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  1. Sorted - the inner wire has a square keyed end that slides into a slot in the gear shaft. Normally the gear shaft just pulls off. But not if it is rusted on!! I've attached a few photos to show how it is all put together DSCN 6323 shows the assembled drive. The gear should just pull out. DSCN 6324 shows the disconnected drive. DSCN 6325 shows the outer sheath pulled back to reveal a circlip around the end fitting. This clip stops this end from going inside the outer sheath. It also stops the gear shaft and inner cable from being pulled out of the top of the fitting DS
  2. Hello, Can anyone enlighten me as to how to remove the speedo cable from the drive end fitting (shown) I have pulled it and there is some movement, but it won't separate. Thanks Brian
  3. Hello, Can anyone tell me the speed (cable revs / sec at 60mph) of the speedo cable from the Getrag gearbox, please. thanks Brian
  4. Hello, I am missing all the bulb holders for the Instrument binnacle alarm lamps. They are not the push in ones used on instrument backlighting, but of the twist in and lock type. Grateful if anyone could point me in the right direction. Thanks Brian
  5. The rover condenser fits very well I bought a complete Rover 75 AC system with the exception of the evaporator. I have the compressor and all the piping fittings to make up my own custom system (when I get round to it) Brian
  6. Peter, Tony, Thanks for taking the time to reply. I would like to take up Peter's offer, if that doesn't offend you, Tony. Peter I will message you so that we can correspond directly Brian
  7. Hello Thanks for the reply, Richard Yes I had forgotten there were two "Excels". I have the later SE dashboard Brian
  8. Hello, My project car is an amalgam of an Elite, two wrecked Excels and various new parts. I was lucky enough to get a complete dashboard and binnacle from one of the Excels, but neither car had the instrument mounting panel. I should be grateful if some kind soul would make an instrument mounting panel template out of cardboard for me so that I can make my own in metal and walnut Many Thanks in advance Brian
  9. What identifies it as one of those engines? How to identify +15thou engine is given in the Service Notes. To be certain the engine has to be dismantled. +15 is stamped on the 4th or 5th main bearing cap. You can also check by measuring the bearing bore diameter. If you're lucky 15 may be stamped on the block in the region of the engine number I'm not aware that Lotus listed the engine numbers affected
  10. Warning - also check that the engine you have or are thinking of getting is not one that requires the +15 thou big end shells as the shells are no longer available are no longer available. I got caught out by this and had to source a new block and crank carrier!!!
  11. Hi, To see what I had to do to fit my Elite body onto an Excel chassis see "Elite Body to Excel Chassis clashes revealed" posted by me on August 21, 2017 in Projects & Restorations Brian
  12. Hello, How many of you know that the front seat headrests are a solid metal box covered with a bit of foam?!!! Mine's gone now and fitted foam headrests
  13. Neil, Get rid of the rat's nest and the rubber sheet - it is probably torn, mine was - and fit seat springs and hessian instead
  14. I'm going the whole hog and soundproofing every inner surface with soundproofing mat from It is thin, flexible, easy to cut and very sticky They also door thicker material for floor pans and another for under bonnet surface Brian
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