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  1. Hello, I think I've a duff Fuel Tank level sender. Went looking for a replacement, but without much luck. Sent an Enquiry to Caerbont Automotive Instruments Ltd who are UK manufacturers of Smiths instruments. Their reply reproduced below with permission was "Hi Brian part number is still available TBS1214-013 LOTUS METAL TANK UNIT METAL TANK UNIT M50 1972 BIMETAL £48.63 Price does not include VAT or carriage lead time 8 weeks If this is acceptable please send full address and a contact phone number Best Regards, Gavin Roberts Caerbont Automotive Instruments Ltd Unit1, Caerbont Industrial Estate, Caerbont, Abercrave, Swansea, SA9 1SH Company Registration No 2847474 T : +44(0)1639 732200 So there you go - no more scrabbling around for dodgy used ones Brian
  2. Mike, TAR, Thanks for the replies. Mike - I'm impatient and want to get on, so waiting for an ebay entry is not an option but for me. As to whether my mod to the tailgate would destroy the value of my car, I'm afraid to say, may be your opinion, but it's not mine. Sorry to disagree TAR- I didn't know that about the S2 rear wiper. Do you have any more details, please? Thanks Brian
  3. I want to install a 2.2 rear window wiper system on my S1 Elite, ie at the top of the window, but I have no details, nor can I find any on-line, as to how this was done by Lotus. My options are:- to ask on here for details - this thread, to investigate how it is done on other cars, but don't know which car to copy to start from scratch with a parts bin and design my own, but don't know where to start to modify the tailgate of the Elite so that the wiper in its current low position lifts with the tail gate. My preferred option, believe it or not, is the last - to modify the tailgate of the Elite so that the wiper in its current low position lifts with the tail gate. This would also give a bit more room to get items into and out of the boot without dragging the items over the wiper blade. I would look at fitting a keyed lock to do away with the pull chord system (scared of broken wire) also. I'm not afraid of doing body mods myself, but don't have a back end to experiment on - anybody got one handy? Grateful, as always, for any help here. Brian
  4. Alan That was quick - many thanks And what a brilliant resource - shortcut on my Desktop now! Brian
  5. Hello, I'm sure I saw a picture on here of the various panels that go inside the Elite boot. It was an extract from a car Manual, but isn't in mine. It was in a thread about the box cover for the battery, but I cannot find it. Grateful if someone could point it out for me. Thanks Brian
  6. Hello John, Thanks for your reply I had sort of figured this out, but don't yet know how they work. I have the parts, just waiting for my engine rebuild to be finished and then I'll have a go at the electrics. These devices are mentioned a lot wrt Lotus Turbo engines (going wrong) fitted to Esprits I'll just follow the manual and, for once, do as I'm told Brian
  7. Have a look at this from Car Builder Solutions on YouTube You don't need an expansion tank, but is the header tank cap valve opens you will end up with coolant on the floor. Eventually you could empty your header tank . The expansion tank collects the overflow and can return the coolant bacl into the system - hence no loss of fluid I'm going to fit an expansion tank Brian
  8. Hello Mike Yes it is - I have been researching cooling systems design and I have found lots on pressurised / expansion tank systems. I seem to have a combined "tank" rather than separate tanks. I need to look closer at it and to check that the pressure cap works both ways and see if it is just a straight swap for the single tank. Would still like confirmation of the plumbing though Brian
  9. Hello, I have in my possession from where I know not a coolant header tank with two compartments, one with a pressure cap. Mt Service Notes only show a system with one cap tank. Guess the two cap tanks are an improvement on the one cap system and my service notes are an early edition. Pointers as to how it is plumbed in (photo?) greatly appreciated. thanks Brian
  10. Hello, Confused .com here My Excel Service Notes for the Ignition and Fuel Supply show a Throttle Solenoid. My Component Location Diagram , bracketed under the RPM Speed Sensing Relay, calls it a Throttle Jack. The RPM Speed Sensing Relay is not shown on the Ignition and Fuel Supply Diagram, but a Decel relay is. Grateful if someone could either shoot me or tell me what is going on. Thanks Brian
  11. Hello Mike i have the same query now that I am rewiring my 503. Did you keep it (no harm having it) replace it or bin it? Thanks Brian
  12. To complete the wiring discussion earlier in the thread for a motor with red-white, red, yellow, black and white-black wiring. For bench testing the motor the black wire and white-black wire need to be kept together and both connected to the ground wire (battery -ve). The supply (battery +vd) is connected to the white - red wire. Nothing will happen until you touch the red wire or the yellow wire to the white-red wire when the motor will spin 180deg. Brian
  13. That's clever. I would never have thought of that. I've been investigating Tee handles to attach another wire to at each side and passing the second wire through the bulkhead next to the original wire and fastening it to the arm of the bonnet catch. The Tee handle would be tucked away under the dash. I did wonder about just fitting a second short cable on the passenger side but thought that that would confuse anybody else such as a garage mechanic wanting to open the bonnet if they didn't know about the second pull wire. Brian
  14. Hello,, Does everybody trust the two cables from one pull handle system. Refitted mine and the short cable on the Driver's side is fine but the longer cable to the passenger side is a bit iffy on operation. Also what do you do if one side snaps, sticks or generally refuses to work.? Are there any genius alternatives (prefer not to fit the catches that poke through the bonnet) or work around or should I put a secondary line to each catch "just in case"? Brian
  15. Thanks for your replies and clarification. My car is a collection of bits from severaI cars which is why I don't have a complete system, so I though I do have a sandwich plate in a bag of bits I got with an engine. I will fit one Brian
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