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    Size isn't everything... I'm told. Admission is free, as long as you quite like talking about my car.
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    Collection day. Early days but first impression the car feels amazing.
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    Was worth looking back after I parked today
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    Just one more sleep before I pick the 410 up tomorrow. Feel so lucky and excited for what is for me a post-lockdown present.
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    Chassis collected from cathodic dip coating. Full inspection tomorrow, but I'm really very impressed with the finish. I can now commence with the rebuild of the rolling chassis.
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    Just recieved back my modified Binnacle from Carbonwurks in Bournemouth as I was very disappointed with the quality of the binnacle that was shipped from Aim. I understand I was buying a dashboard really and not a quality binnacle but I was keen to replicate the standard of finish Lotus have achieved in the cabin. I had Carbonwurks remove the four Aim switches from the binnacle and make good. (I replaced the four Aim switches in the binnacle with two rocker switches either side of forward part of the rear steering column shroud which gives me the same functionality but are effectively out of sight). Daniel and his team at Carbonwurks carbon skinned the top of the binnacle matching the OEM carbon pattern I have on the rest of the car, whilst leaving the dash surround as is. A finish that wasn't possible if I had it dipped. Finally they covered the 'wings' in black perforated synthetic leather.... be honest i am absolutely delighted with the result...not the cheapest option, I must admit ,but it has delivered a quality look whichI am more than happy with.
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    For any of you that like 430s.
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    Sorted. Thanks so much for everyone’s input on this. I don’t know if it’s a bit embarrassing but after taking the back cover off and then seeing Steve’s picture and also reading a similar problem for SwindonAlan I realised that the washer was not fitted on the detent spring plug so therefore the spring was forcing the ball bearing too hard which was the cause of the stiffness. cant believe how good it feels now
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    Thought you would like to see the finished article installed in the car.........
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    Hi All, not sure if this is the correct place to post. But just needed to tell (anyone really) that I have placed an order today for a Chrome Orange 20th. my first lotus. not sure on delivery, probably late august, so might wait until the 1st for the new reg. can’t wait! mart
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    A drive into the peaks today, putting some miles on the car before a peaks run on Sunday with MLOC.
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    Next time you buy some parts, here are the posh new boxes they'll come in! You can't see them here but they'll also have nice new 'genuine parts' holograms on them too.
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    Right spot right moment earlier today.
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    This site is brilliant for anyone who wants to learn about various paving methods: Managed to do this based on their advice. I have pretty much zero building experience and just tip tap away on my PC for my job. Was a very happy day when this was completed.
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    After 6 months of on and off digging out the multiple layers of a ~200 year old 140m2 driveway (no mini-digger, just pick, shovel and breaker - fitness motivated!), barrowing and shoveling 42 tonnes of scalpings and 14 tonnes of gravel, today I finished the driveway! Made for a great Esprit photo op. Very happy with how it turned out (never done a drive before).
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    Made a quick stop at this working mill. Old used up stones behind the Esprit. This type of landscape with curvy narrow hilly backroads are my favourites for taking a good fun drive in the Esprit. It's easy to feel how the car responds to the road and the drivers input. A nice dance. Have a nice Summer! Kind regards, jacques
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    Update guys, fitted the tailgate chrome trims, I was a bit worrying about but has been easy, checked with care the corners fit before putting seal on and the result is very good. Also fitted the passenger carpets and seat and trying to make the handbrake lever warning light working as with the new carpets and the new rubber lever there was very few gap to make the contact on microswitch. Next would be the windscreen and have the Speedline wheels sandblasted and painted, very happy, this car is coming beautiful!
