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    Turned out it was an 11 hour round trip. Really impressed so far .....especially above 4500 rpm
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    Hello all, some may have met me with my Evora GT430 Sport at 70 years Hethel (I have fond memories of the time when it was okay to travel...especially for joy!). While I have not been very active on TLF, I did not stop thinking about the cars. Today I signed a deal to buy a restored 1977 S1 Esprit (sorry - LHD, I am still in Germany ). My goal is to make it a drivers car and not garage / showroom / collectors queen. As you will notice, the wheels are not "correct" (as well as a couple of other parts) but the overall condition is excellent (from what I know so far). Frame has been fully restored, car has been repainted (was red originally) and a lot of the important mechanical components have been swapped. Interior re-bolstered (the green-ish/yellow-brown combo had to go for black /black). Engine runs well, the pace was a surprise for a 160bhp car. But the biggest grin was caused by the sound of it! Such a naughty growl from the open K&Ns right behind your head! My GT430 sounds amazing, but I am tempted to prefer the voice of this little 2.0! The car is still with the old owner but will be picked up next week and brought back to its new home. One photo as a teaser, I hope that I wont have to ask for too much help (and therapy?) around here
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    I ordered a new Lotus, having cancelled the Porsche. That makes me happy
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    Having owned a Exige Sport 350 for almost three years I decided to go all in for a Cup 430 now too. Still in the running-in period and no regrets so far Truly Amazing car!
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    Three years ago I bought a 1984 Esprit Turbo. Mechanically it was a mess but I was naive enough to buy it anyway as the bodywork and interior were in great shape and how bad could it be?!!! Well, Barry Ely has had it for a couple of years. Complete mechanical rebuild required to get it back to a good standard after it had been very badly bodged by previous owners. Rebuilt and blueprinted engine with new forged pistons, new exhaust system & turbo. Every piece of pipework replaced throughout. New suspension all round, set up 20mm lower to match the Essex ride height. The list goes on and on...but now she's home again and running beautifully. Thank you Barry. My contribution to a bit of Lotus heritage. Definitely not going to be sold at a profit
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    An Essex Blue one from Stratton Motor Company - 9 hour round trip then face the wife and give her the good news
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    Covers and a few pipes complete, together with a modicum of engine cleaning. It's not often I do cosmetic stuff; I hate it and I'm crap at it. But Dan's an OK guy really (if you ignore the cross-dressing and badger-baiting) so what the hell. It's not up to Margate Exotics standards, so sue me. Before and after...
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    Over Harlow last night.
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    Thanks Bibs, had @au-yt not given me a heads up (which I'm super grateful for) I would have never have done this, but with your blessing here it is, we did a short 4 part series, because they gave it to us for a week, and I still feel like even though I got a many eyes on it as I could we could have captured it better, because it was phenomenal in my opinion. Thusly why I'm running around here like a gradeschool boy sucking up information! I intended to do a write up, but I have a tendency to write in prose, so I didn't think it would be appreciated. I literally just try and cover the driving experience without bias, and the GT has set a standard I'm not sure can be met. Part 1, Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
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    Hi all, I though i'd introduce myself having purchased the car just last week after searching for many months. This is only my second non-Japanese car with the other being my 1969 VW Bus, and as such look forward to speaking with some like-passionate people. I've returned the car back to Norfolk and look forward to meeting some of you in the future. Thanks, Jack
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    125 new jobs at Lotus in Norwich
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    I’m just putting this out as a feeler for interest. Planning on a production run of billet aluminium rear hub carriers based around the C082D4141/2K castings. The design work is now complete and production of the first prototypes is underway. These will be made from 6061-T6 aluminium and calculations indicate they will be approx. 4x stronger than the OEM/aftermarket castings. The billet alone is in the region of £300 per hub, so the pair post-machining and finishing are going to be significantly more expensive than the cast equivalents. The billet version will also be a little heavier due to the material density and are designed for superior strengthening required for competition/track/fast road use. With modern tyre technology, poly bushes, upgraded suspension and modified engines additional strength in the rear upright gives greater safety margin. These should be lifetime items. Final pricing will be based on the production run numbers, but you can assume they will be at least 3x the cost of the cast units. The hubs would be supplied with Oilite bushes and stainless lower pin. Anyone seriously interesting in a pair please PM me.
