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  1. it's parked on a road, no right or expectation of privacy to be fair.
  2. At least you get free shipping as an FFM and they're £50 cheaper than buying them direct!
  3. Correct part number is B132B4169J. I can check on Monday if they are in stock at the factory for you?
  4. Exactly! You can register an EV for a £10 annual fee and not pay the CC & I believe they can travel through the ULEV without registering. It's just a cash cow, how are the worse polluters, taxis and buses, exempt.
  5. Ended to soon but that's mucho rapido! 7.30 BTG?
  6. @Mike Kimberley told me this would be the future about 12 years ago!
  7. 👍 Not at wheels have them and they're sometimes on the inside of the rim and sometimes on the outside. More often the inside though, depends on the wheel manufacturer.
  8. Most cars have TPMS nowadays, the garage should be fine as long as you tell them they are there. The red dot is the highest part of the tyre, it should be on the lowest spot of the wheel (they sometimes have a tiny dimple in the rim to show this so less balance weights are needed but again the tyre place should know this, it's what they do after all! If there's a yellow dot, that's the heaviest part of the tyre and should be mounted opposite the valve.
  9. You're gonna miss her but I'm sure there's going to be a nice replacement for you soon enough mate!
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