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    Collected my first Esprit today. Anyone know this car? The guy a bought it from claims it is the only GT3 in Nautilus Blue. Anyone know differently? And another couple.
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    Today, 15 May 2019, is the 45th birthday of the Elite, launched on 15 May 1974 - also a Wednesday. Happy birthday Elite!
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    First time I've ever had a car professionally photographed... i'm looking forward to receiving the hi-rez images over the next week (I'll post them in due course...).
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    The TR is that little bit closer to being race ready once more. Last rallied 39 years ago progress on the engine is now heading in the right direction .
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    A few months ago Bibs contacted me to ask if Mrs Bazza's Elise could be used for some filming to represent Lotus. The car was picked up and used for filming in Hertfordshire and then used on another day down in Beaulieu. It was pitted against a Porsche Boxter and the aim was to show how each car rescued its car company from bankruptcy. The programme will be aired at 8pm on Tuesday 21st May on ITV4. I've no idea how good it will be but it's probably worth watch.
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    Well it's been a bit of a while since the last update. The 410 went in for its first service but despite having a look I've still got one last rattle to get sorted. Oakmeres thought they had it but looks like we need another go. Im struggling to find time to get over. Other than that everything has been fine we are up to just under 5000 miles now which is a lot for me to cover in my own car as im usually tooling about in the van. It continues to impress. As previously detailed it genuinely outclassed the GT4 I was quite surprised. The next car was always going to be a 991 gt3 but I don't think that for me the steering will be good enough assuming it's the same as the GT4. Its epas and I just don't think it works. Recently I had chance to have a go in a surprising contender for the Evora in the shape of a McLaren 570. A chance call into the Manchester branch for a quick drool and it's amazing the deals they are offering on these things. You can be in a new one for about the retail on a 430. They seem very keen to shift stock which is no surprise in the current climate. I went over to the Leeds dealership. I really like these guys. Nick is ex Lotus some may well have bought from him. The 570 is quite a thing. Brutally quick. Super chassis and ride. Again for me that old thing of the steering comes back in and for all its other attributes I would still maintain that for a drivers car our humble Evora has it by a point. May be one to revisit but the stronger Lotus residuals are appealing plus the Mac running costs are truly next level. No Lotus have the best car on the market for it's price that's for sure.
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    Upgrade to gold membership - and get a provenance cert from the factory as part of the deal. That’ll show you
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    I also recently had the TVS 1900 conversion done to my 2015 Evora S sr at Hofmanns at the end of April while I had the car in the UK for its annual service and MOT. It was my first visit to Hofmanns, and I found the guys were great to deal with throughout, and did a great job all round. So Why? I’ve greatly enjoyed my car since I bought it new from Hexagon in 2015, I was their first lotus customer!. I had thought about changing the car for a 400 at some point, but having tried a couple, decided I didn’t like it as much as the one I had. Until you get right up the rev range, there was also very little noticeable difference in the performance either. I use the car very much as a daily and GT, I’ve never tracked it and have no intention of doing so in the future. I did like the idea for more power though, to be more precise, more torque. Having looked at all the options, I decided the simplest way forward, and most straight forward for me was the TVS1900 route. I picked up the car from Hoffmans mid morning on the 1st May. Visually, there is no change as the bigger blower fits nicely under the engine cover, a point I rather like. I then drove directly to the Tunnel and on to Ghent for the night. The following morning I drove down to Heidelberg, which was the enjoyable bit once on the unrestricted autobahns. It really is a worthwhile conversion, the increase in performance really transforms the car, it pulls hard throughout the rev range and is as smooth, if not smoother than the original setup. It really is very easy to cruise at speeds of double the UK limit and more, without any drama. The most noticeable difference is the way the car accelerates, at pretty much any speed, when you put your foot down. I don’t know exactly what the BHP figure is, I’m told 410/420, but the greatly increased torque makes it a very much quicker car than before. The supercharger makes slightly more noise than the OEM unit, but it’s never intrusive, unlike the Mad Max soundtrack from the Jackson Racing blower on my Honda S1 Elise. After a night in Heidlebfrg, in a hotel built into a brewery!..which was fun, I had another rapid cruise down to Luzern. At low speeds, around town and in heavy traffic, the car is quiet and smooth as any other Evora, in fact, you wouldn’t know the difference. From Luzern, over the Ghothard pass and onto Italy and back home to Tuscany. The car ran perfectly all the way, and interestingly, seemed to run a bit cooler than before, it certainly didn’t smell as hot when stopped for an Autostrada services stop. So, all in all, I’m impressed, and very happy with the conversion. Thanks to all at Hofmanns for your good work and excellent service. I’m a very happy customer.
