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  1. Really? You're on thin ice mate, don't take the piss. And it's not debate, it's showing the figures you're basing your arguments on are quoted incorrectly for your own ends. That's not debate, that's just correcting inaccuracy which you quote as fact. Having recently been in a long term relationship with an EU national living in the UK, I've also seen first hand the huge grey market that exists in the UK for those who have travelled west. Tradesmen turning over £100k+ with no VAT/Corp/Personal tax even being considered and from what I saw, almost immunity from HMRC for it. That's not so easy when you're a UK national with NI number, tax records etc. I'd imagine this white elephant costs our economy a lot more than those on benefits, which are in fact incredibly hard to get for EU nationals in real terms.
  2. @JG220, @C8RKH - Please don't post in this thread again in response to each other, any posts will be deleted and if you give me lots of work deleting posts, I'll take further action to restrict your posting. This isn't a point for discussion. Thank you.
  3. Bibs


    Did a roof inspection yesterday looking for leaks. Whole job took less than 30 mins! They'd also had contractors in late last year to paint the roof and after this are on the phone to them making sure them come back and finish the job they were paid for!! No-one thought to check their work but obvs Friday afternoon early finish was their priority rather than nipping out for one more tin of paint!!
  4. Tail wind?
  6. Bibs

    uk road tax

    I'm sure this will help...
  7. Bibs

    Your thoughts...

    I'm glad you like your cover @PhillC, looks like a lovely fit
  8. I'm sure I've read that timing makes it a competitive event so invalidates the TDO & circuits insurance for the event, hence them taking a dim view of it.
  9. Would be nice to see some proper racing at the front
  10. F me that's fast and sounds lovely! Very tidy driving too
  11. I watched the race on Sky, it was very dull. Might try one more but my grass does seem to want some attention to show me how well it's growing.
  12. Happy birthday @pete I nearly got a hole in one!!
  13. Bibs

    Elise Sport 220

    Welcome to TLF! Had a couple of Elise's myself, a very pure experience from the drivers seat.
  14. I've never experienced that in my Scirocco. I'll try to replicate it but on the whole, like Ian, I barely notice it's there. It's always on in my car unless I'm in a nose-to-tail jam and moving a few yards many times which is the only circumstance I can think where I'll turn it off.
  15. Bibs

    Comic Relief

    Missed it, was in the pub. Sounds like the right move!
  17. 2 months to the day later...!!
  18. It's still a bit windy isn't it. There are trees falling all over the place in Kent at the moment!
  20. I've just been reading about it, how awful. Thoughts with the families indeed, what a terrible event.
  21. If you want to drive the two best European circuits: the Nürburgring Nordschleife or Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps under the best possible conditions, then look no further than a RSR Premium Trackday. What makes the difference? Organised and operated by RSR directly, you can be assured of the quality of the track time, meaning you get the best possible value for your entry and the best possible driving time on the track! • Drive your own car or hire one from RSR • Organised by a dedicated team of like-minded trackday enthusiasts • A limited number of entries mean there are less cars on track • Strict safety briefings to make sure everone know the rules on track • A friendly driving atmosphere, with sportsman-like behaviour practices and encouraged • Includes optional "track walk” to get up close and learn the secrets of the circuit Spa-Francorchamps: 06.05.2019 (Mon) RSRSpa Premium Trackday Entry: €795 (1 day), €1590 (2 days) 07.05.2019 (Tue) RSRSpa Premium Trackday Entry: €795 (1 day), €1590 (2 days) 06.06.2019 (Thu) RSRSpa Premium Trackday (Endurance Pitlane) Entry: €795 24.06.2019 (Mon) RSRSpa Premium Trackday Entry: €795 17.07.2019 (Wed) RSRSpa Premium Trackday Entry: €795 06.08.2019 (Tue) RSRSpa Premium Trackday Entry: €795 09.09.2019 (Mon) RSRSpa Premium Trackday Entry: €795 18.10.2019 (Fri) RSRSpa Premium Trackday Entry: €795 (1 day), €1590 (2 days) 19.10.2019 (Sat) RSRSpa Premium Trackday Entry: €795 (1 day), €1590 (2 days) 07.11.2019 (Thu) RSRSpa Premium Trackday Entry: €695 Nürburgring Nordschleife: 26.08.2019 (Mon) RSRNurburg Premium Trackday Entry: €895
  22. We don't exist, really.
  23. Beautiful, congrats
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