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  1. Peter, Well done for pointing me in the right direction. I was trying to fit the one I have too far back, but now I understand Many Thanks Brian
  2. Hello, My re-assembly continues and I still find bits I never knew I had or what to do with them. Lotus fitted a metal brace under the floor of the boot at some stage, presumably as a safety thing in case of rear end shunt. It bolts to the chassis where the bolts that fix the toe-in adjustment channel are (longer bolts needed.). Fair enough. But as I made my own boot wheel tib and the Excel boot tub I have in my garden (soon to be a Hot Tub) did not have it fitted any thoughts - a picture would be nice - on how close to the boot floor the thing should be? Thanks Brian
  3. Thanks for the info, Tony. Now which wire goes to which terminal on the delay relay itself. The terminals are unmarked, and because it works by electrickery like a computer my multimeter can make no sense of them - bit like me really. Brian
  4. Hello, I have obtained a PEKTRON Low Fuel Warning Lamp Delay Unit / Relay , Pektron Pt No A-0083, Lotus part no. C089M6330. It has four terminals protruding from the base of the relay but none of them are marked and there is no relay diagram drawn on the body. Does any one know how this should be connected to the fuel sender, or if you have one already connected post a picture? Thanks Brian
  5. Thanks Pete, Tony, I've got hold of a twin tank (reservoir and overflow) and it has the coolant level sensor fitted. My Excel had the single tank and that was why the coolant probe was omitted in the wiring loom As Pete says just follow the wiring diagram to complete Another problemette solved Brian
  6. I'm pleased to know that, Pete. However, the Excel I took my wiring loom from did not have the low coolant level module and probe factory fitted. As I understand it this was only factory fitted for cars destined for hot countries - hence why Australian web sites keep popping up on Google search.To fit the original system I would have to rewire the loom - and drill a hole in my reservoir. I want to leave well alone so I would prefer to fit a modern system with LED or audible alarm
  7. Hello I want to fit a low coolant level sensor probe (because of bad experience with my Europa S2). SJ have a picture of a probe and grommet that fits into the reservoir tank - looks simple enough to fit if it will. I think this was meant for the two tank reservoirs fitted to Esprits and not to the Elite / Excel reservoir. My preferred solution is not to go there anyway but to fit a modern electronic system with the probe fitted in the top radiator hose. Any recommendations or experience of these? Thanks Brian
  8. No, no bobbins. I would only use these for major structural / load bearing fixing points such as doors, bonnet etc.. Just clean cut holes through 6mm thick fibreglass with oversize od washers. The battery area is another area to fix. My current battery fits into the well behind the wheel arch and was held in place by two threaded rods glassed into the body and restrained by a cross bar. It was covered by a box lid that also had a tool box on top as part of the whole. I would like to fit a bigger battery, but have yet to understand battery terminology fully as to whether bigger means physical size, or able to stay charged for longer. A physically bigger battery would not fit into the battery well so I may have to lose this space by covering with a battery tray and cover with boot carpet.
  9. I did it myself. I made a tub and grafted it into place. If I were to do it again, and knowing what I know know, I would not do it this way again. Simply cut out what you don't need and make good with pre-made sides and base, and do it with the car body off the chassis. i did it with the body on, working on my back and going home with fibreglass rein in my hair! I made a mould from artist's foam board, made a thin tub wall with fibreglass, made a flat base and glassed them together reinforced with metal angles (don't want the bottom falling out whilst driving down the motorway!), trial fitted it many times to get it right and tight to the existing car well walls (cut and carve - good job it's fibreglass, fitted and glued in place with builders foam to fill any spaces and added extra fibreglass between the tub and the existing wherever it touched. It was a marathon in the end, but it is what I wanted to do. I don't know about late cars, but I think they did, especially later Eclats. Brian
  10. The Elite is a 1978 503 The Excel I robbed the looms from was a 1988 Once I know how to find a Low Fuel Warning Lamp Delay Module I will fit it and adjust the side loom wiring to suit the fuel components in the boot, plus lots of boot courtesy lights.
  11. Yes I have a central retaining clamp - an 8 mm bolt through a piece of steel plate that spans the wheel centre hole and into an 8mm bolt which is welded into another steel piece which is screwed into the North / South strengtheners No - the one on the left is a flowcheck valve, the one on the right is a Fawcett solid state electric fuel pump
  12. Thanks for the tip, Don. I have the wiring diagrams for the Elite and Excel, but not for a 2.2. Anybody got one and can post it on here?
  13. Hello, As disclosed in another topic I am installing the Excel rear wiring harness in the boot of my Elite. The existing wiring to do with the fuel tank level sender, fuel pump and flowcock bears no resemblance to my wiring diagrams. The side loom looks like this if you can make it out - sequence - boot lamp wiring - fuel tank level sender connector - unknown earth cable with grommet on - unknown 4 pin connector - unknown two pin connector - two loose wires The boot lamp connector is as per the wiring diagram. The fuel tank level sender is not. Two of the wires are as per the wiring diagram. The third from the low level indication terminal goes off into the side loom and is connected to the four pin connector before going to the main loom connector. The four pin connector is also connected to the two pin connector which is in line with the two loose wires. From the colour coding of the wires I'm surmising that the two loose wires are fir the fuel pump and that the two pin connector is for the flowcock. The four pin connector I think has to do with the Low Fuel Warning lamp Delay Unit which was an after launch addition and has been retro fitted. Am I in the right area? SJSportscars have an item called "Harness, Low Fuel Module" but no picture of it. Is this what I am missing? I have not checked with SJ to see if they are available but to make one up would be no hardship if I had a schematic. And what the unknown earth cable with grommet on does is anybody's guess As always grateful for any light shedding contributions Brian
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