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  1. I saw a white S3 for sale in Lewisham high street this afternoon! Looked a sorry state left next to a main road and getting covered in grime and I'm amazed it hasn't been pinched! I got some pics including the phone number if anyone is interested!

  2. We're too busy!


    During a recent server audit, we've discovered that you are utilizing more system resources than the server which currently houses your account can accommodate. As such, we must relocate your account to a new server to provide you, as well as other customers on your server, with a higher quality of service and performance. Please note that if your site continues to grow, we may be forced to ask you to consider dedicated or semi-dedicated server options.

    We have scheduled your server move for tomorrow 10/12/05 in the morning.  There will be a few hours of downtime while the site is moved.

  3. Paul - Please see below. This is work carried out by those most qualified to do so on an 87' Turbo as part of a resourcing exercise so can be taken as fact...

    The defective part is able to be removed and a new part fitted by lying in the footwell. Removing the seat will make it easier.

    The black insulation tape round the valve will have to be removed to get to the fixings.

    The system needs to be 'degassed' before any work is carried out.

    See Workshop Manual for Refrigerant Handling Precautions.

    Knows it :D

  4. The server can handle up to 5,000 concurrent users online, it's a turbo ninja nutter machine with gigs and gigs of memory. The problem of late is a SQL issue which is currently being investigated by the server owners. Apologies for any problems caused but please bear in mind the matter is being resolved asap.

  5. Welcome the the forum Adrian. Lots of people on here have been through the trouble and struggles of picking up a good example so I'd expect you'll get a good amount of advice from everyone :blink:

    Whereabouts in Surrey are you based?

  6. I've taken 2 batteries back to Halfords recently which isn't neccessarily a good thing however they were both probably over 2 years old and they swapped them just too easily, no forms, no mucking around. They just test it, say it's bust and point to the shelf where to pick up a new one :)

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