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    The Aston Martin business model (pre-Ford) was very Stella Artois: Reassuringly expensive. Owners seemed to relish getting big bills for servicing. No repairs or upgrades were free. I find the whole Aston Martin 'thing' rather amusing and the recent share price collapse from £19 to bankruptcy in under 2 years somewhat sums up the 'smoke and mirrors' business it has long been. Long live Lotus! Or to be up to date, Lotus Cars Matter. Justin
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    I've been looking to make a version two of the intake to integrate an air straightener, I want to do this properly with a physical hold in place in addition to just the simple approach of epoxy. Some folks will remember that the pipe work I use is not a size which is 'off the shelf' and therefore the straighteners available online are too small (I tested them from three different suppliers!). So I've taken the step to make my own and today I got a few samples laser cut from scratch to ensure a tight and correct fitment. I'll be looking to have a few prototypes finished to test in the coming two weeks
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    Update: Lotus Cars and my dealership have agreed to fix the car as a goodwill gesture under warranty! It goes without saying that I'm very pleased and a big thanks to everyone in the Lotus community involved in helping me out. It's things like this that make me glad to be a Lotus driver, rather than the owner of less friendly make of car.
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    July 1 is Canada Day - national holiday - but this year was a bit different as the vast majority of events were cancelled or had some sort of a virtual alternative. I normally alternate between two events - either volunteer work with the local RCMP to help out with the crowds at the beach or at a car show put on each year by some friends who run a high-end restoration shop called Jellybean AutoCrafters (shameless plug, but their work is good enough to have been shown at Pebble Beach). Both were cancelled this year but my day was saved when I got an invite from Jellybean to join a max 25 car one day tour, lunch included route not known til the start, all gratis. So away we went. Took the Esprit and were one of two European cars in a group of 22 hot rods and muscle cars. Despite some crappy weather, it was great fun. The first shot, assuming I can get them to upload in the right order, is us at the start. The Jellybeans car show is always held at the Langley Speedway, a now defunct 1/4 mile paved oval that was used for stock car racing from 1965 to 1984. I went there as a kid. It is now part of a regional park and has largely been taken over by the nature and horse crowds, but our hosts got approval for our group to get onto the old track for a few (slow) laps. Still a lot of fun; I could remember where the pits and grandstands used to be and imagine the crowds. Especially when I managed to hang back to create some space and give the Esprit a bit of wellie through the east end of the old oval. The second shot shows the cars stopped on track after a few laps. Our hosts had a photographer there taking video and drone shots so I will look for that on their Facebook page in a few days as it will undoubtedly have better pictures than I took. After that it was off along the back roads to Chilliwack for lunch and then the long route up a stretch of the Fraser River and back. The spring flood is on and the river is almost as high as I have ever seen it. Great drive, if not quite as brisk a pace as I would have done on my own. Great day nonetheless. The last two shots were taken at the end of the day - one shows that we weren't the only Esprit there after all .
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    Spent much of yesterday polishing the magslots. The first time since they were hand prepared in April 2018. Finished off with Mothers 'Power Wax' which will hopefully seal in the freshness for a time at least.
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    Jeez - if the next Lotus could possibly look anything like this......I’m in!....I’d take it in Fire Red please....although plain red would sit nice alongside the Turbo - one can but dream!
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    Sold my 1969 Mustang Mach 1 Sad to see it go but thought I'd sell while prices are still high. Made £10,000 profit on it in 4 years of ownership, better than money in the bank. Now to find something else . . .
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    Very pleasant if chilly morning for a drive out. Good to restart meeting again after a long layoff, and a nice variety of cars. Sorry you couldn't make it Dave. I think for the foreseeable future this might be the best location to meet as it is on private land and has teas/coffees (no food until 11am unfortunately). I'll try to move the time to 8-8:30 start for the next one, and I'll contact them over the next week to thank them and arrange the next meetup. I'll also give a bit more notice, but we may well still be number restricted.
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    The Aston Martin business model of former CEO Andy Palmer, did remind me of DB's plan, a product blitzkrieg funded by a loan with low interest and a market floatation. It could have worked, had the market stayed up and confidence stayed high, but the product planning and expenditure looked pharaonic. The market induction was poorly timed and Palmer should have known that from that moment on that he was on borrowed time, the guy planned a brand new factory, a new V12 and a V6, an SUV, 3 mid engined hypercars & supercars, relaunching Lagonda and propping RedBull to the tune of 20m USD per season for the past 4 years... I actually like the fact that Lotus is keeping it all secrets for as long as they can. it may be too slow and not proactive enough but better slow than too soon, too fast and poorly executed...
