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    Hi Chris and welcome. If your Elise isn't handling as well as a Mini I'd suggest popping it to a specialist to have the suspension and geo checked asap! If you're on the original red Koni dampers a cheap and easy upgrade to the S2 Bilsteins should make a huge difference. The ethos of the Elise from the team that developed it was 'Fun at 50' so it's never meant to have been the quickest (although with £ it can be very nippy as they weight next to nothing) but certainly the handling should be pretty epic from the off, assuming there aren't any issues.
  2. Not sure this helps promote the gearbox, he hardly changes gear at all
  3. 11 new COVID deaths yesterday in the UK.
  4. Good interview with Matt Windle
  5. It's a join, that's what the metal clip is there for
  6. Hi Tony and welcome! Is it the round Cobra one with 2 buttons? If so, they're on ebay/amazon for less than £10 and very plentiful.
  7. They're available in both LHD and RHD so I'd assume from that, that they aren't adjustable. They're quite pricey too sadly.
  8. Welcome Gaz and well done on making the decision to get an Esprit. I'm sure someone will pop along shortly to let you have a jump in one. Williams Automobiles aren't far from you in Chipping Norton, have you checked to see if they might have any in stock?
  9. Hi Martin - This was from a long time ago and Transforged as a company seem to have disappeared now.
  10. Hello Josh - Is this any good for you?
  11. Welcome Jack and congratulations on the Exige, that really is a nice colour!
  12. I drove a Cup 430 yesterday and it's outrageously quick and looks $1m. Take one for a drive before you discount it, they really are weapons grade! That said, many have taken 350's up the power curve with Komotec so there are proven upgrade paths which will leave a decent chunk of change and also, to be fair, having driven the Sport 410 they are not slow cars either and the mechanical grip of both is quite something to experience!
  13. Crack on mate, Lotus content is always very welcome
  14. Bibs

    Lotus Unlocked

    TLF headed up to Caffeine & Machine to the 'Lotus Unlocked' event to see and drive the current range of Lotus cars. We had the chance to spend some time with the Evora GT410, Evora GT410 Sport, Elise Cup 250 and Exige Cup 430 and there were some significant historic Lotus cars to enjoy too. Great event, awesome venue with fantastic roads on their doorstep!
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