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  1. Hello, I'm looking for the cast iron body only (I have all the internals etc) for the clutch master cylinder for a 1978 SE Excel Brian
  2. Grizzly

    Excel SE (1988) dashboard and binnacle

    Hello Mike - thanks for the offer, but it is an Excel dashboard binnacle that I am after to graft into an Elite dash that I have. Richard - you're right the Excel heater matrix will not fit into an Elite. I have fitted the original Elite matrix with the Excel pedal box, steering column and intend to fit the Excel fascia wiring loom fronted by the Excel binnacle Getting there Brian
  3. Grizzly

    S2 / S3 dasboard wanted

    Title says it all - looking to buy a complete S2 or S3 dashboard only, no instruments required Brian
  4. Grizzly

    Excel SE (1988) dashboard and binnacle

    Hello, Still looking Am I wasting my time as nobody is scrapping Excels anymore but restoring them (great if they are)? Next thing is does anyone have one that I can take a mould from to make my own (things to come)?. Brian
  5. Hello Re Dunc's post above - "at then end of the day, its just pressure into 2 pipes" - I agree with the overall statement, but when it comes to the detail you have to get the right pressure into the 2 pipes and this is where you have to be careful about servo selection. Limited though my knowledge is, based on the P1800 document I found, and my discussion with the Servo Man any servo make that has the same vacuum pot capacity will do the job of the Lotus design. A smaller servo will work but you will have to stand on the brake pedal a lot harder. Personally if I had not found a Lotus spec servo I would have gone with a LandRover servo and recommended brake mc after suitable discusions with the LandRover dealer By the way, I found my brake master cylinder - it is also the right one and after a clean up I'm in business Brian
  6. Update Found this which told me all I wanted to know about brake servos - Also found this great guy who knows everything and more about servos and master cylinders - His workshop was littered with servos and master cylinder bodies all over the place - an Aladdin's cave. He vacuum tested my Elite servo which was perfect, and because it is 8.5 inches in diameter we believe it is a Type 50 servo (see above document page 11) that was fitted to my Elite by a PO - how lucky was that. He can strip, blast clean and rebuild any servo for £175 if your interested. Cylinder bodies he sends to Pastparts - - for sleeving. Now where did I put my Brake mc for safe keeping? Brian
  7. Hello, My donor Excel came without the brake servo and master cylinder, so they are now needed My basic Google research reveals that they are either not available or very expensive. Exploring the world of brake servos and master cylinders it may be that the servo / mc set used in a Landrover Defenders 90 and 110 might suit. The servo on the Excel is a "Type 50 Supervac attached to a 0.875" bore type AS/AS tandem master cylinder" I have a Type 30 Supervac from my original Elite, but don't know if they are compatible. the master cylinder is a Girling model no 74660374. Somewhere lost in the fuzz of late night searching I found that the Landrover mc NRC8690 is compatible and that mc is usually accompanied by Landrover Brake Servo series 3 and 2.6 Series 2A STC1816. Has anyone used these Landrover parts or suitable alternatives? Thanks Brian
  8. Hello, I'm looking for a complete Excel dashboard and binnacle (no instruments required). Will take damaged repairable one if available Hope you can help Thanks Brian
  9. Try Noise killer Acoustics Grant Bithell - Company Director Mobile 07739 815 363 Brian
  10. Hello, starting to put back the dash area. Second item fitted is the heater matrix and I noticed two holes above the matrix and below the windscreen. Can't for the life of me remember what these are for - they look like bolt holes - and my records don't show anything there either. Grateful for any pointers as don't want to fit the dash and then find it has to come out again to fit the missing item Thanks Brian
  11. Grizzly

    503 death warrant?

    Vultures circling......... I'll have the leather interior for my 503 project
  12. Does anyone know the proper name for the once yellow sponge used in the interior of an Elite and where you can get it from. Many thanks Brian
  13. Good morning, Was there a conclusive decision regarding the above discussion as to whether to persevere with the original hvac unit with vacuum controls or install a modern unit? Pondering this myself at the moment. Speculating - would an MX5 unit fit (if they have one) as everything else MX5 seems to! Thanks Brian
  14. I have kept the spare wheel tub from a scrapped Excel with the intention of letting it into the boot of my Excel. No reason why it shouldn't fit. Has any body any experience or thoughts on this. Ensuring the tub is properly glassed into the elite body is one detail I have yet to consider. Why? To give good access to the spare wheel when on the side of a motorway in the pouring rain Brian
  15. My Elite body is now sat on my Excel chassis. I knew it would not be a straight fit, but had no inkling of the actual work needed to the body to make it fit, as I could find no detailed information anywhere on-line. So, I wish to share my experience with you. By simply lowering the body onto the chassis revealed six points of conflict. The first points of conflict were the angle iron reinforcements under the rear seats to which the rear seat belts are bolted. This was easily resolved by removing them, but more on these later. The second points of conflict were the heads of the bolts that fix the front of the final drive harmonic dampers mounting bracket to the chassis I resolved this by cutting away an area of body to cl ear the bolt heads and restructuring the body around the bolt heads. This area is under the rear seats which is an area of deep foam sandwich which is easy to cut away and shape. To get a firm shape I used Polyfilla which I covered with fibreglass and body filler before spraying with plastic primer / filler. The third areas of conflict were the sections of the transmission tunnel at the back of the rear seats due to the wider splay of the Excel chassis here. The first picture shows the chassis poking through the partially cut away tunnel wall. The next two pictures show the full extent of required cut outs. These were filled with fibreglass mat and resin The finished panels filled and plastic primer / filler sprayed The rear seat belt reinforcing angle irons will have to be remade to suit the new panels. The fourth area of conflict is where the hole on the left of the middle picture is in the floor of the boot where the top thread of the suspension damper pokes through. This has still to be repaired. The fifth area of conflict was the heads of the bolts that hold the handbrake plastic tub in place because the cut out in the transmission tunnel was too small. The final clash came to light when the body was fully down on the chassis but would not line up squarely. The nearside lined up with the body mounting points on the chassis, but the offside was about 10mm out (to the rear). I eventually traced this down to the body mounting point half way along the body which was tight against the chassis and would not let the body slide forward and into place. The answer was to reduce the thickness of the body mount by grinding it down. It’s down now. The front holding down bolts in the engine bay above the front suspension are both in and tight without any mods. I have used these as the main alignment bolts. The holes in the body for the rear holding down bolts have been drilled and and the remaining holding down bolts will be fitted where they touch the chassis as they do not all line up. The tapped holes in the chassis for the front seat belt fixings line up nicely though which gives me bit of comfort that the body is in the right place. Now for the engine..... Brian