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    I have your car’s twin...
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    Dunno if it’s the unhappy or happy thread - my eldest is 18 today. She’s grown into an amazing young lady with an incredible future ahead of her - makes me feel profoundly proud. Where has the time gone though.... feeling old. These young uns - she was already slumped by the downstairs toilet after a run in with shots when I got in this afternoon. She’s now back up and eating - and refusing my suggestions of a drinking session to round the day off.
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    Great picture posted on the Lotus Cars Facebook page
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    TLF headed up to Caffeine & Machine to the 'Lotus Unlocked' event to see and drive the current range of Lotus cars. We had the chance to spend some time with the Evora GT410, Evora GT410 Sport, Elise Cup 250 and Exige Cup 430 and there were some significant historic Lotus cars to enjoy too. Great event, awesome venue with fantastic roads on their doorstep!
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    Alright I give up...are you Batman?
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    If anything happens, and you don’t make it, can I have the Evora?
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    Which is why I am only going out for food shopping or to isolate in one of my Hethel beauties. I really do not have a clue why the tens of thousands of fcukjockeys are out and about, queuing outside of Primark and Next and generally just being a dick on packed beaches etc. Maybe I'm the weirdo, but I have no wish to get Covid and so for me, I'm happy in my bubble and everyone else can fcuk off and stay away lol......
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    Well after a little brave pill I lifted the body until the front wheels were just off the ground. I put some pressure on the drivers side front wheel and wobbled it a bit which wobbled the chassis and the body a little. I kept up the pressure and could hear some very gentle creaking (not cracking) and waited, I few moments later the chassis dropped to the floor and was essentially free. I was then able to lift little by little and check carefully as the body came away, keeping a close eye on the area Mike ringed in red above. This is very tight, the chassis bumping into the fan shroud and the bolt not fully clear, so a little flexing of the shroud was necessary but nothing excessive. Beyond that point it was plain sailing, I have no idea what was holding it up, nothing obvious. Many thanks to all for the hand holding and advice.
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    I’m a bit late to the GT430 thing but picking mine up tomorrow and can’t wait, my first Lotus ......just one thing, not told the wife yet
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    Sorry, I can’t see the ‘after’ photos?
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    0300 alarm this morning, but I reckon it was worth it!
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    You've won Euromillions and got yourself the first EVija. You'll be setting up an Evija group on the forum and talking amongst yourself for a while?
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    Agree with you all about the insanity of the final rankings, but the way I read the article is they were saying the 992 isn't as good as it should be and has fallen off the pedestal as being the one to have? Horses for courses. If you check out the M3 forums (which I recommend you don't!), you'll find a lot of love for the M3 over the Evora. I'm sure you can find people who love a Range Rover over an Evora... they just don't see driving the way we do!
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    Yeah, I had read your warning about the glue stength in your project thread @Chillidoggy, but I wasn't prepared for quite how tenacious the adhesive backing was until I'd actually used the material. I went out for a second stab at doing a DIY job on straightening the chassis this evening with a lot more success that I had the first time. Before - Its certainly taken a good wallop at some point in time. After - I've still got a little finessing to do on it, but its a damn sight better than it was before I started. As for how I did it, well ghetto it may be, but it did the job Though I have to declare I was on tenterhooks throughout the process. If you're health and safety concious you might want to look away now
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    Looks a lovely car and registered in Oct 2010 like mine and 2 letters away from mine which was also a Lotus management car initially when I bought it nearly 9 years ago with just 3k miles on. If mine is anything to go by, and it would have been on the production line at the same time, then it will be a "goodun" Mine has been super reliable for the 30k miles I have done in it with no issues at all.
