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  1. Hello Daniel - Welcome to the forum. I drove an SLK co car for some time, torque steer a plenty!!!

    Good luck in your hunting, there's plenty of advice and advisors on the forum to help your quest :)

  2. I saw that 'pingu' on Sunday and thought it was different and clearly a decoy :D

    I'll never forget that 1st hoon with Bibs, was rummaging through the bulkhead pocket for something and there's this penguin in there...

    I'm like "whats that ?"

    Bibs, pulling another 4G corner - "Thats the spiritual leader, pingu"....Brakes smoking..."Put him up there, he likes to see out"

    (me thinking OK I'm really worried now)

    Nothing to worry about J unless you get on his wrong side. The Penguin's of Death are forming into an army with decoy's aplenty. The Spritual Leader, Ping the Merciless knows it ;)

  3. Out of interest Mr Moderators out there. Think this discussion could do with being separated and moved under a different heading of 'Driving Techniques'. Think it may then interest a few more people who are just passing by the topic title (Crap old joke) think we've diverted from the original subject again LOL.  :D

    Can this be done? It could be of interest to a number of people.

    All done ;)

  4. Sorry to hear that Wayne and I'm not over the moon with your decision. I never assured anyone that certain people wouldn't be welcome (well, apart from one!) and informed you that I would be pleased to see them here.

    I think that posting that you are leaving is bizarre. If you don't want to use the forum, that is sad, however posting as such is, I think, an effort to garner sympathy or support. I've asked you to continue posting on the site, you accuse me of lying. If that's your attitude perhaps you're better off not being involved, but that's your decision not the forums. Most people just don't visit if they don't want to post, they don't have an 'I'm leaving' thread all to themselves!

    It's a forum, it's tolerant as am I, but I won't bend to e-drama. As said, get over it and carry on.

  5. Due to a server upgrade and subsequent balls up with the DNS by the hosting company the forum experienced some downtime this morning. Apologies to those who have had to work, we're really very sorry!

    You'll hopefully also notice we're on a brand new quad processor 2gb RAM server so the forum performance will be fast as stink :)

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