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    Today I collected my new Lotus Exige Sport 350 in Vivid Green in Mendig from KomoTec - unsuprising I'am still overwhelmed and just totally happy Beside the cool colour above all I'am exited about the AIM KomoTec MXS Strada Display - the quality of craftmanship conducted by KomoTec here is outstanding - regard how their control buttons for the MXS are intergated in the cover of the steering wheel! Awesome!
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    I’ve wanted a Lotus for a long time, ever since trying to buy an original NA 190 S2 Exige. Finally I can say I’ve joined the club after picking this car up from Charlie last week. Over the moon with it. Im away this week with work, so frustratingly I won’t get to drive it again for another week! Look forward to seeing some of you about. Plus a big thanks to @GFWilliams for putting up with my questions Oh and @alias23 I’ll be in touch
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    Wing and splitter now fitted to mine thanks to @Mattmahope
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    thanks to @GFWilliams for this amazing shot!
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    Yes I did see this, looks good in the red. I've bought a black riviera last month to be honest .
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    Atrocious driving conditions on the Sunday driving up to Glasgow to visit relatives. Good job I didn't use the Esprit with no demister or heater! However, gorgeous sunny day on the Monday driving from Glasgow to Duns. Took the A697, - drivers dream! Long straights, snaky bends and quiet open roads. Eclat had a ball . When I arrived at the museum, they lifted the barrier and let me park in front of the museum for some photos. Throughout our visit people were taking photos of the Eclat with the museum in the background. The museum is brilliant with tons of information on EVERYTHING! By the time we left, I had info overload. So need to make another trip some time for a second helping. The good news, Once you pay your entry fee, it is valid for 12 months so you lucky people in Scotland could go every day if you wanted to! On driving in Scotland, got lots of thumbs ups from various white van men, a motorcyclist pulled up alongside and lifted his visor up to get a better look then gave me another thumbs up. A couple of lads in a hot hatch pulled up alongside me on the motorway, (M8 and it was fairly quiet) wound down the window and the passenger started taking what looked like a video with a big grin on his face. (my grin matched his though!). Would of liked a copy of the video. Over the three days we covered over 600 miles and the Eclat never missed a beat. Very happy.
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    Well the end result is in and im very happy! Yes the install was a little daunting at first, but actually quite easy and no way as scary or as difficult as it may look! The fitment especially the top contour of the scoop against the clam is very good! For sure they do add a more dramatic profile to the side of the car. I do like the 'open' look of the scoop as opposed to mesh and like the 430 Cup the internal scoop is super smooth. I used Pro Bolt for proper anodised fixings vs the screws Lotus seem to procure from B&Q! Ignore any white 'markings' in the pics its basically fibreglass dust from the diamond cutter and the car definitely needs a good wash! And now for the money shot! Yes.... 25mm enlargement in scoop aperture!!!!! Which can only be a positive for increased air flow to the intake and also additional cooling into the engine bay. I may look to relocate my gearbox oil cooler from underneath the car to behind the drivers side scoop over winter. A quick test drive and weirdly the cars supercharger sounds even louder! Returning back home and good poke around and everything is still solid and tight. So all in all very happy boy and definitely worth the wait! ... before you ask... yes a few folks have already asked if I'll be looking to get a pre-order underway and I'm talking to the manufacturer to finalise pricing but more importantly get a firm commitment on delivery dates based on a bulk order
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    The MOT for LHD conversion passed. The normal roadworthiness stuff had few minor items that need to fixed. Esprit is now legally a lhd car. This feels like the goal line and the remaining stuff is just details. Can't stop smiling....
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    I'm not sure how you're gonna fit that spare wheel in there!
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    Just got mine- back in Lotus ownership after a number of years out. Now all I need is some weather to get out. Photos a big rubbish I was skirting the rain.
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    Quote of the day, how true! Brexit-backing Conservative MP Bob Seely says 104 Labour MPs are in Leave-majority seats. "If I were them, I would be listening to my constituents more than my party leadership," he says. "Their constituents are likely to be around longer than their party leadership."
