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    Today was a driving day, not a show day.
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    Not sure how I’ve missed this, but happened upon your work on YouTube today George when watching other Esprit related stuff - I was checking out a rather nice Stevens turbo that’s just come up for sale and Soup cropped up on the play list - I think however your skill and enthusiasm has convinced me that the best garage partner for the 77 Elite is most definitely a return to a G car... And what can I say having watched most of the series this evening? (it’s gone 2am I couldn’t stop ) Fabulous. Sublime. Astonishing. The mind boggles at your patience and attention to detail, can’t wait to see the next steps as this fabulous machine starts getting put back together! Quite simply the best thing I have seen on YouTube in an absolute age...bravo!
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    Incredible car either way, can't wait to see it up close and hopefully take some photos of it parked next to my car. Just fitting the high explosives to mine for that movie authenticity!
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    The next batch should be available in a few week's time, thanks to @Miguelfor making the fabrication adjustments I asked for. I now have 3 of the current batch of 10 allocated, mail me as before if you're interested, RHD or LHD.
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    Sorry Gents, away with the family this year. Hope the strippers are better than last year! Catch you in the New Year.
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    Well 505H is now in my possession. I have been pulling it apart to see what I need to do to get it back on the road. I have removed the bonnet, light pods, tailgate, 1/4 windows, rear lights, bumpers, side trims and I'm about to remove the front windscreen......if I can get the damn wiper arm off Does the main part of the arm just slide off the splines? I can't get it to budge. The car has had a paint job in the past, it's in pretty poor condition body wise so I've booked it in with my Painter for the end of December. Luckily the chassis is rust free. The interior is horrible, it's been recovered in vinyl at some stage in its life, nothing that can' be sorted later. After searching this forum, I decided to use Robins recovery from Blandford, I must say that his price to collect and deliver the car was amazing! Very professional from start to finish. I'm going to paint the car in its original Monaco white, I was tempted to go Silver or even Lambo Miura green, they look fantastic in that colour. I need to delete the old glass sunroof, I have ordered a new roof section from SJ sportscars and have read on here that some people chop the whole roof off and replace. Is this the preferred way of doing this? I would have thought the pillar strength would be compromised, any advice would be welcome. Thanks for looking !
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    The coloured diagram is so much easier to navigate. Thanks @giorgio67 & @Lotusfab Given my rear loom has been Frankensteined, I might need to make a rear section in situ to ensure the lengths are correct etc. At least the front and middle section is almost done.
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    I’ve always found it hypocritical when politicians gain employment in organisations they despise. Take the SNP or Plaid Cymru in Westminster and UKIP and Farage in Brussels/Strasbourg. Let’s hope they find life on the dole if they achieve their objectives.
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    All valid comments but it’s your car Fabian and you can’t come this far with a dream and not see it through - you’ll know what’s right for you and the car
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    Fabian I have got to agree with @The Pits if you can make it removable then fine but to drill anything into that would be sacrilege. Your S1 can’t go underwater so this does not need skis. your car do what you wish but it makes me shudder to even think about it
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    Lol, no he didn't, but I did! Just an in joke between Bazza and me....
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    Lightweight magic x 3!
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    You'll get a better response if you post your question in the V8 forum.
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    Welcome to TLF! Pics of all three cars would also be welcome. I owned an S2 Elise for 5 very happy years but still have my Superlight R which was bought new in 1998!
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    Kevin, I'm getting good with this technology, just completed our food order!!
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    And now that's taken me to a lost evening watching Youtube of that sketch and others.
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    Unless you're a really hard-core track dayer, just drive it to track - have fun - drive home. Elise is the perfect car for that. Great colour
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    I believe the lighting contract for the watch towers will be up for grabs soon Barry. Followed by the contract for the corrugated tin roofs and the 40 calibre twin mounted, lazer guided guns....
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    Thanks Matt, indeed a standalone ECU is the perfect way forward. However, I think the statement on 'pushing the boundaries' with just another intake and other headers is somewhat biased by the aftermarket Lotus 'ECU industry'... Not saying I'm the specialist, but all indicators are in the green (spark advance, afr, ltft, stft, etc.), and there is no reason they shouldn't be. It is the tunes of the aftermarket tuners that change the game by leaning out the mixture and change spark timing. On AFR for instance, we are still running 10.5:1 at WOT with 'these modifications' on the stock map. Did you ever see an aftermarket tune's AFRs? I promise you they run leaner than what the stock map is doing. Not starting a debate, just an observation... I know at least one Exige running headers, NO cats, full CAI on stock map that is being pushed *hard* for more than 2 years now without any issues (and it's not mine, I do still have a cat)
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    So what about a Sport Racer NA then?
