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    I have a Nurse and a Doctor in the Family and it's not said enough how proud I am of them. I always was but having to go work at this time is awful and I know both have had patients die in the last few days from this awful Virus. So big thanks to all Nurses and Doctors, Care staff, people working to keep beds free for those most in need and yes, Administrators who I know are working tirelessly to keep the wheels from falling off. Volunteers giving up their time to drive and clean and everyone who is a private Carer and has to go our to keep someone safe and alive. You are all appreciated no matter what you do to help society! Thanks
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    For all the Farmers out there (didn't work for me though):
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    I'm thanking people who work in the grocer and the supermarket - they are coming in to work close to the minimum wage, low status, massive contact with the coughing public, day after day. Plenty of abuse and little thanks. Imagine how quickly it all goes to pot when people cant buy food. ☹ Or loo roll They are also heroes.
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    Vegans are going to be shitting themselves - now I understand the loo roll shortage! (sorry, couldn't resist that! Don't really wish to make light of this sorry state). Personally, none of the Politicians are really any wiser than the rest of us - these are extreme times and it has truly exposed the level of shit for brains that exists, not just here but the world over. Boris is a natural libertarian and I can appreciate that he has not taken easily to being authoritarian in style and attitude. He has also been taking advice and to some extent hoped the masses would follow suit. It is extremely difficult to look at this with a 'one size fits all' attitude. I'm lucky enough to live in an area with currently very limited exposure to this outbreak but as someone who's better half works in a Hospital, can appreciate, 1 the need to socially distance myself and family and 2. to accept that we will most likely get infected if my Mrs brings it home. We are doing what we can but I won't stop the kids taking the dogs for a walk. We rarely see another sole. I wish everyone on here all the best and look forward to normality (or whatever passes for normal amongst Lotus owners) returning forthwith. On a seperate (but related theme) - maybe this forum will act as more of a social lifeline than ever over the next 3-4 months. Pay your £24 and be happy. (is that ok @Bibs ?) going too be some bloody cheap cars about in the not too distant future.
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    No you can't Reasons - its unecessary movement, you might break down and need assistance, you might crash and need medical assistance, people could see you and think 'if he can do it then I can too' and we are quickly back to everyone doing whatever they want. Better idea is to use the Lotus for your shopping trip, that's what I will be doing
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    Well after one of the scumbags drove off to the Co-op and came back 5 minutes later with a bottle of white wine to share around the picnic table, something snapped.... ...10 minutes later, the Police arrived and gave them a good rollicking. Let’s hope they learnt their lesson. Unlikely though.
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    Am I invisible....hello? Is this thing on? tap tap tap...................
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    I really don't see why stay at home is so hard to understand. The more people seen "out for a drive" the more people will think it's ok to be out and about. I despair sometimes at the self centred society we have become. Do people really gave that little self control they can't put of driving a car just for the sake of it for a bit longer.
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    It’s alive !!!! Engine running , first time hadn’t seen it running until today. Just need bigger fuel tank
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    As an employee and not a businessman I accept I probably do not understand the ways things work from a business point of view. I also understand a lot of small business operate on a shoestring but are successful due to the astonishing hard work of the owners and their employees. What I dont understand is why I will regularly hear on the news that this company and that company have made X millions, sometimes hundreds of millions this year. Where is it now? I am fortunate I know. I can ride this personally as I have always tried to do my best with planning my future financial stability when funds were available. Why cant companies be forced to do this? I think banks were forced to put some aside after the 2008 crash. I can not deny whilst I know Richard Branson is not a huge shareholder in a lot of Virgin businesses it did grate a little 10 days ago when he started on about the Billions the airlines needed from the government. The guy that owns Wetherspoons spinning his policy to make his company looking like they give a s***. The company my son works for which is a major car company (Dealership) last week removed the 5 days sick pay from their policy and will be reviewed in 6 weeks. Personally I think that is change of contract and they havent given reasonable notice so in my view challengable but just disgraceful.
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    I've been drinking thinking: 1. So small, medium and large companies can apply for emergency loans from the Govt (that will still have to be paid back). As yet, the self employed and sole traders haven't a clue what they can do with zero income. 2. Here's an idea: All the f**king Banks and credit card companies who WE bailed out in 2008 coz they were 'too big to fail', FREEZE or CANCEL interest costs NOW and for the next 6 months so that any existing debt can be nibbled away at without piling on the misery. 3. Give all the small people who are 'too many to fail' a f**king chance. If the lending businesses are then compromised let them get a f**king loan from the Govt - cheap rates and they can pay it back later. Why does it ALWAYS fall to the guys at the bottom??
