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  1. Very low miles, will be interesting to see how much it fetches.
  2. The press launch (which will be live streamed by Lotus and TLF) is on the 6th in the early evening.
  3. I remember watching Nigel Mansell having some fun at Carrow Road a few years back!
  4. Bibs

    TLF GT430 Club

    Very objective and informative ready Jimmy, thanks for sharing
  5. Clive, you could always drive down to the south coast, we won't eat you!
  6. Heading out towards Hadlow at 6pm-ish today
  7. I was in the green Evora going the other way, Saturday morning around 9.30am
  8. Fathers Day. My gifts from my fiancee's daughter included a Spitfire book, an engraved beer tankard and adoption papers
  9. Really, really good, had a great day and very enjoyable time! Matt's very personable, approachable and the interview was great. We'll be putting it together next week and publishing ASAP. 9 hours driving though there and back, not the best for traffic today!
  10. They were taken with the Mini 2, I could be 1m away if I wanted!
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