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  1. Well you do live at the bottom of a hill!
  2. 2nd to bottom row, 2nd one in. Looks angrier than I remember!
  3. Boom! TLF has just passed the 1,000,000/visits per year mark!
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  5. Still looking, any standard early-ish Exige would be grand please? Thank you!
  6. Yay!! Conveniently located very close to my house, this year's Christmas meal is in the wonderful Duke of Wellington, Ryarsh. Celebrating it's 503rd anniversary this year, the pub is also the location of our Kent monthly meet and 4 doors from me! The meal is at 8pm, I'll be there from 6pm (or more likely, midday!) and will be on Saturday 4th December. The bar will remain available until midnight if you need to book a cab. As usual, I'm happy to do a few ferry runs beforehand to pick you up from a local hotel. The Premier Inn in Leybourne is a popular choice, pretty cheap and has thin walls if you want to headbutt them after some rum/scotch/beer. The cost of the 3 course meal is £29.95 and with the compliments of the pub/TLF there will be a free glass of bubbly on arrival. Please find me when you get there so we can make sure food is prepared for you. We've capacity for up to 50 and I'm very much looking forward to seeing many of you there, old friends and new. Payment will be on the evening to the pub but PLEASE let me know if advance if you book them can't make it otherwise they'll still prepare your meal and I'll have to pay for it. 1, 2 & 3: Bibs, Rachel & Chloe Loading…
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    Very nice! Welcome
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