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  1. I was in The Minnis last weekend, I think their entire frontage is composite decking. Looked very good!
  2. Bibs

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    Depends on her lawyers wording.
  3. Bibs

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    But the Sancerre was on the house after the embarrassment of the establishment to snailgate, no?
  4. Bibs

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    Did we get kicked out of the Tate too?
  5. Bibs

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    Ain't ever gonna happen. Unless we meet in an Irish bar. Oh, wait...
  6. I didn't know I got them from Australia
  7. @CHANGES, got any pics of the Triumph's you used to hoon about in, I bet @march would enjoy them? !
  8. The top of the range Prius is an Excel...
  9. Bibs


    Talking of which, took the Mavic out for a bit this afternoon to get my hours up for CAA renewal. It's still a very capable bit of kit!
  10. Watched the latest episode a couple of times now, another cracker! Clegane-gate!! Still unsure as to who ends up on the throne but I can't see if being nutty dragon woman any more although the trailer for the last episode does feature her in a very strong position! The producers have said the ending is 'bittersweet', so perhaps a Stark with zero left of his/her family to rule with?
  11. Volumetric Efficiency. It's a ratio (or percentage) of the mass of air and fuel that is trapped by the cylinder during induction divided by the mass that would occupy the displaced volume if the air density in the cylinder were equal to the ambient air density*. *Thanks wikipedia
  12. Any takers please? Car will be needed for a couple of hours for some measurements to be taken, you'll be paid for your time.
  13. There used to be a dealer in Honolulu but it looks like it's closed down now. That said, it might be worth speaking to a Toyota dealer to see if they'll service the car for you and they're not super complicated, any mechanic used to working on sports cars shouldn't be too daunted by an Evora.
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