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  1. @Joey4420, you can but I'd you don't mind waiting a few days til I'm back from holiday then I'll be able to send details.
  2. This may help
  3. The warranty rate is lower than the retail rate and is offset against the dealers parts account too. Parks are a bit too big to worry about this as this kinda thing to make their money, the car retail section will bring in much, much more cash.
  4. Next Wednesday 5th, CAR magazine are holding an event at Goodwood Circuit to celebrate their 700th issue! They are getting all the greats back together, journos and cars. They would like a very original S1 Elise to join. For mainly static action but a journalist might want to take it on a very relaxed lap to reacquaint themselves. CAR Magazine would cover fuel and give them lunch while they attend the day. It must be S1 and must be original as possible. Please let me know ASAP if you're able to assist and attend a very special event.
  5. I'm sure many of you will remember Laura who now works at Parks!
  6. Bit like @Dan E wiring a plug too
  7. Bibs

    Hello again

    Hey Sue Nice to have you back, hope John is well and looking forward to seeing the new car!
  8. We sell a lot of them, I've got 14 cover orders in progress at present for the past 4 weeks! They're never going to be waterproof as they're open at the bottom but they'll provide a lot more protection than nothing. A garage is best obvs, 2nd best would be a carcoon but the cover protects from the elements and keeps the car clean and mainly dry. I advise people to park where the sun will hit the car in the morning and even in the winter you'll see the cover steaming off any moisture, if it's in the shade it'll struggle to dry itself out. I've had 2 for my Elise's and have an indoor and outdoor for my Evora.
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