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    James Taylor-Head
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    1989 Lotus Excel SE
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    L14 cams, XJS seats
  1. Looking for an Excel leather drivers seat for a SE (late version). Must be in good condition with no rips etc. Any colour will do as I will get it re-coloured although if anyone happens to have one in mushroom that would be good. or if anyone has only the seat back in good condition I would take that as that is the worst bit. Thanks Ted
  2. I believe they were also used in volkswagens of the same age. Scirrocco / golf etc. However I have been looking for a rear one as my switch has broken and they don't come up often and aren't cheap. Ted
  3. I believe they were volkswagen on later models. Not sure if they changed at all through production. Think they may have been on MK1 golf and early scirroco. Worth looking in ebay and seeing if they look the same. I am looking for a rear one but they seem very expensive and never carrying rear passengers may just leave it. Hope this helps. ted
  4. Having just replaced mine (89 excel) for a brand new one, no compressing was needed at all. Used a tail gate strut from a range rover classic. Has the same part number. Wonder if yours may have been replaced by a non origonal at some point? Not that this helps you get yours on at all Ted
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