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    For those of you reading this sometimes things that are written come across not as intended. I have called Dave Changes today and had a long chat. He has a vast amount of experience with these engines and I for one am glad he posts on here and imparts some of his knowledge, as most experts dont bother. We have come to an understanding If he thinks Im doing a cock up he will tell me. I dont need any more engine failures! Thanks Dave.
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    Hi all, Writing this because I am a bit bored and a few of you might be interested. I left a good job at JLR last year and began a job at a Chinese company in Chongqing last August. Chongqing is normally a fantastic place, very vibrant, great people, a great metro system and very picturesque. I get a long winter break, I left China just before Christmas and returned to China to start work after Spring Festival. I actually flew to China on the day BA said they were stopping flights to mainland China. I flew Heathrow to Beijing, then Beijing to Chongqing on Air China, I have never seen Beijing airport so deserted, 500 domestic flights were cancelled that day, new flights were scheduled using the big planes that had arrived on long haul flights to do a few domestic flights, I actually flew to Chongqing on the same plane that brought me from Heathrow. I have now been in my apartment for 15 days, up until Tuesday this week I could come and go as I pleased, I went out every couple of days for groceries etc. everything is shut except pharmacies, where you are not allowed in, you stand behind a table at the door and ask for what you want, and a few supermarkets, you cannot enter a supermarket unless you pass the temperature test (temperature gun on forehead. On entry back into my community (walled area containing 13 high rise blocks of apartments, surrounded by a high wall with 4 entry exit points through security) temperature is checked again. Supermarkets are quiet but have plenty of stock. Work was supposed to have started on the 3rd of February, then it got delayed to the 10th, now its the 24th. Things have changed now, on Tuesday this week I went to go out and found only one exit/entry point open. They would not let me out because I did not have a pass. I phoned a Chinese friend who spoke to security who then let me out. What my company didn't tell me was that I or they should have registered me with the community management when I arrived, although they did arrange for the Police to visit me on my first day here who gave me information about the virus. This means my first day here is officially Tuesday, so now I am not allowed out of the community for 14 days from Tuesday. My company are talking to the management company to see if the Police visit can be enough to prove I have been here for two weeks already to allow me a pass, which will let me go out every other day, if not no going out for 11 days. People who have not left Chongqing are allowed one person from each apartment to leave every other day. The government delivered me a parcel of vegetables and my friend just arranged a delivery of beer, other friends can help me get food, all the online shopping apps are in Chinese so I cant do it myself. I won't starve. To kill the time I have been learning Chinese, doing lots of free online OU courses, (now doing Learning to Code for Data Analysis) exercising and watching lots of TV, although my VPN has stopped working today. This site is one of a few that I can use with no VPN, obviously the CCP are not threatened by Lotus enthusiasts. People are starting to slowly return to work, but its more office people working from home rather factories re-opening. The virus is being taken very seriously here. Some of my Chinses colleagues are still in their hometowns because they have not been able to return to Chongqing after spring festival. Everybody is very bored staying indoors. The Esprit is safely tucked away in my garage in Norfolk, it passed the MOT in January but I returned from a 200 mile round trip a few days later and the exhaust is blowing a little from somewhere around the wastegate, something to look at next January. Sorry for the long post, I will answer any questions if I can find the time! Steve
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    "The first year’s production allocation is already designated to customers around the world."
