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    Hi all, thankyou very much for your kind thoughts and messages. As a nice ending to this tale I can confirm my GT3 has been sold. As you will know it was just as important to me personally who bought it as how much it went for, and it has gone to just about the best person I can ever think of in more ways than one. I don't think he will mind me mentioning his name (as he said the car will probably be even more famous in publicity pics in the future) but it was bought by long-standing Lotus staffer Gavan Kershaw, Director of Lotus Cars (Vehicle Attributes) and all-round Lotus-Nutcase-for-Life. As he knew about the circumstances behind the sale Gavan organised a day out at the factory. I delivered the car to him and in return he treated me and my wife to an incredible few laps of the track as a passenger in an Evora 430, a guided tour of the lines by another Lotus hero, Richard Rackham, and a meeting with Clive Chapman who let us look around the Classic workshops. I haven't worn as big a smile in many months I can tell you, and my deepest thanks go out to all involved. I must say the amount of interest the GT3 generated at the factory was extraordinary, even when mixed in with the current exotica. Fifth Gear were nearby filming some retrospective on the Elise and you could see them looking at it - who knows maybe they will do an Esprit vid soon? Another factory staffer has recently bought a red GT3 which featured in some corporate press photographs of a new director, and that owner was the one who persuaded Gavan to take the plunge. Actually Gavan told me he bought the first production press car, also orange, when it was released so he's no stranger to them. Lotus guru Scott Walker who is now a senior staffer inspected the GT3 long and hard and pronounced it a "good'un". I must admit was a bit apprehensive when Gavan asked to take it out on the road for a test drive but must admit he drove just like me, i.e. like a pensioner! He says he gets quite enough speed on the track and takes it easy on the roaad, very wise. All in all one of the most memorable days of my life. To top it off we went for a quiet drink in local pub to calm down later that evening and just happened to pick the night of the monthly Lotus meeting at the Bird in Hand - hello Owen! I must admit I did get a bit emotional when time came to hand the keys over. When thinning out the history file I came across some pics of the car on the driveway, you know the sort, when the kids bikes are on the garden, all the plants are half as high as they are now, and you realise just how much your special car has become woven into the fabric of your life and your family. But time moves on and I can tell you parting with a car does not even register compared to parting with one of your children. I may get back into Lotus ownership one day - it occurred to me when experiencing all these amazing things that I would not be allowed on site at the next factory event and would be lucky to be allowed in on the park and ride bus! I might have to cadge a lift from one of you lot as a passenger!
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    Supercar Sunday at Brooklands today. Two Esprits invited into the paddock! Unheard of - at last recognition for a very under rated cars!
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    Anyone here is completely free to dislike the Evija or any other Lotus. If they dislike all Lotus cars and people I would suggest that there are better places to spend their spare time. Criticism is welcome here. I particularly dislike the way that Porsche GT products are completely beyond criticism from car journalists and in general online. So I wouldn't like to see that with Lotus cars, if anything the people who believe they are the voice of reality should be making sure that balance is brought there I would have thought. The imbalance is far greater. As you can see anyone is also free to nitpick and try to undermine the posts of some very well informed people here too. But they have to accept how it looks to reasonable minded people. Twisting what has been written to suit a personal gripe, agenda or strange assumption about someone is not OK and very different from carefully thought out criticism. TLF will never be negative enough for some and that's fine as there's another website for them. It's going too far to make it your mission to change the tone of this place too based on some pretty extreme and unfounded assumptions. For anyone else who subscribes to the narrative that TLF is for blinkered, deluded, fawning fanboys they might like to know that a lot of posts have been removed to the benefit of the more critical posters on here. I don't like everything about the Evija, I'm not very keen on the name or the square shaped steering wheel for a start but the bigger picture here is utterly astonishing. To be arguing about by how many seconds the Evija will be the fastest car with number plates on is hilariously missing the point that it's set to be the fastest ever accelerating car with number plates on. Chapman was hugely audacious and ambitious. He didn't know his place in F1. But the 'garagistes' had the last laugh. It's great to see Lotus showing that kind of audacity again. Let the naysayers scoff! It's all part of the great Lotus tradition.