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    Richard Littlejohns view on it all
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    I just happened to be overtaking a mate of my son in law's at a roundabout and he caught me on his dash cam! If you can stand the in-car music you can just about hear the Esprit as I set off at the roundabout! Quality's crap but was nice seeing myself in action! darryl blubs reed.mp4
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    Front 8x17 ET24 5x110 Rear 10x18 ET30 5x114.3 actually fitted with 225 and 265 trofeo R tyres And on track with some friend cup R also fitted with BC Forged RZ 39 in matte bronze
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    So for years the missus has insisted we need a better outdoor space. This weekend Ive finally relented and agreed to get it redone and a mates doing us a grand design. We removed a big tree a few weeks ago in preparation for a hot tub relocation - but now it’s the whole bloody lot that needs to be done so this came out and left us with this today I managed to find some pallets and the old patio block paving has come up - even got the girls gently slaving then had a tidy up in preparation for the site to be marked up on Wednesday for the digger man to come and level and clear the site in anticipation of starting let’s see what the next few weeks brings - well other than bills...
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    I'd chuck the skis and the brackets in the bin and put the drills away
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    Over the last 6 years I've owned a Launch Edition, a 400 and now a GT410 Sport. If I look back at each car as I've gone along, I would say that the best one for commuting was the LE, ride is softer and for motorway/A road cruising it is great. It had enough power and speed to do everything that was required with enough pace for fun on B roads. The ride was the most comfortable of the three cars. If I was still doing the mad mileage I was at that time I would happily go back to that car. I had a Porsche Cayman as a hire car when someone crashed into the LE and I much preferred the LE to that. The GT410 Sport is definitely a track focused car, the ride is noticeably stiffer than the 400 and much stiffer than the LE and while it is not uncomfortable or unpleasant you do notice it. I'm not commuting any more and while I would happily live with it just because it is so much fun when you can open it up, it isn't as relaxing. The 400 sits somewhere in the middle, and I know that sounds like a cop out, but its ride is more compliant than the 410 and it has more power than the LE. Throughout the time I owned it, I never really felt the difference between the 400 and LE was that great and always had a slightly nagging suspicion I should have kept the LE. The first time I test drove a 400 I decided to stay with the LE. Then I did a second with Ken 'have I got a deal for you' Morgan at Snows and he made me an offer I couldn't refuse. Which come to think of it was how I ended up with the 410... Interior wise I always liked the LE's wrap around feel and apart from feeling I was looking at a Cylon with the Red Display colour I had no complaints. I'm really annoyed the 4xx series don't have the change gear lights, I loved those. The 400 interior is a nice place to be and the 410's is also, personally I don't miss the side pockets. It stops my GF from storing random make up things and tissue boxes etc in there. Ultimately as with all things Lotus it will be down to your personal choice, the softer LE ride was great for commuting, I moved from an EP3 Honda Civic Type R and the ride in the LE was much easier to live with. The 410 is huge fun B road blasting, grips like the wheels are covered in epoxy, except when its cold or very wet, when it is 'interesting' but that's down to the tyres. I find there is more difference between the 410 and the 400 than the LE and the 400. The 410 is definably more focused and although none of the changes are big the aggregation of those changes makes for a very different car. All three are great cars and I haven't regretted owning any of them. Its just frustrating not being able to drive the 410 due to the lockdown and now the shitty weather. Tris...
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    Hello, I have been a fan of this forum for many years. I was reading this post and found something that might be useful for all(even if it is an old post). I came across the video below on youtube when I was doing research on my Lotus Esprit project. It is an interview with Lewis Gilbert, the director of The Spy Who Loved Me. It shows the actual car used in the film inside and out, including all the gadgets used for the interior shots. Hope this helps answer the questions above and you guys like it as much as I have. Cheers Frank
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    Its now 2020 year 4 for the 400, and the world is in a mess, but my EVORA ventures haven't , I did a 900 k country NSW trip out west for a wedding and visit friends, and family. B/C roads for the majority. I have only had one other car than my 400 that have had lasting strong positive memories about fantastic road trips but that was over 30 years ago. I could have bought a range of exotica for the money the 400 cost, however the ownership bills would have equaled the depreciation of the 400 and spent much more time off the road and not any where as good on it.
