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  1. New F1 Logos Proposed

    They look like a school kids design project...
  2. Had a chip in my Evora screen fixed today, by an Esprit!
  3. Exige picture & video thread

    From @GFWilliams
  4. It's not finished yet, all the info will be on here as soon as it is.
  5. Doughnuts with your tea, Vicar?

    Excellent article, thank you for sharing
  6. New Tesla Roadster.

    I was surprised to see Model S's for just over £40k on Pistonheads, thought they were much more than that. They're not a million miles (!) away from paying for themselves in fuel/tax savings.
  7. Oi, leave my Esprit out of this
  8. TLF Christmas Party

  9. CTEK's are 25% off on Amazon today...
  10. Nope. Tomasso left months ago and they're also looking for a 'Head of Brand'. Shall I apply?
  11. Alunox are making it, not me! I run websites, I'm not an exhaust fabricator! They have over 20 years experience of racing and road exhausts, they know their stuff or I'd not have left my car there for a month for the development
  12. New Aston Vantage

    Great looking car, weird as hell video.