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  1. That news is about a week old Jacques, I'd hope it's been dealt with by now. Boris has been taken to hospital, do you think he has to buy his own TV card?!
  2. Welcome to TLF Cameron. Happy shopping mate, not a lot of 2-Elevens come up for sale so you might have to travel about a fair bit to pick one up.
  4. I remember when Douglas Valley put the ad up for the car and one of the only details was 'straight chassis' when that was one of the most significant issues with the car. I emailed them to ask if perhaps they'd like to be honest and not break the law and lie and the MD of Douglas Valley replied (I still have the email) telling me that I had a small knob. Seriously.
  5. Or stairs!! (Although Daleks later learnt to climb stairs while screaming ELEVATE, ELEVATE!!)
  6. Bibs


    Welcome to TLF
  7. There are 1.3bn people in China, 20% of the planets population. About a million people die every single day over there without any COVID19 input.
  8. We usually have about a 9 in 1,000 death toll per year, so about 600,000 people annually or 1,650 a day so it's up 33% or so currently.
  9. To be fair, that wall is 300 years old. While I appreciate it's not the easiest to replicate the finish on, that's not the best is it!
  10. Promise I'm not panic buying but Virgin Wines are back up to speed
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