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  1. Saw the same car for sale about 2 years ago for $12.5k Looks in reasonably good nick - but you can never be too sure. Defintely priced to sell. Most of the Elites I've seen for sale in Aust are usually around the $14-$15k mark.
  2. Hi, The top colour appears to be New Jupiter Red A54. I'm looking at changing my Garnet Elite to that colour and had a sample pot made.
  3. I've put the Falken ZE912 in 205/60/14 on my Elite. I'm pretty happy with them - mind you, there's not a lot of premium tyre options out there. There's a few reviews on the internet that might be informative. Cheers,
  4. It looks like the Volkswagen unit used in Golf's in late 70's and early 80's. Part number 111 947 111E. Volkswagen Aust. has 5 in stock if that helps. VW Dealers should be charging $40.30. Alternatively, you could also try 823 947 105B which was the later VW Cabrio lamp. That one is $45.55. You have reminded me to get one for my Elite. Andrew I forgot to say those interior lamps are also available from aftermarket suppliers for about $20.
  5. You don't see many Eclat's for sale in Australia. Here's one for sale in Perth W.A. Ebay Eclat - Australia The seller has some other bits and pieces for sale as well.
  6. I seen that on Carsales for a couple of months now. Appalling pics and little text - no wonder it hasn't sold yet. The price has been changed at least 3 times - started @ $18k went to $20k and is now down to $15k. Looks to have the US spec front and rear bumpers so most likely a LHD conversion, I've seen another LHD conversion for sale in S.A. No under bonnet pics so can't see if it's got the Dellorto or the Stromberg carbies. Also has the front indicator lamps the wrong way around (orange should be on the inside).
  7. Update. 3rd year teeth sheared off. Many options. LotusBits s/hand box: £200. LotusBits partially reconditioned box £450. Air Freight to Aust. £180 Or source individual components and rebuild accodingly. Decisions, decisions.
  8. Hi all, just came back from taking the Elite on a run and lost 3rd gear - hobbled home in 1,2 & 4th gears. Has anyone else lost 3rd gear in their Maxi based box? If so, was it just a sync (baulk) ring required for repair, or more, such as 3/4 hub and sleeve or (heaven forbid) worse still ie. gear clusters and shafts etc? Any experiences would be helpful. Cheers, Andrew
  9. Good to see you on the forum Rex, I'm glad I'll be able to keep enjoying your "work in progress" updates. Cheers, Andrew
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