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    I had a call from JMG yesterday (from his office, he was still there!) and he explained that the new CEO is ideally suited to taking Lotus forwards from this point. With his strong R&D background and intimate knowledge and experience of Geely, he's the right person for the role. JMG has spoken with staff and made it clear that the turnaround the company has seen in the past 4 years is a team effort and everyone who works there has been involved is this, it's their work that has made the company what and where it is right now. When he took over, the company posted a £60m loss on an £80m turnover and he leaves the CEO position with turnover up to £100m and a 8 figure profit (before charges etc) and a positive cashflow, the company pays for itself. While staff were down to 800 in order to save money initially, they're now back up to 1,000 with another 100 staff required by the end of this year. Lotus was in a very perilous financial position when he started, cuts did have to be made for Lotus to survive that period. JMG still be staying on (expected 1 day/month) is his role as Chief Strategic Advisor to the Chairman, he still has his company email/phone etc. He's been very keen to let the new boss understand that everything they do must focus on 'Lightweight, handling and aerodynamics' as the core principals of the cars and in his advisory role will be pushing these principals ongoing. The USA will be a focus for the later part of this year and there are other developments in the pipeline for the existing range (carbon fibre wheels anyone, 8kgs lighter than forged and in-car adjustable 3-way suspension?!). Also, he will also be adding a new Lotus to his own garage shortly, either an Evora GT430 or Exige Sport 410. I've had very regular contact myself with JMG during his time at Lotus and I've enjoyed working with him and the company throughout this time, as I have with previous CEO's. Personally, I thanked him for making sure Lotus is still here and in good financial health and congratulated him on what I believe are some of the finest cars Lotus have ever made now coming out of Hethel. I also thanked him for his faith in TLF and for what he's done for us over the years too. We do get a lot of support (NB never financially, as some people seem to insist on believing) and offer support back which I think is pretty unique and very special for a car club, long may this relationship continue.
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    Well after a bit of a wait the 410 has finally landed! I thought I would leave a musings thread here as it may help some people go have a look at these cars and see what they are all about. I'm into the Lotus brand in a big way of course as a trader in this arena but I'm not a fanyboy and will offer here some unblinkered views. Its booked in for a new car detail/ceramic coat/PPF but first impressions on the coachwork and carbon are very good. I think Lotus have been doing a great job on paint for a while now (go look at a new beemer for comparison!) Carbon bits are first class. Inside the general feel of it is very good. The seats are great very good lateral support and haven't been too bad on a 4 hour drive back to base the other day. It has the Alcantara of course which is good and the yellow detailing really sets it off. Points of note in here - plastic on the shroud over the bank of switches either side of the binnacle and the rear of the steering wheel feel a bit cheap. Slightly unfathomable why these parts are not to the same standard as the rest of the dash which is pretty good. Also as previously mentioned by me on another thread the steering wheel is offset to the left by around 10mm. Exacerbated on the 410 by the centre ring on the steering wheel being out of line with the small speed readout in the middle of the clocks. Small point again but irritatingly pointless when they just redesigned it all! Having had a second drive yesterday its all good not too distracting but if you are a bit picky like me it will bug! The one thing I do feel a bit short changed on is the stereo! Its absolutely offensively crap for a car at this price point in fact I would be genuinely disappointed if I bought a van with a system of this quality! I know the old hairy chested argument that in a car like this you listen to the engine (which I will come to later) but no sorry there are times when if you are using the car regularly as I plan to you want a decent sound. The 410 I am told has less sound deadening than normal but interior noise levels are better than the 987 Cayman it replaced so no excuse for the stereo. Subwoofer needs some investigation as I'm not convinced it's working. But the whole stereo has to be removed its literally so poor quality it was hurting my ears. Will get some proper speakers and a better head unit in. The lack of a DAB head unit is not even funny in this day and age. Seriously Lotus come on! 95k RRP. We want Bose/HK even Cambridge audio from richer sounds would be better! OK Onto the good stuff and there's a lot