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    You know that this is not the production car? They're not going into production until next year, not next week and these prototypes are made by the design team, not the production factory. One of the things they'll be doing from now until they start building them is putting the manufacturing processes in place to actually manufacture them so the car which rolls off the line will be much changed from the one at the launch. Kinda mutes your points on the small qualities issues you looked hard to find really.
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    Love it love it love it. Way edgier than I ever thought it would be, love everything about it and that interior is just a pinnacle of what Lotus has ever done, the DNA is there actually it is everywhere. Kudos to Russell Carr and his team. They deserved to be finally recognized
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    Hi Folks, Thought it only polite to say “Hi” and to share a pic or five of my new car bought from Central Lotus in Nottingham. This is my first Lotus and I am thrilled with it. I hope to share my experiences as I rack up the miles with a big road trip planned for early October through France to enjoy the Spanish and Andorran Pyrenees roads. Thanks in anticipation for all of your welcomes and assistance as I get to grips with this great marque. Oh, and how about this, I observed the speedo with 130 miles recorded on the day that the Evija, Type 130 was launched. Cheers all Joe
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    Well that was fun ! The Evija is awesome in the flesh - almost conventional supercar from the front until you start looking at the detail, but the completely jaw dropping sculptural holes through the back really show its something well beyond. The "parade" was great fun if predictably shambolic in London traffic with very few of us knowing the roads. This not helped by a late change of route due to roadworks on the Brompton Road. As an ex-biker commuter, I'd have managed OK with new route details....but turn left instead of right at Buckingham Palace and follow the yellow Lotus in front was way short of passing on where to go. As the lights there allowed us out 2 or 3 cars at a time the party inevitably split and we all made our way back in small groups by various circuitous routes the final two arriving a full 40 mins after the first two! What it did do was create incredible interest around the streets of that part of London - particularly when we were all together - with hordes of tourists and regular workers stopping in their tracks and watching us go by - literally lining up along the pavements to get a better look - and there must be thousands of phones now filled with short video clips of yellow Lotus. Others will have better pics that will appear idc no doubt but this was (most of) the fleet that assembled at the start in generation order : Baby Elan Sprint; Elan +2 130/5; Elite; Eclat; S2 Esprit; M100 Elan; V8 Esprit; S1 Elise; Exige RGB; Elise 220 Cup; Evora GT410 Sport; Exige Sport 410. I followed Harry Metcalfe around in his Sprint and he was videoing the whole thing so that will presumably be released on his channel at some point, and Lotus had some photographers on a bike with us and static on the mall so hopefully they got some money shots too. It was such a laugh to see the public's reaction we all did another quick run up to Parliament Square and back before the evening show started. There was what seemed like genuine interest from some of the "big names" (I didn't know any except MJK!), journos and other hangers on as they arrived for their presentation. But of the ones that spoke to me, they shared surprisingly little knowledge of the Lotus back catalogue - given their professional involvement and presumed interest in automobilia. It was a privilege to help enlighten them! Just awesome to be given the chance to have a tiny involvement in such an event - the grin will stay with me for a very long time...
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    What I really need now is an Elan..... off to ask the missus
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    MJK was asked what he thought Colin would think of the Evija - He said that he thought Colin would love to own one!
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    I sometimes wonder how it is to live a life looking for things to be upset about.
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    I absolutely loved this. Nice one Greg!
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    So I actually said to my son the other day ( mother in the shower) I really want a 410 Sport in Military Grey but I will need to sell the Esprit. Now discussing stuff with a 14 year old is usually a bit meh, he came into the kitchen sat down (Instead of standing there doing his hair and being cocky) and I am quoting, he said, “ you can never sell the Esprit, you promised that to me, sell Mums car”
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    What makes me happy is thinking about all the smiling faces on the shop floor at Hethel the day after the launch, they must be some of the happiest people on the planet at the moment, after some difficult times for them over the last few decades thinking it could be there turn for there P45. Well the future looks very bright for them now and good luck to them they deserve it.
