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  1. This board can notify you when a new reply is added to a topic. Many users find this useful to keep up to date on topics without the need to view the board to check for new messages.

    There are three ways to subscribe to a topic:

    1. Click the 'Track This Topic' link at the top of the topic that you wish to track

    2. On the posting screen when replying to or creating a topic, check the 'Enable email notification of replies?' checkbox

    3. From the E-Mail settings section of your User CP (My Controls) check the 'Enable Email Notification by default?' option, this will automatically subscribe you to any topic that you make a reply to

    Please note that to avoid multiple emails being sent to your email address, you will only get one e-mail for each topic you are subscribed to until the next time you visit the board.

    You are also able to subscribe to each individual forum on the board, to be notified when a new topic is created in that particular forum. To enable this, click the 'Subscribe to this forum' link at the bottom of the forum that you wish to subscribe to.

    To unsubscribe from any forums or topics that you are subscribed to - just go to the 'Subscriptions' section of 'My Controls' and you can do this from there.

    You can also subscribe to individual forums or the whole site and have the whole topics emailed to you individually, daily or weekly in a digest much in the same way as Yahoo. To do this, for example on the 'Esprit Events' forum you need to follow these instructions...

    Click on 'Esprit Events'

    On the top right of the forum list, there is a link to 'subscribe to this forum' which you need to click.

    Then visit 'my controls' and click on 'view forums' in the subscriptions section on the left.

    Tick the box on the right of the forum you have just subscribed to, in our example here it's 'Esprit Events'

    Then from the drop down box select from:

    Immediate email notification (what it says on the tin!)

    Delayed email notification (you will be sent an email if you are not online on the forum reading)

    Daily email digest


    Weekly email digest.

    That's it, repeat for each forum you wish to subscribe to. I'm afraid that you cannot reply to posts without visiting the site due to the technical impossibleness of this at present.

    Any problems or questions, please let me know!

  2. If you don't know where you live in relation to your country of residence, good luck getting home!

    The maps are the ones supplied with the software and can't be changed and to be honest more detail would make it harder to spot where the member pins are.

  3. Err, dumb. :)

    We are linked 3 or 4 times I think from LEW, including the last 10 posts from here are displayed on the LEW updates page, we're in the news page, in the 'other stuff', 'Esprit forums' page and somewhere else I'm sure :D

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