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  1. Following on from the epic pics & videos thread in general chat, this one is just for cars and Lotus stuff Starter for 10...
  2. All free, just accessed via their website mate!
  3. An ex-TLFer who I help out with their IT is causing me a right headache. His 15gb (I know!) pst file is super corrupt, Outlook 2016 is running at a snails pace even in safe mode. Scanpst.exe is having no luck saying it can't access the file due to a drive error, a scan of the drive is showing it's error free so I'm assuming the pst is so corrupt that the headers can't be read correctly. Anyone have any ideas on a fix that doesn't cost the earth?
  4. Bibs

    Long Shot

    That's a very kind offer mate but please proceed with the sale for now. Sounds too far from the pub to me, I've a 30 second journey max limit, can make my local in 22 seconds, 24 in the wet.
  5. The end result of this what that Microsoft dialed in for 8 hours/day for 4 days and eventually fixed it! Took a loooong time, even for them!
  6. Bibs

    Random Pictures & Videos

    Here you can post a pic of anything (within taste/sensibility reason!). Please try to keep the longest side below 800px.
  7. Bibs

    Hants meet up

    Anyone want to suggest a venue and a date for a meet up please?
  8. Bibs

    Back after a few years away

    Welcome back Andy!
  9. Bibs

    Long Shot

    Nice pad Neil, lovely! Good luck with the sale :)
  10. Bibs

    This guy is pushing!😳

    Very fast! Great find, I've shared that on the TLF facebook page too
  11. Bibs

    The Esprit Registry

    Please list your Esprit below.
  12. There were about 20 full size coaches doing shuttle runs all day!
  13. At 5.30pm yesterday in the traffic. I was on the other side of the road in the Evora
  14. From their perspective, the event sold out in 5.5 hours. From a logistics point of view, it would be hard to convince them to use other methods as this was was clearly very successful I'd imagine. Bear in mind also that 14 other clubs were all given a healthy allocation of tickets, are were 90 dealerships. There were a few methods of getting tickets once the website had sold out which were open even up to the day before the event. Regarding the chap selling his car because he couldn't get a ticket. I'm dumbfounded. Sorry but when he bought the car was his intention to go to factory events (of which there haven't been any for ten years) and he's that disappointed he couldn't attend he's willing to dismiss every other aspect of owning a Lotus? That's just nuts in my opinion. As above, if he really wanted to go that much, he could have contacted a club or a dealer. That's exactly what we did, and exactly the case at the 60th, although this time by limiting number we negated the traffic issue. There were around 1700-1800 cars on site, they took almost 3 hours to get in with reasonable waiting times. Any more and the roads just can't cope. While we did have some people before the event question why in this case the event was at Hethel, well I'm sure the answer to that is obvious. I'm currently in discussion with the factory regarding this. Watch this space.
  15. They'll be available next week via the TLF Shop along with the rest of the 70th Anniversary range
  16. TLF have secured a number of rooms here, first come first served. Friday - £105 Saturday - £140 £50 non-refundable non-tranferrable deposit on booking. Please call on 0845 074 0060 and quote event 'TLF' to book your room. While the number of rooms is limited I'm still in discussions with them about having a large event on the Friday evening for all to attend, we're looking at a private marquee and BBQ, watch this space for more details.
  17. They've got duties as a few more events this year but I've registered an interest in them for when they're done.
  18. Bibs

    LEF Jokes & Gags thread

    This is the LEF funny thread, chuckle away
  19. Bibs

    TLF Car covers - Exige V6

    The TLF covers are all tailor made so can be cut to accommodate any modifications you've made to the car The cover sales we make help fund this website so it would be great if people bought them from us rather than elsewhere
  20. I'm not sure where anyone got this impression from. Tickets were never on sale via TLF, they were all ordered on - admittedly a website I created (but no-one really knew that, there's no special reference to me of TLF on it) but the 'on sale' announcement was made by Lotus via their social channels. TLF made the same announcement on here and via our not inconsiderable social channels but at that time any other club could have (and many did) make the same announcement. TLF member did not get any lead time on the announcement at all. I could have, but that would have been unfair and taking advantage of my position in helping with the event. If there is resentment, then it's ill-founded and based on incorrect information. It was a Lotus organised event, at my suggestion (over 9 months) and I helped with the organisation of certain aspects. I'm not sure that makes any difference to anyone who attended anyway? What difference could it make who organised it, does it really matter? The reason numbers were limited was due to the huge traffic problems Lotus have had in the past when events are a free for all. I was insistent that memories of this event would not be the Police turning people around on the A11 and sending them home, as happened at the 60th. The access to the factory is not great and cannot accommodate thousands of cars and as far as I'm aware the max waiting time for this event was 45 mins, the average was under 30 mins. We got all cars on site with 7 mins spare, I thought that was pretty spot on in terms of numbers and of course this could only have been achieved through limiting the numbers.
  21. Bibs

    S4S in New Zealand (almost)

    Wow, that's sounds like a challenge but once you take it for a blast on those amazing roads over there you'll soon forget all this and enjoy the bliss that is Esprit ownership. Well done on your persistence
  22. We didn't have a thread just for Esprit pics, until now!
  23. Bibs

    Utility Bills

    It's staggering that some 70% of homes are on standard, overpriced tariffs for their gas & electricity. I recently swapped providers (to GB Energy Supply whoever they are!) and my estimated saving is £400/year. It was painless, there were no charges to pay but I just get cheaper bills for minimal effort! I've also signed up for this. Martin Lewis's site will email me if there's a tariff which will save me over £100/year compared to my current provider. Again, if I do see that, I'll click one button and will switch to someone new. No charges. no hassle again. I'd encourage everyone to do this, it's lunacy to be on the standard tariff, you're throwing money away!