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  1. When I was in my teens a few of my pals loved their Acclaims!
  3. for a really cool Pretty Woman event next Friday in London. Wanna be famous and see your car admired by thousands, please let me know ASAP!
  4. Bibs

    Hello All

    Haha! Welcome to TLF James, got any pics of your Exige yet to share?
  5. This would be a good place to start... I'd work from the last page backwards.
  6. Bibs

    Bit of T-cut?

    Blimey, not much left is there! Amazing that they're trying to sell it, what the use of what's left over?
  7. Bibs

    New on TLF

    Very nice, welcome to TLF. That's a great collection of sports cars
  8. Check the oil. The dipstick is at the front right of the engine bay, take the engine cover off to make getting to it easier. The engine's don't use oil as a rule but it's worth checking.
  9. Just been for an interview myself. Apparently my salary demands are 'extortionate'
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