of it here that Porker owners reading this need to know about. Firstly the noise. Its properly naughty! Interestingly it was a video of the startup noise that first put me onto the 410 as I Was trying to decide which P car would replace my Cayman. Its great on the motorway with the flap closed and just about ok for starting up and driving away from your neighbours but with the flap open it's a well engineered sound for sure. Very different to the flat sound of a P car but just as fruity in a different way. On the road wow the body control is superb. I've had chance to drive it on some pretty challenging roads already. It's firm and one of biggest concerns having not driven it before was that it would be too stiff which is a personal bugbear of mine for a road car and it could have seriously affected my being able to gel with it. Thankfully it's perfectly judged and is literally as stiff as it could be without becoming jarring. Firm but fair I would say. Little bit of initial roll on turn in but acceptable for a car of this weight. The chassis is absolutely world class as you would expect. Steering....oh boy. How? How is it this good? Why are all power steering cars not this good? My old Cayman was exceptional having ceramic brakes which improve the feel but the Evora is truly exceptional in this area. Having experience of the V6 Exige and how that thing tramlines all over the shop and feels a bit sterile in the steering department it makes me wonder why they don't put this PAS system in the V6. Anyway superb couldn't have asked for more on that front. Feels properly engaging. Still obviously running in at the moment bit very much looking forward to being able to use it properly. It hints at being a bit of an animal even up to 4k on a gentle (ish!) throttle. Feels appropriately exotic though looks fantastic and a very worthy successor to the Cayman. Other potential replacements would have been a 981 GTS or possibly a Turbo 991 S but the Evora feels much more of an event than a 981 and its much cheaper than a 991. Porker owners stuck with a choice of the new Turbo stuff should certainly take a look at the Evora. It's really very very good properly special car. I'm delighted and relieved in equal measure!
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    Bring back Dany. I love Dany. Lotus was awesome when Dany was in charge. There were girls and helicopters and country pads and cool stuff like that. Who cares about steady ships and lightweight labs and maybe 3 future cars, maybe. Dany had 5! Which is more. And therefore betterer. And his hair was literally the best of every other automotive CEO. Even the German ones. You can’t buy that.
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    Time to come clean. The Evora 400 Hethel Edition at central was mine.First of 4 in Essex Blue so we where told ahh but let's just make 6 now. Not that that was a problem for me as I just loved the colour combo. Traded in for this super car McLaren 570GT what Lotus should have made by now. Time just to short to wait. Have been and always will be a Lotus enthusiast still have my first love Esprit V8. I am not going to get into what's not right at Lotus or but !! Andrew most definitely living the dream
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    Mine has been delivered yesterday
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    I've just got off the phone with Neil Turner at Lotus, he's the head of Customer Services and will be looking into this with LCU as a matter of urgency for you Jim.
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    Hi all, I know a lot of you will be interested in my new restoration. I recently bought an Esprit Sport 300, the original Lotus press car no less! It's been laid up for a few years and needs a full engine service and suspension rebuild but is in fantastic original condition. I'm living in America nowadays and will be away for a few years so it'll be stored away until I return. It was always my dream to own one of these so whilst the timing wasn't ideal I couldn't pass on this opportunity. I'm especially keen to restore the split rim OZ's after all the Compomotive rebuilds I've done. I'll keep you posted on my progress, I think I'm in Lotus heaven! It was originally on this plate, I'm currently enquiring with DVLA to get it registered back to its first number. Looks like it's on the original paint so I'll try to compound the shine back into it. Window frames have faded so they'll need a re-paint. Interior has stood up well. The drivers seat needs new side bolster alcantara but the original paisley sections are in perfect condition. Engine will have it's belts replaced before I attempt a fire up. I'll compression test it before deciding whether to do a full tear down. Tyres are cracked and require replacing, looks like Toyo offer the only matching set for these cars nowadays. The rims have never touched a kerb, a testament to it's previous owners and only require a good polish to remove the corrosion. Some old Sport 300 brochures and magazine articles I've been collecting.
