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  1. You'll find out very soon. Clue is in the text.
  2. Wasn't that meant to be the equivalent of the blown diffuser in F1?
  3. Bibs

    Stick or Twist?

    1.6 seconds in the S1 vs 0.6 seconds in the 400 iirc, that should be very noticeable.
  4. There's some discussion on wheels here, including the Komotec ones.
  5. Bibs

    Stick or Twist?

    410 with Sparco's? @bosshog's car and it's a stunning example
  6. Bibs

    Gold FFM?

    Gold FFM is temporarily reduced to £48/pa eg £4/month. CoP is currently not included. Now's the time to upgrade
  7. I'd only only ever buy Jeffrey Archer at half price too Binnacle looks magnificent, very nice!
  8. Next time you buy some parts, here are the posh new boxes they'll come in! You can't see them here but they'll also have nice new 'genuine parts' holograms on them too.
  9. @Dr.Chachi, if you can't see the pics the ad has been removed. It either expired or more likely, the seats were sold.
  10. I think I spotted a trap door. Cave perhaps?
  11. While we're veering nicely OT, that's the real big problem with facebook - it's very transitional. It's there for a scroll then it's gone. The big advantage forums like TLF has is that we have almost 16 years of very easily find-able posts. Zuckers is a knob too, but that's another story.
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