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  1. Bibs

    311 purchase

    I could have sold you a 4 layer entire car cover for half of that!
  2. Welcome to TLF Phill and congrats on the Evora
  3. Bibs

    311 purchase

    You just drive real fast
  4. I know where I'll be on Sunday morning!
  5. I think the programming is bespoke, but a little research shows the same ABS pump was used on the 2004-2011 VW Golf/Jetta. May be part of the same system? Any good?
  6. I'm fairly certain it's Bosch, will see if I can track down which unit.
  7. Congratulations! Looks good in red I've got a black fully lined hardtop for sale, from an Elise but will fit just fine. It's got a couple of small marks but that will be reflected in the price. Retail is around £3k but this is available for £800.
  8. In Chobham Services last night. Seconds after a guy pissed up the side of his van 2 spaces along!
  10. That was the location of the fuel filler cover release on my X180.
  11. Bibs

    2-11 # 61 According to that, the last owner we know about was Matt Bailey... @maffoo but that was a good amount of time ago.
  12. Bibs


    Grabbed this at the end of the day after surveying a quarry yesterday...
  13. Bibs

    TLF GT430 Club We have the pattern for the GT430.
  14. I'd imagine they'd like to start early doors, 9am, but will check.
  15. Good luck Chris and I wish you all the best in the new venture!
  16. Saw this yesterday and it reminded me of this thread.
  17. Screenshot sent to Wendy!!
  18. @Kimbers, 52 eh? You're the oldest person I know
  19. I'd like to welcome Endeavour Lotus in Colcester to TLF
  20. That's Silverstone circuit. Lotus Silverstone add one to each Lotus they sell :)
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