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    Hello Evora people. I’ve upgraded / gone soft (delete as you see fit) from an Exige 350 Sport. As you can see I have no imagination when it comes to colour choice.
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    What made me Happy Today. Could it be because I am about to become the new owner of a nice Essex Blue dry sump Esprit. Due for delivery shortly. I have known the car for a few years and in fact helped the previous owner buy it. Hate to think just how much has been spent on this car in the past 18 months, but neadless to say, I wont have to touch the spanners on her for a long time, other than normal servicing that is. Everything under the shell has been replaced or rebuilt including the engine. Happy, OH YES.
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    I parked in a rather industrial-looking car park recently and the faded fluorescent lighting made my Evora look amazing...
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    New secondhand lathe and milling machine arrived in the workshop with digital displays. Nice upgrade from the previous ones that Noah threw out from the Ark.
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    Delighted to say my dry sump PTO 188X mentioned earlier in this thread, has now completed its 15 month mechanical restoration and passed its mot today first time! Now back on the road after a six year lay off 🙂
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    It was about a year that my Esprit had problems,( the radiator fans sometimes turned on at low temperature and turned off when they wanted to) I finally discovered that the ECU had failed.I looked for used or new one but nothing, Finally thanks to a guy in the forum I found Esprit Engineering. I sent my ECM to them and they fix it in a short time, despite was Christmas, and now I have the Esprit again. So I have to thank Geoff of Esprit Engineering but also the TLF forum and its members for helping me ciao Roberto from Italy
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    Mine after a little play in the lakes last weekend. Its now all clean and tucked back up in the garage .
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    I really like the seats in my 400 however I have found the lumbar area of the seat lacking and my wife has complained it gives her a sore back after a few hours as there isn't much lower back support. I as we all do researched the Be Google out of this looking for Ideas. Inflatable lumber units were the go for some types of seats. Of the ones I found were to be honest expensive and only available in the UK and then there is the postage etc. I stumbled on these inflatable units which are for want of a better description for getting access to car doors, presumably by professional AA type people, I leave the rest to your imagination . They are made out quite a tuff material, due to their inteneded purpose. I contacted the company wanting to buy just these But no have to buy all three at $22AUD for three I bought 2 sets. as you can see its like they were made for the seats, this picture shows the size and the location is about right. I have looked into getting the trim off previously and found with the seats forward you can remove the seat trim at the base. you need to put one hand under the seat back base and compress the foam and trim up, using a plastic trim tool, release the trim from the channel its retained in. Once that's pulled out and some of the cabling disgorged you can actually get up in between the foam and seat back Thankfully the foam isn't stuck to the seat back so you can feed to wedge up into place. I will be honest, this is a bit awkward with the seat in the car. I managed it so I figure others can. It does go in quite easily as there is an internal stiffener, but getting up high into the place you need to push it up as high as your can but hand and the final place is trial and error. the best bit is that there is a nice wide slot in the seat back to bring the tube out and when its in place the pump doesn't catch on anything and can be reached with the door closed. Very happy with the result and all for total 300 grams of extra weight.
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    Exige 410 Sport in Cyan Blue Metallic 😍
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    Today I helped @peteyg install the calipers onto my S2. Bolting into place was easy, they go straight into the existing sliding pins. Handbrake cables - these go into the top of the caliper rather than the bottom, passenger side was no problem with a bit of manipulation. I was warned the driver side would need shortening but we were concerned about compromising it so elected to reroute. I initially we tried behind the battery box but it was too tight so elected to bring the cable in through the bodywork earlier and run to the caliper that way. There is a fair bit of slack on the cable but looks to be operating ok. Only concern we have is there is a raised ridge on the caliper and it is rubbing on the mounting bracket so don't know how this will affect its operation. I will speak to PNM to get their thoughts. They also suggested new brake pads and for the extra £20 I went with it. Will update more with pics when we test them. Oh and they are a LOT lighter!
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    I'm not French so I won't be donning a yellow vest and setting fire to other peoples hard worked for property etc. I'm British, so I'll rant a little. I'll shout at the TV and the radio. I'll huff and I'll chunter. And then, i'll just get and make a cup of tea and get on with it. However, I won't forget how our democratic will has been pushed aside and any politician who comes knocking at my door had better have a paramedic in attendance as my non violent verbal barrage will probably cause them to have a heart attack on my doorstep and I'll not be in a frame of mind to assist with CPR. If Corbyn gets in as a result of this diabolical episode then quite frankly we are all, very, very, doomed! That man will bankrupt this country and drive away anyone with an aspiration to do well within a term. But then, cannot see how the Tories will have any credibility left at all after this fiasco. They are now surely unlectable and toxic as a political party, so Corbyn it is. Rees-Mogg, Gove, Johnson, Greive, Soubrey et al - I hope you are proud of what you have done to the country and also to your party.
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    Yup May saying if they don't vote for her deal there will be no Brexit. Once again the Corrupt Politicians get their way. Despite the referendum the Politicians could only see their huge pensions disappearing and so virtually none are representing the public that voted. Frankly, I saw it coming ages ago (And posted it here). As a leaver and a law abiding MOP what do I do now? Vote for UKIP or take to the streets? Frankly I am absolutely livid and the second seems like a good idea!
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    Love that colour. I wonder why?🤔 Ah, that could be why.😁 I went from Exige V6 too. How do you find the comparison?
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    Good to see some old faces! And it's good to be back behind the wheel of a Lotus.
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    Box in and car back together. Quick blast up the road - and yep - that box feels lovely. its a bit wet outside - when it breaks traction is wiggles just nicely and gets the power down. I must say I’m impresssed. the gear changes feel very nice and smooth - it’s never felt that nice and it wasn’t bad before. Think that oil @CHANGES put me onto was a fantastic choice. one very happy bunny. Wifes been niggling that I’ve been in the garage again instead of doing stuff round the house. Oh well......
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    Here you go ... love matte black ...
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    UKIP was Farage and without him they are screwed. Their recent embracing of BNP/EDF type people means that even if I did strongly agree (which I don't!) with their Brexit policy I could never even consider voting for them.
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    Lotus further bolsters Senior Team with new Comms/PR & Marketing Directors
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    So the result of the referendum in 2016 was as near as damn it 52% for leaving and 48% remain. That is on a purely % of the vote basis. Does anyone know how this matches up against constituencies across the UK? Are 52% of constituencies for leaving etc etc? I haven't seen any figures (and can't be arsed to look) but out of the 650 odd MPs who get to vote on the deal, assuming they were to vote the way their electorate told them, how would the vote come out? Just thought this was an interesting concept................not that MPs can be trusted to represent the views of their constituents...... OK - so I could be arsed............ Amazingly, across the UK, it seems that 64% of constituencies voted to leave!!!! OI MPs - vote like your constituents wanted you bastards
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    These did not make me happy but they didn't half give me a chuckle. And
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    I've been away with work and stuff since 21st December. First chance to go and open the garage since then. Walked in, and there where my two little babies - Sylvia my 18 year old VX220 SC and Ruby my Fire Red 410 Sport. Just standing there looking at them reminded me just what a lucky chap I am hehe. I think sometimes we take for granted the little plastic boxes that we have. They really are superb machines. So, that made me happy. Just that.
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