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    Brief update, work and waiting for parts deliveries have slowed things a little again recently. Over the past week I've been putting my fibre glassing skills into practise again, this time repairing the damage to the boot floor infill panel. I'll re-drill the missing hole in the repaired area when I have the boot floor back in place to line it up with. I've also removed the front bumper to inspect the damage to it and make fitting the thermal foil eaiser. The bumper and valance are competely trashed and haven't been repaired very well. Long term I'm going to replace them both, if I can find a RRIM type bumper. In the meantime I'm going to try and improve upon the previous repairs so they can be reused in the short term. This moring fitted the charge cooler rad and A/C condensor to the rad pack. I solved the earlier issue with the gap between two rads caused by the bolts Serck used to rebuild the rad frame. I replaced the bolts with some that had lower profile head which closed the gap from around 6mm to around 3mm. With the thinner gap I could use some foam tape between the rads and then some slightly wider jaw panel edge clips that was original used to hold it all together. Then I spent pretty much all of this afternoon removing the tattered remains of the foil under the frunk so I could fit some fresh stuff. Removing the remains of the adhesive and various fixings (tow hook and spare wheel bolt etc) took what seemed like and eternity, but it was worth it to ensure the new foil had a sound surface to adhere to. Fitting the foil took quite a while too, particularly in the concave sections betlow the head lamps. I made several paper templates to ensure it would all fit nicely before I wasted any of the Thermal Velocity stuff because it isn't cheap.
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    I bought my Evora GT for it's purity and connection, which was what I wanted. I considered all these and more. The Boxster Spyder was probably my #2, but the 2016 version lacked the purity and connection I found in Lotus. Have not driven a 718 Spyder, but suspect the same, especially with the added weight. Factor in cost, and the Lotus was an easy pick over these options for anyone seeking purity and connection like me.
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    Can’t say I’m to worried Sparkles runs a price match system and I have just found Kwik Fit are doing Service and MOT for £49.99
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    21st Wedding Anniversary 26 years together. Dunno how she puts up with me!
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    Thanks lads, for the input - its all as valuable as gold IMO. re: "if you are not fully committed to the car, either financially or emotionally, you should move it on" When I made the financial commitment back in March @SW I was as eager as hell to see some use out of it this summer -- and that was the timescale. So we started to go that way. The car made it to the ramp. Start with the 'main event' finishing with ticking off the MOT advisories as money permitted. Then along came COVID and completely f****d it up. In the meantime events out of SW's control (as I say - not his fault) has compounded the Covid thing so part of the problem is frustration that because of all this there's no progression to think of - you know, like a sort of running commentary of findings after that decision back in March so I can be in a place to say - from 'whoah, really?, lets sell it' to 'is that all? lets fix that and spin her up'. I realise the former requires some commitment and outlay regarding taking things apart but that was factored in - it was worth it. Of course this hasn't happened. As far as emotional attachment - I adore the thing and whenever I rarely see one my heart sinks that I'm not driving mine. My current mindset is that if I sold it at a - lets face it - silly price and then I see another one on the road I'd have the same feeling but with 'I used to have one' in my mind too. Plenty of recommendations to think of, names to remember, and the various views of what actually to do. Also - if there's a turn-around at SW then what happened before March could be re-launched so to speak. Thanks all!
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    Well done that man! A legend indeed. Platinum-Iridium balls too (and/or a very understanding wife). Enjoy the drive (while you can)!
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    Mine's more battered than my actual car! I'm just a cheapskate. Cant afford big ticket items like keyrings - so just made my own with a model car, a drill and some chain! Are we going to start a new thread? Who has the best keyring!! My keyring is better than your keyring.....................
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    Hello Stephen, Just had a look over the fairly recent postings of your thread and with fresh eyes offer the following. Clearly something quite grave is amiss with the engine and one would be unwise to run it at all as is. As to your own perspective, I'd sympathetically suggest postings indicate the stormy personal events history is weighing in heavily on your considerations, perhaps contrarily to rational outcomes. Seems some of the lads are reacting from subliminal distaste at being drawn into the quagmire, if you'll forgive the term. Yes, it's a fabulous car and somewhat expensive to repair. Engaging a pro for resolving its issues demands a clear and thoughtful mindset, anything less careful likely yields grief the sort of which you are now suffering. So two separate yet inextricably linked tasks before you as I see it. Best of luck
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    The 414e is technically a hybrid so I suppose they are right.
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    Nice review of the GT410 vs Exige EX460 from @GFWilliams
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    So we all have to be positive all the time or we might upset someone? Come on guys, if you like the car then feel free to say so and why. If you don't like it, then feel free to say so and say why. Censorship is for governments not forums.
