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  1. Someone really needs to change his twitter password. 

    How he thinks these sort of actions are in any way justified I think it beyond the comprehension of 99% of humans.

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  2. Quote

    From the Elise service notes for 98 onwards:

    SCC in pos 123 is manufacturer code
    G in pos 4 is the standard 1.8 K-series engine, J if the VVC version
    A in pos 5 is Restraint (Active belts)
    111 in pos 678 is Elise
    pos 9 is check digit
    Model year is pos 10
    plant is pos 11 (H=Hethel, B=Shah Alam)
    C in pos 12 = RHD
    D in pos 12 = LHD
    3 in pos 13 is model (Elise)
    8 in pos 13 is the Exige
    14,15,16,17 is the serial number

    From -

  3. Thanks Mike. I think I'll buy a charger as you say and get one of the local sparks in the village to fit, there are 2 who are friends in my street and another locally too so that should be easy enough. I did think that the ones I've seen with the grant seemed pretty pricy. 

    I'm with BG at the moment and they do have an EV tariff but it makes the daytime rate pretty chunky so will switch to Octopus and set a charge schedule for overnight. With my driving profile, I should only need to charge it once a week unless I've some work trips but getting that at 4p overnight seems pretty sweet. 

  4. 1 hour ago, LotusFella said:

    Not a very nice view for the church goers. 🙂

    I thought they were meant to go on the inside! 

    39 minutes ago, 910Esprit said:

    That last photo is an outrage - I assume thats either a Saxon or Norman church.  May as well convert it to a Macdonalds now for that lorry park

    Norman I believe from the 12th century. It's a very nice church, very similar to the one in my village from the same times.

    There's one about 100 yards away, and the beautiful town of Ashford is soon to open the doors on their 4th! 

    There is a burger van at the Lorry Park. He's probably expecting the promised 1,700 lorries that can fit there but he's just got a freezer full of shit burgers going off instead now! 

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  5. With the numbers as they are, clearly it wasn't £10bn well spent and hasn't worked anyway! I asked in my local PO the other day if anyone was scanning the QR code still and they said not for a month or so. If it were a legal requirement to scan before entry, I'm sure it may have worked a little better than it did but with everyone ignoring it, it was a waste of time and money. 

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  6. I've never invested in BTC, don't have the balls as it can be very volatile at best! Just checked the price and it's down 12% today back to close to the above again after getting to £32k!


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