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  1. theres a very easy principle if you stick to it you will enjoy life and be at peace. if its a daily in the city (traffic) = DCT > Auto> Manual if its a daily in the suburbs = manual > DCT > Auto if its a weekend car = manual > DCT > Auto if its track car then: performance = DCT > manual > Auto fun = manual > DCT > Auto whichever activity constitutes 80% of your driving experience then pick the option that suites it. I just realized auto is the least fun option in most scenarios😁 that was not intentional.
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  2. Fire red is blooming awesome Pics don’t do it justice either beautiful in the flesh
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  3. Doesn’t matter how many colours AM offer on the configurator, their customers still only order the boring ones. I mean how many DB9s were silver, grey or black? 80%?
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  4. I think we have here a clear case of "listen to your wife"... Happy Wife - Happy Life... 😉 And you get the right colours for free 😉 I'm in the other camp. Empire Green or the dark metalic racing green would be my favourite. So the dark verdant could be it. With the current blue, I think they have missed it somehow. Mitnight Blue for dark and Essex blue for brighter tones would have been much better choice. (=more sales...come on Lotus with that fancy robo-paint-shop you can do that!) 😉
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