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    I believe I mentioned the pump straight off Fabian. Listen to uncle Dave
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    Yep, you still come across the long standing beliefs that “Labour is for the workers, Conservative is for the rich” with Labour already voicing the same slogan in readiness for a GE Why can’t people see the truth of the matter, “they are all in it for themselves.” No one should need any further proof of this after the charade in Parliament over the past 3 years.
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    Dany and I aren’t on speaking terms anymore. Originally I approached ARSE to make my car more of a lifestyle luxury premium expression of automotive hedonistic opulence and extravagance, but he said that they were busy hacking a Lambo to bits and didn’t have time to take the angle grinder to mine. But, he did like the gold engine cover, so that’s something. And the pop up lights.
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    Thanks Bibs. Thought I had already tried that but obviously not!! Full membership also bought. So handy this forum and a great bunch of people. Easily worth £24!
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    100% agree with this. I had to sell my first Evora Sports Racer in 2016 regretted it immensely, In the interim I’ve had an Alfa Brera, M135i, E90 M3 and and new MX5... I’ve lost an awful lot in depreciation on those in the last few years (more importantly they were all rubbish compared to the Lotus).. by contrast my old Evora would have only depreciated only a few grand. Also agree on the brand in general - the cars have the presence of a supercar but without the associated stigma of driving something with a Porsche / Ferrari / lambo badge
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    Nice article remembering Jimmy in Autocar.
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    Well my darling wife has £195 on it but seeing it's you she has said £100. That's for basically 4 original Wendy Kimberley Paintings. It's been treated so it won't weather anymore, its varnished and would come with Cert of Authenticity. You then have a choice to come collect it in person at Windsor in 2 weekends time or £10 P&P.
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    for instance it should be....for example SCC084912CHD1234 SCC (denotes Lotus) 084 (so type 84 S2 Eclat) 912 (denotes the engine 2.2ltr) C (denotes model year '82) H (denotes Hethel) D (denotes domestic market so UK car) 1234 (denotes car unit number) so yours should read as that the unit number and the market notation would be different......the D could probably be a E (for Europe) other than that.....the exact bits are with Andy Im afraid
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    The chassis should be fine, it will be galvanised, being an S2, and better engine and gearbox too than the S1's, so very desirable. Cloth trim in the S2's is pretty good quality, so may well be in good order. Don't even try to start engine till a new cambelt installed. Fundamentally a much better proposition than an S1. They are not complicated cars, but can be difficult to actually get to where you want to go to get a job done. Good luck with it, and definitely worth saving.
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    Now for that nice but dull beige 90's interior...time for some 70's electric blue bling. Of course that opens up more cans of worms, broken nylon bushings on the selector master unit, done... But the nightmare will be the jammed heater valve, I can see the cable disappear above and behind the pedal box, I can just about feel the valve with my fat fingers but I ain't looking forward to trying to get it out, SUGGESTIONS...
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    There’s a guy on Facebook will make you one for £60. Good value I’d say. He’s recreating quite a few different owners cars.
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    Hi Georg, As Trevor says there are two places to measure the power output of a car, one is at engine and the second is at the wheels. There is some drivetrain losses due to friction etc .. going from the engine to the wheels usually around 15% loss. This may help explain: Do you know where the dyno garage where measuring their output from? If it is at the wheels then I think your car is OK if the engine then possibly you have some problem. I believe the figure quoted by Lotus is the engine horse power and assuming a loss of 15% for the drive train and then a further loss of 5% for 4wd compared to 2wd dyno give a total of 20% losses going from engine power to wheel power. So if you take 350ps and multiply by 0.80 that equals = 280ps which is roughly in line with what you are getting in your car, so assuming your dyno figure is measured at the wheels I don't think there is any problem. Heat soak in the engine can also reduce performance, if the car had performed a few runs and the engine bay was hot then this would also reduce the power by a little bit too. If there was a problem I would have thought an experience garage would be able to at least have a guess at what the problem might be? Did they measure air to fuel ratio, this can give an indication to problems in the engine.
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    Ah. No, you didn’t include the link to the car. And, yes, the owner is on here: @chip2257
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    Blurry burnt out resistor Nope - just make sure you fit bigger W rating ones
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    Back on Track have done mine plenty of times, they’ll get it perfect for you
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    It will all depend on how many Labour MPs are going to vote with their own mind and defy their antagonistic leader, whose sole agenda for life is to cause as much disruption as he can without having any real purpose.
