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  1. This stuff is also very good between mixed metals.
  2. Will be back in the office on Friday morning and will pop you a PM with details
  3. The new Porsche sofa deserves a mention
  4. Hendy's are opening a new Lotus franchise & performance centre in Eastleigh and also Exeter Eastleigh should be up and running in January and Exeter at the end of Q1 next year.
  5. That's on top of March's increase, it's gone from 70p to 85p for a first class this year, a 21% increase.
  6. Welcome to TLF and congrats on the new car! We can help with a CoP, here's a video with what you get (and me starring!)...
  7. Looks the nuts, congratulations! Hofmanns are a proper bunch of enthusiasts too, great place to buy from.
  9. Have a read through this... If you like, I know a very good traffic solicitor if you want his number at any point.
  10. Wow, that's an entrance! Welcome to TLF and what a stunning car, congratulations!
  11. Does Scotland fit the criteria for EU membership?
  12. I was under the impression that that figure was before adjustments for devolved taxation... 2019%2F20%2C the Barnett,public services in each nation.
  13. @mg4lotus, you're thinking of binary, not digital. Digital has an almost infinite rate of variances due to being, err, digital.
  14. I'm sure they'd miss the £32bn annual Barnett money too.
  15. 'Driving experience' is the key phrase there. They're not asking how the car fuels for different loads and RPM, but how the driver receives feedback from the various sources.
  16. In line with the average person no doubt
  17. @jep is the poster, you could send him a PM as an alternative. I'll look into the sign in page on LFS, thanks for the heads up
  18. To expand, the yellow tab should be on the inside. This is the weaker strap which can, in the event of a serious front impact, tear. When both harnesses are fitted correct, this means that the driver and passenger swing outwards away from each other. With this installation, they would swing towards one another which is extremely dangerous.
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