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  1. Bibs


    Phone has turned up, called Vonage to open an account only to be told that Sky are one of the only broadband providers whose 'Sky Q' routers don't support SIP ALG which is essential for VOIP. I can either switch providers, get a new router or live with my current landline. Doh!
  2. Bibs

    Mr K Nye

    Welcome Kevin - As Jonny says, BoT have a great rep for their services and especially geo setups.
  3. Bibs

    Exige picture & video thread

    I am licenced and welcome the stricter rules, makes my drone business more sustainable but if you want to have a go for fun you're welcome to, would be interesting to see what you think of it as a tool Hobby fliers actually doing commercial work are a bit of a contentious point between PfCO holders and the CAA/Police. Little is done currently but after last month, this is, as you say, about to change.
  4. Bibs

    Exige picture & video thread

    You're welcome to a whizz of the Inspire 2 at some point if you fancy?
  5. Bibs

    S1 Esprit TAC 101R

    You did swipe right on an S2 via TLF, love at first (web)site!
  6. Brilliant news mate, congratulations
  7. Bibs

    PPI time

    Look very nice, A1 in fact!
  8. Scam - Here's the real ad - Links removed.