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  1. Upgrade away, that would be very kind of you! The classifieds is a different website to TLF so you need to register a new account on there. If I were cleverer, I'm sure I could link the databases but that's above my paygrade I'm afraid!
  2. Some of this will help when refitting. Used it on the Elise a lot!
  3. The stamps? Aug 2013...
  4. Cracking idea! I'll be getting them in my WRX shortly too.
  5. Congrats, very nice! Welcome to TLF
  6. The fuse panel cover is carpeted. IIRC under the 2 thumb screws 90 degrees and pull the whole panel out. Top first as there's a lip at the bottom but it's a 1 spanner job, should take less than a minute. Can't see a fuse blowing from charging. There is also a fuse (to try to prevent reverse charging) as detailed here that might be worth a look too...
  7. I mentioned it as a friend had this on his S1 111s. The calipers were slightly expanding when hot causing the same problem but it was only spotted by the bright spots on the weights. It wasn't happening on the ramp as it was all cold.
  8. How do your wheel balance weights look? Any chance they've been fouling the caliper?
  9. The mirrors are off of a Proton of some description, looks like a Proton Saga in fact however they do seem to have matte covers so perhaps the cover was bespoke for the Evora
  10. Manheim but out the several hundred car transporters that were coming and going all the time, most of them were BCA!
  11. Manufacturers always quote flywheel figures and I believe the drivetrain will cost you 10-15% of this.
  12. Nothing to do with Brexit, it's an auction house location and there are always that number of cars there. It's the UK's biggest in fact, Manheim and where dealerships buy the majority of their used cars from.
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