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  1. When you say Lotus, do you mean a dealership and if so, which one? That isn't right, and sounds dangerous. If you can please let me know, I'll see what I can do to help.
  2. A google search for 'poor brakes in wet' returns 7.2m results. AP make some of the best brakes in the world, and Lotus cars are usually overbraked as Justin noted above. I seem to remember that they aim for deceleration at better than twice the rate of acceleration, so the 60-0 is less than half of the 0-60.
  3. What do they think it is, atrial fibrillation? Might be worth investing in an Apple Watch, they have very advanced heart rate tracking nowadays.
  4. Sorry Nicola, I was out all day yesterday on a trip to Silverstone to get the Evora serviced. Fixed now :)
  5. I see them most gearchanges! The Evora really has a nice bit of extra poke after 4.5k, give it some beans!
  6. Similar here on the Evora... After most fords (the water crossings, not the cars) there's a sign saying 'Check Your Brakes', water affects all cars, not just Lotus.
  7. How did you make payment please mate? I'll look into it.
  8. Looks very nice, what didn't you like about it mate?
  9. Looks like Motorsport Green in bright sunlight to me! It's got a gold flake in the metallic paint.
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