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    Every political leader in the world says how great their country is, it's part of their job! Kim Jong-Il says North Korea is great but I don't see many people heading there
  2. Bibs

    Lotus Type 116

    The rules for clubs at the 70th (which I was in charge of pulling together) was that it had to have a Lotus badge on the bonnet, that was Lotus's decision at the time. They didn't invite Tesla Roadsters either but Lotus Carltons and Lotus Sunbeams were very welcome. That said, personally I've always been very inclusive of .org at the Lotus Festival, they've always put on a great show with some lovely examples and when I get that back up and running they'll be invited again.
  3. Read that article I posted, it explains the process and why EV's aren't so good for towing.
  4. That's my childhood right there! Can you image how cool that trip computer would have been at the time and I'm pleased to see the velour, rather than burn the skin off your legs vinyl interior.
  5. @Barrykearley, while that exists, towing anything would be illegal. It's got zero capacity to tow and to be fair, I've never towed anything in my life but was answering the previous poster regarding towing with a popular EV. That said, others can tow -
  6. My e-Niro can't have a tow bar fitted, it's not rated for towing anything!
  7. Bibs


    What is the motivation to come to the UK? Why not stay in the country they're in or head to Denmark or Germany if the grass is greener there? The weather?
  8. In the RAF back in the day there was a huge volume on allocation of blame and you'd get a percentage result for each person at the end of the enquiry. Don't ask me how I know!
  9. The API call should send an 'all at once message' rather than one after the other with SMTP, should be as quick as PM'ing one person all being well.
  10. They didn't! It's more than likely because while TLF uses a bulk mail service for notification emails, it's using SMTP whereas there's a new provider which uses an API which is much quicker so I've changed that now. The delay is probably the forum software sending email notifications to those subscribed to the topic so the more followers, the slower the reply was. Should be fixed
  11. The longer the thread the longer it takes in my experience, no idea why from a technical perspective but it's kinda always been like that. I'll ask the support team but they'll probably just say that's how is it for larger topics!
  12. Welcome Chris! Lovely looking Elise, standard car or any modifications?
  13. I think that does a max of 15 at a time but have used it too.
  14. Open them all, then click file then print and there should be an option to 'print all documents'.
  15. 22-24 from, 24-26 rear is usual I believe. Cold pressures. Lower end is for fast road/track as the heat will put a couple of PSI extra, pump them up to the higher figure for just normal road driving.
  16. Sunny but a little windy closer by, fingers crossed it blows over.
  17. Indoor covers are a soft fleece, outdoor are a 4 layer breathable material. By virtue of the fact that the bottom of the car is uncovered, moisture will condensate on the car but I advise to get a black one and make sure the sun hits it during the day. Even with a weak winter sun the cover will actually steam as the material itself dries and you can imagine that the car under warms and dries nicely too. We retail the SCC Stormshield+ covers (just £50 cheaper!).
  18. An indoor cover on the car in the garage! We sell an awful lot of them. They have the pattern for Emira too already
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