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    First time I've ever had a car professionally photographed... i'm looking forward to receiving the hi-rez images over the next week (I'll post them in due course...).
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    Nice night in South Queensferry
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    A few months ago Bibs contacted me to ask if Mrs Bazza's Elise could be used for some filming to represent Lotus. The car was picked up and used for filming in Hertfordshire and then used on another day down in Beaulieu. It was pitted against a Porsche Boxter and the aim was to show how each car rescued its car company from bankruptcy. The programme will be aired at 8pm on Tuesday 21st May on ITV4. I've no idea how good it will be but it's probably worth watch.
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    So, back in April when I came up to the UK for the MOT, I took the car to Hofmanns ( Excellent service, nice people ) and had them fit the TVS1900 supercharger kit to the car. I collected the car from them on the first of May and had a trouble free, and rapid drive, back to Italy. Interestingly, the car uses less fuel than before, unless you are really pushing on, presumably as it runs a bit cooler and doesn’t need to overfuel to keep the temperatures down. I’m very happy with the conversion, the increase in performance is very noticeable as is the increase in drivability. The engine cover still fits, so visually there’s no change. So, S1 Sports Racer people, If you want to keep your Sports Racer but have 410 + performance, this is the way to go . Simply Sportscars in Australia, who make the kit, dyno printout reads about 415 /420 Bhp and 420 Ft/Lbs torque ( Which is about 90 /100Ft/Lbs more than the 430.). It also doesn’t seem to suffer from heat sink as much as the OEM setup as the charge is quite a lot cooler ( This after high speed Autobahn running for several hours). So it’s a bit like driving an Alpina B5 rather than an M5. I’m really happy with it.
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    Finally the drivers door is finished. All electrics tested and working with new weather seals. Just the passenger door card to install. The new electrics all working and tested on that side as well. Now the rear carpet and seat rails to fit. Then the seats to install. Trim is almost finished. I'm very pleased with the electrics on this car. Five years of electrical wiring practice has had a very positive effect! Everything is so much quicker to do. It's no so much the skill of doing it, but knowing which connectors, terminals and tools to use.
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    Passed MOT no advisories, you lovely brilliant little thing
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    From Friday, May 17th till May 19th, 2019 Club Lotus Austria celebrated their 30th anniversary with a nice event at the Austrian Lotus museum in Bad Aussee. There were over 30 Lotus related cars of all eras present on display in the museum. A few more arrived at the parking space outside. The weather was also very nice. All in all very impressive ! I´ve attached a few pics:
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    Nice drive out tonight - met a guy from Argentina visiting Scotland.........boy did he love the Esprit - was drooling over it! Always nice to see other people reactions to a Lotus
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    Happy Birthday, mate.
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    ...and the winner is.... Elan Turbo SE. Yes. I picked this over a DB9 and an Evora. 42 000 miles and 11 000 GBP. Supposedly mint. Bought sight unseen. Picking it up on Saturday.
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    That's a Renault 5 Alpine Turbo to be exact. They had to call it the Gordini Turbo in the UK, since Chrysler/Talbot had the rights to the Alpine name. I owned its big brother from 1994 - 2008: the amazing Renault 5 Turbo 2. I loved it: mid-mounted 185bhp turbo and intercooled fuel-injected longitudinal 4 pot driving the rear wheels via a 5 speed gearbox. It was the same colour as that FWD one: I did a couple of Euro tours in it (Northern Spain and South France/Corsica/Sardinia/North Italy) and it performed faultlessly. Terrific fun to drive and always got the thumbs up. Today it would be worth 6x what I sold it for in 2008.
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    Dan E Minogue, I suppose.
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    Yes, all registered and original number back on the car. Struggling with instrumentation, which is hindering progress with the binnacle and remaining glass. But virtually there. Apart from a retrim, which will have to wait until funds allow.
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    You wouldn't want to go racing with that Delco Moraine braking system.
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    Super excited - my wheels are currently being loaded onto an aeroplane so will be on and ready for snetterton. Be interesting to see how the car feels with forged wheels over the heavy cast wheels.
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    Went to the Stonor House Supercar Sunday, near Henley on Thames for the first time this morning and generally very impressed with it. All manner of cars, old and new, including quite a few Loti. Think a smaller, more cosy Goodwood House with far fewer people and no oiks!