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    I was very fortunate to head to Woking today on the invite of a good friend to have a nose around the factory. It's huge, and incredibly clean. You could eat dinner off of the production floor which is all white tiles and spotless and it was rammed with cars, they're very busy at the moment. Very impressive place, lots of Ron's influence about there and some amazing historic cars on display plus tonnes more tucked around the place and the trophy cabinets go on a loooong way!
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    And I am the proud owner of a well know Evora Collecting it next weekend and can't wait!
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    The street was clean today so I could not wait and drove it for the first time. Its amazing! Its also time to say thanks to some TLF members !!! And many thanks to SJ Sportcars,Pnm engineering and Lotusbits,they do a great job!
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    I’m new to this forum, but I took delivery of mine today.
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    Goodwood today! A last minute plan, but like all last minute plans, they are the best 😎 Up at 04.30, 2 hour drive followed by parking in a dustbowl! At that point I thanked myself for using my DD for the trip, not my newly washed SR! Pretty well straight to the LOTUS stand... great collection of cars, complete with a gorgeous blue Evora GT 430. Having drooled over it for a while, Jamie Mathews of B and C comes over and we got chatting... as Jamie does so well! I had heard on the grapevine that rides up the hill were available, so I thew the question out and sure enough, another Evora 430 had been pressed into duty, dressed to impress! And I bagged the first 10.30 am ride! Things got better when I met up with the driver, none other than ex F1 driver, Martin Donnelley! MD! In typical laconic Irish style, we bumbled off towards the start line, the V6 SC sounding so much different to my N/A! Martin dropped a great 'donut' at the turn about to go back to the start... and at some point tried to put on an Australian accent when I told him that I live in Perth! Maybe more successful the other way around! We sat chewing the fat for about 10 minutes... A/C on, lumpy idle... I noted the absence of the water temp gauge 430 owners bemoan and had to agree! But then again, if it's not broke! "Race' mode selected, flag dropped and we were off! Blimey! SO much more torque that the N/A and the urgency above 6,000 was manic. Martin was muttering aloud about 'track limits' as we dipped the inside wheel into a Verstappen like cutting the apex on the first corner... by the next I had given up my idea of how fast this machine would go around the second! Eyes like you see on James May as a passenger as we dabbed the brakes into another 'track limit' apex, this time onto the grass which provoked just a tad of oppy as Martin snuck it into third gear for the blast up to the chicane. He was out for a nice Thursday drive, I was wondering if my understanding of late braking had evaporated... way past where I would have been! Unfortunately, a 'portable chicane', in the form of a Sunday driver blue Civic appeared in front of us, despite departing a god 30 second earlier the our launch... and at this stage we had only been going about 30 seconds! Geez, did that Honda leave the handbrake on... perhaps Alonso has a point! That kinda ended the exploration of the 430... but left me in no doubt that unless you were a driving 'God', aka MD, this power was way past me now as I head into my retirement years! 10 years ago, fresh from throwing Exige's around the track, maybe, but not now! However, as a machine, visual, sensory, quick, the GT 430 is a weapon. Put it in the 'Supercar' paddock and it's looks belong. It can hold it's own with no worries IMHO. If I had the ££, I would buy one and enjoy it, knowing my limits would always be way below the cars! And what a looker as well. A big thanks to Jamie for making this happen... and especially Martin for re-aligning my understanding of just how brilliant these F1 guys are, and what they can do with such a machine! Cheers, Pete. 😁
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    and I couldn't be happier!Some may recall my dilemma in another post about whether or not I should opt for the McLaren 540C and having tried one with a err little gear selection issue, I finally decided the 410 I tried the same afternoon, to be the more sensible option. Reasons for this decision may seem crazy to some but, to me anyway, they were perfectly valid. First, the 410 rode better on poor surfaces which, let's face it, are the majority of surfaces we have today in the UK and had steering feel that was at least the equal of the McLaren. Second, the salesman at McLaren Ascot irritated me with several of his comments relating to his perception of how Lotus compared with their cars. The morning after I'd tried both cars, he phoned me and the first thing he asked was "how disappointed were you