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  1. It's a variable surface area for durability testing of suspension components I believe.
  2. Condiment delivery vs controlling global pandemic. Not sure they could have used wood to be honest. Get your point but it's not really relevant in the bigger picture here IMO.
  3. Bibs


    Mig 17 at the bottom of a loop
  4. Bibs

    BBC - Again!

    You need to switch to James Martin, much better How does freezing the licence fee by the way mean that the beeb have a £2bn shortfall over the next couple of years? They need to remember where their money comes from and offer more value, then people wouldn't object to it so much!
  5. I've posted a link before that SAGE offer insights that get decisions made. If they'd said 'meh', nothing would be done so they've used figures that mean something will happen, and in most cases so far they've been quite inaccurate. That said, I'm very pleased Omicron has proven to be very mild in most cases. Can you imagine if it had been much deadlier, that would be grim!
  6. New logo key rings are now in stock too...
  7. We've got a few Evora keyrings available and half price too...
  8. This just popped up on fb... Beauchamp Place, Knightsbridge , 1979.
  9. Give it a go by all means but Gervais has jumped the shark I think and is just trying to be very offensive because that's what he wants to be known for. I'd like to think it picks up later in the series but I'm not sure we'll bother to be honest from now.
  10. James at @SWLC can help you out, they have some. Pop him a PM and welcome to TLF Tom
  11. After Life 3 - Half way through and meh so far which is a shame as the first 2 series were excellent. Generation Kill is an excellent observation of the US Marines invading Iraq, similar kind of idea to Jarheads but really well filmed and what appears could be an honest insight to the life of the man on the ground during the war.
  12. They're just handy wheels to roll the VP cars around on!
  13. Don't remember push bikes being widely known to be illegal to use. While it's very sad that it sounds like he was very badly injured, he was well aware he was committing a crime when he jumped on his scooter and used it in a public place. Using it on a road in London to commute is really dumb too, it's dangerous enough without the menace of them buzzing around the place.
  14. Available from our online shop and to GOLD FFM's (with small supplemental cost). Only 300 of the black and gold's will be made available, get in quick!!
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    Chloe is entering the 6th form next year, for her school the uniform rules are 'business attire'!! We wore what we liked in my sixth form which was a boys grammer and otherwise quite strict*! *One of the maths teachers, Col. Haddon used to make you remove your socks if they were white and no bags carried over shoulders!! I think he learnt that in the Boer War!!
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    My daughters full uniform inc sports kits just under £400!!
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