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  1. Hi Will and welcome to the Lotus forum. Lots of knowledgeable and talented individuals lurk amongst the topics and posts, and all have one thing in common Lotus. You will find if you ask, nearly anything you need to know, there is some one here who will help, or advise, mainly from personal experience. I agree rebuild it, and first thing I would suggest is try to get it under cover, as makes it so much easier. I'm about 10 miles west from Exeter, and part way through an Elite restoration, and like most people on the forum its a labour of love that has to fit in around life. So if I can help with hands on advice, let me know. Welcome to the world of lotus Mike
  2. May sound daft, again on an Elite, don't forget to drain gearbox oil, I did, brain was not functioning at that moment, but suddenly came back to life with jolt when drive suddenly became covered with gear oil, as prop shaft flange dropped out of box, and the oily contents ran everywhere. Hope all goes well.
  3. Hi Ken On my car the Power steering pump bracket that bolts on to the side of engine, is slotted to allow the pump to be rotated sufficiently to tighten the belt, bit like tightening an alternator. Have tried to take photograph, but not any success due to where it is, and and when get camera in it is too close to make out the detail. Hope this may help a little Regards Mike
  4. Well Done Dan, Lump looks nice on bench, but much better back in the car where it should be, have you any races left this season or will it just be some shake down testing. Good Luck with her Mike
  5. Hi All sorry I dont have them fitted, I just laid them in drivers side of car to have quick look, took them all out immidiatly and put into storage in spare bedroom, as not ready to install yet, e mail Ian and he will send you a small sample of your choise of colours. Good luck with your rebuilds. mike
  6. Hi All Recently purchased, and had delivered, a set of carpets for the Elite, from Carhoods, [email protected] Settled on after looking at couple of colours, on the Antique Red as extremly close shade to the red leather seats, and although not fitted yet, we have laid in a few bits to look at, and looks great. Really well made, all exposed edges are bound in leathercloth like originals. Quite suprised that 9 pieces make up each side of car. I found him a nice guy to do business with, helpfull, and a really good product. Regards Mike
  7. Hi Mat I have diagram, and list of what parts are which shows where pipes go etc, scanned into my computer, from the Bible acording to Lotus, however like you have no idea of how to attach scanned document to this, if you want to let me have you e mail and I will send across. Regards Mike
  8. Hi Mat I used the basic nylon headlining that comes complete with the foam and scrim backing, I only put glue on the fiberglass and not the material itself, and it has stuck perfectly, did a test run with offcut and that stuck fine only glueing base. I started with the side trim panels, which when I was doing them, gave them 3 coats of glue immidiatly, and then placed the cut out material straight on top and pulled it into shape, it seemes to be very forgiving, as if you get it a little out of shape you can pull it off and reposition and it still sticks perfectly. This gave me the confidence to start on the roof headlining itself, again three coats of glue, did not need to mask windows as quite narrow spray and you dont have to bring material to window edge as that is covered by the trim pieces, but covered seats and dash board and all other bits that thought may get glue on if i got things wrong. I cut the 2 pieces for the headlining a little larger than required to give me enough material should I have postioned it slightly incorrectly that could still get away with it, I used a new small paint roller to smooth it out, and my son helped hold material at one end initialy so could get first piece positioned properly, trimmed the excess material away, waited for it all to dry and then fitted the side trim pieces which clip in. Now working on the sunvisors, having stripped them down, rubbed metal frame down and sprayed that, bought some card same thickness as what was originaly there, which in mine was all bent and buckled, sewed all pieces material together ready to re make them up, but before stuck it found that one piece of card is not enough, you need a piece either side of the frame to stop frame showing through material and give it a better thickness, have to say I have used headlining material on both sides and not the black leathercloth that was on one side of mine, as didnt think my wifes sewing machine would cope with that. Regards Mike
  9. Hi Duncan, It is a slight possibility to do what you say, but the positioning of the pump means not very much room to get a rubber pipe between and at right angles from pump, miss chassis/body, also be out the way of the belts and come across front of crossmember to rack. The metal pipe that fits to the pump is (was) bent in three different planes, so that it comes out of pump, does a 90 bend, short straight, another 2 bends before it joins rubber pipe so not easy to get new metal one fabricated, Unfortunatly the original is buckled too badly to use. Phoned Mike at Lotus Bits and he is anticipating having a couple of Elites in onTuesday with power steering, so possibility there, just thought a member may have spare one they wanted to sell. Otherwise will take damaged one and pump in to Hydraulic hose company we use, and get them to fabricate one. Regards Mike
  10. Hi All, does any one have either a good complete high pressure power steering pipe, the one that runs from power steering pump to the rack, for sale. Or failing that, does any one have just the solid metal end pipe that attaches to the power steering pump end, that i could buy and get swaged into my rubber pipe?? Regards Mike
