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  1. Wait 'til @Kimbers tell you about used van prices!
  3. I just checked my CoP and it's B75 Motorsport Green. Dupont codes here...
  4. Congratulations Justin, a wonderful car to own
  5. You absolutely won't be disappointed Please bear in mind that all figures in this, an indeed most other Emira topics are complete (educated) guesswork. Just sayin'...
  6. @Redwing and others, what would you expect to pay for these? @Bazza 907, I'll check to see if they may be available in different sizes. The ones I have as mentioned are prototypes and made to fit my car.
  7. Bibs

    S1 Exige wanted.

    I'm sure I saw a nice one on facebook this morning, will have a look!
  8. Price is TBC at present, will update once I know more about it.
  9. The Evija uses a laser in the 'T' of 'LOTUS' on the rear of the car, perhaps it's similar tech?
  10. Bibs


    Happy to help. In fact, I might even have a spare kit in the house somewhere!
  11. Top of Paddock Hill as you turn in for the corner. It's where the ambulance gate is so there's no fencing, only protection is the gate and cars do come down there very quickly.
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