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  1. Bibs

    Esprit V8 specialist - Yorkshire ? Give Chris a call there. I just spoke to him and he'd be happy to speak to you
  2. Just to clarify, this is officially the 100,000th Lotus ever built!
  3. Bibs

    Evora 450... ++??

    ETA 23/7/2018.
  4. Bibs

    Evora 450... ++??

    I've got access to the parts system here, pop me a part number and I'll have a gander. The situation at Lotus is very dynamic, remember there's a new tranche of management who are installing their own plans, but that Elise news is fresh from a chat I had with a very senior member of staff last week.
  5. Bibs

    Esprit V8 specialist - Yorkshire ?

    I'm just waiting to hear back from Byron at JCT600. He's an excellent mechanic, but I can't remember how well he knows the V8's.
  6. Bibs

    Lotus in the Peak 2018

    Sorry I missed this year, was up in Norwich with MJK yesterday which I think is a valid excuse
  7. Frank, what's the situation with the damper on the other side? Do you have any pics?
  8. Bibs

    Evora 450... ++??

    Not so, and the plan is for there for a sub £40k Elise to be in the range ongoing. ASO back orders are the lowest they've been for years. Apart from the odd part, the only bits on back order are ones that are made to order. Back order levels are less than 10% of what they were even a year ago.
  9. It was a GT410 Sport and I believe he still has it now.
  10. Bibs

    labour time for b service.

    Excellent news! Let me know if I can help with parts, you get a discount as an FFM
  11. All done. More available if anyone else wants to come on the Saturday
  12. Found his true calling!
  13. Bibs

    Lotus Festival 2018

    I'll speak to Dunston Hall or Park Farm mate, they're both lovely hotels.
  14. Bibs

    Lotus Festival 2018

    I'll be contacting all the clubs shortly, we'll have club areas mate I'll also speak to a local hotel and see if we can get a nice deal Fri/Sat and a meal for TLF and anyone else who wishes to join us
  15. Bibs

    Lotus Festival 2018

    Yup. Owners with their cars will get a free advance ticket and be able to park on site. Others will buy a ticket which includes transport to the factory from a local park & ride location. Obvs subject to change but this is the plan presently