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  1. Bibs

    Hants meet up

    Anyone want to suggest a venue and a date for a meet up please?
  2. Email [email protected] and Neil Turner will get back to you, he's very good.
  3. Bibs

    Question for Bibs

    JMG was very controlling in every respect of the company, he did micro management most aspects to the nth degree, it was his style and not a popular one. Under Phil & Marcus people are now allowed to do their jobs, and the people I speak to are much, much happier for it. You can see this through their use of social media now, it's got a much more positive vibe and is much more active, and indeed interactive with the public at large. Barry, I've signed an NDA, I know nothing!
  4. Bibs

    Hi All - Future Exige Owner

    Welcome Daniel - You've got a few dealers not too far away to get some test drives booked; Newtown are the closest, Williams over the bridge and Howards in WSM. I'd say pop to see all 3 and have a good look at their stock
  5. Bibs

    New Lotus Owner (Hopefully)

    Welcome Chris and thanks for upgrading too, most appreciated! Have a fun day collecting your Exige, you're going to have to work out how to remove the smile before you work out how to get in and out!! Here's your target
  6. Bibs

    Question for Bibs

    I still speak to the factory 5-10 times a week on average, that's not changed at all and have a planned meeting to arrange with the new CEO at some point very soon now he's settled in. It is a little quieter than under JMG as the plans they are working on are a more long term, so no weekly special edition announcements that I'm aware of.
  7. Here's an opportunity to show off your pride and joy (If the internet is a little bit hard for you, there are some hints and tips about posting pics here!)
  8. Following on from the epic pics & videos thread in general chat, this one is just for cars and Lotus stuff Starter for 10...
  9. And boom, back in the movie!
  10. Bibs

    Useless Facts about anything
  11. Bibs

    Random Pictures & Videos

    Here you can post a pic of anything (within taste/sensibility reason!). Please try to keep the longest side below 800px.
  12. I must admit the sound from the 400's stereo was pretty shocking straight out of the box. Lotus have been working on getting this right and attached is a guide. All cars being built from now will come with the sound set up like this but for anyone with an older 400 (!) or who has reset the battery etc, this is how to get it sounding much, much better lsl645 Evora 400 Equalizer set up for Alpine INE-W990BT ICE unit instructions.pdf
  13. Bibs

    Hampshire Christmas gathering

    Sadly I can't make this, I'd double booked with War of the World's Live much earlier in the year. Have fun guys
  14. Bibs

    Yesterday was collection day

    Lovely, congratulations
  15. Bibs

    Black Elise

  16. Bibs

    My First Lotus :) as well

    Welcome Chris. Pics please :D
  17. For those who didn't catch it, here's the launch of the Lotus Evora at the Motorshow. Pt I Pt II Pt III Here's some testing at the 'Ring and other places Sky Motoring report
  18. Pop them in our classifieds Chris, it's free -
  19. Bibs

    Battery tickle chargers

    I've got a CTEK MX5. Was about £60-70 and I added the comfort connector about £6-7 too, works a treat!
  20. Bibs

    Evora GT410 Sport launched

    If I stop buying beer, I can afford this #dilemma
  21. We didn't have a thread just for Esprit pics, until now!