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    Come on Barry, I was trying to build up some suspense... But I understand that 5 months of waiting you are all eager to find out the results !! And voila !! IT'S ALIVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is my mechanic's assistant !! My mechanic was very satisfied by the results !! He said the engine operated much more smoothly than before !! Probably due to fixing the timing too... (Thank you guys for insisting to do ti the factory way !!) He even took it for a drive !! I am meeting up with him tomorrow morning to test drive the car and see how the engine operates...
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    Well rear springs both replaced, 6 hrs! The front one have just arrived, Im having a days rest for those! Car looks like its sitting correct at the rear now. The driveshafts are running at the correct angle.
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    You could never really guess or speculate the split for the labour votes as to who would have been in/out. Democracy has won and that’s it done
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    Got some extra colours of the rainbow made up for the intake hose kits
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    First MX2E fitted earlier today. Mileage is stored in the instrument cluster only , But can be set by AIM before dispatch to the correct mileage of your car if that's required I can confirm that the Sport and Race buttons can be seen working in the display (Buy very small font ) Fitted to a 2017 350 Sport Exige
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    I have gotta get me one of those.
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    Looks like I will be busy in the new year... Thanks to Bibs and @internets to get my pressie delivered before christmas.
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    Labour lost! Now we all need to stop taking the piss out of Diane Abbott! How would you like it if the shoe was on the other foot?
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    The flight experience was quite something. You were pretty much guaranteed to be sitting a few feet from the super-rich and famous, yet the crew went out of their way to make it special even for the once-in-a-lifetime travellers. On my 1999 flight (before cockpit doors were secured) I was invited to the flight deck during supersonic cruise, which was really special. Whilst chatting to the flight crew, as we were approaching land, the reheats were switched off - air resistance at Mach 2 is quite something and you really did get thrown forward. On returning to my seat, I found my crystal glass of rum hadn't survived the transition and had flown off the front of my tray. On each flight, all passengers received a gift. These were always high-quality items, and there was a huge variety of them. I have dozens, as the remaining inventory was sold to staff at ridiculous rates. I'll post pics as I locate the items. Sterling silver key ring by Links of London. Smythson 2003 leather-bound diary. Sterling silver luggage tag - some tarnishing but best to leave it that way! And a variety of baggage tags.
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    The frequency of a timing belt depends on the belt's span length, type, weight and tension.
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    Yes, but I can skip school to meet up with me ol' muckers! Ohhh I do feel naughty
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    Looks great to me, looking forward to move into the the next decade and let Lotus show the world what they can do.
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    Just cancelled my GARW order ......
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    Was the coating Crystal Serum Ultra or Crysal Serum light? - With both you can try to break it down at a chemical level, either with something highly acidic or alkaline, try going with a neat strong alkaline wheel cleaner, such as bilbury, or go the other end with a strong distilled vinega - then follow up with an citric cleaner. The paint Lotus use is really intended for inside use use (Sonnebornne and Reick Soft Matt Feel) and specifically states that is will discolour in its early life, especially where it vents differently. This would explain the tape lines and the top and edge line that may have been hit by UV in its early life. Changes to the paint (discolouration of the matt paint) is specifically excluded from the Lotus paint warranty. Being an interior paint it also means its not that hard wearing, so tread carefully with brake cleaner. So if it is a coating, try to removing with acid or alkaline. If its the paint you can try to the following: Expose to UV by parking in sun (hard this time of year), exposing to heat to get it to rebreath (a hairdrier could work, but a heat gun could be a bit extreme), or simply coat again in something like an interior dressing. Using something like Gtechniq C4 would also fade it as it levels out trim very well
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    Nice!Welcome to the forum and your purchase! buddsy
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    Worked on the wiring loom and it starts looking decent:
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    Fixed it! On removing the carbs in order to the clean them out on case something was blocked, I found that a couple of the inlet manifold o-rings had swollen and weren't seating properly, causing an air leak. Cleaned the carbs, replaced the o-rings - sorted! Bob
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    @Bibs thank you for organising a great TLF meal tonight. Also, huge thanks to the team at Duke of Wellington. Superb food. Really was a great meal. Staff excellent. Next time though keep the bar open an hour longer lol.... Superb....
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    start deep dive cleaning, exterior, interior. day 1 : Need to remove the grills to clean that : Start to remove the front splitter and the reinforcement plate, but some screws are completely damaged (what kind of guy can put back this screw... I am pissed) I am for the moment blocked here, I have to find a way to remove these f*** damaged screws. View between splitter and clamshell : Finally sucessfully removed the seats, easy when you have the good tools... Under the seats : ...
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    Kim and his good lady plus @Sparky & Tracy plus myself and Mrs internets are also at the premier inn. Just arrived in fact.