with the Evora in the afternoon after trying our car"? I explained that despite what he may believe, in my view the Lotus was actually better in some respects and proceeded to let him know what they were. Yes, the McLaren is also better in some respects, but I questioned whether it was actually £50k better! His next comment was "but it's only got an old Toyota lump in the back" and I'm not quite sure how he expected me to respond to that one, but maybe slightly irrationally, that irritated me intensely. Funnily enough, I later discovered a little gem of information that would have been the perfect rebuttal, if only I'd known it at the time. During my recent trip to the Indy 500 with my son, we met up with one of his pals who at one time worked in the team at Ricardo Eng who developed and built the V8 engine now used by McLaren. It turns out that engine was originally funded by Nissan who wanted Ricardo to develop a turbocharged V8 engine for them to use in a Le Mans type race series. Having designed, built and tested prototypes, Nissan then pulled the plug, leaving the engine without an eventual home. Enter Ron Dennis who, at the time, was looking for a company to design, build and develop an engine to power the forthcoming family of cars in his then fledgling McLaren Cars company. This search led him to Ricardo who, coincidentally, had just the thing already designed and built with a couple of running prototypes in precisely the right architecture Ron needed. So there you have it folks, McLaren road cars are powered by an old Nissan lump! Oh how I wish I'd known this when the Macca salesman said what he did to me. It has to be said the McLaren chap was rather arrogant and had a quite unfortunate manner that rather grated with me. If I'm spending the sort of money we're talking about for a car of this type, I want to like the chap I'm dealing with, to be able to trust him and generally feel he's the sort of bloke I could probably enjoy a few pints with in my local hostelry. This brings me, rather neatly, to Jamie at Bell & Colvill from whom I've bought a few cars now and have a very good rapport. He's never pushy and has always just shared his knowledge and advice in, well, a matey yet very professional manner. Business should be done in this way but, sadly in my experience, rarely is and guys like Jamie almost make it a pleasure to part with your hard earned. So, spec for the new car is C214 metallic blue with tan leather interior, silver wheels, Sparco seats, auto 'box, upgraded head unit + sub woofer, amp and soundproofing kit, plus a few other things I can't now recall. I'm really, really looking forward to this car. PS did I mention I'm just a little bit excited!
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    Just picked up my first V8 esprit. After having a N/A Stevens model I've never really lost the lotus but and after a stint in Mercedes Sl, TVR cerbera and Porsche 911's I finally took the plunge to buy another esprit. Here she is.
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    Essex 006 LHD is now ready for the road!Two years with a lot of work but i am very happy to see this icon shine again!
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    About a month ago I decided to sell the Sport 380 and buy another car for the summer. However 3 weeks ago I suddenly got the call that my Alpine would be ready end of July, whereas I had expected it to be end of the summer. Add into the mix the fact I had an IOM road trip booked for end of May, I was suddenly left with the dilemma of no car for IOM and risk of buying another car only to sell again for the A110. i was also struggling to find a worthy replacement for the Exige in a similar price range, plus my petrolhead friends kept pointing out the Exige seemed to be the perfect car for me. So 3rd week in May I took the Exige back, took it to the IOM and fell back in love with the car. The fact I was out playing with Supercars on the mountain with a car a fraction of the price, but holding its own; the fact the other drivers loved the looks and sound of the car, to a point where they were on Auto Trader checking Exiges out, all helped the decision to keep the car for a little longer. The announcement of the Exige 400 made it a bit easier too, as similar spec car to mine would be around £100k. As I had decided track days really aren’t my thing, I couldn’t justify jumping back into an Exige 400 down the line. The 380 suddenly seemed a bit of bargain in comparison. So anyway some photos from the trip , which once again was epic and thoroughly recommended to others Just a few maccas this year .... Excuse the parking, but I was trying give guys clearance for their doors. Shows how small the Exige is though What it’s all about. Just love the mountain road ! The sea is somewhere between the land and the sky ...... Obligatory light house shot
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    And while the weather is getting better over here in Germany as well...took it out for a spin today. 400km to go until break-in / 1st inspection!
