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  1. Hello Richard Four for me - usual caveat re cost Brian
  2. You're both right, of course, but what I was also interested in was the integral washer feature which the lamp unit I chose has
  3. Hello, I have fitted a 3rd high level brake light to my Excel. It is the one fitted to a Peugot 107/Toyota Aygo/ Citroen C1. I chose this one because it is slim, sits on the body, not in it and has an integral washer nozzle. It required a letter-box cut out over the rear door that allowed it to slot into the void above the boot inner roof. Took me all of an hour to do. It does, however, also require the internal courtesy light to be moved back as they clash (you didn't think it was going to be that easy did you?) and the "added" rubber strip at the top of the door to be trimmed. Brian
  4. Lotusbits, if they have one £150 - no brainer
  5. I've just had two quotes for repairing the 907 exhaust manifold "We can weld the crack/missing piece and machine up with a grinding to shape and bead blast, then VHT black paint, just need a pattern for the holes. Estimate for the welding repairs £415 ex vat/transport (based upon picture sent) Delivery time 3-4 weeks standard." or "I see no problems with repairing your manifold , Approx. cost will be around £280+Vat including machining of the flange , with 12 months warranty" I don't think so
  6. Andy, Thanks for the way to identify which manifold is which - so simple when you know the answer. Why didn't I try it against the cylinder head which was the obvious thing to do now I think about it - except my engine is away being rebuilt, so i don't have it. My luck holds - I've got the wrong exhaust manifold - anybody got one for a 912 HC engine complete with exhaust? Brian
  7. Hello, Whilst separating the downpipe from the manifold a bit fell off the manifold - old and cracked a long time ago (bit like me these days) Exploring the options of cast Iron welding or replacement I have discovered that there are two exhaust manifolds in existence - one for 907 and 912 Standard engines and one for HC engines. As I have an HC cylinder head (A912E 0311PK - which car did that come off - Esprit? - as not in Excel parts list) I need an HC exhaust manifold - A912E 2005K. As my cracked manifold doesn't have any part number on it as far as I can see (Mr Magoo has better eyesight) how do I know which one I've got - sneaking suspicion it's off a 907 Engine. As far as I can tell looking at the parts list the only difference is the diameter of the studs that hold the downpipe on - 8mm for Std, 10 mm for HC. Is the difference to suit the exhaust downpipe connection on different exhaust makes rather than the exhaust pressure at the head? Or it doesn't matter, because it is in reality the same thing. Also (what now?) can I fit a good exhaust system from a 907 Elite to my 912 engine - again a pressure query - if I alter the geometry? Brian
  8. The same could be said for other non-available parts such as S2 front Spoilers
  9. Hello Derek, Thanks for taking the trouble, but the module only has 5 terminals in the "normal" configuration for a 5 pin relay and they are unnumbered My wiring diagram does indeed have Black, Yellow, Blue and Red wires going to the module. A guess would be to connect the wires in the conventional way ie 30 to 85 (Red to Black) and 86 to 87 (Yellow to Blue) and bench test it in some way (as yet unfigured) What do you think? Thanks Brian
  10. Hello Derek, Thanks for the reply. I bought the S4 module from them as when i tried to buy the Excel module on-line it would not let me and directed me to the S4 module, so i assumed it was no longer available. So having bought the S4 module, which I've been informed can be fitted with wiring mods, it is still the way i would like to go - nothing like a good challenge which is why I like Lotus cars Brian
  11. Hello, Excel owner here - in peace The Low Coolant Level module originally fitted to the Excel, A082M6275F, is now obsolete. The replacement equivalent module fitted to an S4 Esprit, B082M6275F, is available, but the Excel module requires only 4 wires, the Esprit module requires 5. Grateful for any help in rewiring my Excel to fit said Esprit Module - part wiring diagram, photos and verbal description - anything really that would help Thanks in anticipation Brian
  12. Once again Pete you come to my rescue Many thanks Brian
  13. But where exactly is it? is it on the Driver's side in the footwell in front of the Ignition and Auxilliary relays. They may get hot, but are not exposed when behind the footwell interior panel. Or is it on the passenger side of the Central Tunnel - a Hot Gearbox, and if si why not on both sides? Mmmmm...... Brian
  14. Hello Paul, Thanks for posting the appropriate pages Yes, the mystery heat shield is part 001 Brian
  15. Thank You Paul - I understand that one. I also understand the heatshields over the silencers. But what does the third one do and where does it fit - see below
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