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    @Jeanvm He was just very, very greedy. Not happy enough with the good price I paid him. Not an honourable "businessman". Whereas I'm still in business over 20 years later.
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    That's not a logical conclusion George. I have an Android phone and take it to a guy who knows Iphones because hey, they are all just phones aren't they! If you take it to this dyno company without dealer intervention, then why not Komo Tec as they are THE most experienced with these cars in Europe, outside of Europe and probably better with regards to performance than most dealers? If Komo Tec see's a problem then that will give you good ammunition to take to your dealer and then to Lotus if needed.
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    Normal paint, as the lotus/lines are just bare metal it’s best to spray it all, let it harden and sand back before applying a coating to protect it. To mask it off would add a lot to the cost and wouldn’t Give a better finish (assuming the person is A1 at masking perfectly straight) - the sanding is only the top flat surface so a simple process. b&c did it for me, guessing any dealer can do the same for you.
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    It’s a beauty. Even looked good yesterday morning, covered in muck and leaves!
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    That really does enhance the engine bay and complements the car brilliantly
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    Pity I missed you, I was up there yesterday too. Used to regularly go Hall for evening meals, but then they embraced the wedding market a bit too much!
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    Not sure about the earlier cars but the later ones had the wiper arm bolted on which you undo by flipping up the cover, check out the parts diagram, if it's tough to get off you can get a puller to do it. Looks like you have a lot of work to do, good luck.
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    Bought a full lotac replacement set of bushes and dampers and springs all round fron the shop. going to also refinish everything I need to take off along the way... so a full body off restoration...
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    I was looking for a chrome orange S but when I was ready to buy there were none available. I wanted a bright colour so opted for a solar yellow which was available. Think I now prefer it to orange with the changes I have made to it. They really suit carbon fibre and the "black pack" which is a great contrast to yellow. Good luck Dave, they are amazing to drive and look at.
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    Greetings from Texas. I have lurked here for a while because I have worked on some Evoras and Elises over the years but I recently got my own 2002 Esprit V8 25th so I thought I'd better be a real person. The car is in pretty good shape (only 22k miles) although, I got it as a "does not run" vehicle. Luckily, it was the Cobra-alarm-permanently-immobilized immobilizer issue so I was able to get it running with two jumper wires. Now. on to the other "little" things. This forum has a great amount of information. Happy to be here. -MC
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    The V3 lights are a new shape, and have much much brighter lights. You can see the V2 vs V3 here
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    Whilst people may get in to an Evora and think it is special, that is because it doesn't look like a normal car interior. That does not make the interior special in reality. The plastics are horrible and cheap, all the touch points are bad (apart from the gear shifter). The head unit is a joke as is the factory stereo. Whilst that doesn't matter to most of us, the reality is when the list price is 90k today, it is unacceptable in todays market. I agree that making everything digital is not the answer, but certainly a massive interior change needs to happen for the cars to have any hope of surviving into the future.
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    The best looking 250 Cup on sale at the moment by some margin
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    That Sir is a beautiful picture, a beautiful car. If you don't mind, it will be my next Windows background! Lovely. Just lovely and that colour is so classy on the Evora.