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    Thanks. All taken on board and I'm finding lots of good stuff on the forum. Interesting point about the leather and the storage. Leather is fine, no mould. Storage was dry and really drafty - "well ventilated" which I hope helps. I popped the front pads out at some point so I think the front disks are ok. When I started the recommission I added a wine glass of diesel to each cylinder and turned over carefully by hand via a rear wheel. The engine/ valves are I think fine. When doing the cam belt I spun the auxiliary shaft/ oil pump with a drill and a soft wire brush on the pulley and the oil pressure came up. I think this got some oil on the bucket tappets as well. After getting the new cam belt on it sounds ok on the starter motor but I havent fired it up yet. I like the "keep a close eye on it" mantra. I have had the engine out before and I remember running it in without the tailgate so I could check for any leaks, fire extinguisher in hand. I think I'll do that again. Chris - what a coincidence and love the photo -story. I'm a bit light on digital pics. I bought mine at the end of April 1987 from a garage in Enfield and I recall looking at others so its possible we looked at the same cars. I also had a piston with a broken land prior to rebuild, later my wastegate stuck (Suspect they all do) and previously I owned a white 2.2 Eclat (which I wish I still had) so even more coincidences. Herewith a recent photo. Probably most notable for all the **** in the shed beside the car. The red ring main cable in the aerial hole I remember I put in when I bought the car and havent changed since..... it works well and has now become part of the car. You can just see the shiny new brake hose. The car looks great on the hoist without wheels, part F16 part Bond undersea Esprit. On a lighter note... the petrol in the Esprit is destined for my TR4A which has a suitably agricultural engine. I contemplated driving the TR under the esprit and using a funnel to put the fuel directly in the TR when I drained it. On reflection I'll use a 5 gallon drum but would have made a good picture
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    Yikes that is absolutely stunning @Suddabym Mines not the biggest space but I’ve utilised the back of the garage to install “the lotus lounge!” ive got to come clean and say that corona definitely didn’t stop me going to the pub! Just done a video this minute as it’s clearer than pics. if your quick you’ll catch the end of the Austrian Grand Prix in sky sports !right now! link below.
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    This resurrection does allow me to address one point that I've noted come up a few times on different threads... What's wrong with the gearbox noises? I really like them, all the mechanical noises makes it sound more like a proper car.
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    I think it should be more widely known how awful the Evora 400 is. They especially have major issues with big bills once 4 to 5 years old. Justin PS. please see my WANTED advert for a 400 IPS (2015 or 2016 ideally).
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    Haha, looks like it. To be honest I don't even remember seeing him there - he's in my blind spot and way too close ! @Hornsey Boy I use my S1 weekly, any weather. The more I use it the better !
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    Hello everybody this is my Exige Sport 410 with Komotec rims and simply sportscars rear wing. I drive this car in the Swiss Lotus V6 Cup Suisse. Best regards from Switzerland Reto
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    Apologies @jep for the pinching of the picture. I do prefer still the look of the original MP4, it just looks so much cleaner and like it is not trying too hard....
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    fantastic job so far Giorgio, Are you sure about sandblasting the speedlines. Those are, may I say,delicate aluminum rims and you should be carefull with sandblasting. If you do not want to use chemicals and sandpaper ( this is a lot of work) then at least consider some other type of mediablasting ( not sand) Inform very well with your specialist about this. I did restore and spraypaint mine myself and I even did polish the outerparts to aluminum highgloss (without paint or lacquer on it) and only painted the centerpart in aluminium spraypaint with a final coat of automotive 2 stage lacquer. they came out very nice. It did took me a lot of scuffing with different stages and grits of sandpaper. IMG_20151013_214633 by gvygvy, on Flickr

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