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    I purchased an '89 Turbo SE a short while ago, which was featured in the first issue of Absolute Lotus. It was more of a 'straw-filled' garage find, than a barn find, but through a very sad turn of events, had sat under a tarpaulin for 10 years or so. The car has been in the same family from new. The car had an engine rebuild before becoming tarpaulin-bound, but seems only to have done 5 miles or since (so the belt and hoses need doing). Whilst everything us there, including the original dealer plates, tool kit etc, the method of storage has meant it's in a sorry old state. In the last couple of months, I've part-stripped it, it's been to the paint shop and is having new carpets and seats. It should be coming home next week, then needs to be rebuilt (after a couple of little things, such as the removal of the engine and tanks!) By the end of next month for my God-Daughter's prom Deep breath.....
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    Sparky’s Looks to have V8 lower valance with the S350/late V8 rubber lip and cover
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    I was speaking about the Tories. Corbyn is a threat to this country is every aspect.
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    Heard something yesterday that really made me think. It is so obvious I can't believe I hadn't heard it or thought it myself before......... If the Brexit vote had been reversed, ie a small majority had voted to remain, would there have been 3 years of crap calling for a new vote or trying to frustrate remaining in the EU?? Don't think so.......... Pretty much sums up the whole shit storm this has become. I hope to God that the new PM has big enough balls to leave at the end of Oct. No vote is needed, no agreement needed in Parliament. It is already legislated for. DO IT. Wake up the complacent bastards at home and in Brussels and then focus on sorting out free trade asap once we are out. And the £39bn can be spent on domestic things like care for the mentally ill or children with special needs. It really is a disgrace that in 2019 we are in the state we are in within these shores. Batten down the hatches, let other Countries sort themselves out and put our own house in order first. An American! How ironic!
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    I did a postal vote a week ago. As said above. A wasted vote. It will get ignored. I'll be told I'm a dumb racist numbfuck who doesn't know what I'm doing and people will throw eggs and milkshake all over me because they can and its justified by I deserved it. Given this type of behaviour I now have a term for the idiots who do this in the name of remain and democracy but I'll save peoples blushes by not posting it up! I might be a numbfuck but I'm a better person.
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    I went for it and I have the skinned knuckles to prove it; I put the car on axle stands and eventually managed to pull the vacuum line out of the chassis from the engine side. From here of course there was much anxiety as to whether I'd ever be able to get a new line in, though I was happy to see that my faffing around with the vacuum gauge (and despite miss diagnosis from a professional) had led me to the right place ...clearly the decline will have started many moons ago and I have obviously rather got used to less than optimal brakes..! The replacement pipe from Lotus is no longer available, so I had one made up by Pirtek, a hydraulics company in Edinburgh. In the end, despite the minor injuries and some expletives along the way it was no worse a job than I had feared and it went in, eventually, as the old one had come out. And yes, my braking is much improved. Now that I'm on a roll, I'm thinking I might fit a non return valve in the servo line.. can't do any harm right..? Near the manifold?
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    Yesterday's sunset, very nice!
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    I can confirm that Cos is still awesome! He found and fixed the wire that caused me a problem. No more lumpy running, no excessive fuel consumption. The drive back was wonderful through the Hampshire countryside. The drive down was a different matter - stuck on the A34 (3 miles in one hour twenty minutes) in a Renault Clio.
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    Small update - despite my list above, I ordered a gearbox cooler from Komo-tec instead. When doing modifications, I like to think on them for a week or two. If I’m not sure I don’t go ahead. I’m in two minds about all the stuff apart from the trimming, so thought I’d be better to wait a bit before making a decision. A gearbox cooler is very highly advisable of tracking the car, so I thought it was the more sensible option. I decided to go for the KT gearbox cooler over the H111 option because of the mounting position. The H111 cooler mounts in the undertray in the low hanging vent. If you look at Most Exige V6 undertrays, this vent has damage or has scraped, etc. There was a case of a H111 cooler failing on the first outing due to a stone entering it and while I accept this is unlikely, it is more likely to happen with that mounting position. The way the cooler works is to pump the gearbox oil through a small radiator. If the radiator gets pierced or damaged by either debris or taking a hit when bottomed out, this can cause leaks, which if you don’t spot, will reduce the amount of oil in the gearbox. Leave it too long and you’ll have no/minimal oil left and the gearbox will fail. With this in mind, I decided to go for the KT gearbox cooler, which mounts in the drivers side (if RHD) side intake pod. The KT option is a bit more expensive, but I believe it’s a safer option, and avoiding failure is pretty important with the gearbox! Back on Track will fit it for me.
