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  1. Bibs


    When we picked it up it had the tyre warning light on. I mentioned it of course but was told 'they all do that'! I did get some noise out of them on the corners but blamed it on the heat!
  2. @DJW, those pics are amazing, would you mind if I shared them on our social channels please?
  3. @cuprapw - Can't be done I'm afraid, they are left and right handed only from the factory.
  4. Bibs


    Thank you for the advice folks, most appreciated. Just back from a wonderful week of sunshine, great food and a beautiful island! Funniest thing was taking the hire Micra back yesterday at the scamming knobs at the full service petrol station trying to fill it back up with €1.75/litre Shell Racing! They got a serious tick in their ear and learnt a few new English words but I bet they make a fortune on that little trick!
  5. Welcome to TLF and happy Esprit hunting!
  6. Welcome to TLF and thank you for taking out our Gold membership, it's very much appreciated
  7. Welcome to TLF Nick and what an entry to Lotus ownership! Have fun, it'll be hard not to!
  8. Not 'new car' big, just a nice new product for owners. Early next week I believe.
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