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    Last weekend at Bahrain International Circuit
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    The situation is real simple - Lotus have nothing new to show the public just yet.....they will have at the end of the year and that’s when you’ll see what they have in the pipeline no matter how much people moan for it to happen earlier. So there’s no point in attending Geneva, Beijing, Goodwood (unless they want to show their current wares) can we just give them space to try and take a company that’s been stuck in the 90’s for the last 30 years and wait until they are ready to move the business forward! It won’t be too much longer - first step next year, with new Evora based platform car and we will see the Evija in full form.....maybe even earlier than this.Thereafter new models will follow and realistically we will see them in ‘22. Their situation is not something that can be changed overnight, but let’s just be thankful that Lotus are on the rise once more and better times are ahead #forthedrivers
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    Coming up on a year in my Evora so thought I'd update y'all on my ownership experiences to date. Issues I've encountered - now sorted Poor radio reception - turns out it hadn't been installed properly - sorted by dealer at no cost The starter motor gave up, which left me stranded - it was replaced under warranty and has been fine since TPMS monitor sheared and needed to be replaced. This resulted in a flat tyre - dealer sorted no cost Boot lid wasn't opening and needed alignment - sorted by dealer at no cost Rear tyre de-pressurising due to a TPMS nut not being seated properly - sorted by dealer at no cost Open issues I've still got the issue where the CEL & traction control light keeps coming on, forcing the car into limp mode. Craig Moncrieff has checked the car and think it's a correlation issue with the throttle position. He's ordered me a new pedal. I'm hoping this will finally resolve the problem. This has been a royal PITA. The driver window stopped working last night. Thankfully it's in the up position!! Taking it in on Friday for Craig to sort My warranty runs out on the 28/02 so hoping both issues will be covered and I've finally debugged this car!! Running Costs Two new rear tyres a few months ago due to a puncture Two new front tyres -- got 14000 miles out of the old P-zeros which is pretty good I think. Running 2.5Bar on the rears and 2.3B on the front. Really impressed with the wet weather performance of these MPS4S tyres. Given the storms recently the Evora has been brilliant. Will be budgeting £600 a year for tyres based on 12000 mileage. MPG is averaging around 27 for me with mixed driving. If i do a long motorway stint I can get 33-34MPG no problem. Other than that no other costs Overall impression of the car After a year of ownership I've got really mixed emotions with the car. it is the best car and the worst car I've ever owned. The worst because it left me stranded and has given me no end of issues, however I feel like I'm getting there and the car will be sorted soon. I'm thankful I had a warranty to cover this, so other than time and stress hasn't cost me anything. It re-reinforces to me how vital it is to have warranty and a decent dealer/specialist close by (Lotus get this sorted ASAP!). If I had to drive to Carlisle to sort these issues out the car would have been punted months ago. it is also the best car I've ever owned. Despite the issues I still love the car. here. It is absolutely sublime to drive. Totally relaxing on a commute and a hoot on the back roads.
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    Wonder what price Carwow will get them for!
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    It's an amazing car. I'm so glad it's not an ultra low mileage car so I can just use it. It went to North Wales this weekend in horrendus conditions. The winter tyres provided total security in the wet. The roof has been flatted back and polished to remove surface scratches and I'll get the piant work 'refreshed' and ceramic coated in the Spring. I took a good friend for a shot spin on Sunday morning and we both agreed it was the perfect package; beautiful balance of comfort, power, braking, stability, and looks. Loving it..
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    Today we had a meeting for Lotus Club of Greece and I took my 2001 Lotus Esprit V8 to meet the other Lotus owners !! Most cars where Lotus Elise cars , but there were also 2 Esprit owners with S4 and S4S !! So this answers my questions.. Check out the video IMG_7852.MOV
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    My 410 Sport is lovely but the large amount of black/grey in the interior depresses me slightly. So, I sent my mats off to @Steve V8 and he did a great job of making me some new interior mats for my footwell. Just brightens the whole interior up and they fit great. Great job. I guess he has the template now so any 4xx owner should be able to speak to Steve. I went for a nice dark red with black edging to match the car exterior. Lovely guy to do business with and great carpets! (apologies for the crap phone picture)
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    Yep that's well naffed.. part of the new collaboration , telecom discussion and instruction on how to... and result.. easy peasy... but that to be fair is not short mileage marks , that has been sticking for a while .... may have been cause of original failure and never addressed on rebuild.. this is why the small details that are not in the book are so important ... Well done good find .
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    Today’s Valentine’s Facebook ad is dreadful. I know it’s throwaway thing of little consequence but contrary to a popular misconception a pun is not a creative idea. It’s what lazy creatives resort to when they have no idea. This one is painful, non-sensical, amateurish and de-values the brand. The budget needs to be more wisely spent. Shame when there are so many really good agencies out there who would love to work for Lotus and a good agency wouldn’t have let this leave the building. On a more positive note the plans for the next car if they are able to deliver them are for a much more exotic car than a Cayman. The Evora platform is exceptionally good in my experience and I the idea of a sleek 2 seater Evora based sports car has been very appealing since Dany Bahar's day. It could well turn out to be much more of a 'baby' McLaren than a Cayman clone. If so that is an area I am much happier for Lotus to be exploring. Lots can and will happen between now and launch. Evija's success will have a major influence on what happens next I'm sure. If successful it will embolden the engineering and design teams. If it goes the way of the T125 then some major changes will be taking place, further delays and the end result is very likely to be 'safer' and less bold because that's what has proven to work for that P company.
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    I decided to go for it. This time my engine bottom end will have Mahle pistons, new liners, HC rods, new bearings all round and a new oil pump. Evrything is getting balanced! 7000 rpm here I come - Cortina or bust!