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    Hi Makis, I am very pleased to see you have the car up and running again, the drive shaft oil seals are a thorn in the side for all of us over the years. You will find many threads that discuss them and alternative experimental 2 seal approaches. Personally I think sometimes you get lucky and the seals work great and hold up for ages and other times they fail reasonably early on. Yours seem to be leaking very soon after replacement however which makes me wonder if any sealant was applied to the split pins when they were put back in and that the splits were at 180 degrees to each other. You may find that by re-seating the pins with sealant (after thoroughly cleaning away any oil) might sort it out. Your garage looks very interesting too, I have to confess I hadn't stopped to check out you list of cars when you post so that came as a pleasant surprise. cheers -Chris
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    52%. I see we had protests and arrests again last night. This does need to stop. We live in a democracy. We had a legal vote, the rules are known. We have absolute scrutiny. So these childish, selfish bastards just need to go home and suck it up. Yes, have your say. Make your point known, but then get over it and go home and get on with your life. My local Tory candidate said after the declaration that he was glad it was all over. He lost to the SNP but apparently the abuse, verbal, online and in letters, that he was recieving was unbearable. What has happened to people in this country that they think this nastiness is acceptable?
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    sounds healthy, congrats and did you end up welding a connection bung to the oil cooler?
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    alan sugar on twitter
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    Listening to the TV now, it's a lot about we now need electoral reform as their point is that leave parties only polled 47/48% of the total vote. So I win. It had started before 0930!
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    Well 505H is now in my possession. I have been pulling it apart to see what I need to do to get it back on the road. I have removed the bonnet, light pods, tailgate, 1/4 windows, rear lights, bumpers, side trims and I'm about to remove the front windscreen......if I can get the damn wiper arm off Does the main part of the arm just slide off the splines? I can't get it to budge. The car has had a paint job in the past, it's in pretty poor condition body wise so I've booked it in with my Painter for the end of December. Luckily the chassis is rust free. The interior is horrible, it's been recovered in vinyl at some stage in its life, nothing that can' be sorted later. After searching this forum, I decided to use Robins recovery from Blandford, I must say that his price to collect and deliver the car was amazing! Very professional from start to finish. I'm going to paint the car in its original Monaco white, I was tempted to go Silver or even Lambo Miura green, they look fantastic in that colour. I need to delete the old glass sunroof, I have ordered a new roof section from SJ sportscars and have read on here that some people chop the whole roof off and replace. Is this the preferred way of doing this? I would have thought the pillar strength would be compromised, any advice would be welcome. Thanks for looking !
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    Having sold my elise earlier in the year, my evora has now gone too, after 4 years of very happy ownership im sad and happy really, sold it through lotus siverstone on SOR who i can thoroughly recommend , Robert who has taken over from Aime there has stepped right up to the plate. All quite effortless and sold within 4 weeks.. sad because its gone, its a great car to look at, is unusual, & punches well above its weight, in the looks department but i was frustrated with the fact that other than the lovely retrimming i did there was nothing to tinker on it.. it was just too good out of the box.. i also eventually found it a little boring to drive if im honest, please be in mind that this was just a weekend toy to enjoy, im not a high speed freak but just enjoyed driving through the lanes, to get any excitement, its just too fast for this.. 60-70 feels like 30, the ride and handling are far better than the speeds I am prepared to drive at, plus the evora is quite a wide car.. which makes it interesting on little lanes .. The sports ratio gearbox and factory sports exhaust ( both a must in my opinion) did give it a glorious sound and allows working of the box much more , i liked poodling up and down through the gears.. If i had a place of work that i drove too (my office is at home ) i would easy use the evora as a daily, it would be a fantastic daily driver.. and no doubt still in the garage so made the decision to shift it.. I did miss the elise drives , the evora didnt compensate for this.. different cars different uses.. I have a wonderful volvo v90cc and i found myself taking this rather than the evora to motorsport events .. so it was time for it to go.. I had a play in a friends westfield, if youve never driven a seven type car do, they are a total riot, nothing comes close on the road to the experiance of driving one of these mad cars.. so i currently have a westfied in the garage that im playing with , which is keeping me occupied and not noticing my other garage empty of evora, ive also parked a little clio 182 in its space that im also tinkering with.. couple of other thoughts.. this forum is one of the best forums ive been on.. give or take the odd muppet, everyone is fare, honest and funny.. i wont be lotusless for long, its nice looking around seeing whats around.. Whoever got my car has got a good one, it was pampered by me, had some lovely re trim work,. hopefully they will be on here.. Very fortunate that I live near Hanger 111 who have serviced when required, top firm.. ANdy
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    I haven’t heard of a fire starting in that area of an Esprit before, as has been said, the temperatures are way too low. And I’m not going to throw rocks at your mechanic. You can do that if your engine blows up again!