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    .........removing the rust from, then repainting, the mesh grilles. Talk about losing the will to live, . Worth it in the end though, as they now look a million times better than they did this morning and with the show season just about to kick off, I wouldn't want to give the Porker fan-boys anything to slag. By saturating a cloth in plastic trim restorer solution and attaching it to the end of a long flexible rod which was inserted from the engine bay, I even managed to get the ducts behind the 'shoulder' scoops restored back to pretty much as-new condition. I've now rewarded myself with a nice cold bottle of American hard cider which is going down a treat as I contemplate tomorrow's plan of action to deal with the literally hundreds of stone chips on the front bumper - don't know why that's the only bit of the car that didn't have protective film applied to it. What a great way to spend a couple of days off work but at least the weather makes it very pleasant to spend hours outdoors.
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    Dan E Minogue, I suppose.
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    Yes, all registered and original number back on the car. Struggling with instrumentation, which is hindering progress with the binnacle and remaining glass. But virtually there. Apart from a retrim, which will have to wait until funds allow.
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    Super excited - my wheels are currently being loaded onto an aeroplane so will be on and ready for snetterton. Be interesting to see how the car feels with forged wheels over the heavy cast wheels.
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    Mine is still going strong with "New old stock" Sanden comp, OEM evap/expansion valve, new ally condenser, and 134a. These systems are fine with 134. Never had to top up yet either.
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    I'd like to meet @Bibs sober. Both of us at the same time would be a bonus.
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    Lot of great cars (and drivers) on the Gentlemen Drivers Rally last weekend. We had an absolute blast on the winding roads. I spent a good part of the weekend in the company of a C63 that was not hanging about, and with another silver turbo from the 80s.
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    You wouldn't want to go racing with that Delco Moraine braking system.
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    Getting bored with pounding up the M6 this afternoon, a diversion off into the Lake District was rewarded with a photo opportunity on the western side of Ullswater - well, it would have been rude not to.
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    Your thoughts re the 570 Mac mirror my own experiences of test driving one before deciding to order my GT410 Sport. I thought the Evora steering was marginally superior and very fast though the 570 is, I did wonder just how relevant it is on today's roads. I, too, felt it difficult to justify the service and running costs over the Evora. For sure, the 570 is a great car but I really didn't feel the additional cost over the Evora was easy to justify. The Evora really does do everything I want it to. It's quick, handles beautifully and isn't ridiculously expensive to run.
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    Went to the Stonor House Supercar Sunday, near Henley on Thames for the first time this morning and generally very impressed with it. All manner of cars, old and new, including quite a few Loti. Think a smaller, more cosy Goodwood House with far fewer people and no oiks!
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    She lives! Timing was out.
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    Can't believe this thread is now 5 years old. Anyway, as encouragement for anyone considering the work, here's today's reading: 2.3 at the vent 19 degrees anbient. R134, stock components and a £15 (presumably a fake Sanden chinese copy) compressor.
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    The previous owner of my car had a small engine fire which very luckily went out before it caused any damage. It was caused by the hose from the right-hand end of the crossover pipe to the pressure regulator coming off the pipe. I now have a long piece of hose which fits 100mm over the pipe and two hose clips!