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    For the last few weeks (months!) I have in effect been self isolating 'naturally'. I live on my own. Get up in the morning, make breakfast, make a sandwich for lunch, jump in my car, drive 8 miles to the garage, (there is no-one else there - only me) work on the Esprit then go home again. So no contact with anyone. I have though about just carrying on with my' regime'. However, as @Hello Paul as pointed out you could have an accident, with all that that entails. Also you need petrol at some point which is fraught with possible danger touching buttons, touching handles, petrol pump etc so I have decided NOT to carry on. Not working on my car is not up there in the grand scheme of things that need doing, although I am desperate to get the car back on the road again. Also IT JUST FEELS WRONG!! With what the doctors and nurses in the NHS are going through (and everybody else)I am going to stay put. Self isolating completely for a few weeks is a small price to pay. Stay well people.
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    Really cant understand this government. At a time like this enforcing three weeks of Lotus restoration!
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    Had to cheer myself up today so was self isolating in this. And waiting for the old girl to do more panic buying.
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    Darth Vader's wife out for her shopping....
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    Good show and a nice build, that dash was something else. The charcoal cloth with Tartan was a nice touch and looked really smart. Think I would lose the pin stripe and fit an original mirror but that’s just personal preference. Certainly sounded nice with New Webber carbs. Must have cost a fortune to build and restore as not cheap to do, well done SOS team! Tims car was nice shame it failed after a little thrashing I did my wheels by hand rather than diamond cut, took ages but looked smart when finished. Dave
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    Anybody heard from @Kimbers recently?
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    You are 100% correct the MX2E was intended to be for the S3 variants of the Elise and Exige, During testing and installation I realise the dash could be made to work in the earlier cars (I wanted one in my S2 Elise so had a vested interest so to speak) Even though the AIM factory in Italy is currently closed due to this blessed virus, We have been getting a steady stream of updates to test. One arrived today with an operational cruise control light, an updated race/sport display that's much easier to read larger MPH number, No digital rev counter on the Road screens and also the ability to add additional sensors and display the info on the dash. They have also updated the software for the earlier cars and that all seems to work as intended. There are a few small tweaks to do, then Im pretty sure the update will be released. Due to the software having different models available (2004-2207/2008-2010/2011-2020) once the firmware is updated you MUST tell the dash which version to use (If you don't it uses the older version without the updates) Happy to help anyone who needs it, Ive done a few updates inc the additional sensors so now have a good understanding of the software
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    Guys. It's frustrating. But come on now. Just follow the rules. Stick to essential travel only. And the sooner we do the sooner we get through it. Even someone like me, who takes the piss about everything, is following the rules. So belt up! (But not in the car!)
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    Taken on Sunday, after a glorious drive and just before lock down.
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    @Alfa2Evora I would chat to your insurance company, explain you are a key worker, car was fully serviced and checked 1 month ago. As long as you are insured, I would not worry about it. If plod stop you, I cannot see any prosecution (a) ever getting to court as the courts will be jammed for years to come (b) if it does go to court, any judge fining or convicting you in such unique circumstances. And as a safety net, book it in with a garage now for as soon as they can do it, even if it is 5 weeks away. I am also sure a garage may push you up the queue if you explain your need and work. Don't give up! And best of luck. Justin PS. I would drive you to work in my Evora but even with those wonderful rear seats that @C8RKH loves so much, we would not be 2 meters apart. And you live about 400 miles away from me; other than that a great plan.
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    Seems I underestimated the reaction time of the Accountancy company. They have already replied. Although the new online furlough system is not yet in place, they are of the opinion that my HMRC PAYE scheme should be sufficient for my employer to make a submission, even though they don’t have a UK company. Hopefully it won’t come to this, but at least I am a bit more reassured today, so that’s a good thing. Thanks again.
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    New series starts this Thursday at 8pm with an.... S1 Esprit!
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    I'm a self-employed sole trader. Yes, I could declare things illegally as expenses, and yes, I could just lie about my income. But I don't, because I'm not a c**t. I am regularly contaced by 'umbrella companies' offering convoluted, semi-legal methods to circumvent taxes. I'd rather not. I make, when the work comes in, a decent living. Sometimes I have no work for weeks, sometimes I'm working 14 hour days to keep up. Unsurprisingly, work has completely evaporated now, but I still need to pay the mortgage, bills and feed myself and the dog. Yes, there are certainly arseholes cheating the system, and they should be punished to the full extent of the law. But please don't rope all sole traders in together. I paid my tax to bail out the millionaire hedge fund traders when their bonuses dropped to just few hundred grand, poor souls. I pay my taxes to fund the NHS (even though I know that DePfeffel, Branson & co. are just syphoning most of the cash into their offshore dirty money accounts). And of course I voted Labour in the last election (and COVERED my house with posters to encourage others to do so too - I live next door to the polling station) in an attempt to even out our ridiculous economy and remove this evil disgusting fascist Cummings from power.