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    McLaren - vs - Evora 410 As promised at the end of this thread:- I thought I would give a review following my day of test driving both a McLaren 540C and Evora 410 Sport. I arrived at McLaren Ascot this morning in my V6 Exige with the top off as it was sunny and following the usual paperwork, we went out to the 540C sat outside. The sales chap said he would drive the car out and let me take over at a layby up the road, so I duly climbed in the passenger seat as the sales chap started the engine and ran through all the different controls. Suddenly there was mucho bleeping and the dash lit up like a Christmas tree together with the engine MIL light coming on. Sales chap tied to select a gear, without success, and then said, "ah, this is embarrassing!" He switched off, left it for 30 seconds and tried again, but still with same result. A quick call to a techy chap in the service bay and after a further 5 minutes he too had to admit defeat! Take 2, after pushing the first car out of the way and deciding there was no other 540C available, it was agreed we should take a similar 570S. Essentially it looks the same inside and out but has a further 30 bhp, carbon ceramic brakes and a few other mechanical niceties. First impressions inside the car were how well put together it looks and what good quality materials are used. As we drove off though, I thought it was surprisingly noisy inside the cabin, accompanied by an annoying droning noise at low speed. At the nearby layby I took over and started along our planned 90 minute route. My God does this car accelerate!!! Once on the move, it all smooths out, the low speed drone disappears and the car starts to come alive. It is incredibly responsive from all the main driving controls, accelerator, steering and brakes which, at first prod, seem a little over sensitive, but you soon get used to them and learn to brake more smoothly. As you would expect, each gear change is super fast and remarkably smooth when using the paddles, with no jarring or jerking and in full auto, the gear changes are pretty much imperceptible The electric power steering seems very well judged and gives remarkable feel when cornering. It feels not dissimilar to my Exige once on the move but is obviously better at parking speeds when the Lotus just needs extreme muscle power! Interestingly, the suspension is much less compliant than I'd expected and, again, very reminiscent of my Exige but it certainly doesn't handle potholes or rough road surface as well as my car. Bit of a surprise that one! I obviously couldn't sample the performance too well because of being on a public road but what I could tell was that it is immediately accessible, with little or no turbo lag, provided you use the gears. The acceleration is just relentless and all too soon you need to bale out before things get silly. Very, very impressive and could be dangerously addictive. The view both forward and to the rear when driving the car is very good, feeling light and airy inside the cabin. In short, it's a very nice place to be, has superbly comfortable seats and no rattles, squeaks or annoying buzzing that can afflict my Exige from time to time. You could probably drive for many hours in this car and still arrive at your destination feeling fresh. All in all, the McLaren is an impressively complete car and certainly one I could live with for a few years. I'm not so keen on the need for dealer inspections before and after each track day to maintain the warrantee, but I guess I can understand why they make that stipulation. So, McLaren test over, I jumped back into my Exige for the drive down to see Jamie at Bell & Colvill. I was actually very impressed with my car that it didn't feel as though it was lacking in any major area during the 30 minute drive, steering weight at parking speeds aside. Unfortunately for me, Jamie had sold the auto Evora he had in stock, so offered me a used 410 Sport manual to try. At least I could see how the car drove as a direct comparison to the 570S in all other respects. My first impression on climbing in was just how much the build quality seems to have improved since the early Evoras I drove a few years ago and although not quite up there with the McLaren, it isn't far off. Driving off, I was immediately blown away by just how good the manual gear change quality is now compared to early Evoras or, indeed, my Exige. If I were being picky, I felt the spring bias towards the 3 to 4 plane could do with being a tad less strong but that's a very minor criticism and I thought the gear change quality is now right up with the best of them. In fact it was so good, I'm now not so sure I still want the auto. Now to the ride quality and here the Lotus shines out way above the 570S, handling minor potholes and rough surfaces way better than the McLaren. It is just so much better damped and on a fairly demanding drive over one of my favourite routes it has great poise, handling superbly well with a sure footed feel. As for the steering, that is just sublime and at least as good as the 570S, possibly even better. I absolutely loved the noise from the switched exhaust and found myself doing almost the entire drive with the side window down. As for normal driving, the cabin is very quiet, with the engine and drivetrain feeling