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    This means the Esprit will make a come back soooooon
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    Another update After using shortly the Komotec 430 kit and finding it satisfying I tought I would do it properly and go to komotec to upgrade it to the 460 kit with the water cooler Since I had to wait a lot of time before getting my ecu update Daniel from Komotec was nice and found some time to work on my car just after one week and so I went there As everyone else say even if sometimes the impression they give by email and probably their marketing choice is of focusing on their kit choices and not being very open to other discussions is true once you are there they are really friendly and professional and the place is also well organized etc... I would not have any problems to just send them a car by truck to work on it as they will give you back the car as it was and they look to work in a very methodic manner They took my car fitted the upgrade parts in less than two days and so I ended up with the the complete 460 package I have to say that at the beginning I felt more difference going from standard to 430 than from 430 to 460 as the std car is less reactive and with the 430 kit you already have the noise of the new exhaust parts and airbox etc but once using the car at higher speed on taller gears you can for sure feel that it pulls much more and there is more torque and power and for sure the watercooling keep that working and is good for the engine What I can t say is if the final power figures would be the same on other dynos but for sure their declared power improvements compared to standard are there So if you use it on the track or fast road and like to push the car a lot for sure the ex460 is a better and more complete solution and is the way the Lotus should be but if you really want to save some money and you aren t using the car much on the track or at it s limits for a long time or are in a colder area for sure with the 430 kit you have a very good compromise even if you are still missing something I still think that there are other solutions that are technically even better or more powerful as ie a tvs1900 gives more torque even when not watercooled or the oem lotus watercooler is technically better and slightly bigger or even the ssc new watercooled tvs 1900 seems to be the best if you would do a complete tuned engine.... but I would not want any of them without also a good ecu remap and manifolds that remove the oem catalyzers as komotec or 2bular and if going for a lot of power or hard use also forged internals... With the Komotec kit you have something that really work and you exactly know what you are going to pay before fitting it and if they make the work you know exactly when your car is going to be ready and that is a simple but effective solution so at the end I would say well recommended Probably what Lotus would have done if they were not so much after cost savings and not limited by latest euro restrictions
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    It is interesting how Leavers & Remainers interpret results in completely opposite ways. The only thing everyone can agree on is that the Conservatives are f*cked.
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    I hope they can accommodate people from Swindon, there’s a lot of skill and expertise there for the taking now the Honda plant is closing down
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    A long overdue update!! Fuel tank now in! Also replaced "while I was in there" Filler neck tube (as I had to cut it off to remove) Vapour balance pipe things (satisfying job as mine were absolutely shot). Re-routed the vapour pipes to vent underneath the car where the expansion tank overflow pipe is New stainless balance pipe (should never rust!) All new hoses between the fuel tanks with stainless Jubilee clips I also renewed all the expansion tank hoses, again very satisfying! Not many pics as I end up getting carried away working but here are some: Foam salvalged from previous tank: Tank slightly narrower (for easy future removal!) but was a perfect fit, here you can see it before it was pushed up against the fibreglass bulkhead: And she's in! In other news - headlining, seatbelts and rear window trim in (can't remember if I already posted this!) New header tank fitted (£20 ebay special but seems to do the job but some fettling was required Cam box O Ring replaced and heatshield cleaned up (photos from before, not after!), which cured another oil leak! Daily nearly written off by a HGV while it was parked!! Then to cheer me up my new carpet set arrived from @Steve V8 - Unbelieveable and can't wait to fit!! Some shots during and after a clean following the shit ton of work undertaken: Then after a sporting drive, look what I noticed underneath the garage door (a common site for Lotus owners probably!?) So after basically completely stripping and rebuilding the rear of the car, it was time to do the same to the front (sob) Some rust on the chassis, probably from a slow leak for many years! Needed a bit of TLC for sure: Sexy new rad and fans (thank you China) ready to rock and roll Yes I know people are nervous about cheap alloy rads but for what I paid I am will to take that chance). Mounted on shock absorbing bolts which should aid longevity. And she's in: New supports made from some tube ally I had! Decided it was also a good time to add another earth post in the frunk so I ground down a bit of the chassis to fresh metal and installed a cable/earth post and wired all my lighting, horn, washer pump etc grounds to it: I didn't take pics but I cleaned up all the loose crap off the chassis and then kurusted it before painting it all in black hammerite type paint. Looks miles better and should be protected now! Further updates soon!
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    Did a bit of work on this today. Luvverly. Very nice to meet Tim @TAR as well!
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    New auto spark connectors finish off the new door mirror harness I made. Yes I am still building this!
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    I have been living with my conversion for a few weeks now. Maybe the most telling observation I can make is: I dont even think about the brakes any more. They perform exactly as you would expect. Pre conversion I was always thinking about how they would react when I pushed the pedal and what adjustments would I need to make. Now the brakes are the same every time, well balanced and without drama. I have made some additional observations and talked about the installation over on Lotus Talk if you care to read more. Also happy to answer specific questions if you want to reach out.
