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  1. I had a text this morning to book my booster jab. Tried the website and that said it's for Healthcare or Social Workers only so called and was told I had to wait 'til the 25th to have it, eg Monday but I can't book it for next week now, I have to call back and book it after the 6 months & 1 week wait from the 2nd jab. Bit weird really and perhaps show why we're struggling to get the boosters done, very disorganised for what should be a simple administrative task.

    I also went to my doctors at the weekend for the flu jab which I've had every year for 15 years now as I'm immunocompromised but when I turned up at 9am they had run out already. 

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  2. Despite being one of the top sellers for Lotus merch over the past 15-odd years, we'll not be selling that stock initially. Dealers are getting first dibs on it, which in truth is fair enough as they are dealers after all. I'll keep plugging away and hopefully be able to list it at some point soon. 

    In other news, plenty more thermal bottles just arrived if anyone is looking for one! 


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