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  1. New car!

    Think I've driven it every day I've owned it so far!
  2. Hi and welcome Brian. A constantly illuminated TPMS light indicates a problem with the system and the manual recommends a trip to your dealership.
  3. elite to ressurect

    Very nice! Welcome to TLF
  4. Evora Picture & Video Thread

    Fire Red by Lotus Exclusive.
  5. New Lotus owner Esprit turbo se

    Welcome and congrats on the new car
  6. Evora GT430

  7. Help me deciding pls!!

    Hi Lorenzo - Find a dealer with an Evora in stock and drive it to see how you get on with it. I've a feeling you'll be more than pleasantly surprised how good the ride is for you
  8. Future of Lotus

    I believe the deal was approved by the shareholders at the end of last month and we're in the '3 months hiatus' the Malaysian stock exchange insist on.
  9. Random Pictures & Videos

    What a night this was! 57 mins...
  10. I'd love to do it if I had the cash, dream job! That said, after all that investment if I ended up flying for RA...
  11. I'm surprised anyone still flies for them. Is it hard to find alternative employment in the air Brij?
  12. [TLF Event] South West Lotus Centre Open Day - 30th September 2017