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  1. Update: shorting the pins in the ALDL gives me the Code 26 error, which is a very broad error.
  2. Here's a new problem I have with my Esprit SE and thought I'd see the group can help me troubleshoot. It happened for the first time last night & I've had the car for quite some years now without any similar issue. Started up just fine, drove about 30 minutes on the freeway and was waiting for someone to come out so I was idling in the driveway for maybe 5 minutes. As soon as I touched the throttle the car sputtered and died & it would not start. The ignition would fire, it would sputter a bit, and then die, over and over again. I could get it to keep sputter-running by pumping the throttle but it would just not run on it's own. When pumping the throttle the rpm's wouldn't really increase as you'd expect, but would give it another couple of seconds of the idle-sputter. Left untouched the car would run about 1-2 seconds and die. So, we took her car. I came back from dinner and before I began to fumble around for my AAA card I thought I'd try to start the car again and it fired right up. I immediately pressed my luck, drove it home and it seemed to run OK, but did have an increased sputter/lack of smoothness to the normal purr (which has always been a bit of a purr-sputter really, I've just assumed that's a Lotus engine). The "check engine" light came on (and I don't have any tools to read the old ALDL style ECU). I exited the freeway and it made it fine through stop signs just fine and into my garage without issue. Over the years I've had a ton of work done and it's got perhaps 8K miles on a major rework, but the car has only been driven rarely in the last 3-4 years. With the virus situation and being home more I have been freshening the car up to drive it more often. Thoughts?
  3. This is the executable - is the Espritmon source code available anywhere? Or is that lost to history?
  4. I've read lately of a few projects fitting modern variable nozzle/geometry turbochargers to older turbo cars with outdated fixed-geometry type turbos and having some nice results - eg no turbo lag, consistent powerband, etc. Has anyone done this to an Esprit? I've done some Googling but not found anything. Any thoughts on such a retrofit to the Lotus 2.2L turbo motor?
  5. Does anyone have any audio files of this setup? I was thinking about just pulling the muffler and going with only the cat and *maybe* a mildly resonating exhaust tip. I would love to have a V8-ish can-am sound. The cat-only sounds decent but a little to motorcycle-like IMO...
  6. If anything with the headlights is buggered it's the fact that the vibrate up and down while going down the road - people are always flashing their brights at me and I think sometimes people ahead of me think I'm the fuzz chasing them... (probably because I come up on them fast ) Lotus PBC in Cerritos (CA) has a redesigned linear actuator system for the headlights which makes them rock-steady and is perfectly and independently adjustable. I'm going for a set of those when I get around to it.
  7. I have one. I upgraded mine to the '99 after I got mildly rear-ended and insurace was paying for it My old one has slight damage, nothing a body shop couldn't fix very easily. I wouldn't want much for it, but then I'm in the US and shipping might be an issue. Personally, I think the cars look kindof naked without the spoiler, but, that's just me I think JAE sells a reproduction for a few hundred $. A friend was thinking of installing my old spoiler on his.... Nissan 240sx!
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