very smooth and refined. Subjectively, I thought the acceleration didn't feel nearly as quick as my Exige but maybe that is simply a result of everything feeling so much quieter and more refined. Having said that, it is very clearly a quick car and more than sufficient for the kind of use I would put the car to, including the occasional track day, for which I wouldn't be required to have the car inspected before and after! Things I wasn't so keen on were the limited rearward vision in the mirror, the blacked out side windows behind the B pillars, the fact that with polarised lens sunglasses, the auxiliary LCD gauges are all but invisible and finally, the appallingly uncomfortable carbon seats in the test car. Ye gods, those seats have to be even less comfortable than a wooden garden bench, resulting in me taking the car back earlier than planned due to excruciating back ache! It would have to be the standard Sparcos for me, which I tried out in another 410 Jamie had in the showroom and found them so very much better. So, which one to go for? A very difficult decision and rather perversely, both today's cars have made me appreciate my Exige Roadster more than I realised, not least because the weather today was perfect for top down motoring. All things considered though, if I do change it has to be, by the smallest of margins, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A new Evora 410 GT possibly sweetened by Jamie offering me a cracking looking deal to change.
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    So, as many of you have seen, and to be fair, some of you guessed correctly in advance (even identifying the exact car), I continue my Lotus journey with another Evora. Not much has changed - I went from a Red +0 Evora to, erm, a Red +0 Evora! The only really difference between 8 years and 135bhp! hahaha.... So, below is the picture from the Lotus Silverstone Facebook page. I originally contacted 3 dealers re cars they had in stock, all of them were 2nd hand - 2 yellow cars and one black car. I also looked at another car that was on sale from a member here. Jamie at Bell & Coville was a super nice guy. His enthusiasm for the brand and desire to do a deal was huge. Really pleasant conversations and I was almost convinced but the black colour was always niggling away at me - I prefer lighter cars - but the red interior highlights really did lift it. Then there was a yellow 410 Sport for sale, and then, Aimee popped up on Facebook to say she had a yellow one too. So two cars, almost the same miles and spec, and £5k price difference! Contacted both dealers and got some info. However, in talking to Aimee the little minx, when she heard my px wa a red Evora, pointed me to her Fire Red 410. The "little so-and-so " had got me hooked - I pleaded that it was outside of my budget but she proceeded to wrap me around her little finger. Then the figures. A good deal was done. A good deal more than I was intending to spend. But, the trigger for all this was a close family members death in the past 3 weeks that made me realise life is so short, so there and then the deal was done. My first impressions are just wow. That's it. Do not understand how ANYONE can complain about Lotus build quality - there is not a squeak or a rattle anywhere. Everything in the interior is just so tight and right. Even the silver circles around the air vents are metal - a nice touch for me as it links back to the silver metal dash of the S1. Something I found myself constantly touching as I drove to hand her over. The stereo - it works. What the hell is all the fuss about! Maybe because I had an Alpine stereo before (a better one albeit) the interface is intuitive and easy to use and it sounds like every other car stereo to me. But I soon just switched it off to listen to that exhaust.. So, more musings and some more pictures will come, if I can be arsed to stop driving and take them! So far the public reaction has been: Bewilderment - people genuinely looking at the badge to see what it is Joy - a 70+ year old guy was about to get into his car as I drove through Castle Donnington village and when he heard the exhaust (the valve has not been closed yet!) he quickly turned around and gave me a huge smile, a wave and a big thumbs up Excitement - two young boys with their Dad screamed at the Lamborghini - lol Appreciation - middle aged guy in a bland Audi saloon next to me at the traffic lights wound down his window and listened to me with a "ooooh" look on his face as I drove off... Thanks everyone for your kind words etc. The car is just sublime. I'm going to start a new thread on my journey with it and @jonnyboy we need to get that Evora Sport 410 register up and running on here. Big shout out to @internets who made the effort to drive over to meet me in picking up the car. Very nice surprise but I am sure he was just looking for an excuse to go for a long drive in his lovely black and red 400 - unfortunately for him his ideal spec GT410 (Motorsport Green) was there and looking for a new owner! I reckon he will break, and will be putty in Aimee's hands, and I can see another sale for @Aimee Lotus Silverstonethere. That MSG GT410 just looked phwoarrrr.... Silverstone also had two, yes TWO GT430's in. One waiting for its new owner to come and collect it. Wow. Just wow... Happy driving all.
