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    39 minutes ago, C8RKH said:

    We have at least three things in common then! :)

     Hopefully the missus isn't one of them :lol:

    The press just want website clicks and paper sales. They don't care about anything but their bottom line and stats that lead to it increasing. Even the impartial 'report the new' beeb are guilty of not letting the truth get in the way for traffic. 

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  2. It's Operation Stack, happens several times a year when the chunnel has issues. I appreciate this is currently because France are being dicks this time (most lorries are foreign returning to the continent by the looks of the traffic there) but I'm sure their decision was based on the more virulent Corona in Kent (which is rarely the origin of the freight and where lorries pass through at 56mph and don't stop) and perhaps a little Brexit posturing. 


  3. This really annoys me. Here's the graph we're seeing all the time, cases. If you look at it, it shows that we had a number of cases which then subdued and has come back much worse and even after a little reprieve is coming back with a vengence...


    Here's the number of Covid deaths, a graph I literally never see in the news...


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