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  1. Alunox valves are £300 each, lots of systems use valves from the far east that are more like £30 each. This should ensure it's longevity during track use.
  2. Another college shooting in the USA

    Trump really is a bellend.
  3. Evora GT410 Sport launched
  4. DJI Mavic Pro

    I'd appreciate your likes on fb
  5. I don't set the prices! In fairness, there's an awful lot of raw material needed to get the noise figures down to where they need to be.
  6. 9 days early too. Lucky it was all downhill I've really enjoyed keeping up with his blog, what in inspirational man.
  7. Thinking about buying Lotus Key Fob? Read our latest review of the product by Joe via @yotpo

  8. There will be a variety of tips available. There's a lot of pipework required to get the noise down and you'll see from the images there's also an option to relocate the cats out of the engine bay to help with heat management. As for shiny, who doesn't like shiny
  9. Evora/Exige Brochure Available soon from the TLF shop
  10. Evora/Exige Brochure Available soon from the TLF shop
  11. Evora S/4xx//Exige Brochure Evora NA Brochure Available soon from the TLF Shop
  12. I've got a press pass so might pop along tomorrow or over the weekend