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  1. Most banks wouldn't issue a mortgage on a house constructed from wood, or single brick for that matter as there is in their opinion a high risk of a total loss. You also have trouble getting a mortgage on a freehold flat and a flat above a shop due to the fact that the freehold company is a bunch of individuals who may at some point move on and leave the company in turmoil or mixed interest, and that if a flat is above a shop the shop may become a less desirable shop and the property may lose a lot of its value.

  2. We're one away from the magic 500 members!

    Big shout out to everyone who is contributing to the forum, it's certainly on track to become the leading forum online and dynamic resource for all us Esprit owners. Please be sure to tell your fellow enthusiasts about the site and leave links on other sites to us as this all helps :(

    Happy hooning :P

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