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  1. Hi if I bypass the fuel cut-off valve and feed the carbs directly from the fuel pump - will this "drown" the carbs in petrol and flood them? Or should it make no difference to the amount/flow of fuel to the carbs? Or does it play any part in the supply of fuel to the carbs? Cheers Nick
  2. Oh car is identical to the yellow Eclat in your last photo.
  3. Oh no..... good story but feel it for you. Oh of life's little adventures....nothing gained etc.... At least you walked away unscathed. Love the look of the new Esprit. All the best Nick
  4. Great set of this how far you have got? How long have you spent on it? I love the S1 Esprit - there is a lovely S1 sat outside Lotusbits...does not need much doing to it.....and its white.Which i really like. All the best Nick
  5. Hi mate not sure why you can't PM me.....probably just more issues with this site.....(oops,will get told off now) I have been to lotusbits - they never mentioned second hand ones to me...just new ones from AVO. I have tried shopping around and looking for an affordable price. But at aprox 99pound each....i will have to ask Santa for help. Cheers Nick
  6. nickfire

    Dampers please

    Hi need front and rear dampers for my S1 rebuild. Not sure which ones to put on to get a standard ride....the same as when she left the factory. Anyone get any second hand ones for sale? Cheers Nick
  7. Hi i was asked this question recently.... What is the rubber/sponge for that sits upon the rear crossmember? ie Eclat S1 rot area. Is it to stop vibration? To just sit the chassis on? For sound deadening? And i was not really sure...... Any definative answers ? Nick Harrison
  8. Hi nice progress reports.... Can i ask where you got your dampers/shocks from? New or secondhand? Am after some and not sure what to go with..... Cheers Nick Harrison
  9. And sometimes it just don't work. As i said before...i know how.
  10. Hey i have posted pictures before on here..... But if you look through all the topics and posts-you will see other gripes about this site. Its not the content or the members thats at fault..... Its like most sites on the web....occasional glitches are a bit frustrating. Nothings perfect. All the best Nick And its not as simple as the old site. Fact.
  11. Hi mate i have some pictures for you. But i am stuggling to get them on this poxy site. Send me your email address and i will email them to you. Nick [email protected]
  12. Hi the only way i was able to remove the pistons was thus, rip off the rubber seals and using 2 screwdrivers on opposite sides-lever the piston out with the screwdrivers located in the seal groove. Using air just had no impact....even tapping the caliper whilst applying air pressure-nothing. I made no damage to the groove or piston...they actually came out quite easily. Just thought i'd share that with you all. Cheers Nick Harrison
  13. Brilliant....i'll give it a go. Thanks for replying. Nick
  14. Hi for the latest work just scroll down 2010 page. rear diff goes back on this week....half shafts etc. Cheers Nick
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