  11. Having now completely refitted my headlining and side trim pieces in my 1978 Elite, and how nice it looks, even if i say so myself, much better than fiberglass and no fitted trim pieces to the sides. I have the old bits of headlining and side trims material, plus surround material for rear window trim, if any one wants them to use as paterns to cut the pieces out when they do their headlining retrim, saves wasting too much. Also should some one need all the fiberglass trim pieces i think i have a full set available as well, needless to say they require retriming. I purchased my headling from Wollies, like most people, but bought some high temperature spray glue from AS Trim, so much easier than having to use a brush to apply, and very forgiving too, bought three cans but 2 would do, with some left over, have to say i gave it three coats in opposite directions, having practices on the trim pieces. Regards Mike
  12. Paul Dan is your man for a replacement one, and buying bits from him helps his Racing Eclat to continue gracing the tracks. However it is very easy to get the stud out and retap the thread with manifold insitue, I had to do it on one of mine on the Elite, and have done same or similar on many cars in past. Regards Mike
  13. Paul plenty of penetrating fluid then as Steve says undo stud and retap the thread before fitting new bolts, if you have to drill out re tap one size up, but you may have to drill out exhaust flange holes slightly larger to acomodate larger bolts. Regards Mike
  14. Hi Paul Not tried either, but have removed stainless system from 76 Elite was breaking for spares for my 78 one, and there was too much wrong to make it viable to do up the 76 one. If you are at all intrested I have both back boxes, matched pair of pipes that go over drive shafts, and centre box all in stainless, the original pipe was cut just in front of centre box where box was clamped on. So if you do not want to spend that sort of money on new system, will do this for £90.00 plus post and packaging, will go towards doing some more to mine. Regards Mike
  15. Also Done, Good luck Leigh you did say the Mini didnt you !!!, O Ops, sorry, voted for that old Elite as lot better than mine, will get there one day when time allows.. Regards Mike
  16. Hi Jason Drop me an e mail to [email protected], with your name and address, How does £8.00 to include post and packaging sound. Do you want me to look and see if I have the mounting bracket, its the slightly wege shaped one fixed to bulkhead, or is yours all there. Regards Mike.
  17. Hi Have now had time to check, and yes have good bottle with lid, no cracks or damage, I may have the bracket it clips into but that could take bit of time finding. If any good for you please let me know. Regards Mike
  18. Hi Dave That sounds very strange that the fluid level did not drop in reservior when you disconected diff, and callipers, normaly it would just run out unchecked, the only thing that may slow it down would be to seal the lid,even then dribles out slowly, or the rubbers in master cylinder have possibly broken up a bit and blocked the outlets, but as split system that would mean both front and rear pipe outlets would have been closed off , not imposible but unlikly. Have you bleed the brakes by hand, with out the easybleed, need two people, but you can get an idea by pumping the pedal, if the fluid only just dribbles out with out any force behind, it sorry but master cylinder/rubbers shot, at least you can start at route of problem. Let us know how you get on, Good Luck Mike
  19. Hi Pretty sure I have spare washer bottle original item in good working condition, give me a day or two and will have look in garage and try to locate. Regards Mike
  20. Hi Dan assuming the line runs the same way as Elite in which case it goes right through the chasis from above the diff and comes out beside gear box then up to junction just above clutch housing that splits pipe so one goes to each carb. Looking at your last mail, it would seam that you are only looking for the bit from Banjo to the two carbs, a company like Pirtec or similar would either make you one up if you take old one so that can reuse banjoes to carbs etc, and use it for measurements, probably about £20.00 ish in rubber petrol pipe, and probably twice that for Goodritch type pipe. Regards Mike
  21. Well done Dont you just love the Lotus wiring system some times, just when you think all ok something else causes a headach or three. Regards Mike
  22. Hi Daryl Most slightly older cars like ours, seem to be around about 90 degrees, my Elite cuts in just a tad below that about 87, so assume some where between 80 and 90 would be about right, above that think I would be starting to get bit botherd. Hope all goes well Regards Mike
  23. EliteMike

    Elite Airbox

    Hi Steve What a star, yes please, bit far to drive, even though would have liked to see how you are getting on with your conversion, as I am in deepest Devon. Let me know and will get a payment to you. Not here this weekend so perhaps talk next week Thanks again Regards Mike
  24. EliteMike

    Elite Airbox

    Hi Steve Yes guess it should be, yours would originaly have had the 45's, so all spacings would be same, I hope. Have you a price in mind including postage, and sure we can do a deal, can sort trunking so that is not too much problem. Regards Mike
  25. EliteMike

    Elite Airbox

    Hi Mike Thats a shame as I only live 7 miles from Exeter, would have been ultra easy, I have the back box and filter on the car, but looking for front part so it all works correctly, and it will reduce the induction roar, so when get back on road soulds a little more genteel. Thanks for looking Regards Mike
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