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    Ya know, each to their own and all that, I respect other people's opinions when they are not bat-shit crazy---you have to have at least a reasonable basis for your opinion not to be drivel-- but what gets me is the venom in some people's postings on Greta (personally??), the concept of climate change and Brexit (to name a few current topics.) Not just here, but generally. I wish everyone could just calm the fkuck down and have a reasonable discussion. The number of sexual references to Greta is also disturbing. They would not be acceptable directed at adults, but she is a child.
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    I deal with holes like that by feathering the edges quite "vigorously" - back to a knife-edge, holding some polythene on the opposite side, usually backed with something like plywood, and then building up a couple of layers of CSM with extra layers in the middle of the hole. All that's left then when you get the engine bay accessible is a skim of filler if there are any small voids around the edge of the hole. You'll need a fan heater in there at the moment to get the resin to cure!! Pete
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    Thanks @Clive59. downloaded it this morning. Last time I checked, they didn’t do an ios version, so I used a guitar tuner app. all set now at 115Hz, checked several times, and good results (was down at 104.9 according to Gates app, so would have been lower in higher temps?) Maybe a slight flutter on the overrun, still at 2k ish, but nothing on the way up, so far, far better
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    One of the easiest wheel bearing jobs i've ever done. blocked the wheels from moving, in gear and handbrake on, 200 ft lbs.
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    There will be a little stretch on initial use, but should not be an issue with needing to recheck belt tension. I have always used a Facom belt tool and never had an issue.
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    Commander Ally Pollard used to own an Elan Sprint. Her second in command found this out and thought it would be a suitable surprise for her to be driven from the Ship as she exited the gang plank for her final time immediately after the ceremony to pass command to the incoming Captain before finishing at the Officers mess (we managed to include a 20 minute blast in there too) We were then given a tour of the Warship that arrived back from Canada last Friday from another officer. Extremely interesting day. Super tight security but I guess it is a nuclear site.
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    @Mark030358 you should cancel your order, a new beautiful display has been released by racelogic ... I am joking
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    Phew - thought I was gonna see some lubed ladyboys then....
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    A very common problem with the dissimilar metals of the oil cooler and the hose union. It is caused by galling rather than rust eating the parts. The union can be saved by dissolving what is left of the aluminium thread using a sodium hydroxide solution (read up on the hazards before trying this!) but the oil cooler is usually not worth the effort of trying to salvage it.
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    I reckon that guy was a tyre kicker. When the time comes to sell mine I dread having to deal with that breed. I'm thinking no test drives before an agreed price and refundable deposit. Any ideas how to cull out the dreamers?
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    Bought a full lotac replacement set of bushes and dampers and springs all round fron the shop. going to also refinish everything I need to take off along the way... so a full body off restoration...
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    We do...a small business born by accident and through Esprit ownership and TLF membership, the wife and I both skilled in different trades work together in a little shed at the bottom of the garden most evenings now to produce these carpet sets for most Esprit models. Our latest addition, the allusive Turbo Esprit battery cover which we now make from ABS plastic to replace those cardboard covers that have dissolved over the years.
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    Here is an important update to my own blue belt story. At the initial 105Hz setting the car was fine for a very short time only. The blue belts seem to have some particularities. They don’t seem to stretch much but somehow soften and that affects they’re behaviour. What happened? Well, I drove the car a few times after the initial beltchange and soon it developed a rattle at start with a cold engine. Starting the car was fine and no anomalies at idle but a loud rattle developed at a narrow rpm window of approx 1500-1800 rpm. Below, nothing, above that nothing... Once the car was at temperature - the rattle was gone across the full rpm range. The rattle sounded like a couple of steel nails being shaken in a metal can. While trying to figure out where the noise came from at the back, I noticed a very visible belt flutter halfway between the intake and the dizzie pulleys at that particular rpm window. It was then clear the tensioner was the sound source... my initial concern was that the belt might have jumped some teeth but the proved unfounded. Let the car cool off, put it at 30b4TDC and checked frequency. 105Hz - unchanged... rotated the engine to TDC and took a Krikit measurement. Approx 45 pounds. Unchanged. So in terms of longitudinal tension the belt was at the same initial values as before but it behaved very differently... Next was pulling off the alternator to get access to the tensioner, tightened the belt to 110Hz at 30b4TDC and 50 on the krikit at TDC. No belt whine at temperature. It also eliminated the rattle at lower revs. Now I have a much smaller rattle at about 2500rpm and it disappears very quickly as the car warms up. I will now have to re-tension it again a little higher. The sweet spot might be around 112Hz and just slightly above 50 on the Krikit. That should eliminate any cold start tensioner shake/harmonics issue and still not produce a whine when warm. So these belts don’t stretch but they somehow soften become more flexible and need to be retensioned shortly after install. The tensioner rattle in this case acted as an early warning system (albeit a scary one..)
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    When the helicopters started following I did have a look around on the floor for it! Gladly it was securely stuck in the place it should be on the car...

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