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  1. You're funny George, I'll kill you last.
  2. Bibs

    America's Finest Lotus Collection

    Get yourself a copy of 'Lotus, The Marque' mate I would hope that there's somewhere in Aus that sells it, will be cheaper on shipping and it's an excellent Lotus encyclopaedia.
  3. Opps! It's in the pic thread now, ta! 🤭
  4. Bibs

    America's Finest Lotus Collection

    Let me know when and I'll make that happen for you
  5. Bibs

    TLF Trackday?

    I'd imagine Paul is still on his way back from the LCE race at Paul Ricard this weekend, I'm sure he'll be in touch soon mate :)
  6. Bibs

    TLF Trackday?

    Thanks Tom, praise the Lord! Back on topic please folks, any other posts will be removed as they are irrelevant to this thread. Brij is putting a lot of time and effort into arranging a nice, fun trackday for us all so please let him carry on with it
  7. Bibs

    Lotus 3-Eleven 430 - New model released!

    I've raised this with support Gary.
  8. Bibs

    TLF Trackday?

    George, your post has been removed. If you've got an issue, contact me directly.
  9. Bibs

    TLF Trackday?

    We can have more than 1 trackday, 1 down south and 1 up north. It's not illegal.
  10. Bibs

    Issue with Private Messages?

    I had a PM not 10 mins ago, perhaps try again or email [email protected]
  11. @Kimbers, you can see the remains of the takeaway container at the bottom of the screen, I'd say it's a chicken korma!