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    5. From Russia With Gloves The first of many large orders of parts from SJ Sportscars arrived promptly, and I diligently checked them over, as some would not be used for many months hence. Unfortunately they had bagged the large quantity of fasteners together rather than individually which proved difficult to identify them. With the car totally disassembled and money spent on many parts, media blasting and finishing I was now truly at the start of the rebuild stage. With the initial parts delivery and all the suspension components now cleaned up and painted I was now in a position to set about pressing the new bushes into the various parts. Checking the chassis, the industrial gas heater blowing in the hot air through the side door of the garage had allowed the Tetroseal to seep into all of the corners of the box sections, and had set to a decent consistency to allow for the assembly work to be begin in earnest. This coincided with a trip up north o’ the border between Christmas and New Year to check out Simon’s @madrocket progress, and help him fit his engine and gearbox into his chassis. This was also a great opportunity to see his car in all its finery. He had finished his body shell too, which meant I could see the two halves of the project come together. He’d just purchased a new press, so whilst there his experience gained on his own car a few months previously helped enormously with fitting the rear hub bearings that can be a bit awks. I completed my visit to Simon’s by helping him and his pal Chris lift the body shell onto the chassis, and it provided some welcome confidence for me to tackle that stage of my own project when the time arrived. Back home, I lay out all of the parts, and dry fitted them as a way of a rehearsal and final checks. With the arrival of the new parts I was able to build the drive shafts up with their UJs. Having chosen the high quality versions, since the early Esprits lack of top link means that the drive shafts take a lot of the strain and can ruin UJs easily. They were fully greased before setting aside for later fitting. Since the car had come with a stainless steel exhaust manifold which had not been fitted, I noticed that the rear chassis cross-brace on exhaust side had either had a repair due to heat damage or had been pre-bent to accommodate the straight through exhaust manifold. Not being certain I had purchased SJ Sportscars modified brace instead. However, like quite a few of their modified parts they do not come with any fitting notes, which caused some consternation. I quick call to Steve and he said that it had to be fitted back to front, and with the rear chassis bracket also reversed. Although a tight fit, it was installed without further problem. Setting it further outwards than the original item, which was later to accommodate the exhaust manifold without issue. The only problem I had at this stage was fitting one of the anti-roll bar bushes. Damaging one in the process and having to order another one in the next parts order. This actually set me back quite a lot of time, and this stage seemed to languish for a while due to waiting for the parts and also the winter weather to improve. There wasn’t enough room with the side door of the garage closed to run the gas heater, as it was too close to the chassis. Working in the garage meant that the only realistic heat I could get was from the 1KW film production lamp I was using to illuminate it. However, with a full rebuild there is always plenty to be getting on with, and I set about assembling the heater box. Since it is small and clean enough to work on indoors, and it’s also one of the first things that needs to be fitted to the car once the body shell is attached to the chassis. The new rubber for the seals and the foam for the baffles had arrived and it took a few evenings to assemble the heater box around the new matrix with the correct rivets. The completed item looked like new. In fact, being powder coated rather than simply painted black, it was actually better than new. Especially with the replacement control lever now fitted. I had also done some research online and found a supplier of original clear glass and this arrived well packed within a few days of payment. A brand new nearside drop glass and rear quarterlight. With only a few more items still to obtain I carefully stored the glass and heater box for future installation. With the winter weather slowly improving my thoughts once again returned to assembling the chassis and running gear. With the car totally dismantled into its constituent parts and sub-assemblies, and with a lot of money spent on new parts, media blasting and finishing I was now well and truly at the deep end. I certainly felt the pressure and weight of my investment, which had yet to turn the corner and gradually become a car once more.
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    Today I collected my new Lotus Exige Sport 350 in Vivid Green in Mendig from KomoTec - unsuprising I'am still overwhelmed and just totally happy Beside the cool colour above all I'am exited about the AIM KomoTec MXS Strada Display - the quality of craftmanship conducted by KomoTec here is outstanding - regard how their control buttons for the MXS are intergated in the cover of the steering wheel! Awesome!
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    Took my car on the ferry for a tour of the Black Forest. The car drew a lot of attention. Several people asked whether they could have a photo of the car. I had to leave it on the street in Freiburg one night. I went to the car to get something, to find half a dozen people taking it in turns to pose with the car having their photos taken. I hung back until they went. Best one was taking a diversion to see the World's biggest Cuckoo clock (who wouldn't want to see that?). I parked up, then a club arrived of 6 or 7 911's. This Italian couple took a look at my car and the husband got his wife to take a pic of him posing with it. After several photos, she gestured for him to stand next to the 911's for a photo. He gave her an unenthusiastic shake of the head. An Italian NAAAH, is all I can think it looked like.
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    saw one of these the other day in Warrington, in yellow too - looked cool so, if Saab could design something like this, why did they insist on producing tanks?
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    I'm now a member of this club too. Daytona Blue S, Sports Racer, 2015, manual, purchased in December.
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    We do...a small business born by accident and through Esprit ownership and TLF membership, the wife and I both skilled in different trades work together in a little shed at the bottom of the garden most evenings now to produce these carpet sets for most Esprit models. Our latest addition, the allusive Turbo Esprit battery cover which we now make from ABS plastic to replace those cardboard covers that have dissolved over the years.
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    There are a fair few bits to remove/disconnect to remove the plenum but it's not that bad. The worst is putting it back on while feeling underneath for the cable connectors. Covered here with pics: As for the EGR, provided neither of the tubes are leaking then just block them off. I just made up an alloy blanking plate and fitted at the centre join of the EGR tubes. I don't remember any EGR function being part of the ECU learning, which is really only related with fuel trims etc.
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    And then call it the Esprit DBG...I kind of hope the next Lotus isn’t too mainstream, I like the uniqueness. Appealing to the masses is sure to dilute the driving involvement. Sadly that’s what I’ve been told it will be but let’s hope the driver involvement remains.

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