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    Well we did go a day with out people ripping it to bits, after all the glowing reviews world wide, sadly we are back to pointless negativity and even more sad it’s coming a lotus enthusiast forum.
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    Oh my.... tissues .... more tissues
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    Simply love these warm light summer nights
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    It looks good with a bit of colour on it: From:
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    There is quite a bit of negativity and sniping creeping in and a few smart arse comments re Lotus ability to pull this off. Seems to be a pattern. Before we had seen the car quite a few snipes and scoffs about whether Lotus could create something that wows. Well, I think they answered those emphatically when the car was presented and generally the motoring press and journo's have been extremely positive. So Lotus 1 - 0 Doubters. Now, we're getting people whinging about build quality on a pre-prod model and comparing the build of a £2m Hypercar to an £80k sports car and again doubting Lotus ability to pull it off before the game even starts. I just personally find it disappointing, and probably a sign of the times, that some people just want to focus on the negative or spend time poring over pictures to take delight in spotting issues on a pre prod car. FFS, really? Why can't we celebrate a brand and it's people, one we are supposed to be fans off, and their attempt to reach for new heights and achieve great new things? As for the paint comment on the Evora, go and look at the video on here of a £300k Ferrari 488 Pista, brand new, that from the Dealers was needing an estimated 3 full days for the paint correction. I suppose the math adds up. 3 times the price of the Evora and 3 times the time to correct the paint. McLaren, Lambo and others all criticised too so not just a Lotus issue and those cars are 2x, 3x, the price of an Evora or Exige. There has been a definite increase in the negativity on here in the last few months which I find disappointing. Personally, I'm going to focus on the positives. Lotus have developed an offering that figures wise, blows the opposition out of the park. It's a real game changer. Lotus has created a stunning design that has moved the Lotus game into another league from the exterior, and matched the best and most recent (e.g. Valkeryie). There is no valid comparison re build quality re what has come before to this. This is 18+ times the price and aimed at a whole new market (yet some like to point out how it will be sold from an industrial unit ). Save your grumps and groans re your Evora's and Exiges (Elise owners deffo seem the happiest of the current cars) to your model specific threads as some of us woukd just like to discuss and marvel about the 130 and where it might take us. There's already enough negativity in the world for everyone, and Lotus over the years has had to deal with way more than was really justified in my opinion.
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    I simply cannot see anything negative to comment on regarding that car. a cracking piece of British automotive engineering excellence - we should all be positive about that
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    Lots of big names in the room tonight but great to see @Mike Kimberley in attendance at such an event. He was very impressed with the car, that's high praise indeed!
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    This should really be in he next Bond film - move over Aston
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    Yes I'm biased but the Type 130 looks better than the Aston Martin. Also it's testament to the pride in the company that all of Lotus has seen the car but nobody has leaked anything.
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    From Pistonheads: someone has called out the usual PH anti-Lotus negativity: PH'er Otolith: "Really, all the negativity round here, and it could be avoided with one small styling change."
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    Just in case anyone is curious about whats under the Evora's dashboard, here are some pics. I have removed mine and taken it to be re-trimmed. I recently swapped the old Alpine for a new Pioneer head unit so am taking the opportunity to tidy up the wiring and remove the hidden Alpine bits, there is a lot of excess wire bundled up. If anyone wants any specific info or particular pictures let me know. It's all going back together on Wednesday.
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    I seem to be stuck in a quagmire. Since the engine went in not a lot has happened. I have split the engine and gearbox to put the missing dowel in, but the dowel didn't fit! I now have the correct one coming. The clutch hose won't fit the new clutch slave cylinder. I need to order a male male connector. The only trouble is which one? Nothing is easy on these. Once the dowel is done I can start to progress again. Now I have turned the car around its starting to look like a finished car!
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    I'll have mine sound like this, just to annoy folks
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    Ok just got back home after a day spent in a black zone with only 10' spent in a zone with enough coverage to have a looks at 3 pics and the official clip... after watching the carfection clip all I can say is What a car!!! those seats, those pedals, this interior, those details inside and outside, seriously hope they will all trickle down lower down the range.... This is a very cohesive package and that black badge, I love this black badge... I also like the fact that the lotus brand is back on the brake calipers... details I know but so exquisite here. I love Paul from Supercar of London Youtube channel genuine kid like emotion.
