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  1. Mark 1 Fiat Panda... don't believe me - try your local Fiat dealer then go down to your nearest scrappy and pick one up for pennies...
  2. Amazing - how to make friends and influence people AX way.... You can see the likes of Meguires selling 'Concours Bitumen' for that perfect chassis finish... C'mon guys get a life and stop being so anal.
  3. Roger - looks a lovely car to me... too many nit pickers and wannabe car experts on here. I'd love to see some of their cars...;-) Best of luck with the sale of your car. Mike
  4. Agreed - if you are looking to buy one of these you already know whats what... Nice colour and well worth a punt.. Mike
  5. Lol Dunc... same old same old from Micha...
  6. Excellent Dan.... was going to uprate the bushes this year so I'll wait to see what they come up with. Mike
  7. Elite 7 - are you Micha? you sound just like him - same views etc.. bet you don't like sunroofs
  8. Rover V8 is no heavier than the 907/912 lump. V8 = torque and great noise... So what if old technology - still sounds fab and no rubberband cam belt to snap. Plenty of room in the excel/elite/eclat bay and plenty of people have sucessfully installed rover v8. Room too for lexus v8, alfa v6 -mmmm.. and others. Yeah you can spend a fortune modding the 907/912 but there are also many more engines out there with better bangs per buck than the lotus lump. Best of luck with your car. Mike
  9. I think that the retort to MKELITE's posting on the Elite being snubbed by Bibs was harsh and shows a big brother attitude to free comment. MKELITE appears to be making a fair statement and whether or not Bibs finds it factual or jovial is not the issue. Surely forums such as this should be a place for debate as well as merely practical or technical issues or for the merryment of senior posters. Mike
  10. Posted many times on the Excel/Elite/Eclat forum... Good fun, interesting banter and good source of technical help. Agree that James was eccentric and his posts were bizarre at best but never found him to be offensive or such like. I have always championed free speech and have enjoyed 'stoking' debates - originality, installing different engines, whether to 'wash and show' - or to just drive the damn things... and James was always there putting his foot in it with his random keyboard skills.. He will be sorely missed by members transfering from the old forum to this. But as I don't know the circumstances of his removal I will remain impartial. Mike
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