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  1. Hello, How many of you know that the front seat headrests are a solid metal box covered with a bit of foam?!!! Mine's gone now and fitted foam headrests
  2. Neil, Get rid of the rat's nest and the rubber sheet - it is probably torn, mine was - and fit seat springs and hessian instead
  3. I'm going the whole hog and soundproofing every inner surface with soundproofing mat from It is thin, flexible, easy to cut and very sticky They also door thicker material for floor pans and another for under bonnet surface Brian
  4. Thanks for your comments I understand the reasoning behind fitting the valve, but, am i right in thinking that the Elite and Eclat does not have such a valve, and what changed between them and the later Excel to warrant it other than the introduction of rear discs instead of drums which is supposed to be the better braking system. Or was it just the thing to do at the time? There is a lot of discussion on Land Rover Defender forums that had them fitted and then didn't Any Excel owners care to contribute/
  5. Hello, The Excel Service Parts List shows a G valve in the brake line to the rear brakes. There is opinion that this is not needed on cars fitted with rear discs instead of drum brakes. What are your thoughts, please? Brian
  6. Hello, I'm struggling to find anyone who has front and rear brake pad sets (though i haven't tried the usual suspects) for a 2.2 SE Excel. Lots of web sites claim to have them, but are all out of stock Have also tried Toyota Supra MA61 search, but also no luck So, help please - anyone recently bought these. I also need the fixing kits to go with them Thanks as always Brian
  7. Hello, Amusing myself by getting body parts ready for painting. The under door cills have two medium sizes holes , one at each end? What are these for? Thanks Brian
  8. I'm still pondering the control of the throttle jack, be it a solenoid or a step motor. Both require a polarity change to reverse the operation push to a parked retract position (or a spring in the case of a solenoid). I know nothing about the workings of the speed limiter / sensor (amongst many other things) but I cannot imagine it having a reverse polarity circuit - just on on-off switch to energise the end device. It is possible to design an automatic reverse polarity circuit using three relays, but I haven't figured that out yet. It would be "bulky" unless some one could design and build a mini-circuit on a pcb for mounting in a relay holder. So for now, as my engine is in lockdown, I'll do nothing until I can get the speed limiter working off the engine and explore the output pins Unless, of course, someone comes up with the answer Brian
  9. That is what I had figured I don't know what the idle engine revs should be so, for arguments sake, say 1600 RPM. This is sensed somehow by the engine speed sensor (don't ask me how - as a Civil Engineer boxes that don't appear to do anything but actually do without moving is Black Magic) . If the engine revs drop to say 1400 RPM the speed sensor senses this and activates the solenoid, moves the plunger against the throttle lever and increases the engine revs to 1600 RPM plus a bit (?) and stays there until the throttle pedal increases the RPM as you drive away, whereupon the throttle jack solenoid is deactivated and the plunger returns to park position - how? -Spring return? -until the next time. Simple theory In Practice it is just a spring loaded solenoid that you can buy for pence on eBay. But the ones I've seen on eBay come with a warning that they must only be energised for a few seconds otherwise they overheat - which no good if you're stuck on the A55 on a hot day in a traffic jam with the AC on trying to get into Llandudno unless you sit there with you're foot on the accelerator pedal and watch the engine revs like a hawk and missing when it is you're turn to move forward by a foot ar so! So what solenoid could be used. I know there has been some discussion on here re the use of solenoids to replace the boot opening device - what were they and how were they activated / returned? Determined to get to the bottom of this Brian
  10. Welcome to my world!!!!! You'll find it when you're not looking for it and cannot find the thing you are looking for!
  11. You learn something new every day I was not aware that there was a difference between carbs fitted to the 907 engine and those fitted to the 912HC engine. Is there much of a drawback to fitting 907 carbs? Thanks Brian
  12. Good opportunity toget the S2 rear bumper and lights if somebody wants one - would fit the S1 nicely
  13. Hello Trevor Many thanks for the trouble you've taken and for the photos. Now we know what one looks like - but I've never seen anything like it before, despite many hours Googling. The throttle jack discussions on line all talk about Esprit problems which does not help as on Esprits it has a different function and is vacuum operated - as shown on SJ's website. The throttle jack on the Excel appears to be electically operated as indicated on my schematics and as verified in your picture, so, I'm afraid, no further forward in finding one. It also appears to be a "long "way from the carbs and not in direct contact with the carbs. shows an operating arm for carburettors which I had imagined would be moved by the action of the throttle jack, but I cannot make sense of it all Am I chasing something that is in fact superfluous and is now obsolete because it is not needed? There must be Excels out there that run perfectly well without one? Any one got one off the car for research? Thanks Brian
  14. Roland, Don't panic - I have a front windscreen wiper motor and bundy tube with inner cable that you can have - no wheel box, though as I had to destroy them to get them off!! The front and rear wipers have different sweep angles so you may have to combine bits from "your" wiper with "mine". PM me to make arrangements Thanks Brian
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