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    I will take more photos once they're back, they've been sent back to be machined more to change the angle slightly, so will be later this week hopefully. Some photoshops to show them in black.
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    Can’t beat the sheer practicality of the Evora
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    Just to say I'm delighted to have purchased this car. Saw it yesterday and was really impressed with the car, the owner James and South West Lotus in general. Just wish they were closer to Maidenhead.
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    There can be no doubt now that Geely are going to put Lotus back to where it belongs at the forefront of the automotive industry. The waiting and excitement as been superseded by a product that I thought Lotus and as far as it goes any other car company where capable of producing. Welcome to the new benchmark in car design and everything that will have every sports car company thinking how on earth how we going to beat that. Welcome to the new dawn.
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    Absolutely beautiful looking weapon of a car. Many congratulations to the design & engineering team at Lotus. If this drives as well as it looks it should sell out in no time. Lotus have really pulled it out of the bag!
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    Harry Metcalfe appears to be joining in the convoy fun, so if you follow him on social media you should be kept up to date with events. In the meantime - Bus [email protected]@ker*: *Colloquialism/catchphrase from a popular Brit comedy TV show for those outside the UK.
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    Cut the leather, glue and fold back All done.... Had to enlarge the hole.... Gear lever was stopping me from moving the console far enough backwards to slide over arm All back together
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    Finally, after 5-6 weeks the new Eltech front acces panel arrived and got installed. I just want to share some infos with you as it´s not a plug and play install. I like the quality of the carbon and the "V" form of the carbon fibre, just like OEM. So if anyone considers buying it, here´s the installation manual Step 1: Remove the original panel and the front grill. The grill is only fixed with 4 screws. I also removed the clips that hold the screws so they won´t fall down somewhere. Step 2: Remove the front wheels and the whell arch liners. Look for the plastic screws so you don´t destroy them. Remove the one metal screw and take the upper part of the wheel arch liner out. Then remove the 4 screws that hold the remaining plastic cover on each side. Install the wheel arch liners and wheels again. Step 3: Now that the original panel is completely removed. Try to fit the new panel. In my case, it didn´t fit, so we had to use a dremel to remove some milimeters of the left and right notch where the original three pins of the grill would fit in. Step 4: Remove the upper left and right pins and the rod for the lock from the original panel. You´ll have to use new screws for the small 2 pins as the original ones don´t fit. Think it were four M5 screws needed. Widen the wholes in the brackets to make the new screws fit. Haven´t taken pictures of this step unfortunately. Step 5: Fit some Screws with washers to the two holes in front of the new panel. In my case, we had to replace the rubber things too as I lost two of three of the original parts. They are really loose.. Step 6: Don´t forget to place a rubber cushion/bumper or so on the panel where the switch for the alarm is placed. If you don´t there is a good chance that the alarm is triggered even when the panel is in place. Step 7: Fit the new panel and take a picture
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    might be picking a little something up for the weekend tomorrow......
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    Feeling very lucky today. The very first Evora GT sold in America and the world. It was amazing time enjoying the day driving the only one. Lotus really listened and stepped up their game. Lotus completely manned up and worked out all the problems. They have shown to me that they are the company that I wanted to buy a car from for so long. This has really become the fairy tale ending. Well it's the fairy tail beginning for me and my Evora! The first day with the car and I am more than impressed. The build quality is 100% perfect, The Radio is better than I could have imagined. The Apple play in the Alpine works perfectly and integrates seamlessly. The power is exceptional. The motor sounds like a symphony. (Are they sure it's from a Camry and not a Toyota Grand Prix car!) The clutch is the perfect amount of effort and feedback. The shifting is silky and smoother than the 400 with 2nd gear completely solid. It rides like a slightly big Elise. The A/C AirCon was a iceberg on a 98 F day. The attention and response from people seeing the car was overwhelming. Compared to the 400 this car is another level. All the quirks of the 400 are gone. I'm completely in love! Worth all the lost nights sleep and every penny. After one day with this car I don't mind that I didn't get exactly what I had ordered. It's 95% there and the rest will come. Last night I watched the Stingray premier and they really put on a show. It was almost Tesla like(almost). The car is going to appeal to a lot of buyers. However, Make no mistake. The Evora is the right choice! This car has leaped over my expectations and small little company from Norfolk has build a world class car. If you've been waiting to see how this car turns out. The answer is it's Amazing. So go get in line. It's worth the wait! So I just have to raise my glass and say "Cheers"
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    Whilst we should all be realistic over the brand I find it somewhat amusing that on a forum dedicated to the marque there are so many that wish to pick holes in everything that the company attempts to do.
