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  1. Great news and congrats on the Evora! Sorry, no Festival this year. It takes about 10 months to organise and with the lockdowns it's too much work to have a chance of it not happening I'm afraid. Next year perhaps?
  2. Barbara Garcia, Head of Manufacturing Programmes at Lotus, wins the Autocar Great Women: Rising Stars Award for Manufacturing
  3. Pointing a cheap (or indeed expensive!) camera at yourself does not make someone a journalist. I'm of the firm belief that a large part of the audience want to aspire to the lifestyles/cars these people have and look up to them for inspiration rather than information. How much actual car info has Supercar Blondie for example offered that's not already readily available but she has 85 bazillion followers. I can only speculate as to why teenage boys are like moths to a lamp
  4. 56 mins I'm never seeing again
  5. Anyway, while I'm guilty myself I'm sure there's another topic for that. I was just pointing out it's not just cars where prices are going crazy. Perhaps someone can start a housing market or building materials cost thread 👍
  6. Say for example you could sit down with Matt over a Delia coffee, perhaps recording the chat on camera, and could ask questions (importantly, that he can answer with embargoes in mind), what would you ask? Time permitting, some of these questions may even make their way to him and end up in a video interview, who knows?! Fire away!
  7. Very nice, congratulations! Enjoy and welcome to TLF
  8. @ChrisJ, we have an add on to the clubs function which hasn't been updated yet. I'd hope this will be fixed shortly
  9. Lotus don't get any kind of warranty on the engines from Toyota.
  10. Have a check of this before you go out Alan and just ensure you fly outside of their operational hours. As you've more than likely seen, military aircraft can fly extremely low and at quite some pace so you'd want to just let them get on with it and pop the drone up during the available times. 👍
  11. I think he was more of a cannibal necrophile than serial killer to be fair
  12. Ever since year dot you've had 60 mins to edit your posts. It's to correct typo's etc, not hide the evidence! #CIAarecomingforyou
  13. There is a significant speed improvement. I'll be upgrading to PHP8.0 shortly too once I've got it all working, that should see another boost!
  14. I just found the 'off' button...
  15. I've just added a 5, 10, 15 and 20 (!) year badge
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