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  1. I'll see if I can get you a pic of one in a 300 over the weekend
  2. I agree with the sentiments on Autocar and the article is pretty counter-intuitive - If 85% of all Evora's made are still on the road it hardly makes it a disappearing car?!
  3. Hey JD - Welcome to TLF and Lotus ownership! Great colour combo, the car looks very nice
  4. Pop in the bathroom and look at the mirror
  5. @internets is your man for the cables and it's a button in freescan to reset the IACV
  6. You can email [email protected] or as you've done, ask here! - Certificates are on about a 4 week lead time at present due to the large number that have been ordered when the new package was launched. Thanks for the order and also welcome to TLF
  7. Bibs


    So the RR shares dropped 65% this morning to 70p and have recovered slightly back to 80p already which is good. I've got my allocation of 32p ones to buy once the offer comes into my trading account but it looks like a real result so far, its not a million miles off of tripling the rights issue cost! Fingers crossed they end up back to pre-covid levels in a year or two and then I'll really be laughing!
  8. Can't think of a better cause! Paul is cycling 150km in a day (!) to raise money for MM - Please donate if you can
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