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    Presentation pack available for pre-order. The £1.55 one looks very nice
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    I went from 350 - 410 after just weeks in the 350. Truth be told I bought the wrong car for my needs and wants when I bought the 350. In my opinion the 410 is a different beast. The power is up a bit and it is noticeable, the handling is night and day, and the sound is other wordly. I could go on at length but if you buy Absolute Lotus Magazine from issue 10 onwards you can read about my Lotus journey in my regular column. Good luck with your decision. I havent regretted my change for one moment which is rare for me.
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    @Smapmap great that you are using your Evora so much. Good on ya. I have been luckier than you in 2 years and 15000 miles with my 2010, now with 65,000 miles. Never stranded but some issues: window, mystery limp mode but would clear on shut down and restart, rear camera. All in year 1 and covered by B&C. Special car, the Evora. Justin
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    Many thanks to @Steve V8 who in an unusual departure from making his excellent Esprit carpet sets agreed to custom make me some new mats for my 410 Sport foot-well. I sent down my OEM mats and he has used them to make the template for the new mats. I'm really pleased with how they "lift" what can be a drab interior and they are so easy to swap back if I want to turn the car back to 100% OEM (Which I only will when I sell it). Great service. Super nice bloke. Super happy customer! Thanks Steve.
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    China is easy for me, I first came here in 2006 when I worked for Lotus, I have been coming back for work ever since, I spent halve of my 4.5 years at JLR in China, on 3 or 4 week business trips. The new job is a bit different as I live here, so no more business class flights, 5 star hotels and meals on expenses. During my traveling years I usually travelled alone, I soon realised that you just have to make things work, I've had a few issues, like checking out of a hotel, getting a taxi to the airport and finding all flights cancelled because of fog, returning to the hotel and finding it full and having to find another hotel. Language at work is not an issue, most of my team speak reasonable English, the last hour every Friday is English lesson time, I will having them speaking with a Norfolk accent by the end of the year. The things on social media, some are true, I have heard real horror stories, I have heard if you get admitted to a hospital your phone is taken away and there is no contact with relatives, the next thing they know is when either the patient leaves hospital cured or they receive a message to say the patient has died and the body cremated. Many Chinese don't believe the numbers, thinking its an order of magnitude worse than being reported. Westerner's in China, whether tourists, business visitors or expats only see the best 5% of China, there are terrible things here which would not happen in the UK. Looks like work will start next Monday, looking forward to it but a bit nervous! I've now done 18 days in my apartment, I have to look at a calendar to find out what day it is.
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    From your post, it's quite clear that you clearly aren't comfortable enough in your sexuality to even wear a pink shirt, yet alone a pink car.
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    As long as it gets your subscriptions up on your You Tube channel.
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    Guys, please make sure your anti-virus software is up to date before reading posts on this thread. You can’t be too careful.
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    Fair enough comment Stephen & obviously most, if not all of us on here are committed Lotus fans who genuinely care about the marque. However, some constructive feedback around the current marketing approach can only be useful for the leadership team at Hethel. After a really positive 70th anniversary event, (& a real groundswell of support for the brand), much of what has happened since has been confusing to say the least and amateurish at worst. (With the notable exception of the noise generated around the Evija which to be fair will be in a very rarified niche). It does not in any way match the well defined and telegraphed model differentiation & ‘roadmap’ information output from their competitors. It’s an approach that was excusable pre-Geely, but surely not now. I’m no marketing expert but an information vacuum that’s occasionally filled with superficial noise and confusing model makeovers does not cut it. Things need to improve significantly. This criticism is surely valid; especially when it’s coming from Lotus core customers who in the past have shelled out for new cars & might/might not do so again. If Lotus genuinely wish to survive & prosper they need to establish & maintain a much stronger relationship with their customers at every stage of the ownership cycle. Sadly that’s not the case. Although it was a little haphazard in my experience the CRM process actually seemed to work better pre-Geely.
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    I’m just hoping it is #forthedrivers and it doesn’t just become #fortheveryveryrichdrivers.
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    Based on other reports of the oil pickup falling off over the years, I safety-wired ours in place the last time I had the oil pan off. Simple fix....
