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  1. If it's a very low speeds on extreme lock it's the Anti-Akerman steering geometry. As Bruss says, a very common question from new owners.
  2. I'll be there at 6pm for a quick beer and to ferry people to the pub but you're on your own getting back!! Dave Excell is heading over too and he's got some room in the car.
  3. Welcome to TLF Adam and congrats on the car, looks ace in white!
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    General Election.
  6. Bibs


    Don't fancy building a seven from scratch mate? That would be a fun winter project!
  7. Agree with the above sentiments regarding Le Mans 66 which I watched a couple of evenings ago. Edge of your seat stuff and apart from the same shot of the gearchange and throttle being used 1,000 times and not the most accurate overtaking sequences, the whole film was excellent.
  8. Welcome! Which model are you considering? New or old?
  9. They usually sell, pop it up in our free classifieds, link at the top of the page.
  10. Give them a call, tell them it's a dealer modification but what it says in the manual too. You'll know for sure then.
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    I get my cars MOT'd in Wigmore! I was born in All Saints and have many happy memories of sliding down the Connie Banks out the back of my house on bits of cardboard!!
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    Me too @march! Was born in Chatham and lived there as a youngster!
  13. I'm fairly sure that extra plate around the gear change was to prevent cracking in the corners of the cutout rather than add any stiffness to the car. Metal right angle corners are prone to cracking quite easily, especially when the extra stiffening around the engine bay is factored in.
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    Was driving home from a roofing job today and the sunset was looking rather good. I'd have liked to have been there a few mins earlier but pleased with these...
  15. Welcome to TLF Chris, lovely looking Exige you've got yourself
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    TLF GT430 Club

    @Miguel may be able to help guys?
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