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  1. Welcome to TLF and congratulations on the Evora. First Lotus? Looking forward to hearing more
  2. I send Valet Pro a list of addresses once every couple of weeks or so Clive so as not to drive them too nuts. Won't be long that yours is on the way.
  3. I believe a TLF campaign helped to have it removed, it was universally unloved!
  4. That's all kinds of epic mate, you'll be getting lots of support from us here
  5. I seem to remember that the NHS is one of the top ten biggest employers in the world. 1.3m employees, 1.16m are full time. That's about 5% of the UK workforce.
  6. Thanks, I know. I mentioned news websites to make the point in my post that it isn't really news anymore. Quite a few of the sites are removing their corona tabs now too.
  7. Took me reading a few news websites to find yesterdays covid deaths, it's not really news anymore. 82. The current infection levels were I live in Tonbridge & Malling is 35 per 100,000. 0.035%.
  8. The first letter of the part number is the revision, so F would be the 5th revision of the part and G the 6th. I can check tomorrow to see if we can find out what the revision between the 2 is.
  9. I make sure that the car always gets hit by the sun to help it dry out when I have my cover on. The covers will never be as waterproof or dry as they only cover the top and sides are covered but they are good at keeping the cars clean and free of airborne pollutants such as bird poop and tree sap.
  10. You can still buy Elan & Esprit parts from Lotus. Some of their suppliers are affected by lockdown so parts are currently slower than usual to be made/delivered.
  11. They didn't. No idea what plans they have to celebrate the model but they didn't mention a Final Edition will be announced.
  12. Deposits are lodged with dealers, not Lotus. That said, Lotus have current investment well in excess of £1.5bn from Geely, kinda makes your comment seem moot in both respects. The Elise/Exige FE press release never mentioned an Evora FE to be fair.
  13. Welcome to TLF Jamie. Most of our Scottish members are big fans (and rightly so) of Craig Montcrieff in Edinburgh.
  14. It’s been a while but I was lucky enough recently to head up to Hethel (under strict social distancing regs of course!) to view and assist with some new #forthedrivers products that will soon be available to everyone. The construction work is still under way but there’s been a huge transformation on the site and a HUGE amount of investment, the work looks almost complete. With a skeleton of the usual staff around as you can imagine there was still a buzz and lots going on. We met with ASO and had a preview of a number of initiatives that are in development to make owning a Lotus better s
  15. As I understand it, the higher rate is only for companies that show a profit in excess of £50k pa.
  16. Bibs


    Just good luck I think. All the flat ones are hard to see as they're probably end-on to us and really thin, like a flat Pringle!
  17. Escape from Pretoria. Based on a true story and very accurate by all accounts. Very good watch, gets pretty tense at times.
  18. Bibs

    One in one out

    Connor, everyone needs a haircut at the moment mate, it was a joke. How's the car @pete, had a few nice drives so far? First impressions? Also, what shoes were you wearing, we need to know!!
  19. Welcome to TLF and happy shopping!
  20. @brian_gt4 just posted this one of fb...
  21. It would be great, but what are the chances? Tens of billions has been lost to fraud and there's plenty more to come. They're already expecting to lose £50bn to the bounceback loans alone but I know of several companies that, as Kimbers said, are keeping people working but the govt are paying their wages for them. While it's all been a necessary (if overly generous) knee-jerk to the pandemic, the govt employ enough people who could have policed it better.
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