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  1. On 29/07/2021 at 22:59, Doug Ashley said:

    - The government and many other nationalists love to paint the UK as the greatest country on earth & intrinsically 'better', and at the same time wonder why some migrants are attracted here.

    Every political leader in the world says how great their country is, it's part of their job! Kim Jong-Il says North Korea is great but I don't see many people heading there :lol: 


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  2. The rules for clubs at the 70th (which I was in charge of pulling together) was that it had to have a Lotus badge on the bonnet, that was Lotus's decision at the time. They didn't invite Tesla Roadsters either but Lotus Carltons and Lotus Sunbeams were very welcome. 

    That said, personally I've always been very inclusive of .org at the Lotus Festival, they've always put on a great show with some lovely examples and when I get that back up and running they'll be invited again. 

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  3. 7 minutes ago, Doug Ashley said:

    I don't think it's motivated by pure greed for handouts.

    What is the motivation to come to the UK? Why not stay in the country they're in or head to Denmark or Germany if the grass is greener there? The weather?

  4. 29 minutes ago, mg4lotus said:

    Is there an official table to describe responsibility and percentages?

    In the RAF back in the day there was a huge volume on allocation of blame and you'd get a percentage result for each person at the end of the enquiry. Don't ask me how I know!

    Plane Crash GIF by memecandy

  5. They didn't! It's more than likely because while TLF uses a bulk mail service for notification emails, it's using SMTP whereas there's a new provider which uses an API which is much quicker so I've changed that now. The delay is probably the forum software sending email notifications to those subscribed to the topic so the more followers, the slower the reply was. Should be fixed :thumbup:

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  6. Indoor covers are a soft fleece, outdoor are a 4 layer breathable material. By virtue of the fact that the bottom of the car is uncovered, moisture will condensate on the car but I advise to get a black one and make sure the sun hits it during the day. Even with a weak winter sun the cover will actually steam as the material itself dries and you can imagine that the car under warms and dries nicely too. 

    We retail the SCC Stormshield+ covers (just £50 cheaper!).

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