why they put the clear coat on when the base was so far out.. One can only assume they did not check it during the process, just went on paint chip match... If so that's Lazy.. Then why did they give it back to you like that , it should have gone back in and been re-done.... knowing this I would be asking what else they did how it was prepped and what product was used.... We see far to many Lotus's with peeling / micro blister paint as a result of using cheap product and bad prep . The correction work then costs twice or three time what it should of cost in the first place to correct it. Sorry if i am ranting on , but this is my trade and i get frustrated when others do this sort of work and expect the customer to except it and pay for the privilege..
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    Blowjobs and Marriage? Just looked up "oxymoron" in the dictionary and there it was............
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    I’ve recently upgraded from an Exige Sprint to a 350 Sport, so far so good really enjoying the extra grunt and superior build quality. Just ordered a 2bular Valved Road back box to add some more pops and bangs.
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    The Beauty and the Beast in one.
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    I had no idea about USA Evora 400 prices, but just did a quick scan and NC25T is correct: unregistered dearler cars seem to be around the $110 - $125K mark. That will make the GT a very good buy if it retails at $117K as you state. You can't honestly compare that price to a two year-old used 400. By the way $117K currently equates to GBP 90K. Unregistered GT410 Sports in the UK start from GBP 95K, so you'll be getting a bargain over there!
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    NC25T: I don’t know where you are looking, but 2017 Evora 400s are readily available in the US for $70-80,000 with low miles (under 10,000) and 2018s start just under $90,000. Take a look at Now if the GT starts at $117,000, it will make the 2017-18 Evoras look like bargains. I also suspect that the GT will be DOA in the US. I just don’t see a 410 with added CF selling at that price in the States. And Lotus’ timing could not be worse because the GT will probably hit our shores around the same time as the C8 Vette and I expect that car to have a major impact on the sports car market here.
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    Old thread but helped me out recently. I got an actuator from a 05 Hyundai Elantra (rear door, either side will work, need the 5 pin connector version). Same actuator but slightly different bolt pattern for mounting. Probably fairly easy to modify (drill new hole in mounting bracket). However I thought I'd check what was broken in mine before I did any drilling. Turned out mine was just a rusted motor. I 'eased' open the plastic casing on both actuators and swapped the motor over. Re-sealed with super glue and silicone. If I do it over I'd just open the actuator housing and check the motor. You can get them on Amazon for less than $10. I think it is the standard size with a D spindle (see photo). The swap took 10 mins, the lock removal and reinstallation was another matter! Hope this helps.
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    Hi Lars 1. I don't believe so, you can see in this video... and 2. Watch this video. If a 3-Eleven is faster than a 918 Spyder, I'm pretty sure the GT4 isn't going to even be in the same ball park!
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    @CharlieBrown your understanding is not correct. As @NC25T says the GT is based on the Evora 410 Sport and is an evolution of it. The main difference to the 410 Sport is the new front and rear bumpers. So, over the "standard" 410 you get that lovely extra carbon (front flap, roof, ducktail boot), some additional weight loss, retuned suspension, etc. You can "scoff" at the additional carbon, but when you put an Evora GT next to cars costing significantly more from Aston, McLaren, Porsche etc the quality and amount of carbon on the Evora, compared to the others, is startling. Then take a look at the "cost" of the carbon upgrades on the cars from Aston, McLaren, Porsche etc and start weeping. Only you can say whether it is worth it for you to pay the extra for the GT. If not, but a 400, still a wonderful car and 9.5/10ths of the GT for a lot less.
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    Certainly my daughter in law does and they are all very committed vegans
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    For the love of all that is holy don't spend money fitting TPMS, I want to turn mine off
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    Might have been me (but am an S2 Exige) - likewise the Elise looked and sounded fab
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    Thanks for putting my mind at rest. Weather has been fantastic.
