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  1. Everyone can see the goal of the gofundme and they're still donating. The cash is compensation for what they've all been through and some financial light at the end of the tunnel. I'd say hold onto it in case the scumbags claim needs future defending and if it doesn't, use it to make up for what they've been through and spend it on them and their kids, that's what people are donating for.
  2. @Andrew C @bingoking
  3. Nej, men min ubåd har et par slanger på!
  4. Get that in writing and send it to the court would be my advice. Otherwise they'll probably go ahead with a hearing and find against you in your absence.
  5. The later are one piece rather then a few bits glued together I seem to recall.
  6. Just a reminder to get to the pub for 7pm and the meal will be served at 7:30pm. Also, if anyone needs cabs, I'd advise pre-booking beforehand as last year we struggled to get them late at night in the area. See you all on Saturday
  7. @pete, any thoughts on the condition of the joists? You've seen a piece of wood or two in your time!! I thought exactly the same.
  8. Well the roofer is I hope! I'd imagine that would be an insurance claim at worst for her but to me it seems that a, the roofer shouldn't have worked on her property without permission, and b, he's screwed it up so needs to make it good again and repair any damage caused by his ineptitude. Same. I've got really, really long arms
  9. The tile isn't missing, it just appears to have been pushed both down vertically and up the roof a bit too.
  10. Another couple of views to show the flashing they've used. I think you're spot on @Colin P and @Rambo, they've used a flashing too short for the application here and it's just not large enough to be shaped correctly to stop water entering the loft.
  11. This is my little sisters' terrace in Tunbridge Wells. Her neighbour recently had their chimney reflashed and ever since my sister's house has been leaking! The upstairs chimney breast is soaked as is the ceiling locally. I've been in the loft and the timbers are black and damp too with some decent mould growing. It looks to me that the roofers have carried on the flashing onto her side of the chimney and I'm no roofer but it looks like a tile is dislodged and I'm assuming underneath this the flashing isn't doing it's job and is just dumping all the rain water into her loft rather than down the roof at the side of the chimney. Does that sound about right, and is her neighbour liable as they contracted the work or are the roofers liable, and what the situation with someone working on your house with zero permission to do so and causing issues in the process. Thanks!
  12. Boucher Road in Belfast.
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