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    Big shout out to Jez and Sam at Back on Track for such a brilliant service with sorting my car. They really go that extra mile with everything they do, the real jewel in the crown of garages! Getting the car back like this before Christmas beats any presents! Joe.
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    Looks like I will be busy in the new year... Thanks to Bibs and @internets to get my pressie delivered before christmas.
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    This is the family round-robin that you just love to get at this time of year. Well, it's been a busy year for us. In January I went to collect coal for the fire and slipped on a patch of ice. Went down with a bit of a bang and lost most of my teeth. This continues to be troublesome (see pic) so looks like turkey soup this Christmas. After 3 days my wife started to get a bit anxious and came looking. She slipped on the same patch of ice and ended up in hospital with a broken hip. The staff were good but after several visits I noticed her medical notes referred to her as Mrs A. not Mrs L. I mentioned this to a nurse but nothing changed. I mean, you don't want medical notes getting mixed up between patients do you, so I put in an official complaint. No! Not Mrs A. The wife had caught MRSA! In April we drove down to Switzerland to see some friends but they weren't in. As you know the Swiss are famous for their cheese and as we had finished our sandwiches we shared a nice cheeseburger on the way back. We called in on a French Street Market where we met a very friendly Italian called Ivor Gottcha. He was selling Chateau-Neuf-De-Crap for only £30 a bottle. It seemed amazing value, almost too good to be true. We had spare Euros and ordered 10 cases. He promised it would be with us in time for Xmas so I'm really looking forward to that. This start to the year caused a bit of friction. After 12 years of happy marriage (she said the other 37 I could have tried a bit harder) the wife left me and took the dog----I really missed that dog. She did return so we decided as a celebration to embark on a World Tour taking in the Americas, Australia and New Zealand and back up through Europe. Unfortunately the guy in the travel agent trousered the money and disappeared. Luckily we found a broker who specialised in not only refunds but also serious amounts of compensation. As he explained the reason for emptying my bank account and leaving only £1 was to ensure there wouldn't be any problem when the refund was processed. Nothing yet but I'm sure that when he gets his telephone fixed (a Nigerian number) it will turn out to be a minor computer glitch. With all this going on I had forgotten to pay the hospital parking fine of £30 which had now morphed into £1730.80 I did send a cheque but it bounced (see previous paragraph). They sent a vey nice man round to collect the debt (Mr. Bailiff). He said they wouldn't take the Lotus as it was such a mess it wouldn't even cover half that amount. Some good news, the Lotus seats are now in the lounge as the furniture has all gone. On a more serious note those of you who know me will be saddened to hear that I lost my wife at the beginning of this month. Such a sweet cheerful thing, I was traumatised. It hit me very hard, and it was a very difficult time for me, huge amounts of stress and worry and loneliness. I tried but I just couldn't cope and I took to the bottle (whisky) almost immediately. I know you will judge me as weak but you just won't understand the feeling of hopelessness and desolation unless this has happened to you Eventually I found her waiting for me at the checkout, but I still hate these huge Supermarkets. Due to the drink we had a minor car crash on the way home and the case comes up in January! Ah well, mustn't grumble-----Merry bleeding Christmas. Roy and Sylvie.

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