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  1. Yup, until the car is 20 years old (Ferrari do up to 15 years as a comparison).
  2. Air intakes on the rear quarter lights 👍
  3. Just had this emailed to us... If these could be your, please let me know and I'll put you in touch with the company 👍
  4. @Gm77, congratulations, that's stunning No longer required for the school run I take it?!
  5. Welcome Trish! Please feel free to share some pics of your cars Fingers crossed for a better year of events this year too
  7. Just watched it, great show worthy of an icon such as Sabine. I've been to the 'Ring about 30 times now and her name is never far away when you're there. I really hope that they do name a corner for her, it's only fitting.
  8. It's now up on iPlayer too.
  9. They have over-engineered suspensions/brakes, an indestructible chassis and a 'Yota engine which will probably last a bazillion miles without having the oil changed. It's always perplexed me why they seem so sensitive to mileage on the prices, perhaps just as there are a few which aren't used much and that brings a perception that they are delicate, which they most certainly aren't.
  10. I seem to recall the factory used to use Autoglass to replace screens in the old workshop that Rolly ran before JMG sadly pulled the plug on it and now it's knocked down. Fitting them to new cars on the production line is a very different to replacing one hence bringing in external skills. I guess a lot of it is down to your local fitter however in @AlexUK's boat, I'd be taking Dave @ H111 up on doing the job, it's not their first rodeo.
  11. I'd give @Hangar 111 a call, they're not too far away and certainly the people to trust with this sort of work
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