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    Don’t forget the reasonable force, application of pepper spray (lots) and the genteel tickling from the taser I’ve been placed on some list for key workers by two of my suppliers today. A full lockdown is expected and supplies are being guaranteed for ongoing projects...... another hen house to start in the not too distant future. I am also led to believe that once full lock down comes on - then some of us could be compelled to do what is necessary on demand. Frankly - for me - that’s not an issue - I’ve already volunteered to assist a local company make ventilators should they need workers. Any of us who can must step up and help
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    Thanks for the nudge, I've been meaning to update this for a few days. Things are going very well, no new cases or sick people in the whole of Chongqing province, where there are 32 million people. This is my 4th week back at work, the first few weeks were quiet because people were coming back from their hometowns and then doing 2 weeks quarantine, they are all back now. Communities are still controlling exit and entry with a pass card and temperature check, you are only allowed into a community if you live there. Communities are big, there are more people living in my community than my home village in Norfolk, all entering and leaving through one security gate, it has been the same all over China. Most restaurants are open now for dining in, previously a few offered take out only, I had a KFC at the weekend for the first time, it was great! One bar close to me is now open. Shops are all open, pharmacies which stayed open but where you had to stand outside and ask for what you want now allow you inside. Banks are open but you must show your passport and phone number before you enter and to enter shopping malls you need to apply for a health certificate using Alipay or WeChat and show it on entry, same with taxis, buses and trains. Masks still required at all times out side of the apartment, including all day at work, which is not so good as its getting hotter, 28 degrees today. Friends traveling in other parts of China have said all restrictions have been lifted Some backlash against foreigners as the news reports all new cases are people arriving in China with the virus, at the weekend some Chinese people refused to in a lift with me. So all good here, as I watch the UK from afar Steve
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    Several years ago whilst on an MSA Classic Car run in Italy, I met a retired GM/Vauxhall exec who was considered to be the father of the VX220 and this is what he told me:- At the time, he was an executive on the Vauxhall board, responsible for European marketing and found that he was faced with a problem which was peculiar to the British market only. As was common in the day, most UK companies provided cars to their sales people, general managers and junior execs etc and there was usually a fairly strict hierarchy of which car you were offered, depending on where you were in the company food chain. At the lowest level this might be a 1.3L car, progressing on to a 1.6 for sales, a 2L for middle management and a 2.5 or 3L for senior management. Of course, once HMRC cottoned on to the fact they could make a charge for benefit in kind, they chose to use the same levels of progression in engine size as most companies were using, enabling them to set their rates at the same engine size breaks. As those of you who were around at the time will recall, 2L was one step where if you went above it, you then went into a higher tax bracket for BIK. Up to then everything was working well for the UK manufacturers who produced cars with engines suited to their then main customer, the company fleet market. At Vauxhall, however, things were suddenly thrown into a bit of confusion because, at the behest of Opel, the German arm of GM, management in Detroit started to insist that Vauxhall should use their new 2.2L engine which, as previously said, would be a problem for the UK fleet market and there was every chance the company would suddenly lose out in this sector of lucrative sales. A plan was then devised by the fella I met to still take the 2.2L engine from Germany but create a whole new market sector for Vauxhall and Opel with this engine. He had worked very closely with Lotus during the GM ownership years and they still used them from time to time for various development projects, so he knew them well and thought why not consider something like the Lotus Elise but with the GM 2.2L engine. Anyhow, he discussed his idea with the Vauxhall board and it was decided he should approach Lotus to see what could be done. He did just that and Lotus were very receptive to his idea, so he had an engine and transmission shipped to Hethel for the development work to begin. Apparently not long afterwards, he received a phone call from Lotus to say they were ready to run the prototype, which turned out to be an S1 Elise with the GM engine and transmission slotted in, so he visited and was the first non Lotus man to try the car around the test track. He was immediately impressed with the car and so discussions continued, to lay down the design parameters for the Vauxhall version of the Elise. He told me one of his own criteria was that ingress/egress must be improved by lowering the door sills and then Vauxhall stylists worked hand in hand with Lotus to produce a car that whilst recognisably still bore typical Elise styling cues, was a completely different, some might say better, looking car externally. Vauxhall apparently helped Lotus with several of their then quality issues during production, which obviously bore fruit for the Elise as well as the VX220. Interestingly, he told me that he and GM were then blindsided by Lotus shortly after announcing their S2 Elise which included many of the improvements he had insisted upon for the VX. The rest, as they say, is history. One interesting footnote to this is that the man concerned is an avid collector of cars, possessing many old Vauxhalls, a Bentley or 2 and an Aston Martin DB2/4, so naturally enough I asked if he had a VX220 in his collection, since he was the main guiding light for the cars existence in the first place. Rather sheepishly he said errr no, I actually have an S1 Elise with the Rover engine!!!