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    So rather longer than I had thought (of course!), Im finally back on the road. I took the Esprit off the road in October to "just tart the interior up"! So dismantled the dash, got rid of the horrible aftermarket heater blower, renovated the original heater motors. (all working), Renovated the instrument binnacle with new 'signs' - FUEL, INT, REAR DEFROST etc and some pinstriping, filled the aftermarket holes that had been drilled in it to accommodate switches and an S2 warning light, Got my partner to reupholster the dash, and repaired the bonnet release cross shaft which had broken. Whilst it was off the road, I also installed an oil catch can, because the oil vapour from the breather on the engine had been left to vent to atmosphere so was coating everything underneath at the back with oil. Still plenty to do ( engine carpets, map pocket etc) but can do that at my leisure over the summer. Let the fun begin!! So rather longer than I had thought (of course!), Im finally back on the road. I took the Esprit off the road in October to "just tart the interior up"! So dismantled the dash, got rid of the horrible aftermarket heater blower, renovated the original heater motors. (all working), Renovated the instrument binnacle with new 'signs' - FUEL, INT, REAR DEFROST etc and some pinstriping, filled the aftermarket holes that had been drilled in it to accommodate switches and an S2 warning light, Got my partner to reupholster the dash, and repaired the bonnet release cross shaft which had broken. Whilst it was off the road, I also installed an oil catch can, because the oil vapour from the breather on the engine had been left to vent to atmosphere so was coating everything underneath at the back with oil. Still plenty to do ( engine carpets, map pocket etc) but can do that at my leisure over the summer. Let the fun begin!!
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    There is a £45 limit now so should be fine
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    Thanks Barry, getting there with the car, very slowly. Ski racks are progressing at a snails pace despite hours and hours of work. The lower ones are done and just need smoothing, primer and paint. The upper ones are causing big problems.I had to abandon my design and start again from scratch. Thankfully James on here is an engineer and came over to have a look. My design wasn’t strong enough. Thanks to his idea of using mild steel U channel I now have a new design. It will fit into the original fibreglass shape with some modification, but be far stronger than the film prop design.It should allow me to reach reasonable speeds with no issues. I just have to make them, but I have been enjoying driving the car and perfecting it - so I took a short break from the racks.
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    I took the car on its longest run yet. 280 miles covered so far.I tuned it a second time but already it has started to drift off. I am slowly working through a snag list. Speedo is now working again after using a cable tie to hold the Angle drive down. I discovered after feeling quite hot on my long drive the vacuum powered Mode and fresh air flaps weren’t working. The demist was stuck on fulI hot which was a bit uncomfortable, so I spent today fixing it! Gear surround out and drivers seat. The main vacuum line had disconnected. I glued it back in with superglue. There then appeared to be a vacuum leak from the upper flap valve. I was going to replace it, but thankfully Andy on here told me they have to be connected only one way. I swapped the leads over and job done, all fixed. I noted a slight squeak when selecting first gear. This was being caused by my upgraded bearing in the middle of the selector rods. I adjusted it and the rod is no longer rubbing where it exits the chassis. Whilst I was adjusting this I noticed some gear oil coming from the selector on both sides.I have an early gearbox. I upgraded the selector to C35 spec and the selector cover. The selector has too much play because I hadn’t noticed the C35 top cover has also been modified, That is what was causing the seepage. Easy fix just swap the cover or change the spec back until I have more time. Theres the odd rattle which I will have to identify and fix. I took the isolators out from the front springs to lower It slightly. This was a bad move. Any dip or road hump and the car contacts at the front. You really have to go very slowly over bumps. This isn’t practical so I am replacing the isolators. I still need to align the wheels. The tracking is off at the front and the wheels need balancing. I will spend a lot of time getting the geometry correct, like I did with my S1. You have to expect some jobs when you have completely rebuilt a car that hasn’t been on the road for many many years. I didn’t have hardly any issues with the S1, but thats probably because the Turbo is so much more complicated and has many many more parts. Its taking a while, but soon I hope to have no snags! Its all starting to bed in as I rack up the miles. I was very pleased with the engine temperature it stayed at 75 degrees during the cruise. When I stopped in heavy traffic it got up to 85 degrees, but then we started to moved before the fans kicked in. Temperature control is perfect now. Should hit 500 miles soon and then I will have a thorough check over.
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