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  1. The Sport400 has been washed, polished and zymol'd and is about to commence day 2 of running in. Today we'll be once again trying to drive through a variety of engine conditions once again keeping the engine in a free and easy rev range. Particular points to be noted today will be turbo performance and ecu training and also checking the chargecooler aka the bathtub for correct function...

    See you in about 200 miles :P

    Oh, that'll be about an hour or so unless we stop for something to eat :) :) :P

  2. Thanks Rob, I'll look into the Roadfly way of doing things and see if it can be integrated here. Email based discussion is not possible due to the logistics of thread based discussion, especially the timing however you can receive the forum content in a variety of email formats; per post, per thread, per room, per day, per week etc.

    The best option would be for people to move on from email based forums which are disparate at best and old technology at worst. I'm not too interested in discussion of v8 problems so here I don't have to know about them, I like a chat so there is a general chat section but people who only want tech chat don't ever have to read the banter. Perfect!

    The only content I think being lost as such at present is going into the Yahoo groups which are black holes for information. At one point I had over 15,000 emails in that inbox on my machine so I could search it locally which seemed to work better.

  3. Horizontal movement also has no effect on downwards acceleration due to gravity. If you have a bullet in your hand and one in a gun then drop the bullet at the same time you fire the gun (horizontally) then they will both hit the ground at the same time (err, ignoring curvature of the earth etc etc) :)

    :P That's a good one!  :P

    I thought so :P:huh:

    Surely a net isn't the best plan, they are easy to climb. I'd have thought a big upsidedown cone of glass (ok, or clear perspex for strength and the view) around the top of the tower covered in lard would make it harder to get over and out. The suicide jumpers would need to take a hacksaw or cordless jigsaw to drill a hole to get through it ;)

    Sounds like it'd be easier to stay alive :)

  4. Hello folks

    Just to give you some background and insight into the how and why of this forum I thought a post would provide some clarity.

    I started this forum as the community had a few, non-dedicated sites which were in my opinion inneffective, specifically the Yahoo email lists which are just rubbish. They can seriously be closed and deleted on the orders of Yahoo, there are no backups available to us and the search and web interface are just dire. It was initially aimed at UK owners however with some advice and thought about the total Esprit's worldwide then userbase aim was re-defined to cover everyone with an interest in the Esprit.

    There were other forums available but for various reasons they were not released into the public domain and with my background of setting up and running another busy forum I took the time and effort to arrange this place. Serious, it's not a challenge getting a forum together, the challenge is getting people to use it!

    The future plan for this forum is to replace every other user-populated Esprit knowledge base on the internet. The reason for this is that, at some point, if you want to know, or do know anything about the cars then this is the place to come for technical chat, updates and general banter with like minded people. We've pretty much unlimited storage and bandwidth so that will never be an issue and should my personal interest in the car sway which is unlikely however of course possible I am more than happy to hand over the reigns, no problem.

    With this is mind, LEF is the future. Please do what you can to promote the site anywhere you know. We've the backing of EFF and LEW, the 2 biggest Esprit websites in the universe and are now the biggest Esprit forum ever. Also, please welcome all new members and let's make this place what it's got the potential to be ;)

  5. Despite PM's and emails I've not been able to get hold of the mysterious Andy Blackman since this competition ended which has been over 2 weeks in case he has been on a holiday. I'm now going to take public opinion on if this fine DVD should be either given to however came next closest or to do another competition? Any ideas? ;)

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