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  1. Thanks Bibs for a truly fantastic evening and day. It was absolute magic. (Just don't mention the *&^%$ safety brief £""!$).  I'll message Bazza and suggest perhaps "Remember: Safety Brief" be written somewhere on a form, or alternatively, instruct the stewards, as we enter the enclosure in the morning, to remind each of us, for the benefit of first-timers.  Was so looking forwards to that.  Can't wait till next year now. I think the date is a perfect time of the year. With a turnout like that it obviously suits hundreds of people without getting in the way of summertime clashes. And two (or three?) years of brilliant weather!  Met a lot of great people too, which is one thing I really loved ie chatting to people.  I wanted to ask if there's a way to search for members on the forum.  There doesn't seem to be.  I've found a few people, but others (like your Navy guy in the Evora on the banking) are elusive.  Thanks so much for having Mike Kimberley there.  Dream come true.  Overall, a million Thanks! (from Karen as well).

    1. Bibs


      Glad you enjoyed the day mate, great to hear. 

      In the search box at the top left, click in it and it'll expand with 'all content', click that and the bottom option is 'members' :)

      It was @DaveC72 you were speaking to on the banking :thumbup:

    2. DaveC72


      Thanks for the intro @Bibs.

      Nick - you've got a PM.

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