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    A short update... I got my pass today so I can leave the community once every two days, so I went shopping. The one person per apartment allowed out once every two days rule is now Chongqing wide. This means that it is very quiet outside, I saw hardly anybody on my walk to the shop, which is not normal in China. Again the shop had everything, no apparent shortages (except fresh bread) although most people were buying more than the normal amount of shopping. Shopping here is very cheap if you shop in the local Chinese supermarkets, 24 big cans of decent local beer is under £4, fruit and veg very cheap. Some things are not available at the local shop, things like butter, cereal and Western brands, these can be bought at the foreign supermarkets like Carrefour, a bit expensive though. Lots of small businesses are in real trouble, two Chinese friends who own bars have asked to borrow money in the last week, they closed a month ago and don't know when they can reopen. TV is interesting, a screen now appears on my TV when I turn it on saying fight the war on the virus, don't go out, look after each other and that a load of films are now available to watch for free, these would usually be pay to view. In my friends building in Suzhou they have a family who have travelled back to Suzhou after Spring Festival, they are on quarantine in their apartment for 14 days, a big sign on the door warns people of this, saying stay away, do not get close to these people, a CCTV camera has been set up looking at their door to make sure they don't go out. One good thing to come out of this, I can cook some Chinese food now
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    It is crazy. I drove for the first time with the Esprit on Feb 15 and 15 ° C ... the climate changed for sure.
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    Don’t wire it too hard - any slight surface scratches may impede of the rebound flexibility compound refractionary curves
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    It most certainly has. I'm sure we'll hear more about them once they're done, but understandably, Lotus aren't releasing building site shots.
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    I have read your posts and felt for you Fabian. Your thirst for knowledge and your willingness to share everything you learn is a quality that many people do not have from my experience in my working life. I absolutely take my hat off to you for your persistence in problem solving and your desire for perfection. Well done and I look forward to seeing the car at some point. In fact I will be very near you late March. Ill give you a ring and see if you are about.
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    This is what’s inside the smaller 2” gauges. No white just blue, and only round the sides The faces are different, and care needs to be taken when removing the internals so as not to bend the needle. There are two parts to them and the top can be levered off. Taking the cap/s off makes it a lot easier when you come to refit the internals. There is a white reflecting band around the top inner. The back of the base has some white paint on and the back of the cap has the blue again. End results Rev counter and speedo The speedo trip reset cable has been replaced as I managed to break the end of mine when I was liberating it from the dashboard. Don’t try and disconnect it from the speedo from the outside. The business end of the cable has a Hexagonal pocket which sits over a hex ended rod inside the speedo, as you remove the internals it will disconnect from the pocket. If you then twist the cable through 45deg (outside) then press the two clips on the inside it will pop out. Time has not been kind to the faces, the markings are degrading and showing some smudging of the text. Caused by damp?? I have not been able to find any replacements so I decided to get them clean by gently dry wiping them. Sort of worked, they are not as good as I would have liked but then the car is 46 years old! When refitting the glass there is no O ring, just the one for the bezel and the dash. Onto the next job. The air-con Unit!
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    PO11 UTE number plate on a Range Rover, spied today on the A3. Justin
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    A little longer journey lol. Imagine the commute from Inverness or Aberdeen lol. Whats that- a 500/550 mile round trip? It was bad enough having one dealership in Edinburgh. As an aside - It reminds me of when I lived in Tokyo and my boss asked me to 'head over' to HK to deal with some of the Chinese authorities who were visiting the next day. She thought it was a day trip despite it being over 1700 miles away and I'd be entering a communist country as a foreign national lol. To this day I'm sure she thought Hong Kong was in Japan.
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    Good thinking. They can text her for help next time it’s empty.
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    For those interested, the cake was made by Dawn at Dorking Cake Cupboard. Dawn also made the 5th anniversary cake, the giant bacon roll. Her other bespoke cakes are amazing too. Today's cake was made entirely of edible components. The base is Lotus green icing, the logos are edible inks printed onto sheet icing, the lettering is made of individual iced letters. The Evija has been made based on photos of the launch car. Dawn and I considered three different concepts before going ahead with this and she's done a superb job turning the idea into reality. Attention to detail included the black and silver nose badge. The other ideas are saved ready for the 15 and 20 year anniversaries!
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    Which? Had a week with a Hyundai Nexo hydrogen car. They praised its smooth acceleration and its hushed, effortless demeanour of calmnes even on the most stressful journey. Its range prediction was more accurate than BEVs and they also said that the range was less impacted by driving style and weather than BEV. Refuelling - simply attach a nozzle. Lock it in place and hit the button. No need to hold the trigger. No mess and under 5 minutes for full fill up. Their final quote "my time with the Nexo makes me wonder why anyone woukd choose the inconvenience of a BEV over hydrogen... The future of personal transport really has arrived". Given that Which? Has been plugging BEVs for years this is really quite astounding. Like BEVs, hydrogen needs investment in top-up/fill-up points but to answer the OP question I would say no it isn't. It's hydrogen! I stick to my belief that BEV will be the Betamax, Hydrogen the VHS.