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    Greetings from Texas. I have lurked here for a while because I have worked on some Evoras and Elises over the years but I recently got my own 2002 Esprit V8 25th so I thought I'd better be a real person. The car is in pretty good shape (only 22k miles) although, I got it as a "does not run" vehicle. Luckily, it was the Cobra-alarm-permanently-immobilized immobilizer issue so I was able to get it running with two jumper wires. Now. on to the other "little" things. This forum has a great amount of information. Happy to be here. -MC
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    Both the block and cylinder heads are made aluminium alloy LM25TF (fully heat treated LM25) A lot of the pitting is coming from cases where either incorrect coolant is used or that the coolant has not been replaced at the correct intervals.
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    they look great imran, well done for putting in the work.
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    Or take the great car you have and go visit Komotec in Germany
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    Love car not sure above loud red interior? Although it’s growing on me.
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    Emissions cheked. Had to hardwire the fans as the otter switch didn't... switch them on. New switch, but something is wrong. On the return trip the alternator belt was slipping so bad that I couldn't switch on the headlights. Luckily there were street lights all the way home and the car is white. Not quite finished yet.. Love the interior, though...
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    A697/A68. My Saturday morning stomping grounds...
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    Just sold and heading from Perth UK to Perth Western Australia...
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    With that reg, it should’ve been under a Vulcan’s wing.
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    1 of 7 JPS tribute at Australia's top Concourse in Melbourne, Motorclassica.The car is for sale and outside with a plethora of other exotic.
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    A few sessions from Silverstone. The new surface is super smooth. but took a long time for a dry line to appear. Best time of the day 2 min 23 secs.
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    That's better than some Alfa Romeo Sportwagons. However I think I'd have to remove some missiles and what looks like Q's sub-aqua club gear before I could accommodate those paint tins.
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    Day 20 (26.09.19) of my restoration and I finally took the head off the engine. To my surprise the head, pistons and bores are all looking remarkably good for 97,000 miles. The pistons are still a nice fit in the liners, which have a minimal wear step at the top, although bores will be checked to see if in tolerance. The piston tops are clean, just covered in a layer of oil residue. I did do a leak test on all the valves and compression chambers, as I was expecting number two cylinder to be possibly damaged with some wear, as this was down on compression so much when I tested it. Actually all the valves are really good, number one and two did drain in the leak test, but the damage just looks to be carbon build up, so I think a good clean, reface the valves and seats, all should be fine. Three and four did leak, but only minimal. As long as the valve guides are still a good fit, with indications that they are, then the head needs minimal work to put right and has saved me some money, always a good thing! The rest of the engine is coming apart reasonably well, with only one bolt head shearing off so far in the water pump thermostat housing, but that should still be possible to remove. Hopefully the bottom half of the engine will come apart as easily as the top has.
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    Yes but you are also getting a very limited edition of a very well engineered, track optimised, car with impeccable reliability in the engine and drivetrain, low running costs and the ability to go round in circles on a track all day without over heating engine, brakes, gearbox, clutch etc. It is also handbuilt buy a bunch of english turnip farmers who happen to be fine engineers, upholsterers and mechanics and you will be marked out as a gentleman member of a very select and small club. On the other hand, you could pay a little bit less and get a mass market, mass produced, piece of German shite that every other dentist, plastic surgeon, accountant or hair dresser has and be one of a very big gang of well, errr, boring people. Just my usual tuppence worth. Take it with a pinch of salt if you like.
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    I think mine is less and less noisy with mileage going on.
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    Fabian - so here are some photos of my old and new bulkhead carpet from SJ. The old one The new one Both together Old stitch detail - note white thread New stitch detail - note black thread, but the edging is a good match I think In summary - its 'ok' - the accuracy of the window cutout is not great, I think they could have made a better job sticking to the shape of the right hand side, but I'm hoping I can shape that when I glue it in place. Certainly no problem with the whole carpet being too small to go under the engine cover - it will need trimming back all round.
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    Hi Fabian, Sorry for taking so long to reply. There is no carpet above the 1/4 window. The carpet on the bulkhead is only on the bulkhead and doesn't extend to the sides or roof of the car in any part. Does this answer your question? - Tony

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