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    I've had my 2012 Lotus Evora IPS (20k miles) for a little while now (7 months) so I thought I'd list my observations. 1.) The stereo: I have the tech package with the upgraded Pioneer system. Growing up, Alpine was always the better system. But for Lotus that is the stock system? I find the Pioneer system: - interface difficult to use - the navigation screen has a lot of icons that don't seem to be much help - the map upgrade price is something like $120+ - I found it confusing as to what software version and updating should be performed. The website states if you have one version, do this. If another do this, etc. And don't do it unless you have an iPhone.. I use an Android phone. - the sound volume dial is almost useless, it's so small that when you try to grab it and hit a bump you shut it off or select another input - there are no back speakers! just a sub-woofer. It's such a small cabin, it needs rear speaker to balance the sound out, and those could be used for what bass is needed - the phone blue tooth integration is almost useless, callers say they can't hear me or there is too much distortion. I couldn't figure out how to dial a number and then type in a code (i.e. conference calling, etc.) painful 2.) Wiper motor makes noise. I can't tell if too loud, or normal. I've heard it goes out early. I have purchased a replacement but before I swap them out I wish I knew what was too noisy 3.) Door sensor: It was delivered with the passenger door sensor not working. So I couldn't lock the car. That required a sensor replacement 4.) A/C: It was delivered with warm air only from the A/C. I found out that the software version affects the rotation of the compressor motor. So when it was flashed and updated, I had cooled air! 5.) Oil change: That was nice and easy. I think it had more than 6.1 quarts of oil in it though. After heating the oil and added more till in spec. 6.) Engine air filter: That was hard, to get the air box cover off, removing the center connector piece and get it back on was difficult. A lot of good posts out there that help. 7.) Pollen air filter: That was easy. A little pricey as I had to order from over seas. $39 8.) Front end alignment: I'm getting steering wheel vibration around 80 mph. It's pretty noticeable. Do I need balancing and alignment? Below 70 the car drive straight and I can let go of the wheel and it drive straight. 9.) Wing/Tail: I've added a new wing, that was easy to replace. Swapping out the CHMSL. 10.) Side scoops: I've added carbon fiber air intake scoops on the side. That was hard. I glued them on, and since my car is yellow, the black glue compound required tedious work to make sure it looked good. I'm now looking at changing out the front bumper to the GTE style, and also change the Side A panels to GT4 style. My Evora is yellow with black vinyl.
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    Last time I saw wiring like that it was in a chicken shed
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    Hi all, I’m making a small batch so it’s cost effective, will help if people can put the word about a bit so I can sell them.
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    Little bit of a noise from the front left. Decided to have a look. The anti roll bar bolt had undone! I can't blame anyone as I built it! Still torqued back up, both front wheel bearings adjusted and I made it to Newlands corner. Engine needs tuning constantly, else the shutdown backfire comes back! Running real,well with a small leak from the cam shaft cover! A young lad was telling his dad how he had that car at home. I laughed to myself, I remember being in that situation in July 1977 - but no longer!
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    Pulled the S4 out of the garage and cleaned off the layer of winter dirt and grime.
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    Actually from the cfd airflow i think the Type 130 may explore a very free flowing air circulation around the carbon tub safety cell cockpit and may push the envelop to the point of this : The Vanda Dendrobium which coincidentally has been developed in collaboration with Williams A.E. The Type 130 maybe a bit more refined stylized in terms of upper body slick lines, the other cars having these kind of airflow are the AM Valkyrie which may be the closest all around thing to it. and also the Ford GT major difference with these last two is of course the absence of internal combustion engine and the difference with the Dendobrium which does use the Williams A.E Skate is that the Type 130 is going to lay on a Lotus own chassis, but it will share the Williams A.E propulsion architecture of the Vanda. and as a result possibly some of the characteristics of the Dendrobium For more info on the Vanda Dendrobium :
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    A public car park today - more common than Fiestas...!
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    Print this and use it as a guide next time

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