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  1. Did you unwind the extension lead? To be fair, while no-one does, they should always be fully unwound to be used with anything, let alone a large & constant current like a car.
  2. Bibs


    The Wasp has it's engine and he had it running last week. I can't imagine the cost of a Pegasus or Ardour though, they won't be cheap!
  3. Bibs


    That's exactly where he got them from. £10-12k, not bad for a fighter I didn't think!
  4. Bibs


    Spotted these in someone's front garden today. Ended up spending a couple of hours chatting with the owner of them! Too cool for school
  6. #COVID I guess! Lots of these parts are made in China or India which closed plenty of their factories down and some still are.
  7. To be fair, they've built quite a few production cars now. They'll be going into the press fleet and as dealer demo's etc I'd imagine.
  8. It's not uncommon. I can't remember off the top of my head but one of the letters in the part numbers signifies that it's a part which is changed by Lotus for their stock as it needs modifying from the manufacturer. This is usually when it's a part from another OEM that is used on our cars.
  9. That's a computer game graphics engine
  10. Very impressed with the sensor, 48MP images are lovely!
  11. Spotted at 11am this morning
  12. Don't forget to rock up in your branded LDA swag
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