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  1. Hi and welcome Mike. @KG has done exactly that in the US, in fact he's added pretty much everything needed from the GT430 to his car
  2. Sorry to hear that mate, keep well.
  3. It's not a hard decision to make, they should say back to masks now. It's not a major inconvenience and is effective.
  4. Found the source, it's 3D modelled...
  5. @johnpwalsh has had it pretty bad, his shed blew away never to be seen again and he'd not even built it yet!
  6. There are 9 roof areas I was asked to inspect and I took a total of 265 images. 95% of them are Nadir so don't capture the verticals so well hence the few dodgy bits. It was run through DroneDeploy this time.
  7. The ECU is encrypted so yes, it needs a dealership to read this kind of data. I'm afraid as Jonny says.
  8. Did a large roof in Hackney last week, though I'd pop the images into a 'digital twin' program! It's not perfect as I wasn't planning this so didn't take enough obliques but gives a good overview!
  9. Lotus Technology, a new unit of China’s Geely set up to develop the technology to power Lotus sports cars, is planning to raise $400 million to $500 million before the end of this year, its chief financial officer told Reuters. Lotus Technology, part of Group Lotus which is in turn owned jointly by the Chinese automaker and Malaysia’s Etika Automotive, intends to kick off the funding round before Christmas, Alexious Lee said in an interview. That will give Lotus Technology a post-money valuation – value of a company after a round of financing from external investors – of $5 billion to $6 billion, Lee added. Lee said the firm will launch its first product – an electric sports utility vehicle – in the first quarter of next year and aims to have three models within the next five years. "We have gotten a lot of traction especially from international investors, because wow, this is Lotus," said Lee, adding that the company was looking to sell a 10% to 15% stake.The company will spend more than half the new funds on research, and 30%-40% on marketing with the remainder going to working capital. Lee said Lotus Technology remained on track for a potential initial public offering as soon as 2023, likely in New York or Hong Kong. Lotus Cars, the maker of the Lotus Esprit, famously driven by James Bond in 1977’s "The Spy Who Loved Me", positions its vehicles in a segment similar to rival Porsche. It is set to open a new factory in Wuhan, China next year. "We are an asset light business because we don’t own our own manufacturing. It’s owned by our parent," said Lee. Premium and luxury car sales are growing in China as coronavirus pandemic travel restrictions leave consumers in the world’s biggest car market with more money to spend. Lotus Tech’s investors include Nio Capital, an investment firm founded by the CEO of Chinese electric vehicle maker Nio Inc, which valued the unit at 15 billion yuan ($2.35 billion) in September.
  10. Only 82 cases so far and no hospitalisations but it doesn't look ideal.
  12. Bibs


    Today's going well!
  13. I believe it will only let you order items which are in stock but won't show ETA's for parts as they can vary on a daily basis even due to supplier issues.
  14. USA rollout of the EPC (Electronic Parts Catalogue) was a few months back, RoW to follow soon
  15. I'm not 100% sure on the V8 Esprit but that does sound like a battery which can't hold charge any more. There's enough in it from the trickle to start the car, but it takes a hit on turnover and descends to dead so can no longer supply enough charge to spark. If the alternator is sending enough charge despite the battery not being able to hold it, the light won't illuminate. Pop a volt meter across the battery and I'm sure you'll see a rapid discharge after starting.
  16. Great video featuring our very own world knowned author, restomodder and bunker kidnapper of CEO's and their hair products, @Suddabym
  17. Bibs


    There's got to be enough for the Police; French, British, Interpol or whoever to arrest the people smugglers who are not only making what appears to be huge sums of cash from this but are killing pretty large numbers of people.
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