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    Met up with two fellow Evora owners earlier today. First some inspired driving on the back roads south of Stockholm. Then lunch at a nice café outside Nynäshamn. The blue and the black one are built almost at the same time, only 8 numbers separate the VIN. They were both bought as demonstrators by the former Lotus dealer in Gothenburg.
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    So, back in April when I came up to the UK for the MOT, I took the car to Hofmanns ( Excellent service, nice people ) and had them fit the TVS1900 supercharger kit to the car. I collected the car from them on the first of May and had a trouble free, and rapid drive, back to Italy. Interestingly, the car uses less fuel than before, unless you are really pushing on, presumably as it runs a bit cooler and doesn’t need to overfuel to keep the temperatures down. I’m very happy with the conversion, the increase in performance is very noticeable as is the increase in drivability. The engine cover still fits, so visually there’s no change. So, S1 Sports Racer people, If you want to keep your Sports Racer but have 410 + performance, this is the way to go . Simply Sportscars in Australia, who make the kit, dyno printout reads about 415 /420 Bhp and 420 Ft/Lbs torque ( Which is about 90 /100Ft/Lbs more than the 430.). It also doesn’t seem to suffer from heat sink as much as the OEM setup as the charge is quite a lot cooler ( This after high speed Autobahn running for several hours). So it’s a bit like driving an Alpina B5 rather than an M5. I’m really happy with it.
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    Hi All, I present my car. It's a ECLAT 501 from 1976. We are working on this car since 2 years. Is now finished behalve the lights. I bough 2 solenoid valves by but I need a scheme/diagram to refit all the pipes together. Impossible to have the lights closed ....They are closed when the light switch is ON ! Pufffff.... Thanks for help Have a nice WE, Etienne
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    I’d like to meet Dan_E. I’ve heard he’s a nice bloke, although people say he’s a bit sweaty, and never on time. Shame, all he needs is air-con in his car and a decent watch.
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    Bibbo and Sparkles sober, yesterday:
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    Another shed commissioned today. farmer presents me with final cheque and some drinkies very happy today
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    You pull T-shirts over your bottom?
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    Summer has arrived and so did 40,000 miles on the 340R. 19 years, as a few other cars have gotten in the way.
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    Totally agree, M100 very under-rated. Just bought a 24,000 miler, 1995 S2. Seriously enjoyable drive and just gets better the faster you go. When I checked the oil the first time, I wondered if it had any in. Eventually I realised the oil was so clean, I could barely see it. I am used to black treacle not golden. I did manage to break the header rail trim when first lowering the roof. I have removed it (and thankfully it appears I was not such an idiot as it has been repaired before) and frankly it looks better without it. Add lightness. Justin
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    So it's been a while since I posted but atleast now I have some pictures! First pictures I received from the Lotus factory. I was still in doubt of switching the color to isotope green but Lotus said it was already too late so I'm sticking with the Metallic Grey. I honestly prefer the isotope green color over the metallic grey as I think it's one of the most awesome colors to put on the cup 250, however it wouldn't match the wrap/logo's I'm planning on putting on the car so in the end it's not such a big deal. Counting down the days to the first week of june!
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    There is a reason i posted that above and why i voted to leave. A reason that is totally lost on Remainers who choose to ignore it. Consistently, since the end of WWII the UK has shown a resilience and an ability to change and innovate its economy that is absolutely unrivalled by any other country within Europe, let alone the EU. We have evolved our laws and working practices to create a truly flexible, and adaptable workforce that has allowed us to transition our economic activity through the creation of a highly capable, mobile, agile and adaptable work force. I know some will find it hard to believe, and will point to the reduction in things like employment protection rights, working hours, job security and conditions, but the stark reality if for non European countries looking to establish themselves in the region the UK has the best market access and workforce to deliver growth and market share. France, Italy, Greece, Spain, and even the mighty Germany have all created a much less flexible, and higher cost, environment that actually only works for Germany if they keep the Euro at a relatively low value to aid their ability to export both within and externally to, the EU. I truly believe that out of the EU, we have little to fear. We will need to transition yet again, to a new model, but our track record is strong and my belief in our ability to adapt to thrive, is strong.

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