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  1. Welcome to TLF Brian and congratulations on the Esprit!
  2. I think it's pretty worthless mate - I put my up for sale for £200 I think it was and there were no takers!
  3. Bibs


    Did a roof survey this morning, good to be back in the saddle. Socially distant, no contact with anyone so all good. Was on site at 8am, leaving by 9.30am and client had 4k video and images before midday.
  4. Congratulations! That didn't take long I was going to suggest Lotus of Naples but they didn't have anything more than a couple of years old in stock.
  5. Bibs


    The only thing electrical about your brake pedal is the brake lights.
  6. Bibs

    Affordable Wine

    I've been right off of white wine for a couple of years now, no idea why especially in these nice warm evenings. Been enjoy a lot of Malbecs recently, French much more than S. American ones. I was using Virgin Wines a lot, even more so recently, nice to try bottles I'd not usually pick up from a shelf.
  7. Bibs

  8. Doesn't really explain why the same rate is much higher in the USA with 70mph limits really does it or why it's twice as high in South Korea where the limits are even lower. How come the number of fatalities on German roads has dropped more than 80% since 1970, 5 years after the introduction of the unlimited sections? Here's a link you can enjoy. Kinda just goes to show that incomplete stats really don't tell much of a story and you shouldn't just rely on them. Anyway, back to the guy speeding on the M23 and the other one on the M20 please. Another tedious back and forth thread you've managed to create, this isn't a good or enjoyable discussion. Any other posts will be removed at my discretion.
  9. Bibs


    From underneath it's not impossible but not a walk in the park. It's not that easy to get to and easier to remove if you take the pulley off first. There's more chance of there being a leak in one of the vacuum pipes to be honest which is why checking the vacuum level at certain points is better. When the pumps start to fail they make a noise like a duck! It's bottom right here, you can see the belt on the water pump above it too which I mentioned earlier.
  10. Well done. PS, The Nordschleife is a toll road, not a track. PPS, The guy in the video wasn't Mark Webber or any other F1 driver.
  11. Seriously? You think I condone driving at over 200mph on public roads in the UK?. Very, very thin ice mate. And again I'm not condoning speeding on public roads but I doubt there is a track on the planet where you'll see 200mph. I was a volunteer Motorsport Marshal for several years and marshals have been killed. Driving recklessly isn't acceptable anywhere, tracks have very strict rules (albeit not a speed limit) and the you'll be told at every briefing you have to attend at every track day that you'll be going home if you're an idiot. They are not free-for-alls.
  12. Item 2 on here?
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