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  1. I don't believe that Lotus will be in Geneva this year.
  2. Shouldn't be, none of the ones I've had have leaked. If they are wet inside, it could be a couple of things and they're pretty easy to fix.
  3. You've just described a Carcoon!
  4. I'm sure @SWLC were there!
  5. If anyone would like to help, please let me know and I'll send you an email address to contact.
  6. Bibs


    Popped up to the Bird in Hand next to the factory yesterday to take a look at their roof and got a few beauty shots while the sun was setting...
  7. Google this... evora ICE stereo replacement You'll see a ton of options there. Here's what I did... The head unit was £300 odd at the time and I got a couple of hundred back on the Alpine on ebay I recall. I think Halfords charged £40 to fit and the guy there was fortunately a real geek and car fan so enjoyed getting it installed just right.
  8. I think the connector block is unique, the kids at Halfords spliced up a new one for me for the Pioneer unit I had fitted! Wasn't hard to swap, even with me sat in the car watching his every move!!
  9. The antenna is just a piece of co-ax hidden up behind the passenger side a pillar cover, it's really not ideal. We had a lot of threads back in the day about radio reception and the solution most went for is an updated head unit (the Alpine/Blackbird is dire!) and a DAB splitter on the co-ax aerial. That's what I've done.
  10. Does this only happen in certain locations or anywhere? I believe that localised radio interference can cause issues with keyfobs, mobile phone masts etc.
  11. Welcome Laurie, epic looking Exige mate :D
  13. You're subs ran out mate, you need to renew to make more upload space.
  14. Fantastic news mate (albeit with the shit delay) but glad to hear you're back on the roads
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