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    One more number that I'm struggling to get my head around. The following are all claimed 0-300kph times: Porsche 991 GT3RS - 40.8 McLaren 540C - 31.5 Ferrari F40 - 31.0 McLaren 570S - 27.7 McLaren 600LT - 26.6 McLaren 675LT - 23.5 991 GT2 - 22.9 McLaren 720S - 19.7 La Ferrari - 15.7 Bugatti Veyron Supersport - 14.6 McLaren Speedtail - 12.8 seconds. Pininfarina Battista - under 12 seconds. Lotus Evija < 9 seconds.
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    Wow just wow. And no, it owes nothing to Woking, if anything Woking owes Hethel... the 130 looks stunning whereas to me the 720 and Senna look meh - the Senna just looks chaotic design wise in my eyes. Well done Lotus. You have absolutely made my year with that piece of wonderful art and engineering.
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    Lotus have knocked this out of the park if they execute as promised. This is fantastic for brand recognition getting Lotus back where it belongs.
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    I may not be a contender for the top prize, but I at least want to be a credible entrant. My ‘97 V8 is entered in this event on Saturday, 20 July. The competition is always quite stiff. Here’s my progress so far. Little things take so much time. The windscreen reservoir had the original (!) fluid in it. It was quite spoilt and the bottle was dirty and showed the unattractive ecosystem that had formed inside. Two hours to empty the bottle, clean it inside and out, then install fresh fluid. And I really don’t have that kind of time on my hands ...
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    Funny thing is, the tech is often what ages modern cars the quickest. While I do agree with Harry, for the money there should be a bit more in the interior, especially for a GT car, but at the same time if you buy an Evora in 10 years you won't have to worry much about the tech. You will be able to go buy a double din stereo with most of the modern tech you need in regards to syncing with your phone. This may be a lot harder with other modern cars, especially if anything changes drastically.
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    With so much antagonism and ill will online these days it's great to see a car community coming together to help one of our own. £52k raised so far which I hope will help him make a full recovery. Hope to see him back behind the wheel of a Lotus soon.
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    Lots of hoo har on here the last time I said I thought that a silver Lotus was stunning but I'm saying it again. Looks terrific in silver in the video to me. Great review, Harry puts these clueless, narcissistic Youtube kids to shame. I agree the AC is really good, surprisingly so perhaps, but I really like the three finely adjustable analogue controls. So much more simple to use than many more modern systems. Dash graphics could use an update for sure but I'm glad that there's still a car on sale where suspension quality and chassis dynamics are prioritized over interior style and infotainment. Sadly most buyers see it completely the other way around which means Lotus will have to adjust their priorities to get it right with the wider market but thought it was a good point about sharing tech with Proton vs Volvo/Geely. My advice to anyone who really appreciates the current range is to get one while you still can. When you're really driving you're looking as far away from the dashboard as you can, however nice it is!
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    Did you guys miss this ad on here on the 2nd? So those of us meeting the conditions 1) Have a yellow Lotus; 2) Have nothing better to do on Tuesday; 3) Are lucky enough to be invited... ...get to go to the venue before the pukka guests arrive and get a private preview of the car. We've got a bit of driving in London to do, and a bit of Lotus eye candy to provide for the launch audience as they arrive, and we get chucked out before the real show begins....but really - how exciting is this, cant wait!

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