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  1. And that was only a 500g drone. :blink:

    With the adoption of EASA regs from 31st Dec last year, requirements to fly light drones with zero separation are non-existant and there's no longer a requirement to have CAA approval for commercial work. Not sure that's a step forward to be honest.

  2. 2 hours ago, Barrykearley said:

    absolutely no noticeable difference in traffic on the roads

    I was working in SW London on Monday. On the drive home at 5pm, there was a point where there was zero traffic visible on the M25 around me, something that I've only experienced before in the middle of the night on rare occasions. No, the road wasn't closed and I hadn't noticed the signs :lol:

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  3. If that's to encourage people to self-isolate after a +test, the sort of person who doesn't still isn't especially with £500 of the governments money in their pocket. What a dumb and ridiculously expensive idea.

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