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  1. Hello Mike i have the same query now that I am rewiring my 503. Did you keep it (no harm having it) replace it or bin it? Thanks Brian
  2. To complete the wiring discussion earlier in the thread for a motor with red-white, red, yellow, black and white-black wiring. For bench testing the motor the black wire and white-black wire need to be kept together and both connected to the ground wire (battery -ve). The supply (battery +vd) is connected to the white - red wire. Nothing will happen until you touch the red wire or the yellow wire to the white-red wire when the motor will spin 180deg. Brian
  3. That's clever. I would never have thought of that. I've been investigating Tee handles to attach another wire to at each side and passing the second wire through the bulkhead next to the original wire and fastening it to the arm of the bonnet catch. The Tee handle would be tucked away under the dash. I did wonder about just fitting a second short cable on the passenger side but thought that that would confuse anybody else such as a garage mechanic wanting to open the bonnet if they didn't know about the second pull wire. Brian
  4. Hello,, Does everybody trust the two cables from one pull handle system. Refitted mine and the short cable on the Driver's side is fine but the longer cable to the passenger side is a bit iffy on operation. Also what do you do if one side snaps, sticks or generally refuses to work.? Are there any genius alternatives (prefer not to fit the catches that poke through the bonnet) or work around or should I put a secondary line to each catch "just in case"? Brian
  5. Thanks for your replies and clarification. My car is a collection of bits from severaI cars which is why I don't have a complete system, so I though I do have a sandwich plate in a bag of bits I got with an engine. I will fit one Brian
  6. Hello, As I have the car still in bits, but coming together, is there any advantage to fitting an oil cooler to a non-turbo 912 HC engine? Is there any disadvantage? Is it just a waste of money? Thoughts please Brian
  7. Hello Barry, The clutch master cylinder in you previous post may work (a has been said before on here it is just hydraulics) but the correct part numbers are Part numbers are: Master Cylinder - MC1602BE Slave Cylinder - WC1600BE You won't find them as they are long obsolete However my research came upon this which is the nearest I coulod find to the original. It has all the same dimensions and should fit straight in Brian
  8. To conclude - there is no perfect answer - it's a matter of choice. As I stated above I'm going with auto tensioner ( for now). Looking at the expanded diagram from Lotus Marques I am missing two spacers as Jason said and the maverick Bush is the bearing that holds the ignition sprocket on. Brian
  9. This is what I have found The Lotus Elite Workshop manual only describes the removal and replacement of the Driving BelytTensioner - no mention of type Later Service Bulletins describe for all cars fitted with auto tensioners B907E0885K a service replacement (B-type) A907E0893K. - a C-type C907E0885K which is oil filled and fitted to Elite / Eclat from engine number 15049 onwards which can also be replaced by the B-type which I think became the "standard" belt tensioner used on Excel and Esprit 912 engines. Lotusbits offer refurbished cam belt tensioners for all 907,911,and 912 and 910LC engines from 1977 to 1986 - note no mention of HC for 912 engines - see their website which is the one I have. Lotus Marques have an expanded view of the tensioner which goes along way to helping me understand what is going on. And finally I found this on ebay Listed in category: Vehicle Parts & Accessories > Car Parts > Engines & Engine Parts > Belt, Pulley & Tensioner Kits the eccentric hub tensioner "a popular conversion for high performance engines". On the one hand it suggests that the manual tensioner is the way to go on an HC engine - but I would have to buy one, and then what would I do with the one I've got - sell it on ebay? or fit it as I'm not going to take the car on track days. An auto - adjuster should mean I don't have to check the belt tension every week - all for that - but is more to maintain to keep it working. I think I'll stick with what I've got until it start to give trouble Now this one or two springs business............. Advice always welcome (except "Don't do it" - gone past that point) Brian
  10. Hello A bit of explanation may be of use. My original 907 engine was damaged when the timing (cam) belt snapped. My original Elite chassis was shot. So I decided to go down the hybrid Elite body onto an Excel chassis. I also decided to upgrade to a 912HC engine. My donor Elite provided the chassis but not an engine. I bought a 912HC engine on ebay that turned out have an obsolete "+15" block (I didn't know they existed). I bought a standard block and this is being built up now. So I haven't actually seen a complete 912HC engine. I know I will end up with a Heinz 57 engine in a dog's breakfast of a car, but that's the challenge. Now your telling me there is more than one type of belt tensioner? Lotusbits offer a tensioner like mine for all Lotus engines. SJ have a picture of an eccentric component. My Excel Notes ignores this item altogether. Guess I'll investigate some more. Thanks Brian
  11. John, A friend of mine is recommending a Rover 75 Condenser. Brian
  12. Hello Jason, Thanks for the quick reply. I understand what you are saying, but (there is always a but) the middle and bottom holes on the tensioner body are 10mm diameter and the hole through the bush is 8 mm. And there is only one of the bushes. I say bushes but on closer inspection the face of the bush not shown in the picture. ie face down, is cupped or dished as if to mate up to a round something - which makes me think it might be a roller and not a bush. It also came off a 1978 907 engine which might account for the difference. On another part the tensioner has two springs, one fitting inside the other. A note on SJ Sportscars web pictures of same has "Not HC" next to the inner spring. Does this mean that an HC engine tensioner requires only the larger spring? Brian
  13. Hello, I've stripped and cleaned my timing belt automatic adjuster. Despite taking pictures of it on the car engine and whilst being stripped on assembly I'm left with a bit over!! It is the bush in the attached picture and I cannot for the life of me see where it fits. Any help gratefully appreciated as always Brian
  14. Thanks for the pictures and dimensions. It looks in as good a condition as the one I binned Brian
  15. Hello Dan, At this moment I'm looking for the condenser and probably the compressor later on. I can see no reason why the condenser on an S2 should be any different to the condenser on an S1 as the car body is the same and its location the same - but it is Lotus we are talking about😀 The cooling radiator it sits next to is 330mm x 730mm if that helps Brian
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