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  1. They do the paint in house. I had my Esprit done there a few years back
  2. Evora in the USA discussion is now here...
  3. I took this pic a couple of years back in the little car museum in Bourton On The Water.
  4. I bet it was in black & white when Pete first saw it
  5. Hi Lars 1. I don't believe so, you can see in this video... and 2. Watch this video. If a 3-Eleven is faster than a 918 Spyder, I'm pretty sure the GT4 isn't going to even be in the same ball park!
  6. Yes please mate, it's a factory requirement.
  7. Welcome to TLF Josh, you take some lovely pics of your car, very nice :D
  8. You can also get one of these (and lots of other wonderful things) as a TLF Gold Member
  9. I got them to fit mine. I sat in the car and oversaw the chap and to be fair they've done so many the ones in my local are very good at it.
  10. Big battle is E3, that's why it's 20 mins longer than usual.
  11. Congratulations @PaulC and welcome to Lotus ownership
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