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    Finally, the wheels go back on tomorrow and Alan will collect at the weekend, subject to test drive. As usual, a suspension refresh turned into so many other things necessitating multiple parts orders. Despite shedloads of heat, quite a few bolts sheared. Replaced all bushes front and rear, front dampers, steering balljoints, NSR wheel bearing, one end of NSR upper link fabricated, a couple of brake pipes and three hoses, OSF upright & backplate and a huge pile of fasteners. The reciprocating saw and blowtorch both got a lot of action. Alan will get the car back with a baggie containing a fair few front shims - there were loads. Geo revisit will be interesting. And I can't wait to get the courtesy GT3 back! Some more pics to prove to @temple I've actually been doing something...
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    Seeing the post on the group 5 silhouette racers, reminded me that I had a picture of the Lotus Esprit, built by AET Motorsport and driven by Tony Sugden. Picture taken at Brands Hatch 1985 Thundersports Trophy, support race to GP of Europe.
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    This is currently at number 2 in my charts of best comments this year. Number 1 so far was at my boys rugby club, (sorry Kimbers off topic ) so they had just completed a refurbishment of the club house and the coach was talking about the refurbishment and saying we all need to respect it and absolutely no studs in there. Then one of the dads meandered over and whispered in my ear, “that’s me and you out then!”
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    Yyyyyeeeeeessssssss? Ran the car for a few seconds following advice above. Thanks Steve. Bodged it up a bit so i could access the distributor. Now have to reinstall air filter and plenum chamber and set throttle cable etc. Can then start finishing off small jobs and see if brakes are working. Unfortunately off to Scotland tomorrow with work so will now have a few days break. Good progress though tonight and tje end coming into sight
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    Lot of great cars (and drivers) on the Gentlemen Drivers Rally last weekend. We had an absolute blast on the winding roads. I spent a good part of the weekend in the company of a C63 that was not hanging about, and with another silver turbo from the 80s.
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    Getting bored with pounding up the M6 this afternoon, a diversion off into the Lake District was rewarded with a photo opportunity on the western side of Ullswater - well, it would have been rude not to.
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    Your thoughts re the 570 Mac mirror my own experiences of test driving one before deciding to order my GT410 Sport. I thought the Evora steering was marginally superior and very fast though the 570 is, I did wonder just how relevant it is on today's roads. I, too, felt it difficult to justify the service and running costs over the Evora. For sure, the 570 is a great car but I really didn't feel the additional cost over the Evora was easy to justify. The Evora really does do everything I want it to. It's quick, handles beautifully and isn't ridiculously expensive to run.
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    Upgrade to gold membership - and get a provenance cert from the factory as part of the deal. That’ll show you
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    She lives! Timing was out.
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    Collected my first Esprit today. Anyone know this car? The guy a bought it from claims it is the only GT3 in Nautilus Blue. Anyone know differently? And another couple.
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    Totally loved the red interior combined with Essex Blue on my Evora, really brightened up the interior So much so that we chose red for the other car as well
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    The new manufacturing hall is going to be heavily automatized and Lotus Lightweight Structures (Worcester) and Lotus Fabrication (Vulcan Road) are also getting a cash, tech and staff influx, they can manufacture the stamped and casted parts to have an all alloy chassis and body. The next generation of cars will probably be all alloy and will possibly add something akin to the Volvo/Polestar carbon fibre spine to help getting maximum stiffness.
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    ok ! - I feel I have to get involved here barryely1.BMPbarryely1.BMP! being a serial green owner for 30 years! owned over the years.........
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    I have two green classic sportcoupé 's. Somehow , I just like green on a sportscar. First is the esprit S2.2 in the carlton's very dark empire green. I bought it this way....and kinda like it a lot. The other one is my 1970 Opel GT in some nice VW corrado pearl green with BMW white stripes. This one I did spray in a self made paintboot in my garage. People thought I was nuts, but in the end it became beautiful. I did however use professional PPG automotive paints and with a lot of elbow grease, it was coloursanded and with a rotary polished in multiple stages to highgloss. Look also at the "OPEL GT" logo, airbrushed in the bottom of the doors and I let it sink deep in the green colour, by spraying a last thin coat of green over it, before finishing the doorpanels with 3 layers of clearcoat. No wrapping or stickers on this one. All details are painted
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    Thanks for your advice, people! I have taken it to Sportomotive in Bournemouth who had the correct piece of kit. He looked at the machine and found that the MAP sensor was giving incorrect readings at idle. Cos had had a similar fault with another Elise recently and the problem with that was an issue with the wiring loom. He has just phoned me and let me know that it was the same intermittent fault with mine that meant that my VVC valves were in the wrong position for idle, so when I was giving it some "beans" it was acting fine, but when I slowed down it was running really rich and lumpy. Apparently: fix the loom problem - fix the running problem! Brilliant! Hopefully, I can pick it up tomorrow and see if that has fixed it all! On the bright side I should not need any sensors changing for a long time now!

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