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    It's on the Lotus website - Here's the press release -
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    Surely if you wanted to wipe out the human race and were clever enough to develop a virus, you'd be aiming higher that 1% mortality, and go for high contagion. Many biologists and medical professionals have been saying for years that a pandemic of a new disease could cause global catastrophe. It has to happen, unless you don't believe in evolution. We're lucky corvid19 is comparatively mild. It could be a lot worse. Coronoviruses are well known for hanging around in different species, making them a prime candidate for the role. There's an element of human interference raising the probability, like scrapie, BSE leading to CJD in humans, originating in poor food chain control for industrial meat production. That could have been a lot worse. In fact many countries (for example usa France nz) still won't allow you to give blood if you spent more than a few months in the uk between 1980 and 1996. Not reassuring. Let's not mention the Wuhan university study of bat corona virus - its a lot more likely it's greed and carelessness than brains and evil intent. That's just bad luck
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    It's only a gesture but remember to step outside at 8pm folks and show the NHS workers some clapping gratitude :)
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    Cock off Jock For the self employed then the key question is 80% of what? The number of their tax return or their real earnings. All of a sudden the Tax return for 2019 will show a massive increase to a far more accurate number.
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    Time to insert some more petrolhead escapism! Perhaps not quite as chilled out a driving experience as Mark’s Dodge, but still a good way of self isolating for an hour or so this morning, (plus getting some respite from the constant gloomy news feeds). It helps to have some of the best B roads on the planet on my doorstep with only Andrea Bocelli for company. This yoke is massive fun because: a) Its better on rough tarmac than the Lotus, (more ground clearance for a start and easier to judge the corners) & b) Its absolutely & completely mental
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    Hi all, Firstly cheers for the message dean, greatly appreciated. Not meet related but thought best way to reach all. I am sorry for being incommunicado, unfortunately my android tablet died (I have the laptop but I tend to be doing stuff when using it) I had intended to replace it quickly but hasn't worked out that way, being a bit of a techy/nerd type I had to check all of the specs and pick the right one. I like the Samsung 8 inch, went to get one from currys but there don't seem to be any about, which got me thinking new financial year new models possibly so decided to wait and see what appeared only to have the world come down with corona. Really sorry to hear of the Lotus selling, but completely understand as I had to hold off getting one for years cause I needed a DD. 20'000 miles a year in an Elise didn't seem appealing at the time. I hope you still come along to the meets. I am really well. My heart op was all a complete success and I was quite enjoying my cardio rehab gym class at the hospital (nothing to do with the young lady gym instructor-honest) but that's all cancelled for now. I have been focusing on exercising the dog (Luckily I have access to 2000acres of private land including an iron age hillfort!) and gardening as its good for the heart (the gardens never looked as good). Almost bought a house but quickly went over my budget. Haven't touched my elise for a while but have helped the old man out with the handling of the elan which was getting a bit wayward (he didn't like me calling it a deathtrap) it had a few issues but now sports adjustable TT rear dampers and along with a few other things and correctly inflated tyres!!! is more how it should be. Although he did have the back end step out on a tight greasy road, much less vicious than the elise. Paul nice Excel, I think these are great cars and seriously under valued/appreciated, had a ride in a used one at a dealer back in the day, I remember really liking the plush leather interior. Great weather for driving but 8tonnes of gravel and a mini digger are turning up in the next few days so that will be the only driving I do but they're quite good fun. Once that's done I may consider unsorning the elise but we may all get banned from leaving the home. With the sun shining and empty roads its rather tempting. That's plenty for now, I hope you are all well and safe (even you mike and dean - traitors). Hope to see you all soon when the coronacraziness is over. Tony
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    Cancel, no question. It's a risk that's not worth taking.
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    It can be a bit confusing. Pushed to market as a Vauxhall without even a nod towards its slightly more exotic beginnings, yet they used the stereotypical image of a Lotus owner in its advertising campaign. No wonder the car provokes discussion.
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    At long last a break in the weather for a few blasts in the car and a much needed clean. I couldn’t take a decent photo if my life depended on it so these are as good as it gets:
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    We should close that border, everyone is doing it these days. Gold Forum isolation. Justin

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