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  2. You're subs ran out mate, you need to renew to make more upload space.
  3. Fantastic news mate (albeit with the shit delay) but glad to hear you're back on the roads
  4. 5 years on, we're now at 329 FFM's out of 18,815 members, so 1.75%. Out of those, over 50 are free FFM's to our armed forces/blue light members but to be fair, we do have 25 paid up Gold members now. If you'd like to support TLF, please do sign up. It's not cheap running a website that has 10,000 odd people visit it each day and your contributions are very much appreciated.
  5. Nope, your car insurance covers any liabilities and I'd love to come along too.
  6. Welcome Mark - Here were the planned changes to the MY12 cars, not all of them were implemented however but a lot of them were.
  7. Arrived me me now Kostas, just sorting shipping to you
  8. I'll give the factory a chase. Obvs xmas shutdown has delayed covers being made but yours should be ready by now.
  9. Just watched 'Unbelievable' on Netflix, was a good series
  10. I'm going through the emails received over xmas and the new year but I've been in the middle of a house refurb following a major flood last year so it's taking some time as the office has been a real mess as you can imagine. We're not quite Amazon so team TLF is still just me Neil as I'm sure you know, I'll reply to your missus as soon as I can mate.
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