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  1. Bibs's post in Sport 410 seats - trim coming apart was marked as the answer   
    New tape?

  2. Bibs's post in boot doesn't open with boot release button on dash was marked as the answer   

    Make sure your handbrake is on!

    If I'm in the car and someone needs access to the boot I'll not often pull the handbrake up first which is why it's never worked! Just been and tried it, handbrake on and boot opens fine!

    The logic makes sense too, you'd not want the boot to open if you were moving!
  3. Bibs's post in Michelin PS4S being fitted today - Questions... was marked as the answer   
    Most cars have TPMS nowadays, the garage should be fine as long as you tell them they are there. 
    The red dot is the highest part of the tyre, it should be on the lowest spot of the wheel (they sometimes have a tiny dimple in the rim to show this so less balance weights are needed but again the tyre place should know this, it's what they do after all! 
    If there's a yellow dot, that's the heaviest part of the tyre and should be mounted opposite the valve.
  4. Bibs's post in Ducting was marked as the answer   
    It's #16 on here!! 
    A132S0081F - Lotus currently have 9 in stock. 
    You're looking at pipes coming in off the intakes on the side of the car with that previous diagram. 

  5. Bibs's post in What Front Pads? V6 with 2 Piece Floating Disks was marked as the answer   
    I believe they use the OEM on the race cars still so they must be pretty good
  6. Bibs's post in Headlights pop up on starting?..........why? was marked as the answer   
    Low battery. Drive it more or stick it on a trickle charger.
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