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  1. While you're there Phil, give the inside of the recess and all the pod a good polish :D

    Also, take the plastic covers off from the front of the light surround and check the metal fitting plates found behind are in good condition and not rusting or this problem will re-occur. They are cheap to replace and easy to fit :D

  2. Call me simple but could the drain hole in the bottom of the pod recess be blocked and you're accumulating water which is splashing out at times? There's nothing else in there afaik that could result in water in the pod?

    I had this problem, and as it's pretty well enclosed, water from a wash can sit in there for weeks even when it's hot, only to leave when I'm driving along.

    If it's this, I'd recommend undoing the 10mm bolt on the arm from the motor to the pod, at the motor end and lifting the pod up and having a good clean. A bit of rust floating down there can block the small hole and then your lights are sitting in a puddle which isn't good.

  3. Here's my pics

    The BEE ENN Fleet shined and ready to go...



    Early morning, Esprit spotted hiding in foliage


    MDMKenna with some, err, pace :D



    GT3 at speed


    The drive in...



    The gang...



    Car park, <>< looking for planes, or aliens I think


    The homobile, now rebadged




    Grand prix line up on the way to the pub for dinner


    After the pub :D


    Great day, great company, great driving :D

    Also, a word of thanks to tinywillyuk for the freescan, advice and climb in the boot to check the knock sensor, and offer of his spare. Above and beyond, thanks again.

  4. Steve has the Unity forum running for over a year, during which time I've been an active member of it however due to various reasons wasn't willing to make it public. I run another big forum and thought it prudent to set up a replacement for Yahoo if Steve wasn't confident in his software/hardware being up to the job, hence this site, LEF.

    I was willing to make it public, being confident in my solution and I still am. Too many people procrastinate over non-decisions in my opinion, the options were stagnating hence this site being made public and 'lets see what happens!'

    At the end of the day, Yahoo is not a good place to use, Steve wasn't happy with his to release his, and I was so I did. It's only a forum, it's not a revolution in the world, it's just better. Let's move with the times and make things better for everyone. There are no disadvantages, it's all good.

    /close politician mode :D

  5. With Kato's blessing this site is keyed to become integrated into LEW main site and a 'possible' (read probable) replacement to Yahoo. Use this one.

    Steve hasn't been able to put his forum on general release for various reasons and Yahoo is rubbish. This forum is available, reliable, functional, infinately large (no posts will ever expire, they will be here forever) and easily searchable. You can subscribe to topics by email, get daily and weekly digests of all new posts, put your car in the gallery with dynamic modifications and comments etc.

    It's better than Piston Heads with topics and forums, as opposed to PH's long list which can, like Yahoo, fragment making it hard to read.

    I set this forum up as a solution to the problems faced, and I think I've solved them all. If there's anything you want added, or change, or anything, let me know and the chances are I can do it :D

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