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  1. I think it's safe to say that on average, each topic on the forum gets around 10 replies*!! *I've absolutely not been waiting weeks for this moment!
  2. When I visited MTC, I was told that when Ron saw the production hall floor he wasn't impressed that there was a half tile at the end so ordered the whole lot ripped up and replaced with tiles which fit exactly. Dread to think how much that cost but he was a bit of a perfectionist!
  3. I believe the video of the engine was filmed at HWA for one thing!
  4. Thanks Chris. I can't imagine a site without GA and it's only 7/8 lines of code but I'll have a look when I'm back at work on Wednesday 👍👍
  5. Just remember which one of your looks back once you've parked the car up and are walking away. Can't see anyone having 'once last look' at a Leon!
  6. Can it not be repaired locally rather than replace the whole thing?
  7. I recruited quite a few of the staff on the ETAS project for DEFRA. Anyway... 104 deaths yesterday. While still desperately sad of course, looks like lockdown 3 + vaccination is working very well in the UK.
  8. They said on the news earlier than they hadn't filled out the identity form which is meant to accompany their test.
  9. The backup runs at 1am each day and usually takes a couple of hours but has been taking longer recently. I've asked UKFast to look into it, that is the only thing I can think of that slows the site down in the mornings.
  10. Bibs

    Utility Bills

    @march - Just switched to Octopus, you should see £50 coming your way off your bill and the same off my first one, thank you! If anyone else wishes to switch, please feel free to use Marc's code or I now have one too
  11. 296bhp. 1,435kgs, 4wd and Cup2's as standard but limited to 155mph however a very tuneable engine so as you say, he could have been running much higher bhp or been on drugs from the sound of his driving. Many 'run of the mill' cars are very quick nowadays and I remember a M140i keeping pace with the GT410 Sport I had for a while a few years back on a dual carriageway coming off the roundabouts over here. That said, throw in a couple of corners and you'd have not seen him for dust. Lotus cars were never the fastest in a straight line but that isn't what they're about at all.
  12. Do we need to start a 'Gardeners World' thread? Mowed the lawn (2nd time this year here too!), sprayed it with iron sulphate to clear out the moss and give the grass some colour and also did the whole roof of the house too (thankfully I'm in a bungalow!) to kill off the winter moss. Cleaned 4 cars and just back from a 45 min bike ride with my daughter, a very busy weekend and really good to spend so much time outside for a change
  13. I had to lower the battery into my S1 Elise on thin straps, it only just fits vertically through the access and if it spilt it would be disastrous as it sits right on the chassis, couldn't be any lower in the car! That said, a body off to change the 340r battery makes them all seem easy!
  14. Bibs

    Blitz Spirit

    I lived on the Churchill Naval Estate for about 5 years in Helensburgh! My step-Dad was on the subs at Faslane.
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