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    After three years of sitting in my garage with the occasional engine run, (what a waste) my beautiful and original silver (red leather/black cloth) 1980 esprit 2.2 has been recommissioned and is once again taxed and MOT'd. It started a couple of months ago with an out of the blue phone call and prompt from a rather influential Lotus friend who gave me the nudge to get it back on the road. It made sense really. The chores of life took over these last four years as I started fixing up properties as well as doing my day job and the joys of life fell by the wayside. There is a saying that if a problem cannot be fixed by dosh, then it's not a problem. Hence with time being my issue, I enlisted the help of an old school friend and brilliant engine builder/tuner to get it back into shape. Work was methodical and included changing the Lumenition system and coil (new Bosch ballasted) as the setup was incorrect, rebuilding and setting up the carbs, fitting new NGK silicone leads, plugs, etc, tuning, changing to Millers 20/60 semi synthetic from Mobil 1 10/60 fully synthetic (which is what I had always used), replacing the SU fuel pump which had a hairline crack where I had overtightened the fittings (spanner hands), reffiting the cutout valve, rebuilding the electric window motors and mechanism, rebuilding the interior cooling fans and going over the entire car tightening any loose nuts and bolts that were making noises plus other bits n bobs which needed doing. The car is now running the way it is supposed to just like it did when it left the factory which is an absolute joy. Depending on how you row the gearbox, it can be driven gently like a Ford Mondeo or hard like a true lightweight 70's sports car. It's a real drivers car and I am so happy to be enjoying it once again. Seeing it again after a while out on the road amongst the massed produced jelly mould cars, its look appears to grow more stunning and exotic as time goes by. It's now a case of maintaining it in this condition, which with a bit of luck shouldn't cost the earth. I feel happier 😊 and anyone who says money can't buy happiness is talking nonsense because it's all about management and personal discipline. I think having a good Loti hidden away and not getting it out on the circuit should be a crime but I am very fortunate to have this car and to be able to do this.
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    Today I had to get the car down off the jacks to size up the fitment of the Eltech side sills before I look to get installing them on Saturday. It was the first opportunity to see how the car is coming together... to which I believe I have created a visual MONSTER!
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    Dave has clearly taken pity on me, so now I can share some proper photos: So yes, the car now sports the remainder of the V6 CupR aerokit (carbon engine cover, carbon chassis mounted wing, smaller Varley lead-acid battery), expanding on the CupR splitter and canards that were already on the car. If you go right back to the start of this thread, you'll know this aero and the TTX dampers were two things I desperately wanted during the original factory build, but couldn't stretch to at the time. Now both ticked. After the demise of the customer workshop at Lotus, and a lot of deliberation following a couple of very positive experiences with them, I entrusted @Hangar 111 for this MAJOR undertaking, of course involving some precision slot cutting into the rear clam. I won't give my ultimate praise yet as the car is yet to be collected, but their service has been great after hitting a couple of snags along the way (mostly in the shape of Lotus back-orders). Whilst the clam was off, I also asked them to whip the gearbox off and fit a Quaife ATB differential, so I am super keen to see how I get on with that. More feedback and photos once I have the car with me again.
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    Really have to pinch myself every time I get this out of the garage. Very, very special car.