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  1. C8RKH

    Hi Bibs - interested in one of the indoor car covers for an Evora.  Do you have any pictures of a black one with red piping and the red Lotus emblem, or a red one with black piping and black lotus emblem.  Sure you get the gist given my car! :)  Thanks Andy.  I might start a thread getting people to post up their car covers as would be good future reference. OK?

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    2. johnpwalsh


      I'm thinking of the same for Peril, but would like an outdoor one. Green with Yellow/Green logo as I doubt you would get Yellow with the Green/Yellow logo. Price please bibs for the S3

    3. Bibs


      You can't have a logo on an outdoor cover mate, it would ruin the material. They're £249 mate, prices are in the shop and you get free delivery as an FFM. 

    4. johnpwalsh


      Cheers Bibs, are the outdoor covers fitted the same as the indoor ones as I am looking for a good fiting cover. I have a stormproof one for when the car gets left out but it flaps about in the wind.

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