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  1. No-one was on duty, it was just me!
  2. The first ever post was made on what was then 'LEF' Things have changed somewhere! We're very close now to 1,000,000 annual visits and 5,000,000 annual pages served, nuts! Onwards and upwards folks
  3. Glovebox rash. Nasty. Use that cream you've already got in the bathroom, it'll sooth and promote healing.
  4. While I do agree that our climate is changing and for the worse, I don't think a few council houses with no cavity wall insulation are the blame, truth be told.
  5. Very smart, nice driving and that does look like a very intense track to drive! The Clio looks like he'd forgotten there was a corner there!
  6. Welcome Nicolas and congratulations on getting an Emira order placed
  7. This belongs to a good friend of mine and is an excellent car. Any question, I'm happy to help
  9. The 'ramp angle' is the angle from the bottom of the front wheel to the bottom of the front splitter (from the ground) and as mentioned, Lotus cars don't suffer from regular impacts as this angle is large enough.
  10. Type 135 in 2026.
  11. So the planet is being led to destruction by CO2 and now we're not having turkey for Christmas as there's no CO2. I smell a rat. Just saying.
  12. There are spaces available for this Saturday, the 25th Sept An invitation to visit the workshops of one of the greatest Formula One teams. Classic Team Lotus is the Works historic motor sport activity in the Lotus group of companies. The Team Lotus mechanics that supported Champions such as Ayrton Senna, Nigel Mansell, Mario Andretti, Emerson Fittipaldi, Graham Hill and Jim Clark continue to care for the World Championship winning Lotus F1 cars that won 77 Grand Prix. Classic Team Lotus is pleased to offer the opportunity for a privileged insight of everything that went into creating the Team Lotus Legend. This will include: Film presentation of a slice of Team Lotus history Tour of the Classic Team Lotus race shop History and technical significance of cars displayed The Team Lotus archive Photo opportunities with an F1 car Visitors will also be provided with a Complimentary Classic Team Lotus print presenting all of the Team Lotus single seat racing cars. Cost: £50 per person Tour Time: approx. 2.5 hours Maximum 20 per tour Refreshments available on arrival Please Note: We reserve the right to reschedule tours with less than 10 bookings up to two weeks prior to the event. All persons booked on any such tours will be offered alternative dates or a full refund. ***If you are booking vouchers from outside the UK please contact us for VAT payment***
  13. We did that with the Evora back in 2009 and I've suggested the same with the Emira. Watch this space!
  14. Welcome Ben! Any thoughts on spec yet?
  15. Lotus dealers have access to a new online EPC (electronic parts catalogue) and new e-commerce sites are on the way for all dealers shortly too.
  16. They haven't, but I guess they just haven't confirmed their dates yet.
  17. That's a stroke of luck, I'm just about to put my Scirocco up for sale!
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