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  1. Roll on Thursday and all the 'I got an email' posts! 🤣
  2. Bibs

    Hants meet up

    Anyone want to suggest a venue and a date for a meet up please?
  3. Bibs

    Car Cover for V8

    You don't want to put an outdoor cover over an indoor one, the indoor one will be like a sponge and stay wet. The outdoor ones are very waterproof but as they aren't a cocoon water will evaporate from the ground onto the car. You need to keep it somewhere the sun will hit the car early doors and even on the coldest of days you'll see the cover steam as the sun hits it and it dries out. Current lead time is 4-6 weeks.
  4. Following on from the epic pics & videos thread in general chat, this one is just for cars and Lotus stuff Starter for 10...
  5. We didn't have a thread just for Esprit pics, until now!
  6. TLF are again involved in a small way in organising the car show at the Biggin Hill Festival of Flight. Use the code 'tlfcc18' for a discount on tickets and I'll hope to see you there on the TLF Club Stand. Saturday: 1. Bibs - Evora Sunday 1. Bibs - Evora
  7. "Dear Lotus Owners, We have had an overwhelming response to our birthday celebrations here at Hethel in September. Amazingly, thanks to your passion and support for Lotus we sold out in five and a half hours. We couldn't be happier so many of you will share a very special day with us. We look forward to welcoming you all to Hethel on 29th September. If you have an order number and have not yet received our confirmation email, you will soon. For those of our very special fans who missed out on tickets, we are just as disappointed that anyone had to miss out. Unfortunately we only have so much space here at Hethel to ensure those of you who do come have a fantastic time, which means regrettably some have to miss out. Thank you all for your continued support of Lotus."
  8. If you're logged in, there should be links at the top of the page. I'll make them clearer when I'm back from holiday later this week if they're not clear enough now.
  9. TLF have secured a number of rooms here, first come first served. Friday - £105 Saturday - £140 £50 non-refundable non-tranferrable deposit on booking. Please call on 0845 074 0060 and quote event 'TLF' to book your room. While the number of rooms is limited I'm still in discussions with them about having a large event on the Friday evening for all to attend, we're looking at a private marquee and BBQ, watch this space for more details.
  10. Log in to your account on lotus70, you can check your order there. If it says it's processing then that's exactly what's happening. Seriously, sorry everyone hasn't had the email but we're not Ticketmaster and there was unprecedented demand on Friday. I'll be dealing with orders manually on my return from holiday on Thursday. It wasn't my decision to go live while I was away, just bad timing. This has been around 6-7 months of trying to have an event at the factory in lieu of the Brand's Hatch event and my holiday was booked several months ago, an unlucky coincidence.
  11. Here's an opportunity to show off your pride and joy (If the internet is a little bit hard for you, there are some hints and tips about posting pics here!)
  12. Seriously, if you went through the process of ordering a ticket and completed the checkout process then your tickets will be posted in due course.
  13. Basically we can't fit any more cars on site. There are plenty more 'guest' tickets available from dealers, it just means you'll have to park up the road and get a shuttle bus into the venue. This is not only a space issue but is to alleviate the ingress issues many remember so well from the last couple of events at Hethel.
  14. Speak to your local dealer, they are able to source tickets.
  15. Will someone please buy it this?
  16. Lotus owner tickets are now sold out! If you wish to obtain a ticket, you'll have to ask your local, friendly Lotus dealership.
  17. Thanks Nicola. I've cancelled your 2nd order, we're nearly sold out!
  18. If anyone is still awaiting a confirmation email, it is on its way but the server limits the number of emails/hour to avoid looking like it's sending spam.
  19. They're being posted at a date closer to the event.
  20. Ignore the order number, it doesn't mean much.