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    Well I need to draw a line under this now. If I had known about the pressure relief and the fact it could be removed and replaced the cam folloers Im pretty sure my engine would be running perectly. Don't let what happened to me put you off doing your own builds. The information on this blog is probably enough to avoid all of my mistakes. Its a pretty simple engine. If you ensure the specs are spot, check the oil pump and PRV and dont assume anything anyone else has done is ok you shouldn't have any issues. When Inhave more time Im well placed to do another one. I have added up the cost of replacing all of the parts and come to the conclusion its almost the same price as if I had got got a company to rebuild it. Coupled with a work change, at the moment, I no longer have the time to do all this and the ski racks. . I need to finish the racks, skis and just put the engine back in. So I have decided to let the professionals finish the engine.
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    Thanks for all the wise words fellas, it's very much appreciated. It was very scary at first but knowledge seems to be the key here I think and the more I read, the more I understand what's going on and how it is controlled. Feeling much better about it all now.
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    I've just been to pick up the cake. It's stunning and it'll be a shame to cut it.
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    All depends what you want to spend 2k for a 2bular, 5k for Ti (I’m guessing) or 30-40k for a 430, if your happy with your car and want some more noise the 2bular is certainly the best value for money
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    Fabian, I still think you are out of focus on all of this, A lot of what you are proposing makes some sense, but without consideration of the finer details.. I have tried to point you in a direction and privately offered advise.. But you still seem to shoot off in all directions from one day to the next.... I would like to see you get this sorted, but guess work is going to put you dealing with another set of issues.. What I am noticing and will point out , just so your readership understand is.. 1. Piston measurement out due to temp ... Plausible but what temp where you at . we measure at 18-20 ' and make allowances for temp difference , but 10' is tenths of a thou on a piston , so you may just need to look more at your own measuring procedure first.. Also did you zero you 75-100mm Micrometer with measuring block first. ? 2. Rings and pistons.. Fitting sub standard rings can happen, which is a supply thing, but they rarely over scrape in such short mileage unless gapped wrong.. Changing the Mahle pistons is an upgrade , but be aware .. The crown design is different as is the deck height, This may be due to variation in compression height.. This all needs considering.. The Mahle pistons came with rings suitable for Nikasil liners , these will not be suitable for iron liners. These pistons are designed for the 8.0 :1 compression ration set up, not the 7.5;1 you have now .. You will need to change your combustion format or your tuning set up to suit.. Also best to fine tune on dyno when finished.. This can all be easily achieved but you need to be aware of the finer details and calculate all the changes involved .. A professional would know all this .. Just fitting it all may work in a fashion , but that's what you did last time and none of us want to see you have a repeat of that. 3. Bearings.. This is a supply thing , make sure they are 3 ply quality not the cheaper 2 ply crap that is available out there .. again a professional would be aware of this 4. Stretched fly wheel bolts..... Check your torque wrench calibration . Only over torquing would cause this .. 5. Liners scored .. How bad, could they have been bored and honed .010 or .020. Then custom pistons from Omega to match the size with correct crown design or at least deck height/compression height altered to suit require c/r. At the same time you could reduce the size of the wrist pin along with piston weight to reduce reciprocating mass weight loading.. better all round for performance and engine life.. research and talking to a professional would have made you aware of all this... But if fitting new liners , getting a pro to set them in place with correct nip height is a good move. 6 Fixed tensioner .. Good move . I did a conversion recently for customer , Its as @andydclements said , be best done with belt and pulley upgrade at same time .. My customer went for Vernier cam pulley's at the same time to insure cam timing was absolutely spot on.. .. might be worth considering.. 7 Astronomical bill for bottom end ... Uhmm should not be in the scheme of things ,... Its all relative , good kit and good work cost a bit more , but last a long time . cheap parts and guess work cost a lot less , but somehow you always end up spending more .... We all would like to see you get some focus and solid direction on this . Getting professionals to do things for you will not take away any of your personal involvement and achievements. Share the experience with them and learn at the same time ... anything else is just guess work..
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    Slightly off topic but in this months 'Magneto' for those that get this magazine there's a two page Lotus ad! Its a picture of a dead straight road cutting through the countryside...the tag line in the middle reads "Bloody Romans" and in the bottom right is the (new) Lotus logo and 'For the Drivers' So....they are spending some money on marketing!! @The Pits ! This is possibly the first I've seen outside of Lotus magazine in some time!
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    Thought I spotted Batman! - but it was just a horse

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