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  1. Yes please mate, it's a factory requirement.
  2. Welcome to TLF Josh, you take some lovely pics of your car, very nice :D
  3. You can also get one of these (and lots of other wonderful things) as a TLF Gold Member
  4. I got them to fit mine. I sat in the car and oversaw the chap and to be fair they've done so many the ones in my local are very good at it.
  5. Big battle is E3, that's why it's 20 mins longer than usual.
  6. Congratulations @PaulC and welcome to Lotus ownership
  7. There's a link to the posts in the correct thread right below that post.
  8. I'd imagine the £1m electric hypercar will be the halo model mate.
  9. Lotus confirms first all-new production car since 2008: Type 130 – The world’s first full electric British hypercar Lotus Races Into China with British built Evora GT4 Concept
  10. Bibs

    Evora GT500
  11. Just to clarify, it's definitely 3am UK time tomorrow morning.
  12. New Lotus media website - - no longer requiring a log in, download as many lovely pics as you like! Lotus Cars PR are now on Twitter/Instagram so make sure you give them a follow for some behind the scenes posts
  13. All being well I'll be along to the DSCSRM 1. Charlie - Lotus Evora / Esprit S4 TBC. 2. Bibs - Evora
  14. Funniest thing I've heard today, you do know what you've just bought don't you? I've only driven the standard 3-Eleven and that was bonkers enough
  15. Congrats mate! This isn't a hobby any more, it's an addiction
  16. Based in Philadelphia and had been going for about 10 years I think.
  17. @gghc87 used his Excel as a daily into London for many years
  18. Why would you say that when you have no idea about what any of it is until tomorrow?
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