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  1. Turns out he's off to JLR instead. Still a shame he's not going East!
  2. Pats electric car with phone enabled defrost
  3. Now you've burst my bubble
  4. Gearbox is on the left, don't panic!
  5. It could crack the windscreen, especially if it has stone damage. Warm water in a plastic bag is a good idea if you're not keen on de-icer.
  6. There's a lot of stuff in orbit!
  7. When the battery is on the way out, all sorts of odd electrical things happen. For the sake of the price, replace the battery, it's not expensive. If the errors are erroneous, they'll clear themselves after 5 on/off cycles of the engine. If they're still there, then an OBD will tell you what the faults are and you can take it to the garage although of course they'll be able to check themselves. The airbag light won't though, that needs to be cleared on the Lotus Tech Centre as mentioned.
  8. Welcome to TLF, stunning car
  9. @Sam Downey, if you hover over the 'more' a sub menu will appear in the bar below that menu bar with a few options there for you That said, you have a wider screen so 'forum extas' is 2 items to the left. Again, hover over that and a sub menu will appear below.
  10. Go with him, have an epic time
  11. Persevered based on this and yes, the last episode was very good and a fitting ending to the series. Still think the rest was a little too full on at times.
  12. It's been a while since I've fitted one but the stereo will come with a cage which fits in that aperture and is its mount.
  13. That was posted by AM Online, you can pop a message to them here...
  14. I think about 100 of these are gone so far, they're not going to be available for long if you wanted one!
  15. Waterproof Jacket in Large - RRP is £140, yours at 33% off with the voucher 'JACKET'!
  16. 2 x Small and 1 x XL TLF Polo's available if anyone would like one? I've bumped the price down to £15, saving £10!
  17. Lotus UK has completed the switch to an agency model agreement for its 13 franchised car retail sites ahead of the arrival of the new Emira coupe in showrooms. The Hethel-based, Geely-owned hypercar and sports car manufacturer said that its dealerships – operated by Bell & Colvill, Caffyns, Hendy Group, Endeavour Automotive, JCT600, Oakmere, Parks Motor Group and Rybrook – had adopted the new model. And it said that a further 10 open points would be filled by new retail facilities “soon”, with North London, Manchester, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast, Milton Keynes, Sussex, Newcastle and Sheffield all set to gain a franchise point. The changes come as part of a Vision80 strategy which has brought the introduction of the £2m Evija hypercar, the forthcoming Emira sports car, the introduction of a new retail corporate identity and the development of a new £100m manufacturing facility at its Hethel headquarters and Technology Centre at Warwick. Geoff Dowding, Lotus’ executive director for sales and aftersales, said: “This UK network restructure marks a watershed moment for Lotus as the transformation of the business and brand continues. “We now have the right partners in the right locations with the right business model, and again Lotus is pioneering. We are the first OEM to have an agency agreement in place right across the UK network.” He added: “This is an exciting development and it’s just the start: we will be announcing several more in the coming weeks and months.” Back in 2019, as Lotus unveiled its plan to accelerate its growth through the Vision 80 strategy, Dowding said there would be "no palace structure" of the retail network. Outlets serving the largest cities will naturally reflect the strength of their marketplace, he said, adding that there is still a place for the “small, amazing little businesses” within the network now that are willing to grow with the brand. Lotus’ wholesale switch to an agency model comes as mainstream OEMs Stellantis, Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz prepare the new contract type for their retailers. In a guest opinion article for AM ICDP managing director, Steve Young, said that both dealers and OEMs recognised that agency “requires a fair and sustainable remuneration model for dealers, to replace the traditional margin and bonuses”. He added: “As some of our own dealer interviewees put it, ‘it all comes down to the numbers’.” Lotus’ switch to an agency retail model comes just a month after the end of production of its long-standing sports car line-up of Elise, Exige and Evora models, the restructure coming ahead of the start of production of its new Emira in the coming months. Lotus UK said in a statement issued this morning (January 18) that its 13 franchised car retail sites and three authorised repairers will soon feature the exterior signage elements of the new Lotus retail identity – launched last year. New interior elements of the CI will be added throughout 2022, it said. Trevor Weller, Lotus’ director of global retail development, said: “We are extremely close to finalising new retail agencies in North London, Manchester, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast, Milton Keynes, Sussex, Newcastle and Sheffield. “These new showrooms will enable Lotus to maximise coverage across the whole of the UK, and provide an excellent platform for us to promote the new product range that starts with the Lotus Emira sports car later this year.” Lotus UK’s new franchised retail newtwork is comprised of: Lotus Birmingham: Rybrook, Hockley Heath, Birmingham Lotus Bradford: JCT600, Bradford, West Yorkshire Lotus Bristol: Rybrook, Cribbs Causeway, Bristol Lotus Essex: Endeavour Automotive, Colchester, Essex Lotus Exeter: Hendy Group, Marsh Barton, Devon Lotus Glasgow: Park’s Motor Group, Hamilton, Lanarkshire Lotus Kent: Caffyns, Ashford, Kent Lotus Nottingham: Central Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Lotus Prestbury: Oakmere, Prestbury, Cheshire Lotus Poole: Hendy Group, Poole, Dorset Lotus Silverstone: Silverstone, Silverstone Race Circuit, Northamptonshire Lotus Southampton: Hendy Group, Eastleigh, Hampshire Lotus Surrey: Bell & Colvill, West Horsley, Surrey Lotus UK authorised repairers: Lotus Cheshire: Oakmere, Northwich, Cheshire Lotus Norwich: Stratton, Long Stratton, Norfolk Lotus Surrey: Bell & Colvill, Guildford, Surrey
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